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Coach Desiree Class 28: Why meditation will help you loose weight What we’ll do? I ate an ice cream and now I have to start over again’, ‘I’ve been bad, I didn’t listen to the visualisations’, ‘I didn’t keep up
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Ask Heather XVIII: The Science of Creativity What You’ll Learn: How your brain creates a-ha moments & decides what you need from your logic and intuition. The power of sleep Your inner genius Presentation Download Presentation
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Ask Melinda 36: Emotional Healing / Wellbeing What we’ll do? Join Melinda for an emotional release class offering tools and techniques to help destress the body, heart and mind.
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Class 61: In this class you’ll learn Not getting results with GM? Top 5 reasons why Join Brian for a quick, do at home GM Work In
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Ask Jon 128 April 16/17, 2019 Download Audio

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