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1,228 comments on “Detox2014: Your Questions Answered
  1. TroyLynne says:

    Trying to remember the better fats to cook with and sugars that are kindest to raising blood sugar levels. Oils: I recall Jon talking about Ghee and Coconut Oil. Can you clarify (pun intended) what to be sure to look for when buying Ghee? (The Ghee I purchased several months ago is solid at room temperature and I don’t know if that is good or bad.) And the Coconut oil I have is by Nutiva. It’s organic, extra virgin, Non GMO. Also can you remind me about what to look or when purchasing sugars to sweeten smoothies as well as to bake. I believe Jon said Stevia and Coconut Palm sugar are the better sugars. Please confirm and remind me what to look for to get the best product. Thank you so much!

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi TroyLynne,
      Yes, Jon suggests stevia and coconut palm sugars as the most healthy, natural sweeteners. Coconut oil and ghee are great oils, and for salad dressings or time where you are not cooking oil Jon recommends chia and flax seed oils if possible.
      Hope this helps!
      Anne, GM Team

  2. Jacqueline Bernauer says:

    I have another question…
    Twice a week, I go to a gym called Liquid Gym. They have underwater treadmills and bikes. This might sound strange but here is the link to the place so you can see what I am talking about.

    It is a great workout but what concerns me is the chlorine in the water. I haven’t gone there while I have been on the detox but next week I am planning on going back. Is there something I can do to eliminate the effect or absorption of the chlorine so it doesn’t stay in my cells. Would activated charcoal work or would you have another suggestion?

    Thanks again.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Jacqueline,

      Personally, I avoid chlorinated pools.

      If you are choosing to go then I would suggest that you continue to engage in as much of a ‘detoxification lifestyle’ as possible to help your body.

      I am not sure of what specifically may move chlorine out of your system but green juices are amazing for general detox, especially things like parsley and cilantro.

  3. Jacqueline Bernauer says:

    Well it is the end of day 5 and I have to say I am looking forward to having food… chewing something! It has been been great as well as a challenge. I wasn’t hungry so much during the day but in the evening I was ravenous. I drank water, water, water.

    I have had psoriasis for many years. It was getting much better over the last couple years. Well it is now coming back big time. Would this be the result of the detox? I am not sure what to do to about it. Earlier this year, the doctor gave me cream to put on it which does help but I don’t want to apply any chemicals especially after the detox.

    Any suggestions would be welcome. I am sure grateful for the videos, support and all the information.

    Thanks so much.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Jacqueline,

      I have seen where a persons condition appears to get worse before it gets better. Sometimes when detoxing the body takes the opportunity to heal a past condition and while doing this, the symptoms of the condition can sometimes surface as they are being released.

      Continue to drink lots of water and to eat very cleansing foods (once you begin eating again).

      Oatmeal baths can be very soothing here too.

      Do your visualizations and imagine the last remnants of psoriasis being cleansed out of your system and this flare up being part of that process.

      Do see a doctor or use your medicine if you need to.

      • Jacqueline Bernauer says:

        Thanks very much Nadia. The psoriasis hurts but it seems like it isn’t getting worse. I began eating this morning with blueberries and then papaya. I have had a green juice, broth and chia drink. For dinner I am having a sprout salad with some sauteed zucchini and onions. Would these be cleansing foods you are suggesting?

        The information in the videos is just awesome. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


  4. Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Our Detox your Home webinar with Janine, Jon and Nadia got lots of people asking lots of questions about how to start using more natural cleaning products for their homes and bodies. Here are some answers to some of the questions we didn’t get to during the show: (sorry for the delay everyone!)
    Francine Frede: Is Nadia saying that a rinse of diluted Apple Cider Vinegar cleans dirty hair and that’s all she needs to do?
    Nadia’s reply:
    Hi Francine, Yes that is exactly right. If my hair is extra dirty I will wash with some baking soda in water first and then rinse with apple cider vinegar in water. I haven’t used anything but this on my hair for almost 3 years and my hair is healthier and more manageable that it ever has been in my life! You can read more about my experience with this here –>

    Francine Frede: Is perfume unhealthy? I don’t think the ingredients are usually listed.
    Nadia’s reply:
    Hi Francine, Most perfumes are very toxic. When any product doesn’t list their ingredients – be wary! A great alternative to toxic perfume is pure essential oils (some essential oils are too strong to use neat and should be mixed with a small amount of carrier oil).

    Sharon H: how do you make a nettle infusion… just boil nettle?
    Nadia’s reply:
    Hi Sharon, Two ways to do a nettle infusion: 1. Put about a few tablespoons of dried nettle in a jar (if making a cup just cover the bottom of the cup with dried nettles), cover with hot water and let steep for 20 minutes. Strain and enjoy. Optionally, you can add a little raw honey or coconut palm sugar for a little sweetness. 2. The second method is exactly the same as the first except that you add room temperature water (ie. not boiling hot). If done this way leave your infusion to steep overnight. I will often use this method at night and then in the morning strain and enjoy all day long.

    Emily Wynhof: totally random question.. can you use ACV to wash your pets?
    Nadia’s reply:
    Hi Emily, I don’t see why not.

    Kim Davis: Janine started out talking about drain cleaner, but I didn’t hear the suggested alternative. Did she say?
    Nadia’s reply:
    Hi Kim, I can’t remember what Janine said on the webinar (we can all listen to the replay as soon as it is up). What we do in our home is pour boiling water down the drain… OR pour baking soda down the drain followed by white vinegar. The mixture will bubble up and help to break down the blockage.

    R C: re toothpaste: I have very sensitive teeth.. everytime I stop using toothpaste specific for sensitive teeth the problem returns.. what do you suggest
    Nadia’s reply:
    Hi R.C., For sensitive teeth I suggest the following; Avoid commercial and toxic toothpastes, use a very soft toothbrush, brush very gently always using a motion that starts above your gum line and moves down to the tip of your tooth, and most of all massage your gums with your fingertips – with clean fingers massage the gums with a gentle motion that starts above the gumline and massaged down over the tooth. You can read more about healthy teeth tips here –>

    Kari Nettel: Plastics – I assume that includes the plastic bags we get our fresh vegetables in?
    Nadia’s reply:
    Hi Kari, Yes it does. Basically the softer the plastic the less you want to use it. If things come in plastic bags, transfer them to glass jars/containers for healthier storage.

    Katherine Potter: What about glass pots and pans? Also – the best way to avoid burning food is to not heat too fast and stay close to the stove. It takes a little longer to heat, but you are unlikely to burn.
    Nadia’s reply
    Hi Katherine, great tip on not burning things! And yes glass pots and pans are fine.

    Emily Wynhof: any suggestions for natural dish soaps?
    Nadia’s reply:
    Hi Emily, there are some nice green ones on the market, just read the ingredients to be sure. You can also use castille soap diluted in water.

  5. Jacqueline Bernauer says:

    During the 5 days of juicing last year, I experienced similar symptoms as now, only the symptoms began about 3 days into the pre-cleanse this year and I am now at day 6. Pretty powerful! I am very tired, light-headed (brain fog), and aching all over. I am drinking lots of liquid, having no caffeine, no grains, no dairy, nothing processed… eating vegetables, organic meat, some berries, dehydrated almonds, chia seeds, coconut oil.

    Since I am having these symptoms early, does this mean I was more toxic or could it be that the detox maybe going deeper than last time? I am hoping the symptoms calm down soon.

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Jacqueline,
      Nadia mentioned in one of the webinars that every detox can be felt differently each time you do one, she even found this one more challenging than usual. The reasons can be varied too. Whatever the reason, it does mean that your body is detoxing. You might find that the actual cleanse will be easier for you as you have begun to detox already. Let us know how you go!

  6. Patricia Gill says:

    I am wondering if anyone else has had this happen–on day 2 after the 5 day cleanse I came down with a major case of poison ivy all over my face and spots on arms. I went to the Dr. and got some prednisone tablets and cortisone cream. This is the first time I’ve had this severe a reaction. As I think back I did pull on a vine connected to my house. Just wondering if the detox many have had some role in my reaction at this time?

  7. Patricia Gill says:

    Dear Jon, Nadia, and Staff,
    The 2 week cleanse/detox program was fantastic. I appreciate the care, attention, and support you all provided. I learned wonderful life skills such as juicing, broths, cream teas that I am continuing to use. The recipes are terrific and the visualizations helped to insure my success. I am so glad to have participated. Thanks so much for helping me to “reset” my body hormones, cravings, and flush toxins. I’m feeling better. Several people have mentioned, “look terrific”, “have you lost weight”?, “You, look different’. These comments are unsolicited from various people). I thanked them. I mentioned the detox, I and continue to do the visualizations. Kind Regards, Pat

  8. Jacqueline Bernauer says:

    Thank you Jil. I will post the questions in the Support Group FB then.

  9. Jil Chipman says:

    i’m not sure that the gabriel staff is still attending to this chat Q & A. several questions and comments have been made with no response. they responded that they would be answering questions, but it seems that once the cleanse was over that no staff has responded. ??

  10. Jacqueline Bernauer says:

    Hi again,
    I make my own kombucha. Is it okay to drink this during the pre-cleanse and the 5 day cleanse?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Jacqueline,

      Kombucha is wonderful to drink. Just be sure that the fermenting process is complete and you will know this because the drink does not have a sweet taste.

  11. Jacqueline Bernauer says:

    Hi Jon and Nadia,
    I am starting the pre-cleanse today and listening to the Prepare for Change audio. I have a question…

    During this week and into the 5 day cleansing, is it okay to drink liquid chlorophyll and/or homemade almond milk kefir?

    The chlorophyll is from alfalfa. Here is a link to the product I am taking…

    Thanks very much. Excited to be doing the cleanse again.

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Jacqueline,
      Sorry about not replying sooner. Both the liquid chlorophyll and homemade almond kefir will be perfect for the pre-cleanse week. For the actual detox – you should be fine to continue with the chlorophyll, but it would be best to stop having the almond milk kefir – as Nadia recommends staying away from nut and nut products during the cleanse – as these will be too taxing on the digestive system.
      Let us know how you are going!

  12. Elzbieta Wojcicki says:

    Hi, since I started when everybody was finishing I just wanted to say that I decided to be 7 days on juices – tomorrow is my last day. I`m feeling so good, I lost my belly and that is a great incentive for me just to keep up with a mindful eating from now on. In the past I was eating not too bad but sweets and breads cost me a lot of problems. I feel that it is behind me now.
    I also came upon a great teachings of Jeddah Mali ” Freedom 101″ where she talks about how quantum physics works in our body , mind ,and just being.
    In the light of her teachings Jon`s visualizations are even more beautiful and have additional dimension.
    I`m very grateful to Jon and Nancy for providing us with this detox program and I`m very happy to be part of a great group which through sharing helped me to understand myself better and thank for sharing all great recipes

  13. Teresa Messenger says:

    I don’t digest and assimilate foods very well and I don’t have a gallbladder. How can I achieve more efficient digestion and assimilation of nutrition?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Teresa,

      I suggest trying the following;

      -eat smaller meals more often rather than big meals.
      -never stuff your stomach – always leave your stomach at least 1/4 empty.
      -chew your food very well so as to start the process of digestion in your mouth.
      -about 10 minutes before eating sip on a glass of warm water with 1 teaspoon of (raw organic) apple cider vinegar in it.
      -make use of digestive enzymes
      -incorporate green juices and smoothies into your diet. Have green juices on an empty stomach.
      -continue to add in Gabriel friendly great foods and continue to move towards a detoxification lifestyle which will, among other things, improve your digestion.

  14. Teresa Messenger says:

    As a vegan what is proper food combining for ease of digestion and maintaining blood sugar between meals.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Teresa,

      You are still looking to eat Gabriel friendly foods which are real foods – avoiding packaged and processed foods.

      If you are eating real natural foods they will usually combine well as long as you are following the suggestions I gave in the previous answer above.

  15. Gabriel Method Team says:

    Hi all, your wonderful photos are posted in the Detox Gallery here:

    If you have any more, feel free to send in to
    Congratulations everybody on completing the cleanse!
    -Sherri, GM Team

  16. Tanya Stewart says:

    Today is Day 5 for me and I am feeling fantastic! I started later as had 7 days off work and waiting for my juicer to arrive, which I love. I was never hungry and even didn’t crave popcorn at the movie theatr, which my partner, had on day 1. I am now committed to eating healthy, live food and today will focus on cleaning out my kitchen and sourcing new recipes. I am so appreciative of this program and all of the team support. You are all so amazing. Love to all

  17. Sherry Hawkins says:

    Ooops, sorry. My previous comment should have been addressed to Sam Kelly Kelly.

  18. Sherry Hawkins says:

    Hi Jil: I tried the link you provided, and it still won’t let me access the Day 6 session. I left a message on the support group page re this, but have not heard back from anybody. I don’t think they are checking this detox site any more, since the detox has finished.

  19. Jil Chipman says:

    i can’t play the day 6 lesson (wrap-up) either. 🙁 are others having this problem? day’s 1 – 5 have replay available but not the last one.

  20. Bronwen says:

    I know this detox isn’t about losing weight so it’s probably a bad place to ask this question…
    I am confused about the ‘ideal’ weight charts, BMI etc , they seem impossible to achieve, and I’ve been told they were devised by actuaries to help the insurance industry classify more people as obese and so lower their obligations. What are your thoughts Jon?
    Cheers, Bronwen

  21. Sam Kelly Kelly says:

    Hi, I’m day 3 post cleanse and I couldn’t tune in to the party on Saturday. I’m wondering if it will be uploaded today? I’m not feeling confident about what to eat going forward. Thank you, Sam

  22. Tanya Stewart says:

    Are hemp seed oil and grape seed oil healthy?

    • Bronwen says:

      Jon listed chia oil flax oil and hemp oil as good sources of omega 3 and to be kept in the fridge (so obviously buy in the fridge too!) I can’t remember what he said about grape seed oil but it wasn’t on the omega 3 list.

      Cheers, Bronwen

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Tanya,
      Both of these oils are great choices.
      Hemp seed oil is great served cold as it loses its Omega 3 properties when heated. So as Bronwen (thanks Bronwen) says keep it in the fridge.
      Grapeseed oil is a great oil for cooking with (thanks Sacha!)

  23. Suparna Jashnani says:

    Ok my story …detox went off great . Day 5 without a hitch then at night I got into a fight with my husband …which led to a meltdown and I did not have my broth or any ‘dinner” … few hours later I I had broth and sweetened chia drink and still had a strong craving for chocolate … which eventually I had to give in too ….. took 2 squares before my body said enough …. few hours later I got cravings for spicy fried snack … basicly a crunchy puffed rice concoction which also I had to have a couple of table spoons … at 6 in the morning ..oh yes I have insomnia which resurfaced
    basic lying my body did not reject any of these foods and I feel fine … so now I am planning to extend the detox foods till dinner when I will introduce fruits ….
    and I realize that my relationship throws me in a tizzy and i need to deal with it ….
    pls help with how I can deal with this

    • Nisha Somaia says:

      Hi Suparna

      The visualizations are great to deal with stress. You must make the evening and morning visualization a part of you routine and see which other one appeals to you when you are upset and just sit down and listen to it…

      Love & Light


    • Bronwen says:

      Suparna, sounds like you’re going through a tough time so remember to be kind to yourself.
      Jon’s book would be a really good spot to start – it’s all about why we need to fix our mind as well as our body to get healthy. Makes a lot of sense to me.
      Good luck, Bronwen

      • Gabriel Method Team says:

        Hi Suparna,

        Nisha and Bronwen offer some great advice, it’s important to try and stay calm and be gentle with yourself whenever you feel like you’re going to have a meltdown. Give yourself the time and space to practice visualization to help you regain that mind-body balance again 🙂

        Stay Positive!

        Gabriel Method Team

  24. Jil Chipman says:

    what are the best sources for vegetarian protein?

  25. Michelle says:

    What do you think of a (small) whey protein shake supplement on day 2 or 3 after the cleanse to help rebuild muscle and promote getting back into exercising?

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Michelle,
      You should be okay to start having protein on day two after the detox. Just gauge by how your body felt after having it.

  26. TroyLynne says:

    Jon, thanks again for the opportunity to do this cleanse with you, Nadia and the rest of the team for the second year. Last year was my first cleanse and it went extremely well. This one went well too. But in comparison, this one was a bit more challenging as I was much busier and didn’t have the time to do the visualizations, didn’t get as much rest, walked around a lot more (work related) with my computer bag in tow (which carries a bit of weight). I don’t know if it was the result of these things that made me feel hungry more than I thought I should be, especially on day 1 and 2 of the second week. Later during week two of the cleanse I felt hungry from time to time (mostly before dinner) but I was able to have a Chia Shake or add coconut oil to my soup broth and that carried me through the night. Is it normal to feel REALLY hungry from time to time when doing week two of the cleanse? Also, last year, I had normal bowel movements throughout the cleanse. This year, I had a normal stool on mornings of day 1 and 2, on the evening of day 2 I had diarrhea (after the diarrhea, I had no additional problems that night or the next day), no stool on day 3, a normal stool on the morning of day 4, and diarrhea on the evening of day 5. I don’t recall what I consumed leading up to the diarrhea on the evening of day 2, but on the evening of day 5 I recall having about five cups of soup broth with coconut oil, sea salt and cayenne pepper. I was full after about 2 ½ cups of broth but I finished he remainder because I wanted to be sure to get through the night without feeling hungry. About 30 minutes or so after finishing the soup, I could feel and hear my stomach gurgling. I had to leave your final conference call early. I passed what started out as a normal stool (albeit in fragments) to a soft stool, and then it seemed like the contents of my stomach were just dumped. Immediately after that, I drank about 8 oz of coconut water and left the house for about 2 hours with no problems additional urges to go to the bathroom. When I returned home, I had a Chia Shake and went to bed. I have had no urges to go to the bathroom last night and I feel fine today. Is this experience normal when detoxing? What do you think caused my bathroom problems? Just concerned because it didn’t happen last year.

  27. Mary Cleghorn says:

    Does anyone here compost? I’ve started one for my garden with all of the organic trimming from juicing and stock making. I love gardening, it’s such an inexpensive way to eat organic & seasonal & local, so I hope to get the hang of this. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    • Jil Chipman says:

      youtube is full of DIYs and how tos … compost is so good for the garden. there are many ways to do it. find what looks easiest. i just put mine on the ground, and then pile dirt or horse manure over it, and layer it like that. it works great.

  28. Patricia Gill says:

    Today I came off the cleanse when I ate ~35 of my freshly made Flax Seed Crackers (Nadia’s recipe). The crackers are terrific but not the best after finishing the cleanse. I’m in the process of downing water, broth, and green juices to slow down the effects of the crackers.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Patricia,

      Congratulations on finishing the detox!
      Sounds like you’re doing a great job at listening to your body, just remember to take it slow and easy!

      Gabriel Method Team

  29. Elzbieta Wojcicki says:

    Hi Jon and Nadia
    I could not go through a second faze of detox – the juice part-
    because I was working out of NY in a small town without an access to juices. So I just prolonged my first part of cleansing till Thursday evening. I took with me also this wonderful broth and some organic veggies , nuts just to continue. I also in that time didn`t have an access to computer.
    I did pick up on second part yesterday and I will continue till the end.
    So I was not able to listen to daily evening meetings and your
    Cleansing Lessons.
    I would love to be able to do it as I go with every day of detox.
    Also I would love to have my meditations/ visualizatios to be still available to me as I was not able to transfer them into my phone. I love what this pre- detox days made me feel. I`m already more energetic, I got ride of my sticking out belly, I lost 7 lbs (which I do understand might be not permanent but I also intend to eat this way from now on )
    So I hope that access to your program will be available at least for next 5 days.
    I would appreciate an answer to my request

    • Kim Davis says:

      Elzbieta, they have said we will have access to this program indefinitely and the calls are available to be played back, so you could listen to one each day as you continue through the program. The visualizations are also available. I hope this is helpful. Enjoy the journey!

      • Gabriel Method Team says:

        Hi Elzbieta,

        Kim is right, you’ll have access to this program indefinitely so you can catch up and listen to the presentation replays whenever you need them!

        Keep up the good work!

        Gabriel Method Team

  30. Anne M. says:

    I didn’t think I would be able to make it through the week, especially with work, but I did. The Skype each evening helped me continue. I’ve lost ten pounds and a lot of bloating. I will follow the adding to idea with the right foods and supplements. Thank you for getting me started. I hope to lose the rest of the excess weight within the next year.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Anne,

      You did it! Congratulations on staying strong and sticking it through! Well done, you’re on the right track. We wish you nothing but the best on your journey! Please remember that we are here to help if you have any questions!

      Take Care,

      Gabriel Method Team

  31. Nisha Somaia says:

    I feel super overwhelmed and have no means to express my gratitude. I had no doubt I could not do it. But because I trust Jon I said lets give it a shot.

    I had a headache on Day 1 and a bit of itchiness throughout. Apart from that I sailed through it. I did not feel in the least bit hungry. I even met a friend in a regular bakery where I have coffee and pastries and I looked at everything and was not tempted, I carried fresh young coconut water and meat and asked for water to accompany it. NO STRUGGLE.


    What I really want to share is that when I thought my brain was hurting and I was feeling low and bad and depressed, it was because my brain was actually probably physically hurting due to inflammation. I do not remember the last time my head felt so good. I do not remember the last time my thinking was so clear. Today maybe for the first time in my life I felt like I am one of the “Happy People”, the people I always looked at and wondered what on earth was wrong with me.

    I know this is really long but I want to share.

    Not only was this a physical Detox but has also been an emotional detox for me. I have had through this time the clarity to see the toxic people around me and have made the clear intention to move away without any drama.

    So THANK YOU. I hope to see the team at a retreat again, so there, I have put it out there.

    I love you. Thank you

  32. Elizabeth Hart says:

    How much longer can we access this site for as I did the cleanse but was not able to watch any of the webinars except number one. I was hoping to watch them over the next fortnight 🙂

    • Suparna Jashnani says:

      Ok my story …detox went off great . Day 5 without a hitch then at night I got into a fight with my husband …which led to a meltdown and I did not have my broth or any ‘dinner” … few hours later I I had broth and sweetened chia drink and still had a strong craving for chocolate … which eventually I had to give in too ….. took 2 squares before my body said enough …. few hours later I got cravings for spicy fried snack … basicly a crunchy puffed rice concoction which also I had to have a couple of table spoons … at 6 in the morning ..oh yes I have insomnia which resurfaced
      basic lying my body did not reject any of these foods and I feel fine … so now I am planning to extend the detox foods till dinner when I will introduce fruits ….
      and I realize that my relationship throws me in a tizzy and i need to deal with it ….
      pls help with how I can deal with this

      • Suparna Jashnani says:

        Sorry I don’t know why this posted here

        • Suparna Jashnani says:

          But I believe we will have access post cleanse too

        • Suparna Jashnani says:

          Ok my story …detox went off great . Day 5 without a hitch then at night I got into a fight with my husband …which led to a meltdown and I did not have my broth or any ‘dinner” … few hours later I I had broth and sweetened chia drink and still had a strong craving for chocolate … which eventually I had to give in too ….. took 2 squares before my body said enough …. few hours later I got cravings for spicy fried snack … basicly a crunchy puffed rice concoction which also I had to have a couple of table spoons … at 6 in the morning ..oh yes I have insomnia which resurfaced
          basic lying my body did not reject any of these foods and I feel fine … so now I am planning to extend the detox foods till dinner when I will introduce fruits ….
          and I realize that my relationship throws me in a tizzy and i need to deal with it ….
          pls help with how I can deal with this

    • Bronwen says:

      Lots of people have asked and the staff have said “indefinitately” you bought the program you own the program so go back to it whenever you need. I did this detox last year and I can still go back to that info so I trust them when they say it!
      Cheers, Bronwen

  33. Helaine says:

    I have fallen in love with the basic breakfast detox tea recipe. For ongoing, is it a problem if I want to continue to have it every morning, and every evening before bed and late afternoon if my body can tolerate it. I find it so comforting and delicious Or Is This Going to be TOO Detoxifying for moving forward? It has become my favorite way to have more coconut oil and I am thrilled to be able to go back to using flax oil in my smoothies, as smoothies were the only way I was able to get the oil down. I don’t cook much so that really wasn’t an avenue for me.

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Helaine,
      I am a fan of the detox tea too – I find it very soothing – I discovered it during last year’s detox program and still have it to this day! It is not a problem to continue to have it each day.
      So great to hear that there were aspects of the detox that you will continue to enjoy post detox!

  34. Kersten says:

    Thank you Jon, Nadia and Den for all your information and support. I was first exposed to your story and practices a few years ago, but was unable to gain success just through the visualizations and diet which led me down a number of other paths, one of which was food quality and effects. I find it great that separately, discoveries and changes I have made to my nutritional intake and lifestyle are very much what you are promoting. And I have learned yet a few more tricks with this detox program.
    However, I am still not able to get past the emotional hurdles. My adrenals are kaput. I am doing a little hormone therapy to assist – nothing drastic.
    Buut…One thing in your Total Transformation program that has stuck with me through the years is your story of a gal who was having all sorts of weight issues and you urged her to change her life so she was living her dream – I think for her to make her art her life. Oh how I wish.
    Long story short – I am going to have 2-3 months off from work (high stress) to expand my wings and try something I have always wanted and am so excited about having the opportunity. But with every Upside, there seems to be a downside. I will no longer have access to the great healthy, locally sourced organic, fresh meats and veggies. Everything comes from Costco where I am going. I am hoping the “dreamlike” experience I will have will be enough to counterbalance the poor quality foods I will have access to – so much so that even though I have poor food options, my emotional side will heal and the food just won’t really matter.
    Do you feel this is possible?

    • Helaine says:

      Costco carries a LOT of organics- although not farm fresh, there are bagged organic power greens, frozen organic antioxidant blend fruit, frozen organic blueberries etc. I think you will be very happily surprised. And although i don’t buy organic chicken there, I do believe they have it, oh, they have organic chia seeds and organic flax seeds and organic cold pressed olive oil. I believe there home base is California. Fear not!

      • Kersten says:

        Hmm… I may have to take a peek in one again. I haven’t been in one for a couple years. Thank you Helaine! For the Chia alone, it would be a savings.

        • Helaine says:

          Happy to ease your mind and be of service! Good luck with your move. May it be everything you dream it and visualize it to be…

          • Jil Chipman says:

            ditto that helaine. kersten, good for you for taking a big step toward your own well-being. and yes, costco has a LOT of organic foods!

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Kersten,

      Congratulations on making some very exciting choices and decisions!

      As others have mentioned here, it sounds like you will be able to find some great things at Costco.

      The reality is that what we strive to do is to make the best choices with what is available to you. Your situation will change as your circumstances change and what is available to you may also change … just keep in mind to look at all the things available to you and to make the best choices you can from what is available to you at the moment.

      Affecting positive change in one area of your life will certainly have an impact on other areas and this is because we are holistic beings and everything is interconnected.

  35. Kim Davis says:

    Thanks so much to Jon, Nadia, Den, the rest of the GM team, and all of the participants. This experience was amazing! I have learned so much and I really appreciate the effort all of you have made.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Kim,

      Thank you too! We’re so glad to hear that this detox has been an enjoyable learning experience for you!

      Cheers to a job well done 🙂

      All the Best,

      Gabriel Method Team

  36. Kim Davis says:

    We didn’t get to in on the call tonight, but Jon said that chronic low grade inflammation is a common cause of weight gain. I’m curious about your take on the two studies that came out in the last year or so, one showing that low dose aspirin reduces chronic inflammation, and another showing that salt increased chronic inflammation.

  37. Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

    Hi Everyone,

    It was an honour to be here with all of you this year! Congratulations to each of you – what an amazing gift you have given yourselves!!!

    Here is the link I promised to post for the CHIA CRACKERS that we talked about in tonight’s call:

    • Kersten says:

      Nadia – you are an inspiration and someone whom I wish I knew personally. I want to have your spirit and courage to travel the world, live simply and thrive so richly. Your passion is intoxicating.
      I will settle for gleaning information from your website though. 😉

  38. Dharmani Zelin says:

    Can someone repost or direct me to nadias veg pulp cracker recipe? Ty so much!

  39. Julie Waterman says:

    Are you saying to soak all nuts before consuming and only use raw nuts for recipes?

  40. Dharmani Zelin says:

    Can jon please talk about how we can do emotional healing..thanks

  41. Patricia Gill says:

    I loved this program! The cleanse has made me feel great. I love making juices and making the broth. My family is loving the soups using the broth.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Patricia,

      So great to hear! So glad you were here with us this year!

      Enjoy the juices and broth as you move forward, both great things to continue with.

  42. Elizabeth Jarman says:

    When back to usual eating I would find it difficult to not drink milk. I’m not fond of the substitutes and does everyone have an inflammatory reaction to milk?
    Also the bread thing is sprouted bread of any variety an acceptable alternative?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Try getting raw milk if you can.

      Look for sprouted grain breads in the freezer or refrigerated part of the grocery store. Here in America there is one called Ezekial Bread which I like.

  43. Patricia Gill says:

    Today I made broth from the pulp of my juicing and it was great. I placed the pulp in a large pot with water, heated it and then strain the liquid for my broth. I felt terrific and my vision became really clear.
    I also used 2 cups of pulp for the Vegetable Flax Cracker, the recipe Nadia provided. The recipe provide 3 baking sheets for crackers.

  44. Dharmani Zelin says:

    Here are my two most delicious discoveries from yesterday
    to share with you all.
    1. Made the detox tea(which I love by the way Jon.thanks for this one!)
    With a combo of homemade strong ginger tea and rose tulsi tea and 1T of raw coconut manna, cinnamon and nutmeg. Blend till creamy and frothy…when off the cleanse I will add a tad of coconut sugar if I can!

    2. Made an awezome v8 type of juice after 4 days of not always pleasing g reen juices and it was sooo good I must share with you all.
    in the juicer:
    1 beet, 1/2 red bell pepper, 2 carrots, 2 juicy ripe tomatoes, 3-4 celery, 1 cucumber, 2 handfuls spinach, one hand of parsley, knub of ginger and turmeric root, 1/2 green apple, 1 small peeled lemon.
    Awesomely delicious…Enjoy!

  45. Dharmani Zelin says:

    Hi there, am on day five today and really looking forward to eating again!
    I have been hungry most of the cleanse and did have a handful of salad nite of day three, but passed up all the yummy desserts at the function I attended..I am proud of that!
    have questions for you regarding re entry and for my every day new life where I have 50-60 # to lose and lose the pre diabetic hormonally challenged 59 year old body issues…help!

    Have been adding the T. Of raw coconut manna into my tea…its sooo way better than just oil..but it seems to be a “new” addiction, like 1-2x day sticking in a finger or spoon to get about 1 t.or half a t. Of it! Will this help speed up my metabolism and weight loss or hinder it…can one eat too much?

    I bought hemp oil instead of flax oil cuz way better taste to use on my salads, but I keep hearing use omega 3, s, not 6, s. Is omega 6 bad for us and is hemp oil a good item to smoothies or as salad dressing with lemon?

    Lastly I have always been a carb addict and slowly changed my grain selections to better ones…ie…quinoa, wild rice..buckwheat groats and oats. Can I eat them (in moderation)and still lose weight or R they part of the problem?
    Also many say that to lose weight to not eat fruits, esp. The juicy sweet ones I love here in hawaii…papaya, mango, pineapple, soursop, passion fruit coconut etc. Yet you say to eat them, esp the first day…I know they are easy to digest, but will eating them then and in general keep my fat belly going…or not? I really would like to eat fresh fruit but havent been clear wether its good or not given my condition of 60 pounds overwei ght and a big gut I need to lose
    . Please please answer these concerns or address today..I know there are many others with the same concerns, not unique to me!

    Than ks so much for helping us all this week! We will miss you, but
    A hui hou as we say in the islands!
    Aloha, Dharmani

  46. Kiki says:

    This is for post cleanse eating:
    I understand that we are looking to reduce the consumption of grains. How do you feel about black wild rice? ( not a mix – 100% wild rice) Is this a less damaging grain or is it just as bad as the rest?

  47. Belinda Adams says:

    Hi Nadia I washed my hair with bicarb soda and rinsed with apple cider vinegar and my hair came out awesome. I wanted to try the tooth sticks. Where would I get those in Australia? Was it hibiscus?

  48. Suparna Jashnani says:

    You used to advocate xylitol and whey protein … but don’t anymore why is that ??
    So what would be the best in both categories
    what about coconut sugar

  49. Suparna Jashnani says:

    Why cannot you have a banana everyday ?

  50. Jo E says:

    When dehydrating in my oven is it ok to use baking paper to put the mix on to make the crackers?

  51. Jo E says:

    Just wondering what brand ghee is recommended in Australia? I just don’t have the time to make my own.

    • Bronwen says:

      Hi Jo, I use QBB, it’s in a green tin with a green lid, sometimes you can find it in supermarkets but I can’t in Perth but in the Asian supermarket it comes in 3 sizes.
      Cheers, Bronwen

  52. Gabriel Method Team says:

    Hi Everyone

    We’re having some technical difficulties archiving Day 5 “Concluding the Cleanse” webinar, in the meantime we’re uploading the raw footage but unfortunately we lost the last 10 minutes of the presentation (don’t worry we’re working on recuperating it) so our apologies for the hiccup. Thanks again for your patience, we’ll make sure to email out the replay for Day 5 and for the Wrap up party by early next week.

    Have a great weekend and congratulations to all of you on finishing the detox! Well done everybody! 🙂

    In Wellness,

    Gabriel Method Team

  53. JanH says:

    This had been a great detox – for me it went so much easier than last year – until now – I actually started a day early so started to eat yesterday – I tried some steamed green bean -I am not able to handle fruit very well in normal times so the papaya idea isn’t very appealing to me -I ate like like 7-8 of them and that wasn’t too bad, slight upset, but when I tried again later I got a very upset stomach and had to stop for the day, some bloating going on. I’m continuing the chia shakes and green juices and lots of water and I took a digestive enzyme this am as I suspect my digestion is not very good – and wasn’t pre-detox – I tried some avocado – 1 bite this am – didn’t go well though my body seemed to want more of it – I am pretty hungry but afraid I can’t take in much now – I tried 1 bite of chia pudding several hours later today- also not a great response, so doing more chia/greens as I did in the detox -that is still going well. I am having a little stomach cramping and am now feeling sort of weak and shaky, which is new as I felt great in the detox. FYI I had a really hard time coming off the last detox also – I think I really have more GI issues than I realized so this is a great time to work on that – just not sure which way to go from here. Thanks Jan

  54. Brown Jennifer says:

    Bentonite Clay was listed on one of the GM Detox docs. Given our slowed bowels, I figured it was not something to do during cleanse. But would like some direction/instruction on how coming off of the cleanse to maximize the benefits of the bentonite clay in ridding my system of toxins.
    Thank you…this has been a very good 1st cleanse of this type experience.

    • Brown Jennifer says:

      Hello, I know a lot of questions were coming thru, but would really like some guidance on this- thanks!

      • Janine -Gabriel Method Team says:

        Hi Jennifer,

        Nadia writes:

        “Bentonite clay can be used like this;

        2 tsp psyllium husk powder
        2 tbsp bentonite clay
        10 oz glass of water
        2tsp of lemon juice (optional)

        Drink and then follow by another full glass of water. “

  55. Reid Lucas says:

    Does sesame oil corrupt at high temperatures when used for cooking?

    • Janine -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Reid,

      The smoke point of Sesame oil is 350-410°F/175-210°C. All oils lose value when heated but can become toxic at their smoke point.

      The Gabriel Method Team

  56. Suparna Jashnani says:

    Hi I was just wondering how many of you have lost weight ?? .. my detox experience has been wonderful … I had some headaches and stuffiness during the pre clense but these 5 day have been super … no aches n pains feeling clear headed and energetic ( I am basic a sedentary person ) skin is glowing …
    but I don’t think I have lost any weight clothes don’t feel any different …. is that normal ??
    Thinking back the only mistakes could be maybe
    1) an extra glass of coconut water … but living in mumbai our water is not that sweet anyway
    2) too much fib left in the juice even after straning. .as I don’t have a cheese cloth
    Would love some feedback on my unusual problem

    • Géraldine Deleuze says:

      Hi suparna,
      I’ve lost between 2 and 3 kilos. But they will come back after the cleanse as Jon says….
      I’ve also have unusual week as bowel movement where still “hard” and not diminished at all… and green lol
      Even though there was no fiber in my juices because I’ve a very good masticating juicer.
      So I don’t know if it means my cleanse where not complete…. I know I haven’t drink enough water since wednesday…. But I’ve drink almost 3 liters including broth, juices an teas….
      As I had to take morphine I know the cleanse will not be perfect but better than nothing… I’ll do it again in 6 month when morphine will be out and go on with GM anyway….
      I haven’t been really hungry… But I’m craving for a coffee lol
      It’s day 5 for me…. the end of it!!! Yes!!!
      I’ve tried to stop smoking but didn’t manage it… I’ll keep try to stop so for the next cleanse, I’ll be free of toxins during the cleanse….
      Anyway that was a great experience!
      I’ve impressed my family also 🙂
      I’ve been so pleased with the support the GM team has give us, that I’ve subscribe to the support team….
      I’m currently following the “love your body lean” of bionicafit and I don’t feel supported at all…. She just ignore me!
      Even though it’s very expensive…..
      So I’m very disappointed….

      I wish you the best for the after cleanse!

    • Bronwen says:

      Hi Suparna
      Jon and Nadia both said this isn’t to lose weight …
      I did this detox last year and lost 8 kg, put back on 4 kgs in 2 weeks
      This year I haven’t lost anything
      But yesterday I got 2 compliments from different peoples saying I looked really healthy!
      Remember that you are detoxing your body and don’t worry about the weigh!
      My mum used to say “look after the cents and the dollars will look after themselves” obviously this is about saving money but I think it is about eating too, look after your body and the weight will look after itself .
      Cheers, Bronwen

  57. Reid Lucas says:

    Can Ghee also be used to replace butter / margarine as a spread?

  58. Lora Hirschhorn says:

    How long do the chia seeds stay potent after you grind them?
    Also, may I incorporate chia shakes into my daily life? Are these shakes healthy ways to snack throughout the day? What would be the maximum number in a day that is healthy?

  59. Sam Kelly Kelly says:

    I missed the seminar today, and I’m wondering if it will be up soon? I am coming off the cleanse in the morning and I’d love to be able to prepare myself mentally for the day ahead by knowing what’s the best eating options. Thanks!

  60. Jil Chipman says:

    how long will our questions be answered? i want to follow this cleanse in the best way possible.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Jil,

      We’ll continue to offer help and support for any questions that arise during or after your cleanse 🙂

      Hope this helps!

      Gabriel Method Team

  61. Jil Chipman says:

    any ideas about what to do with the vegetables that were used to make the broth? ( i froze mine.)

  62. R C says:

    What is coconut nectar and what can we use as a substitute if we cannot buy it.
    Is it better to eat unhulled tahini? I have a full jar of the hulled tahini although it is organic..
    Obviously I’ve been looking at some yummy recipes..

  63. Helaine says:

    When we blend the coconut oil in tea aren’t we hydrogenating the oil and isn’t that why it stays mixed?

  64. Helaine says:

    Pea protein powder, when can I add that back?

  65. JeanieBeanie says:

    Hi GM team,

    I’ve emailed through a question via for Nadia – didn’t want to post it here because it was quite detailed – basically my period has gone haywire starting from Day 2 of detox. Wondering if you could help? Thanks!

    • Cyclist Rachel says:

      I would love see that answer. i got mine on day 3 and it’s been awful.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Jeanie,

      Thanks we’ll keep an eye out for it and we’ll make sure to pass it along to Coach Nadia.


      Gabriel Method Team

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Jeanie and Rachel,

      This can certainly happen while cleansing. Menstruation is natural cleanse that your body does so when you put your body in cleanse mode (like we did this week) sometimes your body will take advantage of that time to menstruate too. Some may experience a full period, others just a little release.

      After stopping the detox your period should regulate itself over the next few cycles.

  66. Terry Watkins says:

    Have had a headache every night. starts around 7pm and lasts all evening.’s gone by morning though. What could be the cause of it?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Terry,

      Headaches are quite common while detoxing. An epsom salt bath in the evening could be really helpful – add a drop of good quality lavender essential oil and it will help to calm your system down before sleep too.

      Also be sure that you are drinking enough water to keep that flushing action going.

      If it gets to be too much, consider eating something from the backup foods list.

  67. Lisa Barrer says:

    Hi there GM team, I have noticed the spike in energy….when I have carrot or beetroot and/or apple in my juices. It was talked about in one of the webinars, can you tell which one and some info about it…..I’m aware that other foods can give a spike in energy…..this isn’t good is it???? how do I manage it????
    Thanks Heaps 🙂

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Lisa,

      You can listen to the replay of Week 1 Day 3 – Juicing 101.

      Carrots, apples and pears are great to give a sweeter taste to green juices but you really only want to use a small amount to avoid the spike while still benefiting from great taste.

  68. Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Here are the links for a couple of the recipes I talked about in today’s webinar:



    Very excited to chat with you all during the wrap up party tomorrow!!!

  69. Meaghan Joynt says:

    Wow, really fantastic, informative and inspiring webinar tonight! Thank you for everything this has been an incredible experience…and the constant support and education is a huge part of it. Best to all on Day 5!!

  70. Helaine says:

    What about starting vitamin routine on day 1?

  71. Helaine says:

    Why can’t we eat flax seeds and chia on day 1 since we have been having them now?

  72. Anne M. says:

    Thank you for sending the links for the thyroid videos. Unfortunately because of Hashimoto’s, my thyroid has been removed. I admire Andrea Beaman’s energy. I was healthy and never had much problem with my weight until the Hashimoto’s. Even so, the levothyroxine is the only medication I take. My doctor said it would take me four times longer to lose weight without a thyroid. I am hoping to get started on losing the weight even if it takes a long time.

  73. Jo Eckstein says:

    Just a question about dehydrating. I don’t have a dehydrator so if I wanted to try making a chia or vege cracker and I was using my oven what temp would I use and how long do you do them for?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Jo,

      Put your oven on its lowest setting and leave the door open. Dehydrate until desired crispiness if reached, may take several hours.

      As others have mentioned on the forum, you can also use your car as a dehydrator which works great on a sunny day. Place things on a tray and put them on the front or back dash.

      If you live in hot dry climate you can also do this outside in the sun.

  74. Sally Miller says:

    Here’s a good breakdown of the different coconut products:

  75. Cynth says:

    Is there a way to shut off the posts from coming into my email. I have unchecked the little box below which says; Notify me when new comments are added. I have tried multiple times and I am still getting a zillion emails…..
    plz adivse

  76. Saiks says:

    Hi, I don’t know if this has been answered in the webinars as I’ve not had time to listen to them all. I’ve heard or read at some point that you should ‘chew’ your juice when drinking it. Is that correct?

  77. Heather Robey says:

    Jon and Nadia,

    I’m wondering what are the best foods to begin eating after the cleanse? I’m sure you’ll be talking about this in the last seminar, but this information would be helpful in advance for planning purposes.


  78. Chantal Trepanier says:

    Hi, I have finished the cleans. These 12 days cleans were a really great experience for me and I wanted to thank you, GM team, Jon and Nadia for making it that way. I felt very supported, knowing that at any time I could come and ask my questions and knowing that they were always somebody to answer them. The webinar are amazing, so much information to support. I found that this program is really well done. It was great to read everybody questions and comments, it help me many, many times.
    Big thanks to all — Chantal 🙂

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Chantal,

      So glad you enjoyed the experience! And thank you for your kind words. I am honoured to be here with all of you…. and I honour you for this amazing gift you have given yourself.

  79. Géraldine Deleuze says:

    End of day 4 for me. I’m ok…. 🙂
    I just haven’t listen to any webinar this week….. I’ll try to catch up a bit tomorrow……

  80. Terry Watkins says:

    I would like to know how much constitutes 1 juice drink. I juiced quite a bit at one time as tomorrow will be a busy day, and I wont have time to juice.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Terry,

      Drink as much green juice as your body wants. There will be times during the cleanse when you want a big juice and other times when you want a smaller one.

  81. Jeri Rose says:

    eating less has slowed my bowels…suggestions desperately needed to get this back to once a day…I had to do an enema and I would prefer not to.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Jeri,

      It can take some time for your digestive system (including bowel movements) to get back up to full speed.

      -be sure you are still taking in lots of water (drink on an empty stomach).
      -massage your abdomen area in a clockwise direction.
      -relax and know that your body will release. Stress and anxiety can very much affect your bowel movements ie. the more you stress about it the harder it is ‘to go’
      -take probiotics
      -do an enema if needed (after you have given your body some time)
      -after all that you can also try some senna tea but know that senna can be quite strong. After drinking a cup, usually 6 hours later you may experience strong cramping and need to rush to the toilet so plan accordingly if you are going to use senna.

  82. Jeri Rose says:

    Nettle recipes please

    and what is oil pulling?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Jeri,

      Two ways to do a nettle infusion (essentially a nettle tea – you can buy dried nettles at an herb store):

      1. Put about a few tablespoons of dried nettle in a jar (if making a cup just cover the bottom of the cup with dried nettles), cover with hot water and let steep for 20 minutes. Strain and enjoy. Optionally, you can add a little raw honey or coconut palm sugar for a little sweetness.

      2. The second method is exactly the same as the first except that you add room temperature water (ie. not boiling hot). If done this way leave your infusion to steep overnight. I will often use this method at night and then in the morning strain and enjoy all day long.

      For information about oil pulling check out this link –>

  83. Reid Lucas says:

    What are good replacements going forward for rice, pastas, and breads?

  84. Colleen Campbell says:

    Wow!! I sure got a lesson in listening to your body today…it shouted loud and clear that my blood sugar was low. I got up this morning at 730ish and drank water, checked emails, listened to last nights webinar and had a peppermint tea with coconut oil and lots of water, getting up from time to time to go pee 🙂 Then around 9:30 I went downstairs to look for some paperwork and I had a HOT flash and felt the blood drain from my body. I came upstairs and made some broth (haven’t made my juice for the day yet) and sat down to eat it. I feel better now 🙂 I’m assuming that I experience a sugar drop?? Anyone care to diagnose me??

  85. Trina Burnett says:

    Still cleansing, feeling okay. I checked my blood sugar this morning, first thing without any juices,etc, and it was 59, is that too low? What is a healthy fasting range? What is a healthy range after eating?

  86. Reid Lucas says:

    I like lemon in my water. I don’t always have lemon on hand. Is the lemon in a bottle ok to put in my water?

  87. Viera HUBIK says:

    it’s my 5th day, today…it went really easy, no hunger.
    I feel so good that i would like to go on and end the detox on sunday, it would be my 8th day.
    Is it okay or is my body going to get the message there is a diet going on and reactivate the FAT program ?


    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Viera,

      This is a very common feeling to feel great on this day and want to continue. I would strongly recommend against this.

      It is VERY important to break this cleanse while you are in the place of feeling really great. This is when you will be most motivated and clear to make intelligent and healthy choices when you start eating.

      Breaking the fast is, in many ways, the most important part of doing this. Start eating on day 6 and know that you have done exactly what was right for you. Also know that once you start eating on day 6 your body will still continue to cleanse while it is transitioning back to digesting solid food.

      Fantastic that you are feeling so great!

  88. Sharon H says:

    I’m reflecting on how amazing this detox is… or should I say the GM process.. detox being a part of it…. yesterday at our staff meeting there were healthy snack about, berries, nuts yogurt as well as pound cake (such a name–like a hint).. I had my green drink and my mind didn’t even hold a thought of deprivation or a pull to think of wanting and that fight after to try and not want…. I was just in contentment… calm, easy….. I feel like I am listening better… maybe listening outside but definitely listening inside better…. My body’s quiet yet clear story….. I cherish this consciousness ….. Thanks for this time… it has so much richness the second time around… I hope we do this every year…..

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Sharon,

      Thank you so much for sharing that experience. It is such a wonderful experience isn’t it? I honour you in the beautiful choice you made to do this cleanse for yourself!

  89. Patricia Gill says:

    I’ve never used a food dehydrator before. Could you please provide tips! I’d like recipes and to hear about what type/brand of dehydrator to buy.
    I’m really enjoying my new juicer and marveling at all the wonderful nutrition rich drinks I’ve made. I have stored the pulp in the freezer and wonder if the dehydrator would be a great device for making snacks?

  90. Nisha Somaia says:

    I’m very itchy. Is that ok.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Nisha,

      Your skin is your body’s biggest organ of elimination and sometimes during a cleanse much can be pushed out through your skin causing different feelings.

      To release the burden on your skin do some light stretching/movement, ensure you are drinking enough water to keep that flushing going. You may want to try and epsom salt bath. And avoid any chemical cosmetics/body care products on your skin.

  91. Elizabeth Jarman says:

    Hi This detox has made me realise I have a bit of a cheese addiction. Jon did mention “raw ” cheese in one of the presentations. What does this mean?

    • Sally Miller says:

      It means unpasteurized … made with raw milk or unpasteurized milk.

      • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

        Thanks for answering Sally 🙂

        • Elizabeth Jarman says:

          Are there Australian cheeses that are raw? I remember a few years ago that unpasteurised French cheeses were able to be imported for the first time.

          • Jeri Rose says:

            I do not miss my goat cheese but I do love it on veggies and with an egg but have not gone back to it yet as I am still coming off the detox. I have whey too much for me to eat LOL…

          • Jo Eckstein says:

            Hi Elizabeth, the is a QLD company that does raw Cheese from Switzerland. Expensive but oh so delicious!!!

          • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

            Wow – thanks for that Jo – thanks to your link – I’ve now discovered that there is a deli just around the corner from me that sells this cheese!

          • Sally Miller says:

            Hi Elizabeth,
            At Woolies I spent some time reading cheese labels & I found one that says it’s made with raw milk. The brand is Le Superbe & it’s a mostly blue & clear wrapper & says in the middle: Le Gruyere Switzerland. Its really yummy too. I’ve grated it on dishes & really enjoyed it.

  92. Kersten says:

    So.. end of day 5 here and I am still very gassy. I had hoped this would diminish as the bad bacteria in my colon died away, but now I am not so sure.
    Is it normal to continue to have gas even on day 5? Do I still have bad bacteria in my colon? I know I “can’t fail”, but did I so something incorrectly?

  93. Jenny Shaw says:

    I didn’t catch the name of the crackers that Jon mentioned in todays webinair. Does anyone know what they are called?

  94. Sally Miller says:

    Can i please get some clarification on chard, kale & silverbeet? There is nothing at my supermarket labelled chard so i googled it & found it was silverbeet. But in the Coconut-kale-mint juice recipe, the title says kale (obviously) but the recipe says chard. What’s what?

  95. Bronwen says:

    What do you think about the new stone saucepans and frypans? they don’t use oil, just a bit of water

    Cheers, Bronwen

  96. Susan Loong says:

    I find that Chia gives me an insulin spike. What alternative can I use for omega 3s?

  97. Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Here is the link to making healthy crackers –>

  98. Jenny Shaw says:

    Hi I am still having headaches and nausea although am no longer vomiting. Am now only having small amounts of juice but mainly broth – sipping slowly. How can I maximise my nutrient intake? I am lethargic and haven’t worked all week. Thanks

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Jenny,

      It sounds like it might be a good idea for you to have something to eat from the backup foods list.

      This will slow things down a bit so your body can catch up.

  99. Selena says:

    Hi Den, I have a question for Jon and Nadia regarding a reaction I have been getting since starting detoxing. Sometimes my face goes red, and my fingers also get very red and very itchy. Do you think this is a reaction from something I am having or is this part of the detoxing?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Selena,

      Make sure that you are drinking enough water and try having an epsom salt bath – not too hot.

      While having this reaction avoid saunas and steam rooms.

      If you feel you are reacting to anything in particular that you are having then leave that out.

  100. Sharon H says:

    Before the end will recipes for recommended smoothies be available… Like the one Jon spoke of with I think mango and tahini…. sounded interesting but didn’t get all the ingredients down…… Just a few idea…. last year I blew it on the follow up…. really didn’t understand the importance…

  101. Sharon H says:

    Okay, I made a note about nettle infusion and you have posted a recipe… but now forgot what it’s for.. got to Nadia’s site on Oil Pull… last year I got a tongue scrapper and never took it out of the package… I have Tom’s tooth paste and something called Ora Wellness……. last year I changed out my make-up.. this year Oral care… Ora Wellness has cloves in it and lots of other organic stuff in a almond oil base….. it still doesn’t feel like my teeth are clean…. Oh yah… ready to give up my Scope… I have done salt water swish for sore throat etc…. Maybe I will like the mint one… All I can do is try… Will the Oil Pull help my teeth get clean.. I hate that dirty teeth feel and like the slippery feel of brushing….. All I can do is try…. with all this talk.. what is nettle for?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Sharon,

      On the webinar I was talking about the nettle infusion being something that can help to bring colour back to gray hair. And nettles are a super nutrient rich food that is good for many things including being quite a good source of iron, alleviating allergies, strengthening veins and capillaries, nourishing to blood/adrenals/thyroid, great for skin and nails and much more – basically a very nice food!!

      Sounds like you have made some nice changes – thanks for sharing!

      Yes, oil pulling can help the health of your teeth and I would also suggest trying a tooth stick instead of a toothbrush. It is what many cultures used to clean their teeth before toothbrushes were around. It is what both my husband and I use most of the time now and they work really well and leave your teeth feeling slippery, shiny clean.

  102. Reid Lucas says:

    On the Day 3: Move, Sweat & Breathe Webinar Jon referenced raw food recipes in the members area. Can you please provide a link to these recipes?

  103. Jil Chipman says:

    a really nice bath / shower scrub that is organic, is to mix in a container organic oil (olive, sweet almond, etc. , just not coconut because it doesnt stay liquid) and sugar or salt. make it quite thick, and then use it to scrub your body. leaves skin clean and moisturized.

    • Paulina Dagnino says:

      I might try that. Thanks for sharing it 🙂

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Sounds nice Jil!

      I make and use the same thing and sometimes add
      -lavender flowers
      -calendula flower petals
      -rose petals
      -a couple drops of a good quality essential oil

      You are right, your skin feels amazing after using these types of scrubs.

  104. Kim Davis says:

    I’m thinking about buying a dehydrator. Does anyone have suggestions for which one to choose or what I should be looking for in such a device? Thanks!

  105. Pamela Huggard says:

    Hello. I am having trouble with downloading the replays for Day 2: Detox your home and Day 3: Move, Sweat & Breathe. I am getting an error that access is denied. Any ideas? Thanks for your help!

  106. Cynth says:

    I do not see where we access previous archived webinars?

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Cynth,
      Do you mean the webinars that have been done already so far, you can access them by clicking on their links.
      I hope this helps.

  107. Sacha Crazy Cat Lady Guy says:

    Any chance the Day 3 replay will be available soon?

  108. Cyclist Rachel says:

    Day 3 – feel awful. got my period. woke up and I was having dreams that I was eatting all kinds of stuff (mostly healthy) but just chewing them and spitting it out. Today I just feel tired and drainned and want to crawl up in bed but i’m at work.

    • Lora Hirschhorn says:

      Hi Rachel,
      I had the same dreams last night about ice cream and cashews. I am not really hungry, but I miss the sensation of chewing food.
      Hang in there! Maybe you could treat yourself to something like a massage or facial today.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Rachel,

      You are not alone. I, as well, had many detox symptoms today. Support yourself the best you can – warm baths, lots of rest and if you feel you need to eat something then do so (refer to the backup food list).

      • Jeri Rose says:

        possibly have a TMJ problem…stick your index finger (clean) finger pads facing the gum in along the side of your upper gum until all the way back close your teeth and things will get tight…then turn the finger so the pad is now facing the floor and that will stretch what is tight. Do both sides and the one that is tightest do more often…that ought to decrease the need to chew because chewing is massaging your skull from the tightness and when you stop having the tightness pulling on your skull you will not need to chew to relieve that

  109. Sacha Crazy Cat Lady Guy says:

    Well… I missed the webinar for Day3 due to a headache… gave in and took some pain killers because I couldn’t function anymore …. slept for over 12 hours … and now I’m mostly awake.

    Day 1 really hit me hard! Between running to the bathroom and the headache it was crazy.

    This is Day 2 for me 🙂 Fresh batch of juice to drink…. fresh broth brewing on the stove 🙂

    Todays juice creation….
    – 2 full bunches of celery
    – 2 large cucumbers
    – a chunk of ginger about the the size of a pack of cards – ish
    – a big bunch of spinach
    – a big bunch of parsley
    – 1 apple
    – 1 large lemon, peeled

    Now to listen to the replays 🙂

    Cheers to a new Day everyone! 🙂

  110. Ushonah Hutchings says:

    My husband and I are coming off the cleanse tomorrow as we started on Saturday. What foods are suggested for the 6th day as we come off the detox. Also I woke up in the early hours of this morning with fluid retention in my hands and it doesn’t appear to be going away even tho I have been peeing alot today. Is this something I need to look into or do I just need to drink more. It was a bit worrisome. Thanks SHona

  111. Chantal Trepanier says:

    Hello, my question is for Nadia, you talked about something that can give back the natural color of the grey hair but I did not catch what it is, would you please write it to me?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Chantal,

      I was talking about drinking nettle infusions (essentially nettle tea). Dried nettles can be purchased from most natural herb suppliers.

      Two ways to do a nettle infusion:

      1. Put about a few tablespoons of dried nettle in a jar (if making a cup just cover the bottom of the cup with dried nettles), cover with hot water and let steep for 20 minutes. Strain and enjoy. Optionally, you can add a little raw honey or coconut palm sugar for a little sweetness.

      2. The second method is exactly the same as the first except that you add room temperature water (ie. not boiling hot). If done this way leave your infusion to steep overnight. I will often use this method at night and then in the morning strain and enjoy all day long.

  112. Laura Cisewski says:

    Hi Jon and Nadia,

    I had some emergency dental work occur on the first 2 days of the cleanse and decided to wait to get started. I’m wondering how long the videos will be posted.

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Laura,
      You now own the program – so this information will always be available to you.
      Kind regards

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Laura,

      All contents and materials for this program will be available indefinitely.

      Hope this helps!

      Gabriel Method Team

      • Roadrunner says:

        I, too, was able to do this detox with the others. I’m feeling very left out without a group to do it with. Perhaps it will be done again in the near future, or you and I can keep in touch and do it together?
        Michele (aka, Roadrunner)

  113. Kim Davis says:

    I’ve been doing ZivaMIND meditations since the weekend after the Omega retreat. It’s a 15-minute meditation with a mantra twice per day. I usually use one of the 3 mantras that Emily Fletcher suggested during the training.

    During the detox I have sometimes used another word that felt more appropriate for the day. I started Week 2 a little early so I could do Day 1 and 2 at home before leaving on Monday for a business trip in Los Angeles. Today was Day 4 for me. Yesterday my mantra word was “release”. Today the word was “higher”. The image that came to me during my morning meditation today was of being in a hot air balloon and throwing sand bags over the side as I drifted higher. It was beautiful!

  114. Michelle Wakeman says:

    We’re just starting day one due to holidays in Canada. I’m having difficulty getting past the consistency of the Chia drink. Any other options to get same omega 3 benefits and full feeling?

  115. Sheryl Luedecke says:

    How long will I have access to videos/class notes? I’m traveling. Thank you

  116. Jil Chipman says:

    there are many totally organic shampoos and conditioners, which makes switching easier, because the feel is very similar. also some very good lotions. a cottage industry makes a great one – one is scented, one not… from SHARZU at

  117. Jil Chipman says:

    jon mentioned that cast iron cookware is hard to clean and requires much scrubbing… there is an art and pride to seasoning the skillet. it is saturated with oil in a low heat oven, and then never use soap to clean it, only hot water … keeping the oil seal on the skillet. some people only clean them with kosher salt. when properly seasoned, it works like the best non-stick pan. jon, if you like cast iron now, just wait till you season the pan… probably lots of how tos on youtube.

  118. Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Someone in tonight’s webinar wanted the link to the homemade mouthwash. Here it is –>

  119. Sharon H says:

    I’m going to a seminar on Saturday after the cleanse (an all day tapping workshop)… It’s in Chicago so there is a long drive both ways ….. Do you think I should just stay on the cleanse one more day… It would be easier to pack up broth and chia/super green maybe make one melon drink to go… or if I do go out to lunch… just salad… didn’t remember getting off the cleanse being an issue last year but there were so many questions. I was going to go back to protein powder with chial and SG… but you seem to think it is too intense for the first day off……. Thanks in advance for all the support

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Sharon,
      Is it possible for you to make a couple of smoothies to take? You could start with a smoothie or two and a salad – and still have juices if you want.

  120. Sally Miller says:

    I was feeling like my stomach was really small this morning when i woke up – kind of like when i haven’t eaten enough food for a while – so i hopped on the scales this morning. I have lost 4kg since starting the pre-cleanse. I’m just a little concerned that this is so high in only about 10 days. Should i be concerned?

  121. JanH says:

    Where do you get the magnesium spray? – any particular kind?

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Jan,
      You can get Magnesium spray from a good health food or organic store. Some chemists may also sell it. It doesn’t matter what brand – just check that it just contains Magnesium.
      Kind regards

  122. Susan Sugar says:

    I bought a “young coconut” as it was listed on the grocery list but I didn’t find any recipes or directions on what to do with it. Any suggestions?

    • Kim Davis says:

      Open it up and stick in a straw to enjoy. Here’s a video to help if opening a coconut is a new experience:

      You can also use the coconut water (the clear liquid inside) in juices or mixed with tea. I like it with cold hibiscus tea.

    • Susan Sugar says:

      Yesterday, due to lack of time, I chugged my tea/MCT oil/ cinnamon and immediately became quite nauseous. Wasn’t sure I’d make it to work. Today, I am drinking the tea again (a different tea this time but, otherwise, same ingredients), much more slowly. But I am still feeling some nausea coming on, though milder. Do you think it is the oil causing this? The mix of ingredients?

      • Sacha Crazy Cat Lady Guy says:

        I’d try a cutting the oil in half… or skipping the cinnamon.

        The first time I put the oil in one of my teas I put in too much and I felt very nauseous too.

        I’m finding picking the right tea to match the oil is tricky 🙂

        • Joy Tomlinson says:

          I have cut back the amount of cinnamon. I also realised when Jon said “tablespoon” of oil per cup he meant US tablespoon, not Australian….when I used Aussie dessert spoon of oil/cup it was a lot better.

  123. Annette TOOMEY says:

    should we shower before or after or both the sauna or steam room?

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Annette,
      I don’t believe it is necessary to shower before saunas or steam rooms – but you will definitely want to shower afterward. A nice cool shower feels wonderful afterwards too.

  124. Cathi says:

    I am using the Garden of LIfe Supergreens since I can’t really drink the juice. Is it ok to use this and if so, how much is too much?

  125. Dharmani Zelin says:

    Hi. On daY two, doing ok though a bit tired and fuzzy. To be expected, so not concerned. However am having very tiny bowel movements, which I would like to change. I havent heard back from anyone on the team as to if I can add the few items I questioned about to help with this..can you please do so? Thanks!
    So last night and this morning I added a teaspoon of perfect 7, hope it will kick in soon!

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Dharmani,
      Please don’t be concerned if you are now having very small bowel movements – please remember that you are not eating very much at the moment so there is not much for your digestive system to remove.
      Kind regards

  126. Lora Hirschhorn says:

    When should I take a probiotic during the cleanse?
    On an empty stomach, or with juice or broth?

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Lora,
      There are differing opinions out there as to when you should take probiotics – some say with food and some say on an empty stomach. Just go with what suits you best – I take mine just before eating.

  127. Sherryn Holland says:

    I’m not sure if I ask here or in the scrolling box sorry.
    Just wondering if I can add the ghee or coconut oil to the broth instead of the tea?

  128. Dewayne Pass says:

    Actually, I’m Sally Pass, but I’m confused as to what we should be juicing for this week.

    Can you point me in the right direction please?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Sally,

      I would recommend going back and listening to the webinar from Week 1 day 2, called ‘Juicing 101’. We talk a lot in that webinar about what to juice

      There is also a shopping list in the resource section that gives you an idea of what to shop for.

      Basically you are juicing mostly greens and to add a little sweetness you can add 1/2 apple or 1/2 pear or 1/4 beet.

      You can also add things like garlic, ginger and turmeric.

  129. Melissa Young says:

    In Jon’s book, Chapter 10, he is discussing The Essentials. In regard to the Essential Fatty Acids, he recommends Omega-3 capsules in addition to other sources such as Flax seeds oil. In order to get the 10 grams daily he suggests, do I calculate the Mg of Salmon Oil (1,000mg/soft gel) from my supplement or the actual Omega-3 Fatty Acids (267mg/soft gel)?

  130. Nimet Ahmed says:

    how much of coconut water can one have in a day.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Nimet,

      I mix the coconut water half and half with regular water for my chia drinks and that is the only coconut water I am having throughout the day.

      I find most coconut water that comes from Thailand to be quite sweet so I don’t like to overdo it but it is also great for replacing electrolytes so good to have some.

      If, by chance you are in the Caribbean the coconut water from there is much less sweet and more can be had without raising blood sugar too much.

  131. Grace Duling says:

    Hello Gm Forum. Couple more things I’d like some assistance with.
    1. Do not see the unsubscribe button as recommended to discontinue getting a slew of everyone’s questions. However, everyone has offered great information. Thank you.

    2. I started Day 2 and recommitted to detox as day one for me I didn’t plan well in the evening and let myself get too hungry before attending Chemistry class. Today I noticed that, I do really well in the morning and then notice in the afternoon I want food. Not raw food from the backup list, warm/cooked food…something to chew (hearty soup). This generally occurs after a bowel movement that I get this craving.
    Is this because I’m resisting doing this detox because it’s cleansing at a deeper level? Can one of the leaders speak to this and offer some insight on how to navigate this?

    Thank you!

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Grace,

      1. When I open my email (an email notifying me of a new comment), if I scroll right to the very bottom of this email there is a line that says, ‘To unsubscribe this notification service, click here.’ It is on every single one of the emails that I receive.

      2. Hard to say exactly why you are feeling this. Everyone will have an experience that is unique in certain ways. Make use of the visualizations to help get your inner self on board with what you are doing. And make use of having warm teas and broths in the afternoon hours.

      I hope this helps

    • Sandra Fenn says:

      Maybe try telling yourself that this detox is just for a few days and it is for the benefit of your body. It will be in your past and over before you know it! Remember how we always say “how time flies”!

  132. Brown Jennifer says:

    D2 Cleanse going well.
    There is a lot of info to take in, how long do we have access to the detox program materials? I’m hoping its longer than the 2 wks.

  133. Melissa Young says:

    I have read that one should consume 1/2 oz of water per pound of body weight each day. That is a lot of water due to my current weight. Can I consider the liquid from the juices and broth as part of the liquid consumption required to stay hydrated? What is your suggestion for this detox and beyond?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Melissa! Water consumption is hard to standardize as climate, season, level of activity, etc can make a huge impact (like 2x as much!). So it’s hard to give a math equation that is true for everyone.

      Liquid from broth and juice counts, yes! The best tip is to keep a big bottle (like a 1.5 liter) on your desk or in your car with you at all times. Add little lemon or salt to it, and most people find they just get in the habit of drinking very regularly.

      Hope that helps! – Lucas (GM Team)

  134. Melissa Young says:

    Day 1 & 2 are going well for me. I felt really tired yesterday afternoon and some of the juices made my stomach feel like it was turning. I guess my body was surprised by the high vitality items I decided to consume.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Melissa! Great to hear you’re doing well. You can always dilute juices, meaning just add some water (and ice!). That often helps with digestion as some juices are very strong. Hope that helps!
      – Lucas (GM Team)

      • Melissa Young says:

        Thank you! I have been tired and today started experiencing the rumblings in my intestines and diarrhea…I knew to expect this bodily response to my Detox efforts. I take it as evidence of my progress.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Melissa,

      Thank you for sharing. If the juices are having that effect, you may want to make use of more broth soups and herbal teas.

  135. Stephanie Chown says:

    I cannot start the detox program right now so I am wondering if with my member id and password I will be able to access all this info in a few weeks….

  136. Laura Fullen says:

    Great information on Bone Broth – looking forward to making some!

  137. Patricia Gill says:

    I’ve been saving the pulp from all my juicing and placing it in the freezer. Do you recommend readding this to make and additional broth? What other tips would you have for using the pulp?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Patricia,

      There will be very little or no nutrients left in this pulp so you wouldn’t be able to use this pulp alone to make more broth.

      There is a lot of healthy fiber here and you can add a little to other soups you are making (post cleanse).

      Another thing you can if you have a dehydrator is to use this pulp to make crackers. You can see a recipe for doing that here –> (scroll to the 3rd recipe on the page)

    • Jennifer Cook says:

      I used all of my veggie pulp to make veggie patties. I mashed it all together, added a few eggs and some coconut flour and spices. I made patties, pan fried them in coconut oil and froze them for later use. They were delicious! I had one the night before we started. Yumm!

  138. Jacqueline Bernauer says:

    Good morning,
    Not sure if this was already answered but I was wanting to check on when the greens for the detox would be arriving.


  139. Sally Miller says:

    Can you please let us know when you’ll post today’s webinar for reviewing. I missed it this morning & would like to watch it before tomorrow morning’s webinar.
    Thanks in advance.

  140. Afrosa Ahmed says:

    During this detox phase will our FAT switch be turned back on? As essentially you are not allowed many foods and it is therefore like a diet..

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Afrosa,
      The aim is to still give your body all the nutrition it needs – and not feel hungry – to prevent turning on your Fat switch. That is why there is no limit to the amount of juices or broths. During this detox the nutrients from the juices and broths are being released into your bloodstream very quickly and easily. Your body is getting all it needs without having to work very hard to get it. The aim is to make this gentle on your body – to prevent turning on the Fat Triggers.

      • Afrosa Ahmed says:

        Thanks Den. I’m going to start in a few days, really looking forward to getting rid of all that gunk in my body and hoping it will help my craving for chocolate

  141. Jeri Rose says:

    I do not know if anyone is helped by these posts of mine, but since I am now on day five…I thought I would let you all know that on day four I got intensely hungry and found the chia drink got me passed that. This AM I lost another pound and the day has gone easily although I am now looking forward to breaking my fast tomorrow AM with broth including solids…I will do a juice for lunch and intend to continue to include juice regularly now since I really like it. For dinner I will do broth with solids and an egg and a piece of fruit.

  142. Jeri Rose says:

    I will need the replay of today’s second day and of the third day also Please give me the place to go to for hearing them

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Jeri,
      They can be accessed on the right hand side of this page, under Core Cleansing Lessons Week 2. The third day will not be available for another 24 hours or so as it hasn’t been recorded yet.

  143. Sam Kelly Kelly says:

    I’m sorry to post this again, but when I posted it just now for some reason it jumped to half way down the feed…. So I am posting it again, apologies if you already saw this:

    Day 2 of cleanse…
    Just a few things:
    1 – With the ground linseed and lemon drink, do we actually swallow the sloid matter in the glass? If so, won’t this stimulate our digestion?

    2 – I am finding this long string of questions and answers quite difficult to navigate now that there are so many. Is there a way to organise all this information so that we’re not repeating questions others have asked? Perhaps my question above has already been answered somewhere below, but it would take an hour to find it. So I ask my question again, only to take up the time of the Gabriel Method Staff who have to repeat their answers.

    3 – When my questions are answered, I have a hard time finding them with all the scrolling down.

    Thanks, Sam

    • Jeri Rose says:

      yes this is very annoying to me also but I so appreciate the answers once I find my post..There is some way to make this easier, you folks need some techy to arrange it.

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Sam,
      Yes you do swallow the linseeds or chia seeds in the water. As they have been soaked they will be easier to digest – and yes they will activate your digestion slightly but the benefits they give far outweigh this. They not only provide your body with healthy fats – which makes this detox gentler on your body, they also help the flushing out of toxins out of digestive system.
      So sorry about the long list of questions. Not sure there is anything we can do at this stage, however, when you are sent a notification that a reply has been made to your question and you click on the link, wait a bit after the page has opened up, as it should take you to your question in the list. Don’t worry if you are asking the same question as others have asked – we are here to help wherever we can.

    • Sandra Fenn says:

      For #3, you can use the Find function. Control-F on your keyboard opens a line at the top where you can type your name (first or last only) to search the page. Then you can use the Next button to move to each one.

  144. Teri Valadez says:

    You mentioned ionized alkaline water. My friend has invited me to a water presentation for a machine that works on tap water called Kangan Water. The water comes out at a PH of 8-9. Would this be beneficial during the cleanse? Or would RO water be better?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Teri,

      If you are using tap water than anything you can use to filter and make that tap water healthier would be great. Adding fresh lemon juice or raw organic apple cider vinegar to your water is great too.

  145. Kiki says:

    Hi – I have had a headache most of the day and sometimes I feel dizzy or nauseous. it’s the end of my first day on the cleanse. I’ll see what tomorrow brings – should I be concerned?

  146. Sally Johnstone says:


    Is there a limit to the number of days we can be cleansing? If you’ve already answered this elsewhere, I am sorry to ask again, but I can’t find it.

    Just trying to avoid coming off the cleanse on a day I have to travel.

    Thank you

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Sally,
      Great question. Jon and Nadia recommend for your first detox that you limit it to just the 5 days. Often you feel so good at the end you feel that you can just keep going – but sometimes people can go on for too long and then do not make healthy choices when they do come off the detox as they are so hungry. What you do for the first few days after the detox finishes is just as important as the actual detox process and therefore it is best to do this when you are still in a positive frame of mind.

  147. Sally Johnstone says:


    The homework links for week 1, Day 5 and week2, Day 1 lead to an error page. Just wanted to let you know!

  148. Patricia Gill says:

    Mistakenly I signed up for the e-recipe book as I already have access in the New You in the New Year 2014. Could I please be reimbursed as I do not need two copies. Much appreciated!

  149. Jenny Shaw says:

    Hi I am in day 2 of the juice detox. Yesterday I developed a headache and assumed it was from a lack of water – although I had been drinking water. This morning I got up early for a walk – still with a headache so drank more water. I vomited – only water. This morning have had a detox tea, juice and lemon water – and have just brought all of that up. Am still keen to continue – but not sure what is the best thing to do. Any suggestions? jen

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Jen,

      You may want to eat something from the food back up list. Remember you cannot fail at this and eating something clean means you are still cleansing. Important to listen to your body. You didn’t mention the broth soup, this may be something that your body finds more gentle. Or even just sipping on some plain chamomile tea or plain peppermint tea. You can also sip on some water with apple cider vinegar in it.

  150. Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

    Hi Everyone,

    A few links that I mentioned in today’s webinar:




  151. Monica Piquet says:

    I finished Day One and I feel GREAT!!
    Thank you so much for all the support, tips and guidance!
    Heading to the kitchen to get all the juices and liquids for tomorrow, my kitchen looks so funny with so many gadgets, glass bottles and green everywhere!
    See you tomorrow everyone!

  152. Susan Loong says:

    Will there be some recipes for what we eat immediately after the cleanse?

  153. Grace Duling says:

    Couple things.
    1. I see the box at the end of the comment box which says “notify me when new comments are added”. I unclick this but for some reason it doesn’t save so I’m still receiving many messages from group members to my e-mail. I’m open for suggestions on this (be more detailed please).

    2. I started my detox today and things were going well up until 545pm when I went to Chemistry class. I made the mistake of not taking juice or anything with me so I became VERY hungry and essentially broke fast.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? It was hard to concentrate during class.

    3. Can one do this detox for only a couple days and still receive good benefit or it needs to be for a full week (5 days)?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Grace,

      1. In your email itself scroll down to the bottom of the email and right at the bottom there is a line that says, ‘To unsubscribe this notification service, click here.’ Hopefully that will work.

      2. Very important to be proactively prepared. If you know you are going to be out it is really important (as you saw when you were caught without it) to bring your juices, broths, chia seeds with you. Right before you class starts might be a nice time to have a detox tea. If you feel you need to eat something refer the backup food list.

      3. You cannot fail at this. If after a couple of days you want to start eating then use the backup food list and work back to eating the way we were eating during the pre-cleanse week.

  154. Sandra Fenn says:

    What type of lip balm is good and safe? I tend to have dry lips all the time and need to use something. Currently, I use Burt’s Bees lip balm.

    • Janine -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Sandra, Burt´s Bees is a good alternative. There are also DIY recipes with coconut oil that are great! Dry lips may be a sign of dehydration so it is good to see if you can help them from the inside out.

      The Gabriel Method Team

  155. Sandra Fenn says:

    Is it OK to get a flu shot during the detox? I know that sounds like an obvious “NO”. My employer is offering them on Thursday and I already signed up, but I won’t get it if it will interfere with my detox. Thanks.

    • Jeri Rose says:

      I know that these flu shots are not a good thing even if one is not detoxing. It does not matter that it is free…there are somethings one ought avoid at all costs. Look on line for articles on the reasons not to get a flu shot…there are a lot of them…maybe that will convince you. I hope it does.

      • Cyclist Rachel says:

        That’s your opinion. I happen to believe that the little bit of toxins in a vaccine is something your body can handle and the benefits of vaccination far outweigh any negatives.

        • Joy Tomlinson says:

          I agree Rachel.

          • R C says:

            I disagree with Jeri also. All a flu shot does is give you a very small amount of an attenuated virus to stimulate your own body to form antibodies to this virus. This enables your body to immediately defend itself when it does come in contact with the live virus. I recommend having the fluvax.

    • Sandra Fenn says:

      I decided to wait until next week for the flu shot. My insurance covers it so it still won’t cost me anything. That way I won’t compromise all the good work my body has been doing this week!

  156. Terry Watkins says:

    Is there anything that can be taken for constipation? (Aside getting a colonics ?)

    • Jeri Rose says:

      Enemas are less traumatic to the body than colonics…put a tablespoon of lemon juice in the warm water…When I eat pears and beets I always get loosened up, but on this cleanse I did not eat, so nothing happened and I did an enema on day three. I started early…so I am almost done and looking forward to a pear and some beets LOL

  157. Dharmani Zelin says:

    Hi. Sorry, but heres a few more “can I have” questions. Hate to ask as you are being bombarded with these questions, but hey! What a nice way to make a living!
    So here goes..
    1. Fresh aloe vera (can blend in vitamix with water and strain out pulp, or?
    2. Perfect seven intestinal herbs cleanser for the colon: contains psyllium, alfalfa, rosehips, buckthorn, cascara sagrada, bentonite, lactobillus acidopholus, cayenne garlic and golden seal. I have used it successfully in hawaiian sea water cleanse mixed into juice or water.
    If its a go, I would do at nite before bed to decrease constipation and move some stuff out!

    3.calm magnesium supplement, orange and stevia flavored

    thanks a bunch!
    Aloha from Hawaii sunshine♥♥♥♥

  158. Cyclist Rachel says:

    Friday is Day 5 for me…I just got an invitation to go Mountain Biking on Saturday and wasn’t sure if that would be ok, since it was recommended that I not do any strenuous activities 48 hours prior. Just wondering if there were any recommendations for post cleanse.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Rachel,

      The day coming off the cleanse your body will be transitioning back to digesting solid foods.

      You will need to really listen to your body on this day because you still may get more tired than you are used to.

  159. Sacha Crazy Cat Lady Guy says:

    Well I’m a little behind the rest of you 🙂 due to personal circumstances I start my day 1 detox tomorrow morning (tuesday)…. all your comments are great!! 🙂 I’m looking forward to starting!!!

  160. Sacha Crazy Cat Lady Guy says:

    I’m not able to access a number of the homework pages…

    – Day 5 : Find Your Detox Rhythm
    – all of the Week two homework links do not work.


  161. Louann Tung says:

    Am enjoying the content of this program and have experienced that bliss of detox. However, I disagree about your statement on microwaving. Please read this to learn more.
    Thanks! Louann

  162. Bridget says:

    Today somebody brought pizza to work. It smelled so good!! A very difficult day indeed. I kept drinking my juices, but I was starving for that pizza!! I came close to caving in and giving up. But I didn’t. Then an email came out stating there would be HOT KRISPY KREME donuts tomorrow morning.

    Help!! How do I deal with this torture?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Bridget,

      As much as you can, set up your environment to be a retreat for yourself that is supportive to you.

      If you don’t have to go the room where the donuts will be don’t go. Buy yourself some flowers or a beautiful plant to put on your desk next to you all day, load up some inspirational music to listen to and whatever else you can think of to make your day feel as special as this gift is that you are giving yourself.

      AND do some extra visualizations. If you need to take a break from work do so and visualize. Visualize success and strength. Remind yourself that this is something you are doing just for a few days not forever and to be so proud as this is such an amazing gift you are giving yourself.

    • R C says:

      Oh Bridget.
      Commiserations. I really feel for you.
      I have taken myself out of circulation this week for this very reason.. the smell of pizza would be more than I could handle.
      I have the utmost admiration for those of you doing this detox whilst having to contend with this.
      Well done.

  163. Paulina Dagnino says:

    My bone broth came out so delicious. I added some organic garlic powder, chili powder (didn’t have any cayenne pepper), and Himalayan pink salt. Will be making this all the time now 🙂

  164. Loredana says:

    I did great the first week, the only thing is that very strong emotions came to surface in order to be expressed…a lot of anger which was a good sign of my liver beeing cleaned. But after that I got a cold and I did’t start yet with the juices…I just drank a lot of water, hot tea and the broth… I chose not to take any medications, but some propolis and oil of oregano which it helped.
    I am a bit worried that if I start juicing the cold may become worse. What do you think?

    • Sally Johnstone says:

      I had a cold last week, started juicing on Saturday, woke up today and it was gone. Don’t know if it was just time for it to go away, or if the juice is what did it! Hope you feel better soon.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Loredana,

      Cleansing can be very helpful when you have a cold. It allows your body to focus on healing because you are flooding your body with liquids and nourishment.

      During my life whenever I feel cold symptoms coming on I will fast for a day or two and it clears right up.

  165. Grace Duling says:

    How do I correct this so it will not send me every e-mail/comment that members make? My e-mail inbox is getting too many e-mails.

  166. Géraldine Deleuze says:

    I have a big problem now…..
    I have a sensitive stomach…. My stomach is really burning now… such pain that I had to take medicine… It’s called panthomed … I don’t know if you know this?

    I would like to avoid this next days…. So I think I should avoid lemon…. What else?

    Is it also a natural way to treat his kind of issues?

    Thank you!

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Geraldine,

      Fine to skip lemon juice. Try more broth and I would take some probiotics too.

      I would also suggest sipping on some (raw organic) apple cider vinegar in water.

      Avoid putting any hot peppers/cayenne in your juices for the next day.

      Get some cabbage and juice that into your juices – cabbage juice is very healing to our GI tract/stomach lining.

      A hot water bottle near your abdomen area while laying down may also feel soothing.

      I hope this helps.

  167. Sacha Crazy Cat Lady Guy says:

    Mushroom broth….. yes or no this week?

    Noticed mushrooms were never mentioned and I do enjoy them.

  168. mbcowgirl says:

    Is it ok to grind the Chia seeds before adding them to the water? I don’t like how they get stuck in my teeth!

  169. Emily Wynhof says:

    Also, is spiraling okay for a green drink? I know it it’s high in protein.

  170. Colleen Campbell says:

    So I started yesterday and was afraid to eat the broth because I didn’t think I would like it. I’ve done that all my life with foods so this is no different. Today I decided I need to at least try it. Guess what?? I like it 🙂 I added some himalayan salt and some cayenne pepper. I do have a question about the cayenne pepper…my Naturopath Doc says to be careful of spices because most are toxic…she may have said full of gmo’s or something. The cayenne pepper that I used is just a bottle from the grocery store…what do you think Nadia?

  171. Emily Wynhof says:

    I noticed after I made my broth, I didn’t add enough garlic. Is garlic power okay to add for flavor? Or will it activate digestion?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Emily,

      You can add some chopped fresh garlic just before eating and the garlic flavour will infuse into the soup. Then you eat the broth and leave the garlic pieces behind.

  172. Terry Watkins says:

    Is there a link for the fb page? I cant seem to find it.

    • Corie Williams says:

      Same Question ~ some one put a link on the Omega Retreat fb page but it wouldn’t work…do you have to be a member of the support group to get in?

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Terry,
      One of the Detox members created a private Facebook page for all members to join if they wanted. The link is here somewhere – I will keep an eye out for it.

  173. Grace Duling says:

    Started the detox today. can we have the vegetable broth soup mid-day or more if needed?

  174. Jennifer Cook says:

    I thought I heard during one of the pre-cleanse calls that bone broth is ok to have during cleanse week. Did I hear that correctly? Just want to make sure before I include it in the rotation this week. I would think the protein in the collagen would activate the digestive system. Can I get some clarification?


  175. Nisha Somaia says:

    So Day 1 is over, I am so overwhelmed that I could do this. Its a first for me.

    I had a splitting head ache at the end of the day and had a warm shower, feeling much better now. Ready to call it a night and see you all tomorrow morning.

  176. Michelle Janutka says:


    Can we use organic raw whole coconut in the detox tea?



    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Michelle,

      In the tea it is cold pressed organic coconut oil that we are using.

      • Michelle Janutka says:

        Hi Nadia,

        I got your reply about the coconut oil in the tea versus the raw coconut. The raw coconut is tasty. I tried using a teaspoon of each in the morning tea and enjoyed this. Can I use both?

        I am also wondering if grapefruit juice is okay? I understand the greens and am doing essentially all green juices with the tea and broth, however wanted a small change in the day.



        • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

          Hi Michelle,

          I am not sure what you are referring to when you say raw whole coconut. If it is the whole coconut that would mean the coconut flesh as well as the meat and that is better to leave until after the cleanse.

          Grapefruit juice is fine and I would dilute it with water.

  177. Paulina Dagnino says:

    Today is day 2 and I’m feeling really good. I was really surprised that I was not hungry at all yesterday. I do have one concern, my bowel movement has reduced. I’m drinking lots of liquids: lemon water, juices, bone broth, chia drinks and detox tea. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  178. Susanna Van Greunen says:

    Is it ok to drink Athletic Greens (athletic as my green drink? I have been taking it for a long time and feel good after taking it daily.

  179. Colleen Campbell says:

    I’ve just started day 2 and everything is fine. I do want to know about my juices though, can they be the same everyday? Mine are like Jon’s…cucumber, celery, lemon and ginger (yesterday I put too much ginger and I had to grin and bear it all day..yuk! today’s is better 🙂 Anyway,, today I did put a little bit of small bok chok (I think thats what it Like Nadia says, you want a variety of nutrients but I’m afraid to make a days batch and I don’t like it (like my first day) and not want to drink it.

    • Cyclist Rachel says:

      I plan to make a couple of bottles each day to take to work…today I’m at home so I’m trying different combos with each juice.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Colleen,

      I would try to mix it up a little. Don’t be drastic though. Start with just adding a small handful of a different type of green. Just a small amount of kale, for example, wont change the flavour too much. This is also a good way to learn which greens your body likes the taste of. Sounds like you are already doing this (ie the bok choy you addded), that is great.

  180. Lora Hirschhorn says:

    May we have more than one detox tea a day?
    Would that be too much oil while cleansing

  181. Lora Hirschhorn says:

    What if I don’t want a juice or broth every two hours. Should I have it if I’m not hungry, or ok to skip?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Lora,

      Try to make sure you are getting something in every few hours at the very least to keep the flushing action going in your body.

  182. Suparna Jashnani says:

    5 juices a day …. I’ve only had 2 so far
    from waking
    lemon water
    coconut water
    vege juice
    spirulina shot
    detox tea
    chia drink with coco nut water
    vege juice
    so far so good another 4 hours to go for day 1 of cleanse
    plan on having a broth for dinner and detox tea at bedtime … is that ok ?? Do I need chia drink twice a day ? Do I need more juice ?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Suparna,

      If you are feeling satisfied then what you are doing is just fine. Listen to your body, if it wants more nourishing liquids give it that.

  183. Sharie Dowdle says:

    I want to share:

    To day we did yoga for the very first time. It felt very unfamiliar to be in the body. My body was so very thin the last time we remember being in it. Connecting with it owning and claiming it.
    Stretching every part of the body was like reclaiming each muscle, each ligament, and tendon each individual body part. It felt amazing to feel the whole body!
    For years we have hid inside this insulating, suffocating, wall of fat. The weighty of the past family secrets have immobilized and controlled our future until today. With the detox I’m letting go of the past emotional toxins I’ve trapped my self in.

  184. Géraldine Deleuze says:

    HELP!!! lol
    I’ve made detox tea this morning…. And I wanted a cup now (2:30 pm)
    It was stored in a thermos. I don’t what happened but there was a big jelly mass in my thermos… disgusting!!!
    It never happened last week…..
    Have you already encountered same issues?
    It was with coconut oil…. Last week it was with ghee… Can I make my detox tea with ghee rather than coconut oil?
    I found it much better……

    Thank you for your kind help…..

    • Sharie Dowdle says:

      Same thing happened to me! I’m gonna use the ghee today as well.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Geraldine,

      Coconut oil will solidify once the temperature goes down. Re-heating the tea on the stove should bring it back to a liquid.

      Yes you can also use ghee.

    • Sam Kelly Kelly says:

      I had that too, but it was in a tea I hadn’t put oil in. It was the cinnamon that had gone gelatinous.

    • Sam Kelly Kelly says:

      Day 2 of cleanse…
      Just a couple of things:
      1 – With the ground linseed and lemon drink, do we actually swallow the sloid matter in the glass? If so, won’t this stimulate our digestion?

      2 – I am finding this long string of questions and answers quite difficult to navigate now that there are so many. Is there a way to organise all this information so that we’re not repeating questions others have asked? Perhaps my question above has already been answered somewhere below, but it would take an hour to find it. So I ask my question again, only to take up the time of the Gabriel Method Staff who have to repeat their answers.

      Thanks, Sam

  185. Géraldine Deleuze says:


    I would like to join the support group but it’s says “sold out”…..

  186. Jamie Davis says:

    Is black tea ok if it is decaf? Or are we trying to stick to strictly herbal teas?

  187. Belinda Adams says:

    Hi I am wondering if anyone else is really, really hungry? I’m up to date with all the juices, broths, chia drinks, teas etc and had extra water on top of that but my hunger only eases off for about 20mins then it’s back stronger than ever. I keep reading posts where people are not hungry. I’m wondering if I should eat something or just drink heaps more. I’m normally quite active and I do eat a lot and last week during the pre-cleanse when I cut out all starchy carbs, milk products, sugars etc I think I probably lost about 2 kg even though I wasn’t hungry and I know this is not aimed at losing weight. I’m making sure I’m not active this week but I’m a bit concerned if I can do this if this hunger keeps up. I feel like I’ve lost another kilo today. Is this much weight loss normal? I don’t want to give up. I’m hoping this hunger will go away soon and my digestion take a break! Any suggestions?

    • Géraldine Deleuze says:

      Keep drinking water, juice or tea or broth….. It’s my first day and I didn’t feel hungry until now 🙂
      So I’ll have a big cup of broth and keep drinking until hunger disappears…..

    • Sharie Dowdle says:

      I have been very hungry and also very sick. Headaches stomach aches diarrhea. Today is day two for me with just liquids and today I’m not hungry as day one and I have come to a self realization of how my food cravings
      Even before this detox was covering my emotional traumas I felt unable to deal with.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Belinda,

      Your experience can be quite a common one for many on days 1 and 2. Keep intaking as much as you need of all the nourishing liquids and keep up with your visualizations.

      This usually shifts by day 2 or 3.

      You do have a list of backup foods on the right hand side of this page. The direct link is

      You can make use of this list if you need to.

    • Sally Miller says:

      Belinda, I was quite hungry at dinner time last night so I had a chia drink with my broth & a cup of the detox tea. I also finished off the last little bit of juice (less than 1/2 a cup). I found the combo of the chia drink & the tea gave me enough filling up to get through the hunger. Good luck & i hope the next day is better.

  188. Emily Drysdale says:

    Hi, I was wondering if the replay from today was available yet? I can’t seem to get it to play? Thanks

  189. Sheryl Luedecke says:

    Is the yoga practice included with the detox program? I thought it was, but when u get to the bottom of the page I see $39. Am I missing something?

  190. Rose says:

    Hi Jon and Nadia, is it ok to combine bones and vegetables when making detox broth?

  191. Roadrunner says:

    Hi Y’all, I’m enjoying reading about everyone’s experiences in the last couple of days. Some you started early and some started today. I am starting tomorrow morning. I had a very heavy workload away from home today and knew it would not be a day to start. Tomorrow I am home and all alone so I can have some peace and get in a groove.

  192. Alisa Schlacht says:

    Pumpkin is in season here in Michigan, USA. Is it okay to juice or would it be too sweet?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Alisa,

      There are many varieties of pumpkin and many of them are quite sweet. If you do use this I would recommend just a very small piece.

  193. Chantal Trepanier says:

    Day 2 done, a little bit harder than yesterday but I’m pretty sure it’s because I had to go to the grocery and saw all that food around and the smell … besides that, we find it’s easy to do, we are really proud we are doing it! The treat of the day was a red cabbage juice and a nice warm bath with candle and music (I have sent photo and recipe of the juice). Can wait for all of you to start and hear all your story too. take care!

  194. Jamie Davis says:

    How can we get connected to the Detox Facebook group Jon mentioned?

  195. Anne M. says:

    I finally finished the broth, and it turned out pretty good – better than I had expected.

  196. Courtney says:

    Hi All-

    First day- done! My emotions are all over the place, I’m really nervous about tomorrow at work. I”m just going to try and prep everything tonight. So my TMI (too much information) question is- I started out using a beet in my first juice, and well, uh, it went right through me…. definitely cleaning me out if you know what I mean….and I could tell, uh, because of the dark beet color that came out… I’m assuming that’s normal? Also, the broth gave me a bit of heart burn….. so far, I love the Garden of life greens with a 1/3 cup coconut water, 2/3 cup water, blended and then adding chia seeds to it…. the GoL greens have cacao in them so it almost feels like a treat…yum!

  197. Anna Cortes says:

    please share possible solutions for someone
    Challenged with having
    #1 on bristol stool chart and is concerned with
    Further constipation in week 2 due to
    Little intake of fiber just from chia.
    (Other than enemas or colonics which I’ve tried
    With no improvement)

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Anna,

      This cleanse is wonderful to assist with constipation issues.

      Constipation happens, in part, because there isn’t enough hydration in the stool. During this cleanse you will be flooding your body with nourishing liquids and this will help to hydrate your colon.

      I would also suggest that you take probiotics during this cleanse and continue with probiotics and cultured foods after the cleanse.

      Another component to constipation issues is emotional. Make use of your moments during visualization to visualize healthy bowel movements and a healthy colon.

      I hope this helps.

  198. Edith Sauceda says:

    I’m starting a new job tomorrow and need to be alert. I started the cleanse today and feel fine. How terrible is coffee?

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Edith,
      It is best to avoid coffee during a detox as it is a stimulant. Part of the detox process is to help give your body time to balance hormone levels and having coffee at this stage will only hinder this process.

  199. Michele B says:

    I usually store celery in aluminum foil, to keep the celery fresh longer. I learned the combination keeps the celery from wilting. Does wrapping the celery in foil have an adverse affect on the quality of the vegetable?

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Michelle,
      It is not ideal to store food in Aluminium foil. Nadia suggesting storing celery and all other vegetables in a slightly damp tea towel in the fridge instead.
      Kind regards

  200. Kimmy P says:

    Ok to add a little raw organic cacao and/or maca powder to the chia shake?

  201. Sandra Fenn says:

    What is the best way to juice the greens so that more of them actually get juiced? I have a Juice Fountain centrifugal juicer. I have heard of wrapping them around a carrot, but I’m not going to use carrots in my juice.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Sandra,

      Try following each small handful of greens with a celery stalk or a small piece of apple (if you are using 1/2 an apple). Also put just a little of the leaves in at a time.

  202. Lori Pelletier says:

    I am on a blood pressure medicine (Losartan- HCTZ) will the cleanse affect the release of this medicine?

  203. Alyson Richards says:

    Im not seeing a recipe for the Omega 3 shake… Help

  204. Sharie Dowdle says:

    Just want to say I’m feeling pretty sickly! Started the liquid diet today with my hubby and I have bad headaches stomach aches and dizzy and just feel awful! I’m gonna listen to some visualizations some more to help me get back in the spirit of things again. I find the broth more satisfying just as Jon had said. I made the tea with coconut oil but it turned out the oil does not melt and it is really gross. Do you have to use already melted coconut oil? Think it might work much better have not tried any of the chia drinks yet

    • Cyclist Rachel says:

      are you making iced tea? The oil melts real easy in hot tea.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Sharie,

      If you like the broth then have more of that. Get lots of rest and you may find an epsom salt bath soothing – just add 1/2 to 1 cup of epsom salts into your tub of hot water and relax into it. Keep up with the visualizations, they can really help. I hope you feel better soon.

      Day 1 can be challenging at times. You will probably feel much better tomorrow.

      As Rachel says, coconut oil will melt very easily in the hot tea.

      • Sharie Dowdle says:

        Thank you, I feel much better to day almost uforic. I had a revelation today doing yoga for the first time in my 51 years.
        I had a mind body connection and I’m confident I can get healthy and let go of the 100 pounds I’ve been hibernating in the past twenty odd years. I’ve also not been hungry like yesterday I ralized my food cravings were a cover for my trauma I’ve not been ready to deal with. I just eat and insulate the emotional toxins inside.
        I’m excited to not be hungry and to not feel sick anymore.

        • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

          Hi Sharie,

          Ahhh that is so great… thanks for writing in and sharing that.

          Such a wonderful gift you are giving yourself!!!! YAY!!

        • Roadrunner says:

          Hi Sharie,

          Your post is VERY inspiring to me. Thank you so much for sharing it. It makes we want to go and try the Yoga. I haven’t ever done any.

          Best to you!

          • Sharie Dowdle says:

            THanks Roadrunner,
            I had never tried yoga before either. I thought it was for skinny people. But if you can breathe you can do yoga

  205. Jeri Rose says:

    For those of you about to embark on this adventure…I have been on it for four days. It is easy…yes there are times when I have felt a bit spacey and I found that drinking the juice did the trick. Also yesterday I actually felt hungry and again the juice dispelled that. I have been doing this with my household. No one has felt hungry nor very stressed by the cleanse. We have all lost about five pounds thus far and we are not heavy and this was weight that did not seem to want to remove…for I suspect the reasons Jon explains about the fat holding the toxins from past bad stuff that we took in. We have been eating pretty much what Jon recommended for years as week one and that is why we felt ok to start week two early. I hope that these comments support you all and help you to feel good about making this grand trek into the unknown territory of bettering your health.

  206. Cyclist Rachel says:

    This is more a comment….I tried the super greens that was sent. Ugh…why so much stevia..I hate the taste of stevia and I think it makes this awful and much more difficult to take. I much prefer the Garden of Life greens.

    • Sacha Crazy Cat Lady Guy says:

      🙁 hadn’t opened up the super greens to try it yet. Was wondering about the stevia content too.

      Thanks for the feed back on it…. I’m not a big fan of stevia myself so I may not even bother getting into that package.

    • Géraldine Deleuze says:

      I’ve try it today… I don’t taste any stevia in it… I would love too tough… First sip was not very good 🙂
      But after some extra sips, it was better…..
      I’m gonna have another one tomorrow…

  207. Nicole Hoffer says:

    Am I missing something how do we make the soups?

  208. Nisha Somaia says:

    Hi GM Team Thanks for your incredibly prompt answers.

    I don’t have a Green me up Johnny, can I instead have Garden of Life Raw Organic green super food powder with spirulina added to it?


  209. Laura Fullen says:

    I’ve been adding more kale and spinach to my salads and juices…now I’m hearing these are not the best choices (I think they talked about thyroid issues, which I don’t have any signs of). Any thoughts on kale and spinach? thanks

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Laura,

      Get a variety of greens in your juices (and salads when eating after the cleanse). This is very important to ensure we get a wide range of nutrients and that we don’t eat too much of the same food.

      Kale and spinach are fine – just not all the time.

  210. Anna Cortes says:

    Curious why no coconut milk even if home made? For example to mix it with the chia to make a pudding instead of water?


    PS also had another question posted a few days ago that
    Was missed in answering. What if your a personal
    Trainer and can’t avoid exercise. I don’t want to loose muscle
    Mass what is best way for adding some protein to
    This weeks cleanse as a protection.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Anna,

      The reason I don’t recommend coconut milk is because there is a protein component to coconut milk that will activate your digestion more and we are trying to give your digestive system a break this week.

      This cleanse is something that each person needs to do for themselves. If you cannot avoid exercise then perhaps you can do a different kind of cleanse where you do eat some very clean foods along with juices. You cannot fail at this and you will get benefit from staying on the week 1 pre-cleanse diet. If you are doing a lot of heavy exercising perhaps this would be better for you at this stage rather than the week 2 juicing cleanse.

  211. Tanya Stewart says:

    Can I use Hemp Oil instead of Coconut Oil in the Detox Tea?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Tanya,

      Coconut oil is best in the tea as it is the medium chain fat that you are looking to get here.

      Hemp oil is not a great one to heat (ie adding to hot tea).

      If you want to take hemp oil, I would suggest just taking a spoonful of it on its own.

  212. Katrina Kemper says:

    In the broth to give it more flavor can we add ginger, or garlic or spicy pepper, and allow it to seep? As long as we don’t eat the addition? Just want to keep the broth interesting.

  213. Nisha Somaia says:

    So I’m completely panicking!!!

    I have my broth ready.

    I have juices in glass jars ready for tomorrow, so many veges give so little juice…, in the fridge

    Please comfirm “omega 3 drink” is indeed chia drink in the how to videos.

    Looks like I’m set…

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Nisha,

      Be gentle with yourself – you have done lots of prep and you are ready to go – you are doing great!

      Yes, the omega 3 drink is the chia drink.

  214. Bridget says:

    I got through the first day of detox with no problems. (except I had to throw out my first batch of broth because I added sweet potato which made it taste sweet and I prefer a savory broth).

    There are so many visualizations, that I was unsure what to listen to when (except for the nighttime one, which was clearly stated). So I after I drank each juice, I chose one at random and listened to it. Not sure which one is supposed to be the “morning” one.

    This morning I got on the scale, and to my delight, I have lost 7 pounds since I have begun week one!!! After several years of trying to lose weight, it is finally coming off!

    Many thanks to Jon and the team. 🙂

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Bridget,

      Thanks for sharing, glad you are here with us!

      Keep in mind that the scale is not a determining factor of whether this cleanse is effective. Everyone experiences weight loss differently and this may also fluctuate during the cleanse. Stay focused on what you are doing rather than the number on the scale.

      • Bridget says:

        What is the determining factor that the cleanse was effective?

        • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

          Hi Bridget,

          The cleanse works differently for different people and even the same person can have different experiences from cleanse to cleanse.

          Your body has infinite wisdom at a cellular level and knows exactly the right things to be doing for you during any particular cleanse.

          Many people will experience clear bright skin and eyes, heightened focus and mental energy, a certain lightness (especially after detox symptoms have passed), greater flexibility, calmer moods, improved digestion (afterwards), improvement of so many chronic issues.

          These are just a few things and it is really hard to pin down what a particular person will experience and this particular time – we are all so varied in our histories and stories!

          I would suggest to remember and trust that infinite wisdom of your body and the wonderful gift you are giving yourself by providing the perfect environment for every cell of your body to do what it knows how to do – which is to move you towards health.

  215. Elizabeth Jarman says:

    Hi! I just can’t remember where info about detox tea and omega3 were?

  216. Jeri Rose says:

    Please let me know how to come off the cleanse since I will be coming off on Monday?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Jeri,

      I answered this below for you but here it is again…

      We will talk more about this as the week continues.

      -Keep up your intake of water (on an empty stomach)
      -Have an easy to digest meal as your first meal. Some berries or melon or papaya are all really nice. A smoothie (papaya, spinach and berries for example) is also a great idea.
      -This first meal may just be a few bites as your body may not want to eat much right away. Your appetite will come back during the course of the day. Eat Gabriel friendly meals for the rest of the day and leave meat/fish/poultry till later in the day or even the next day.

  217. Helaine Clendennen says:

    I couldn’t find fresh turmeric. Can I use spice powder in juice or is that a solid?

  218. Jeri Rose says:

    Now I can not post questions HELP

    • Jeri Rose says:

      OK I got it to go by rewording the question…I need to know how to come off the cleanse. Thought to eat the veggies in the broth…but what else do you recommend?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Jeri,

      We will talk more about this as the week continues.

      -Keep up your intake of water (on an empty stomach)
      -Have an easy to digest meal as your first meal. Some berries or melon or papaya are all really nice. A smoothie (papaya, spinach and berries for example) is also a great idea.
      -This first meal may just be a few bites as your body may not want to eat much right away. Your appetite will come back during the course of the day. Eat Gabriel friendly meals for the rest of the day and leave meat/fish/poultry till later in the day or even the next day.
      -Veggies in the broth is also nice.

  219. Leona says:

    I can’t locate my bonus material on the site. Please send a link. Thanks, Leona

  220. Helaine Clendennen says:

    Why don’t we fill the soup pot to the top?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Helaine,

      As the soup simmers down you will keep adding water to it. Having the veggies simmer in a smaller amount of water (ie not full to the top) allows the broth to be more concentrated with nutrients.

  221. JeanieBeanie says:

    Hello GM Team,

    I live in Malaysia and was wondering if you had any suggestions for local/tropical/Asian vegetables that I could use to substitute for some of the veges on the shopping list that aren’t found here.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Jeanie,

      For juicing, go to the market and peruse all the greens that they are selling. Buy the ones that look fresh and nice. Buy different ones each time you go so you have a chance to try different tastes in your juices.

      One that I love juicing when I was over there is gotukola. In Thailand it is called ‘Bai Bok Bok’ – not sure what they call it in Malaysia.

      To add some sweetness to your juice, look for cucumbers, pineapple, persimmon, starfruit… and remember just a little of the sweet fruit is all you need.

      • JeanieBeanie says:

        Thank you Nadia! I did a bit of research and gotukola is called “pegaga” in Malaysia. It’s commonly eaten raw as a salad (I’ve had it before) – I shall look out for it to use in my juices!

  222. Katrina Kemper says:

    I live in Japan and am having trouble finding a few things here like turmeric root. I was thinking about adding wasabi root, which is supposed to be a very good for inflammation. What do you think?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Katrina,

      Wasabi root is VERY strong. If you are trying it in your juice I would caution to do just a VERY small piece at first.

      You can also just make your juices without turmeric or wasabi – not a problem

  223. Roadrunner says:

    How do you post pictures to the Detox Photos section?

  224. Jennifer Delatorre says:

    When the probiotic drinks are mentioned does that include ones like Yalkult?

  225. Anne M. says:

    The videos were helpful, but it seems as if I have a lot more beets than I would need for the week.

  226. Chantal Trepanier says:

    First day of the juicing cleans almost over now. It went very well, much more then we were expecting (my husband is doing it with me to support!) No headache. My bone (chicken) broth with a bit of tomato freshly juiced…hummm hummm excellent! Also, felt like having a little treat at the end of the day : juiced a lemon, a piece of ginger, put that in mineral water with a bit of stevia… delicious!

    • Roadrunner says:

      Awesome, Chantal! Congrats on getting through your first day and for also getting your hubbie to do it with you for support! I asked my husband if he’d like to join me and he said he would like to but didn’t think he could. He has a very physically demanding job and he just didn’t think he could make it through the week on liquids. Perhaps he will find another time to do it. Your treat sounds yummy. Here’s to tomorrow. I look forward to how it goes for you tomorrow.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Fantastic Chantal! Thank you for sharing, very inspiring to hear! The water that you made sounds fantastic!!

  227. Tina Morgan says:

    Hi, can you tell me why there are pears on the shopping list but none in the recipes?

  228. Tracy Hulse says:

    What about using pure honey from our local bee farm as a sweetener in the green juice?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Tracy,

      I would stick to a small amount of a sweet fruit juiced with your greens to sweeten up the green juice. Things like 1/2 an apple, 1/4 of a beet, 1/2 a pear, 1/2 a bell pepper (red, orange or yellow).

  229. Bridget says:

    I just made my broth. I made it with onions, garlic, celery, carrots, parsley, yellow squash, rainbow chard, red bell pepper, Kale and one slice of sweet potato. Next time I will leave out the sweet potato because my broth had a sweet taste. The color wasn’t green like on Jon’s video either. It was a light amber color. It was good except for the sweet taste, though.

    • Bridget says:

      Oh, and I also added a few brussels sprouts.

    • Roadrunner says:

      That’s sounds exactly how I made mine, with the exception of a green squash and no brussell sprouts, but I put in cabbage. Thank you for reminding me about the sweet potato – I just started to make mine and took it out because I don’t like that sweet taste either. A lot of what I put in was from my own garden, so I’m jazzed. It looks so beautiful and smells so good! I can’t wait to try it!

      • Roadrunner says:

        I just went and added broccoli, parsnip and beet greens. I forgot about those. Mmmm, yummm!

      • Bridget says:

        How was your broth? I decided I didn’t like the sweet taste so I am going to make a new batch without the sweet potato.

        • Cyclist Rachel says:

          THis is all interesting to hear, I am going to make mine tommorrow and was going to use Sweet potato now I’m not so sure.

          • Roadrunner says:

            Mu broth is to DIE for! Or should I say, to LIVE for! It’s so good! I just put a little sea salt and it’s fantastic! I only used one red pepper and it has a tiny bit of spicy, but perfect for my taste. At the last minute, there was a roma tomato sitting on the counter so I through that in. Even my husband thought this broth was super tasty. I don’t think I made enough, though. It made only 3 quarts when I took all the veggies out. (Boy are my chickens going to be happy tomorrow!) I could probably cut it down a little more with water, or I’ll just have to make more mid-week. I really enjoyed the process.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Fantastic all of you!!!

      Thank you for sharing!

  230. Jamie Davis says:

    Also, I know we aren’t supposed to cook the broth with any oil, but could we blend coconut oil into the broth at the end like we do with the tea?

  231. Teresa Messenger says:

    How do you keep the acid from the lemon from eating the enamel on your teeth? On your daily homework you tell us to do GM yoga and exercise but I can’t find those instructions or videos anywhere. I did email but all they did was refer me to the detox page which had NO info for these. Help!

    I have tried juice fasting before and it will not hold my blood sugar from dropping. Even if I drank gallon a day of juice and it still would not hold it. I REALLY need to do this but want to know how to do it and keep my blood sugar from dropping.

    • Teresa Messenger says:

      I forgot to ask what the broth recipe is

      • Sacha Crazy Cat Lady Guy says:

        The broth recipe is in the Audio & Video resource section… the link is here:
        ** scroll through the page and select the video for the “Detox Broth Recipe” … it’s more of a guide than an actual “by the book” recipe

        Both the yoga and the fitness are on the main page you hit when you log in. Where you normally would hit “launch” on the detox section. Just scroll down further to find the yoga and the fitness. The links are below if you can’t find them.

        The Yoga is here:

        The Fitness ones are here:

        Hope that helps.

      • Sacha Crazy Cat Lady Guy says:

        Oh and I just remembered I had seen something on the Gabriel Method facebook page 🙂

        Here’s the snipit from the page…. It really is just a “guide” not a rule book 🙂


        Detox Soup – How to Recipe (and video!!)
        Vegetable broth is a staple of a detox. It’s a great way to get nutrients, hydrate yourself and get electrolytes. It stores for days.

        Fill the bottom of a large pot with onions, garlic and any herbs you like. Add just enough water to cover the garlic & onions and boil for 10 – 15 minutes. NOTE: do not add any oil to the pot

        NEXT STEP – Veggie Time!
        There is no need to measure or be precise with this, just grab your favorite veggies and chop them up! Here’s my “top list” of veggies.

        ✔ Broccoli
        ✔ Parsnips
        ✔ Sweet potato (avoid white potato)
        ✔ Carrot
        ✔ Kale
        ✔ Spinach
        ✔ Cabbage
        ✔ Peppers/capsicum
        ✔ Silver beet
        ✔ Any other green leafy vegetables that are in season.

        *Fill the pot approximately 1/3 full with chopped vegetables
        *Fill the pot approximately ½ full with water (water should cover veggies)
        *Bring to a light simmer (not a boil)
        *Cover and simmer for 4-6 hours, adding water every hour or so to keep the water level between ½-3/4 full.
        *Strain broth and serve with your choice of healthy salt, like Himalayan salt crystals, turmeric, cayenne pepper and ginger.
        *Store the remainder in a glass container in the refrigerator. Heat and serve whenever you want broth.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Teresa,

      Sacha has pointed you towards all the resources – thanks Sacha!

      This cleanse is designed to keep your blood sugar balanced. Keep your green juices mostly green – listen to the webinar on juicing (Week 1, day 3) where we talk a lot about the importance of this to keep your blood nourished and balanced. The omega shakes, detox tea and broth will help with this too.

      In your visualizations, picture yourself having a successful cleanse where you are balanced.

      I hope this helps.

  232. Emily Wynhof says:

    I know this question has been asked, sorry, I can’t find it. Can we have local raw unsweetened kombucha during week 2? Thanks

    Also, tomatoes in the veggie broth?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Emily,

      Kombucha is a great drink that is best when the full fermentation has taken place. You will know this has happened if your drink isn’t sweet at all.

      • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

        ps. I would stick to harder veggies when making the veggie broth as when tomatoes cook down they will become hard to strain out. If you do use them, just use a small amout only.

  233. Jamie Davis says:

    For before/after the cleanse does quinoa qualify as an “island” food? Or does it raise insulin levels too much?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Jamie,

      Quinoa can still raise your blood sugar quite a bit. It is a good transition food as you move away from wheat but watch how you feel after you eat it.

      I quite like it but I don’t eat it too often.

  234. Bridget says:

    Is it ok to drink the detox tea more than once a day? I already had a cup this morning, but I feel like I need another one. It was like comfort food.

  235. Chantal Trepanier says:

    Hi, I usually buy my chia seeds spouted and cold milled that I keep in the fridge. I was told at my health store that they were much better. I would be interest to know if you think that paying more for those kind of chia is worth it?
    thank you

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Chantal,

      When you soak the seeds (ie add them to water and let them sit) to make the omega shake this sprouts them so no need to buy pre-sprouted seeds if you don’t want to.

  236. Bridget says:

    Since I started my detox early, I just want to prepare everyone in advance for the taste of Green Me Up Jonny. I’ve been adding stuff to it (cinnamon, nutmeg, coconut water, lemon) and I have determined (for me, personally) that it is better without lemon. Also, the colder it is, the better.

  237. Sharon H says:

    I make cultured veggies using Caldwell Culture Starter… Is it alright to drink the veggie juice from this for the probiotic component during the cleanse week… or best not?

  238. Cyclist Rachel says:

    My best biggest soup pot, I just realized, is a non-stick pot which I know is not great for you. Is it still ok to use to make the veggie broth?

  239. Debbie Vaughan says:

    I must have missed this part… but can you have tomatoes in the juice?? I have a garden and all my tomatoes are ripening right now… it would be a shame if I couldn’t use them.

  240. Jeri Rose says:

    Have completed the second day of the cleanse. Felt a little heady on the first day. Found that if I drank the juice that went away. Second day, drank a lot more juice and had very little spacey feel but was terribly thirsty and drank and drank. Did not pee much more, but I was so thirsty that my lips began to chap unless I drank. I love the juice especially with cilantro…Jon calls it corriander. and ginger and tomatoes…all of these in variation are delicious. Have not had a BM on this second day and will do an enema with a little lemon juice if I do not get to today.

    • Jeri Rose says:

      o forgot my ???…is five days optimal for this cleanse…would longer be OK? What is the result of substituting the juice for a meal when back to normal eating?

      • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

        Hi Jeri,

        Thanks for sharing your progress so far. Keep in mind that coming off the cleanse properly and going on to make healthier diet and lifestyle choices in between cleanses is a very important part of what we are doing. 5 days is a nice amount of time to cleanse and then spend the next days moving forward.

        Moving forward after the cleanse, juices are a wonderful thing to still continue to incorporate into your day.

        • Jeri Rose says:

          Since I will be coming off as all are going on…would you please let me know what you recommend for the coming off protocol? I thought to start simply eating the veggies with the broth…and what else?

    • Anne M. says:

      That’s good to know. I couldn’t find coriander, but I found cilantro.

  241. Bridget says:

    Hi everyone,
    I started my detox today. The detox tea was quite delicious with added cinnamon and freshly ground nutmeg. (I hope nutmeg was ok to add?)

    I had bought a Breville juice fountain plus and used it a few times last week for some test juices, but returned it when I found out the masticating type was better for when you wanted to refrigerate your juices for a day.

    So I bought the Omega Vert 350HD. If anyone out there is thinking about buying that one, DON”T!! It is NOT good for juicing celery. The celery strings got hung in the part where the pulp is extracted and it was very difficult to clean. I can’t deal with that horror everyday, so the Omega Vert is going back to the store. I’m going back to buy the Breville juice fountain plus. It was very easy to clean. (I don’t know about the horizontal type of masticating juicers. Does anyone out there know if the celery strings are hard to clean out from the type that Jon had on his video?)

  242. Trina Burnett says:

    Is Green Tea okay for next week?

  243. Terry Watkins says:

    Are we supposed to discontinue vitamins and supplements during cleanse week? Also, are essential oils ok to use? I like peppermint essential oil in my tea and water.
    Thank you,
    Terry Watkins

    • Géraldine Deleuze says:

      Vitamins have been already answered below but I’m interested in essential oil too 🙂

      • Jeri Rose says:

        given the length of this Q and A posting…if one has an answer, please put it up with the this case the vitamins were nixed unless ordered by a doctor…The Gabriel method does not want to run afowl of any medical considerations as they wield a large club legally…so you are to follow your doctor’s advice unless you are capable of detaching from the notion of how the medical world views your illness by researching other approaches. I can say this because I am not a member of the Gabriel team and I am in charge of my own health.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Terry,

      Most vitamins you can hold off on as you will be getting plenty of nourishment from the juices. Continue taking probiotics.

      Peppermint essential oil (just a drop or two) is fine.

  244. Helaine Clendennen says:

    Are Jicamas okay to juice on wk 2, or are they considered too sweet or starchy or… Nobody mentioned them.

  245. Sam Kelly Kelly says:

    I accidentally ate a peice of pizza last night. (Friday night, kids were eating it, my friends too yada yada….). Just one slice. How do I fix it? Do I start pre cleanse week again? How bad am I?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Sam,

      You cannot fail at this. Just go from this moment. Take some digestive enzymes. Drink lemon water when you wake up on Saturday morning and then just continue from there.

      Remember your visualizations before going to bed and waking up in the morning – these can really help you.

  246. Maria Haycock says:

    Hi. I was wondering about using the pulp from juicing (centrifugal juicer) as part of making the veggie broth? I would also add other veggies as well, but there is still some nutritional value to the pulp from the juicer that I hate to waste. Not sure what I can do with the leftover veggies from the broth though.

  247. Helaine Clendennen says:

    Just found answer that tomatoes R ok. Sorry for the question.

  248. Helaine Clendennen says:

    I haven’t heard tomatoes mentioned. What about them during detox week in soup and juices?

  249. Melissa Young says:

    I just learned about the Gabriel Method while searching for ways to detox my body. I need to loose over 200 lbs…I
    have lost 75 lbs from my highest weight by loosely following Weight Watchers. I was thrilled to learn about Jon’s story because I have felt trapped in this body for many years. I haven’t tried all the diets available because I know the weight fluctuations are so hard on one’s organs. Quite frankly all the various diets can be confusing. Plus I was afraid of being left with all the excess skin. I have started reading Jon’s book. It is very inspiring to have Jon’s experience as an example that my fears do not have to become my reality. I know thoughts are creative and what you think about most is drawn to you through the Law of Attraction. The Gabriel Method is in accordance with all the other teachings that are coming into my awareness. Infinite Love and Gratitude!

    • Catherine Armstrong says:

      I’m so happy for you that you’ve learned of the Gabriel Method. It will help you gradually change the way you view yourself and your whole life. It has certainly done that for me.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Melissa,

      So happy you are here with us. It sounds like all the information that you are supposed to hear right now is coming your way!

      Thank you for sharing – you are inspiring others just as you are also being inspired. Beautiful!

  250. Cyclist Rachel says:

    Two questions:

    1) Can you do a yoga class during Week 2? I’m fairly new to yoga so I still get sore.

    2) I heard it mentioned to someone that raw cheese was good cause it wasn’t inflammatory, but isn’t the milk heated in the process of making cheese, so is there really such a thing as “raw” cheese?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Rachel,

      1. Best to not push yourself to the point of being sore.

      2. If you are having cheese, raw organic cheese is a better choice since it is made using milk that has not been pasteurized and highly processed.

      • Jeri Rose says:

        raw cheese is not heated to the point of pasteurization so the enzymes are still live. When you eat raw milk and cheese, you will feel the difference…and raw kefir is another wonderful food for the innards

  251. Viera HUBIK says:

    sorry , i meant : the vegetable “broth” ( not growth )

  252. Viera HUBIK says:

    is it okay to add bones to the vegetable growth ?

    i’m starting the detox tomorrow…

    thank you

  253. Nisha Somaia says:

    1. Is it ok to have nuts and berries during week 2?
    2. I usually have night time hunger what wd u suggest i do during week 2 for this?
    3. If I were to make the broth in a pressure cooker to make it more time efficient how long do you recommend to cook it in pressure cooker?
    4. Iyengar yoga is pretty intense and I have 2 classes on wed and thurs day 3 & 4 I enjoy my classes a lot so I wd like to go shd I go?

    Thats all for now. Thank you

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Nisha,

      1&2. Hold off on nuts. Refer to the backup food list here –>

      3. You want the nutrients from the veggies to all steep into the broth. On the stove top you would simmer the soup for up to 4 hours. I have never used a pressure cooker to make it but perhaps you could try it for a couple of hours. You can’t really fail, nutrients will be in your broth when you are done.

      4. Intense exercise is best avoided during week 2.

  254. Emily Drysdale says:

    There are some lovely relaxing detox yin style yoga classes at yogaglo if anyone is keen to have a bit more variety, they have a free trial too.

  255. Sally Johnstone says:

    May we put ground flax or flax oil in a green juice, or do they have to be consumed separately?

    Thank you!


    PS I’ve dropped 20 pounds since coming home from Omega, just by eating the big 3 and doing morning and evening visualizations. I feel great – and grateful to the GM Team for this!

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Sally,

      That is great, thanks for sharing that!

      The ground flax you can use to make the omega shake (use instead of chia if you would like).

      The flax oil you can mix into your green juice if you would like but I prefer to just take a spoonful of the oil on its own and then drink the green drink after. I don’t care for them mixed together but that is up to you.

  256. Géraldine Deleuze says:

    Help!!!! I’ve just made a green juice and put too much ginger in it… Way too spicy!!!
    How can I soften the taste? I’ve try to dilute in coconut water but still too spicy 🙂

    • Sam Kelly Kelly says:

      I find a whole lemon in the juicer fixes it. Maybe try that?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Geraldine,

      Ahhh I understand! If you make juices long enough there is a good chance sooner or later you put too much of something strong in! I have done it too, smile. Once you do it once, it is a great reminder of going easy in the future on things like ginger, garlic, chili peppers (cayenne). As you have learned you can always add more but you can’t take it out once its in there.

      Diluting it with coconut water or regular water is a great idea. Juicing a lemon or lime into it (great suggestions Sam) may help and sipping it slowly may help it to taste more gentle.

      • Géraldine Deleuze says:

        Thank you 🙂
        I’ve diluted it into coconut water and there is already a lemon in it….
        Still spicy 🙂
        I’v sip slowly…. it’s still spicy lol
        I’ll pay attention next juice 🙂

  257. Reid Lucas says:

    How often should we do this detox? (ie twice/year, every six months)

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Reid,

      Once a year is great, maybe twice a year but no more often than that. The time between cleanses is a very important time to focus on making healthy diet and lifestyle choices.

  258. Anna Cortes says:

    If you’re trying to build muscle and don’t want to loose any muscle and are doing this to heal digestion and candida, what modifications could be made if not working out isn’t an option? Would it work to use Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate for protein since it is rapidly absorbed? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Anna,

      While doing a cleanse your body will not be focusing on building muscle. Healing digestion and candida issues are exactly some of the things that can happen while cleansing. Take this time to focus on letting your body do this. It is just for a few days and then you can get back into eating protein and building muscle once the cleanse is over.

  259. Jeri Rose says:

    I missed the detox rhythm conference where can I see it?

  260. Emily Drysdale says:

    I think someone already asked, but I just wanted to double check if tomatoes juiced were ok as much as we like, or should we treat them like fruits and just keep them in small amounts next week? Thanks!!!!

  261. TRINA BURNETT says:

    I will need to stop the Detox a day early, as I’m leaving on vacation. Will the instructions on how to come off of the Detox and what to eat be available next week before the last day?

  262. Bridget says:

    When I eliminated wheat, sugar, dairy and coffee I felt really bad the first 3 days. But today I feel wonderful! And my complexion is clearer! And I can breathe better! I am truly amazed! 🙂

    • Catherine Armstrong says:

      I love hearing that! You are an inspiration to the rest of us. If you feel this good this week, just think how good you’ll feel at the end of next. 🙂

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      That is wonderful to hear Bridget!

      • Annunziata acquarulo says:

        I’m so happy to hear that because I just started the detox, a few sick issues with my two year old and my husband ( who’s suffering from Glioblastoma) and I’m worried I would feel terrible the entire detox. Thank you Bridget!

    • Sally Miller says:

      Me too Bridget. The first few days I just felt off somehow but I’m feeling great now & definitely looking better too – my face doesn’t look so tired & puffy anymore. Loving it already!

  263. Emily Drysdale says:

    First of all, a huge thanks to the gabriel method team, you are doing an awesome job, thanks! I just wanted to share that I have had an unexpected start to the detox. I thought I was doing pretty well, balancing work and being a single mum to two preschoolers, but after a particularly busy day at work and coping with 6 hours sleep per night for too long my body said enough was enough and hit the reset button. For me that means shutting down, throwing up and sleeping on the couch until it passes! Today I feel great, relaxed, and ready to start fresh. So it wasn’t exactly the gentle approach I had planned to start with, but a good wake up call to put me first a little bit more… And to prioritise rest, especially going into next week.

    • Catherine Armstrong says:

      Our reactions are such individual ones. You had a bit of a difficult time, but how wonderful that you’re feeling so well now. Going through these changes and “trials” support us in training ourselves to listen more closely to our body and our needs. It sounds like that is exactly what you are doing. Thanks for checking in with all the rest of us and I join you in thanking the GM crew for being so totally dedicated in being there for us all during this detox time.

  264. Lora Hirschhorn says:

    is almond or coconut milk ok during cleanse week?

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Lora,
      These are excellent prior to and going forward after the detox, but it would be best to avoid these during the detox.

      • Jeri Rose says:

        This is confusing as using almond milk and coconut milk were mentioned as being used during the cleanse…

        • Annunziata acquarulo says:

          I think it was coconut water. Not 100% but I’ll listen to the video again.

          • Jeri Rose says:

            I think coconut water is the same as coconut milk…

          • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

            Hi Jeri,

            Coconut water is the clear liquid that comes from the nut of a young coconut.

            Coconut milk is made from pressing/squeezing water through coconut shreds (from an older coconut) – this is a creamy white liquid that is best avoided during week 2.

  265. Jeri Rose says:

    OK since yesterday was market day and I bought all I needed for the cleanse, we are starting today. First drink made and consumed put napa cabbage, arugala, beet greens, bok choy, celery and cucumber. put a little salt in. feel a little sloshy…maybe I drank too much.

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Jeri,
      It might take a bit of getting used to, but you can’t really drink too much. Maybe next time, just drink half of what you made and save the second half for when you feel hungry next.

      • Jeri Rose says:

        thanks that was my conclusion also…feeling a little heady spacey but not hungry…found that drinking some juice seems to solve the heady spacey feel…so I do not know what the reason is since I am not feeling hungry and I must have enough to prevent hunger from not having enough blood sugar.

  266. Elzbieta Wojcicki says:

    I make for myself a water to drink and love it:
    1liter of water
    1/2 of peeled cucumber
    1 tsp of grated ginger
    12 leaves of mint shredded

    I leave it over night in a fridge , drain in the morning and have 4 glasses to add to my other choices of water daily

    My other choice which I also like is simply add 1 tsp of cranberry unsweetened concentrate to a glass of water.
    Taste great and cleanse your kidneys.

    Juices: I like variety because I believe it covers broader spectrum of nutrients so I just mix different veggies on different days but I usually keep basics this same as they contain a high level of liquid : celery or cucumber or green pepper or mixture of any 2 or all 3 ,and add to it one choice of leafy greens and herbs.
    Sometimes I drink just a cabbage juice which heals ulcers.
    Not everybody likes the taste but worth of trying.
    And most of the time I don`t add any fruits.
    I do have 2 exceptions which I drink maybe once in two weeks because it is a taste reward for me :
    1) About 5 stalks of celery
    1/2 green apple
    6 springs of parsley
    1/2 lime

    2) About 1/2 inch of ginger
    few carrots to make it 1/2 of glass juice
    about 1 or 1&1/2 juice orange to make the glass full

    oranges and limes in both I squeeze in citrus squeezer and add

    I made a habit to drink one veggie juice daily


    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Elzbieta,

      Thank you for sharing!

      • Catherine Armstrong says:

        Elzbieta (what a beautiful name!), thank you for sharing these waters and juices. I have a list of what I’m heading up as “GM ideas for detox and pre detox.” I just added these to it. It’s such a help to have ideas that others
        have used and enjoyed. I appreciate it.

  267. Lora Hirschhorn says:

    Would adding Garden of Life Raw Super Greens to the juice be beneficial or would it be a waste of the product to add it to an already nutrient-dense juice?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Lora,

      As long as this green powder is made from healthy ingredients and doesn’t have sweeteners in it that would be fine to add it, but you may find that the fresh juice is nice on its own. I have added green powders to fresh green juice in the past and didn’t like how it took the ‘fresh’ taste away.

  268. Lora Hirschhorn says:

    Is there a use for the vegetables that are discarded in the broth-making process, or are they deplete of any nutrients at that point?
    Also, would cashew cream be ok to add to the broth in week 2 to make a creamy soup?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Lora,

      Most of the nutrients from the vegetables will be in the broth.

      I would avoid cashew cream as this is harder on the digestive system.

    • Sally Miller says:

      I’m planning on giving them to our chooks. I hope they enjoy them.

    • Elizabeth Jarman says:

      Hi Lora!
      I made a practice run of broth last week and the leftover vegetables I puréed with my stick blender after adding some chicken stock and it was quite nice. I’m sure it would be suitable to freeze.

  269. Lynn Berkley-Baskin says:

    Is Triphala permitted for week 2? It is part of my daily regimen.

  270. Gabriel Method Team says:

    Hi all,
    See the great photos and tips coming in from around the world in the Detox Photo Gallery:

    Have a photo of you & your pre-cleanse week food? We want to see! Send to
    Sherri, GM Team

  271. Isabel Toledano says:

    Hi, I would like to know which nuts you consider better. What is your opinion regarding unsalted and roasted cashews, pistachios, and peanuts. Personally I am very fond of them, but really would like to know how good or bad they are. Thanks!!

  272. Grace Duling says:

    regarding the question about protein shakes. ARe we to stop those in the pre-cleanse phase or starting next week for the official cleanse? I remember this week being a sort of prep week where we still eat food, but clean eating.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Grace,

      You can do protein powder shakes this week but hold off on them next week.

      Yes, you are right, week 1 is about eating clean natural foods.

  273. Francine Frede says:

    Is the “Find Your Detox Rhythm” discussion posted online yet?

  274. Chantal Trepanier says:

    Hello, I’m wondering… can we juice tomato? I was thinking of doing a bone broth and add to it some fresh tomato juice? what do you think?
    thanks in advance 🙂

  275. Suparna Jashnani says:

    Hi just about stopped the wheat. dairy. Sugars.processed foods and alcohol for 3 days and I’ve had the worst headache since yesterday … today my sinus is blocked … are these just detox symptoms or am I coming down with something ??

    I am having a lot of water as well as 1 vegetable juices .as that was a part of my diet earlier anyway ..
    I’m a little worried about next week if this is how I am feeling now

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Suparna,

      Things can be part of detoxing. Continue to support yourself with drinking water, and resting. An epsom salt bath may also be helpful (1 cup epsom salts in the bath).

      As this is the pre-cleanse week, do have some healthy foods to eat which may also help.

      I hope you feel better.

  276. Jeri Rose says:

    Is Aloe juice OK to add? I know it is good for healing the cells of the digestive tract…wonder why you have not included it or if you have some reason not to have.

  277. Dharmani Zelin says:

    Is packaged coconut water full of (healthy or not too good kinds)sugar? Can it be included during either the pre-cleanse or cleanse? Thanks!

    • Janine -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Dharmani,

      You should look for raw young coconut water with only that one ingredient and it is great during both the pre-cleanse and core cleanse as it replenishes your electrolytes.

      The Gabriel Method Team

  278. Terry Watkins says:

    Hello, I would like to know if it is ok to drink protein shakes during the detox?
    Thank you,
    Terry Watkins

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Terry,
      It is best to avoid protein shakes and other forms of protein such as chicken, fish, meat and eggs. Your body uses up a lot of energy to digest protein and one of the objectives of the detox is to give your digestive system a bit of a break and allow the body to use its energy to cleanse and remove toxins instead.

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Terry,
      It is best to avoid protein shakes and other forms of protein such as chicken, fish, meat and eggs during the detox week. Your body uses up a lot of energy to digest protein and one of the objectives of the detox is to give your digestive system a bit of a break and allow the body to use its energy to cleanse and remove toxins instead.

  279. Corie Williams says:

    Is there a place to print out the juice recipes? I only see the videos

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Corie,
      If you scroll further down the page, some of the videos have Recipes to print out highlighted in red. However, please note that with juicing it isn’t an exact science as vegetables come in all different shapes, weights and sizes. Its more a case of trying a few vegetables and seeing if you like the taste combination – if not – you can tweak it to suit your tastes and the yield from the vegetables.
      Hope this helps

  280. Sacha Crazy Cat Lady Guy says:

    Decided to shift the day of my detox a bit…. Canadian thanksgiving on monday… and we’ve been invited to a brunch-ish thing with family 🙂 it’s a positive environment so I’m not worried 🙂 the sister-in-law is very understanding…. but juice on that day would complicate it. So I’ll be a day behind everyone but will still be here asking questions and taking notes 🙂

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Sacha,
      That is fine – that sometimes happens, another member is actually starting 2 days before everyone.

      • Chantal Trepanier says:

        Hey! I’m starting 2 days before also!! I’m almost done with the pre-cleanse and it went very well. I’m starting the 5 days juices only, on Saturday! 🙂

        • Kim Davis says:

          I’m also planning to start the 5-day detox on Saturday. I’ll be traveling to Los Angeles on Monday and I want to be on Day 3 by then.

          When I did a juice fast in the past, the first 2-3 days were rough, then I kind of got into a rhythm. I think I have a good plan in place for continuing on the detox while traveling. I know this program provides enough flexibility to work with whatever comes up and that I will get a benefit from it however it goes. Thanks so much to Jon and his wonderful team for all of the support and information! It strengthens my feeling of safety and comfort during this process.

  281. Susanna Van Greunen says:

    Just made my first Juice with my new Omega 8006 Juicer. Just used veggies I had at home, like Kale, Cucumber, Carrots and an apple and it tastes really good!

    I am ready for this cleanse!

  282. Sam Kelly Kelly says:

    WHen you make the Chia drink, do you swallow all of the seeds, or are we just drinking the juice? In the video it looked like a lot of seeds were left in the bottom of the glass.

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Sam,
      You are to swallow seeds as well- to get the full benefit of them, as the liquid doesn’t really absorb any of their nutrients.
      If you leave the chia seeds to soak for long enough they will absorb a lot of liquid and become like a pudding in texture – so when you drink the liquid you will get most of the chia seeds. They do have a habit of sticking to everything though 😉 – so you will get the odd pesky seed that will that stick to the glass.

  283. Sam Kelly Kelly says:

    How do you feel about garcinia cambogia?

    • Janine -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Sam, it’s not great for a detox. You’re not trying to speed up your metabolism during the detox, just cleanse, so Jon would not recommend it.


  284. Bridget says:

    About a year ago I all of a sudden developed an allergy to corn. When I eat popcorn, Doritoes, any thing with corn starch or corn syrup, etc., it make me itch all over.

    Today I tried the chia seed drink for the first time (I’ve never had Chia seeds before), and I am itching like CRAZY!! Has anyone else had this problem. I ordered them from Amazon, and they are the Viva Labs brand.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Bridget,

      If the chia isn’t working for you, you can use fresh ground flax seeds in the drink instead. See Jon’s video here called ‘Chia and Flax Oils’ where he shows you how to use ground flax –>

      • Bridget says:

        Hi Nadia,

        Could you please tell me if I can grind the flaxseeds in my vitamin? I don’t have a mortar and Pestle or a coffee grinder.

        ps. I took benedryl and am fine. Maybe the chia seeds were packaged in the same place where they package a corn product. I am hoping this detox will help with this corn allergy. Do you think?

        • Bridget says:

          That was supposed to be “Vitamix, not vitamin. 🙂

          • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

            Hi Bridget,

            Yes you can use your Vitamix. I have done this but bought myself a coffee grinder as I found that the coffee grinder works really well for just the small amount that you need.

            As for the corn allergy, corn is a widely processed plant that is highly GMO and overused in modern packaged foods. Not a bad thing to avoid these days and sounds like your body is on board with that!

  285. Viera HUBIK says:

    hi Den,
    i don’t find it…

  286. Viera HUBIK says:

    sorry, where?

  287. Viera HUBIK says:

    i can’t find the recording of the 7th-8th webinar questions/answer…
    thank you

  288. Jo Eckstein says:

    Chia question. I notice I can buy black or white chia. Is there a difference and which is better?
    Also I don’t have a grinder so what is the best way to make the Omega drink with the chia seeds? Thanks 🙂

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Jo,
      There is no nutritional difference between black and white chia.
      You don’t need to grind the chia seeds if you are soaking them – so just make the omega drink with the whole chia seeds.
      Hope this helps

  289. Catherine Armstrong says:

    Jon mentions Tulsi tea. Is he meaning the Tulsi Tea Original or just any one of the Tulsi teas?

    I just made my first wonderful huge cup of detox tea. I’m hooked. 🙂

    Oh, and one more thing. I was expecting the cinnamon to dissolve into the tea. I’m guessing it never does, right?

    Thanks! I’m so excited to be part of the Detox.

  290. Gabriel Method Team says:

    Hi all, send use your photos! We want to see you, all over the world- doing your Detox shopping, prep, salads, juices, broths- let’s inspire each other. Email photos to, subject Detox Photos.

    We’ll add to the Detox Photo Gallery, so everyone can see what you’ve been up to!
    -Sherri, GM Team

  291. Lynn Berkley-Baskin says:

    I’m wondering what I should substitute for the sulfur. I have a sulfa allergy.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Lynn, could you be more specific, substitute for the sulfur in what? Happy to help, we just want to make sure we know what you mean! 🙂
      -GM Team

      • Lynn Berkley-Baskin says:

        I was reading the supplement list:
        Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) – MSM is an inexpensive white powder form of sulfur derived from pine trees. Sulfur is one of the most abundant minerals in our body, and it’s essential for detoxification. Like Vitamin C, MSM has incredible antioxidant properties, so it’s a great additional to any cleansing protocol.

        It seems that the info is saying that sulfur additions would be helpful. So, I’m wondering about a supplement that can be used to do the same thing as sulfur would.

        Gee, I hope this helps. I guess my goal is to become more balanced. So, I’m always looking at ways to do that without causing ill effect in my body.


        • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

          Hi Lynn,

          Foods high in MSM are aloe gel (fresh from the plant), noni fruit, garlic and onion. Feel free to use these.

          Although MSM powder is mentioned, it is not necessary to use for this cleanse.

  292. Gabrielle Elkaim says:

    I just found this awesome juice bar that does Paleo and live foods. They also have 3 days of juices that one can buy:

    I was wondering if all the ingredients in these would work for Week 2 of our detox? I don’t have a juicer and I work really long hours, so being able to purchase my juices would be a lot easier. Either way, I will make it work. Thanks.

  293. Gabriela Williamson says:

    What about eating banana only during the pre-cleanse?

  294. Trina Burnett says:

    Is it okay to add Raw Cacao Powder to our powder super greens next week?

  295. Julie W says:

    I am wondering if we can use MCT oil in salad dressing? Any thoughts?

  296. Emily Wynhof says:

    Are sweet potatoes okay for week 1? i made one with some Ghee and cinnamon and it rocked my world. 🙂

  297. Cyclist Rachel says:

    On the detox schedule there is something called an “Omega 3 Drink” but the only thing I see onthe how to videos is a Chia Drink. Is this the same thing?

  298. Géraldine Deleuze says:

    Hello 🙂
    In the recipe of almond orange balls, you cooked the orange…
    Can you tell me why? As you only need the juice….

  299. Michelle Janutka says:

    Hello again,

    I am wondering about whether we are going to use any protein powder in week two?

    Also I got a good tip today from someone in a health food store suggesting Chaga tea. I think I will add that to my teas for next week.

    Hello from me as well to all the OMEGA peeps!


    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Michelle,

      Best to hold off on protein powder for week 2 as that is a harder job on the digestive system and we are looking to ingest liquids that will be very easy on our digestive systems.

      Chaga tea sounds nice as long as it isn’t a blend that has any caffeine in it.

  300. Kersten Valentine says:

    I haven’t seen anyone ask or heard mention of avocado. I eat avocado almost daily and am assuming it just has too much fiber for week 2 – can they even be juiced? lol
    Anyway.. what are thoughts about avocado?

  301. Meaghan Joynt says:

    Great webinar tonight! Such helpful info. Thanks Jon and Nadia – you make a great team. And Den too! Very excited to be a part of this detox. And hello to all the Omega peeps!! 🙂

  302. Heather Harris says:

    If I experience headaches from withdraws (such as from caffeine or sugar) then is it okay to take an Excedrin or over the counter pain medicine to rid myself of the headache? Would that hurt the detox process? What is recommended for headaches?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Heather,

      Headaches can be quite common for some people while detoxing. Make sure that you are drinking enough (juices, water, broth, chia drinks) to keep flushing. Get extra rest too.

      You can’t fail at this detox.. do your best. OTC pain meds are not the best thing to have while detoxing but if you need them go ahead.

  303. Sacha says:

    This may have been asked…

    There has been mention a few times of supplements for week 2. What I’d like to know is if the list of Supplements and Superfoods here:
    …. should they be continued to be consumed in week 2? or should certain ones be continued, but not others?