Heal Your Heart, Lose the Weight: Understanding the Role of Stress & Emotions in Weight Loss with Jon Gabriel and Coach Paul North

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What you’ll learn:

  • How to move from shame and guilt to self-compassion
  • Physical effects of negative emotions
  • All about mindfulness, and how you can practice it
  • Simple tips for improving your emotional health

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21 comments on “NYNY 2014: Webinar 4
  1. Susan Christen says:

    I have loved everything about this program and the Paul North meditation is particularly useful for me at this time. So nice So good So calm.

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Susan,
      Very happy to hear that Paul’s meditation has come at a time when it will be the most help to you.
      Kind regards

      • Paul says:

        Hi Susan, I have found in life that the Universe is always there in some way supporting us. Sometimes its the beautiful smile of a child, or a persons timely concern or a uplifting word or two. I am so grateful to have had to opportunity to be a part of this process. Thank you also for your kind words for they in turn uplift me.

  2. Jayne says:

    I’ve started a few times to listen to this webinar and finally had the opportunity just now. Had a confrontation with husband this afternoon. Was feeling incredibly stressed. Even went and bought some rescue remedy but didn’t seem to be helping. So I left home early (working tonight) with the thought of getting this webinar done and dusted before I actually begin work. Was starting to feel despair because I couldn’t shake the self loathing and fear that had come from the confrontation. Then did Paul’s meditation….I think I may have fallen asleep towards the end – I’m hopeless in that regard! But wow! That bell went and I emerged with a lot less stress on my shoulders. I can’t believe it actually. I was wondering how I was going to get through the night at work but I feel so much better.

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Wow Jayne,
      That is so great to hear!

    • Paul says:

      Hi Jayne,

      I’m so glad that this was helpful for you. The vibration of compassion and love is so healing that one of the things it immediately does is help us to feel safe. In feeling safe we often fall asleep and begin to recover and repair. When we are stressed it can be hard to fall asleep in the same way as it would be hard to sleep in the forest is there was a hungry bear nearby! Rescue remedy is a great product, but sometimes the higher aspects of our self will decide that it is time to stop being rescued and time to grow through our experience into a new state of empowerment. Loving ourselves is the path to this empowerment. Take care.

  3. Karen Bailey says:

    Oops. G.m.

  4. Karen Bailey says:

    You may have already answered this…what are your thoughts on coconut water and kelp noodles? Are they good choices for Gmail?

  5. Yvette Halbwirth says:

    Awesome…..I love you too Paul North :)) so interesting!!

    • Paul says:

      Hi Yvette,
      Love is the answer to so many of life’s challenges. But it does take courage. Together, may we all support each other on our paths to better health, both physically and spiritually.

  6. Annah Winheld says:

    Do we have access to the Guest Class for download? Also, can I listen to them on my smart phone? Up until now I have not been able to.

    They are fantastic.

    Thanks for the info.


    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Annah,
      At this stage the guest class is not available for download, however, you are able to download the notes and the powerpoint.
      Kind regards
      Den – GM Team


    has the meditation we can use on a daily basis been posted yet? If so, can you help me find it…exactly where is it?

  8. Sharon H says:

    Paul was just talking of laughter… made me think of a wonderful YouTube… Bodhisattva in metro….well worth a moment.. What yet amazes me is that so much of this I am aware of and have practiced. Yet, I come to GM and start really working on the obesity triggers and I go Jello…. every insecurity seems to tremble in my consciousness… I’m so glad to be processing this but took me so unawares..

    • Paul says:

      Hi Sharon, Learning to love and accept ourselves is a courageous process because the ego/mind is designed to pull you away from the things it fears. Thus over time, events and feelings get locked away but this does not stop those things from influencing our life in painful ways. Yet, remarkably this pain can also be an act of grace, for when we have had “enough” we often ready to take a stand and find out what on earth is this crazy life all about. And it is then that we begin our inner journey that will ultimately liberate us. Our inner well-being and our outer well-being are one and the same. Our outer world reflects our inner world. Thus there can be no greater quest than the quest to love ourselves and all that we are. With every step along this road, watch with amazement how the universe will rush to help you find the health and vitality of a rich and fulfilling life. Kind regards.

  9. Sharon H says:

    That was amazing.. I identify completely. I mean just calling into Jon, and he is clearly not a critical person, I will berate myself before I even think of talking, evaluate what I have to say as stupid and feel then confuse myself.. If I really fall into a cycle, I will then be mad at myself for berating myself and and feel bad.. if I write on the forum I have ways to get around the feelings but if it were an Ask Jon,, I will read it 9 times to decide if I’m being petty or stupid…. and now tah dah!!! the root cause Shame…. and it must be ancient because it is so intrinsic and second nature to how I think and feel… WOW… good class

  10. Audrey White says:

    That was a powerful class! I look forward to hearing Paul North’s meditation again!!