How & Why to Take Before & After Photos?

When I weighed over 400lbs, I hated photos. I didn’t want anyone to take my photo, and I certainly didn’t want to “record” myself at that weight. But I did, and I want to tell you why I did it—and why I think you should too.

REASON #1 – Get Honest

When you take a photo of yourself, it forces you to honestly take a look at yourself. Some would argue that photos only capture the “outer” you, but I completely disagree. All you have to do is look at my face, my energy, and my vitality in the photos from 2001 and compare that to my photos now and you’ll see what I mean.

Before you do anything else, take a moment to take some photos. This is an extremely valuable step to document where you are right now before you begin your transformation.

REASON #2 – See Progress

Sometimes we get lost in our own transformation and we fail to see how dramatically we are changing. Photos capture a moment in history and are a valuable way for you to track where you were and where you are going.

REASON #3 – Pride & Achievement

Losing weight, like any challenging goal in life, will become a massive source of strength in your life. Very quickly, you’ll find your entire life changing, and that is something worth recording, to show your kids, friends, and family. I know it might feel strange and somewhat embarrassing to take photos of yourself, but you’ll be so glad you did later on.

REASON #4 – Inspire Others & Change Lives

Since my book has become a best-seller in 4 countries with over 350,000 readers, you can imagine how many people have seen my photos. More than anything, my transformation photos inspire people, teach them that anything is possible, and allow them to trust that it’s never too late to reclaim your health. The same can happen for you, even if it’s just privately sharing your story with your loved ones.

How to Take Photos

PHOTO 1 – Front view, standing, looking at the camera (get whole body)

PHOTO 2 – Side view, same thing, just rotate

PHOTO 3 – Back view, same thing, just turn back facing camera

That’s it! We recommend you take these photos at least once per month during and after the program.