Custom Visualization

For many Gabriel Method students, as they get more and more involved with visualization practices, they want to create their own customized practice.

This might be as simple as using your own music, changing the length or pacing. It’s up to you!

Common Customizations:

  • Own Voice – many people like to record their evening visualization in their own voice so it’s you talking to your own body. This is a great idea and if you record your voice, we’ll include music and frequency following beats to make it a great audio track evening practice mp3.
  • Own Music – many students have a favorite song they like to use during visualization or meditation. As long as you own the music (meaning you legally purchased the CD or mp3 file originally), we can use your music to create a customized visualization practice that fits your tastes.
  • Own Length – we have some people who like ultra short practices (3 minutes) and others who prefer longer (30 min). If length is your primary customization, just let us know and we’ll make a track just for you.
    NOTE: you will need provide the audio track in your voice with the desired length, and we’ll mix it with SMART Music and send you back an MP3.

    How to Get Started: