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Class 60: In this class you'll learn Learn practical tips to make GM easy How to stop back pain. How to strengthen and loosen shoulders. The 3 Themes of Obesity.
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Ask Jennifer 20: Stages of Healing from Co-Dependence What we'll do? Learn about Healing Codependency for Weight Loss. If you struggle in relationships, I think you'll find this helpful! Presentation Download Presentation
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Ask Heather XVII: 20 Suggestions on what to add for nourishment when you are unsure if you are hungry What You’ll Learn: Nutrition & self-care tips on what to add to connect with yourself BEFORE you eat Are you emotionally
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Ask Desiree XXVII: Stop dwelling on seeming mistakes! What we'll do? I ate an ice cream and now I have to start over again', 'I've been bad, I didn't listen to the visualisations', 'I didn't keep up with the lessons,
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Ask Melinda 35: Emotional Healing / Wellbeing What we'll do? Join Melinda for an emotional release class offering tools and techniques to help destress the body, heart and mind.
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Ask Nadia XXII: Keeping Toxicity at Bay by Living a Meditative Life Meditative vs fight or flight When thoughts become toxic Raising awareness of the spectrum of life
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Ask Jennifer 19: Opening to Emotions What we'll do? Learn about Opening to Emotions Presentation Download Presentation
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