Detox May 2019: Day 6: Cleanse Wrap-up Party


Note: Can't make the class? No problem, all live events will be archived between 24-48 hours and will be available throughout the program.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Celebrate your success!
  • Nadia and Jon will help answer your questions
  • Plus a live demo from Nadia's kitchen with post-cleanse friendly meals!

How to Join?

  1. Go to the Facebook Detox Group Page
  2. You’ll be able to see the live stream happening from there.
  3. All you have to do is tap on the 'Follow' button when the video goes LIVE & leave a comment or question on the post and Melinda will get as many questions answered as possible.
  4. You won’t want to miss this live Q&A session!
To turn live video notifications on:
  1. Click at the top-right corner and select Settings
  2. Click Notifications on the left
  3. Click On Facebook
  4. Scroll down to Live Videos to make changes to live video notifications