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Total Transformation Program

Multi-Media, At-Home Immersion Program

This comprehensive, Gabriel Method program walks you step-by-step through the Gabriel Method principles in an easy-to-follow, rich media format. The program includes the complete video book, a visualization library, quick & delicious recipes, and bonus seminars and lectures.


  • 12-Part Video Book Series
    (streaming or downloads – watch 1 per day)
  • PM Visualization Practice
    (mp3 audio – listen before bed)


  • Digital eBook- Gabriel Method
  • AM Visualization, Living Goddess & SMART Music
    (mp3 audio – downloads)
  • Living Warrior Visualization
    (mp3 audio – downloads)
  • American Holistic Health Lecture
    (mp3 audio – downloads)
  • Weight Loss for Kids – Audio Class
    (mp3 audio – downloads)
  • Jon’s Favorite Recipes
    (mp3 audio – downloads)

NOTICE: This is a Digital Product

Total Transformation Package

Normal Price: $306.90 Only $69.95 USD

Mind Body Weight Loss Summit Archives

Get the complete archives of our first ever Mind Body Weight Loss Summit! Listen and learn from this unprecedented gathering of experts, speaking with Jon about losing weight naturally and healing your body.

What You’ll Get:

Digital Pack or 16-CD Box Set featuring:

  • Expert lectures by Daniel Benor, Jena la Flamme, Katrina Love Senn, Frank Ferrante, Philip McCluskey, Joe Cross, Nealon Hightower, Carol Look, Paula Robbins, Andrea Beaman, Roberta Temes, Renee Stephens, Marc David, Bryant McGill, and more!
  • Class transcripts
  • 3 bonuses: Qi Gong for Digestion, Tapping for Stress Relief, Meditation for Weight Loss

DVD Box Set (16 CDs) - Summit Archives

Normal Price: $297 Only $197.00 USD + S&H

or Digital Box Set (mp3 files) - Summit Archives

Normal Price: $109 Only $97.00 USD

Start Your Transformation 4-Disk DVD Box Set

A live workshop with Jon Gabriel (DVD)

Join Jon Gabriel for a powerful video training series. Program created at one of Jon’s sold-out, live training events Takes you deep into the fundamental principles of The Gabriel Method. This inspired workshop will show you how to put The Gabriel Method approach into action in your own life right away.

Start Your Transformation 4-Disk DVD Box Set

Normal Price: $199 Only $169 USD + S&H

Living Goddess (2-disk CD set)


Women, experience this unique meditation designed specifically to help you connect with your feminine source energy.


  • Powerful meditation to make your body want to lose weight
  • Contains affirmations to help you learn to love yourself again
  • BONUS CD SMART Music CD to helps you turn your FAT switch OFF and change your internal chemistry.

Living Goddess 2-CD Set

Normal Price: $43.95 Only $34.95 USD + S&H

Living Warrior (2-Disk CD Set)


If you are feeling overwhelmed with work and family responsibilities, then these audio programs are designed specifically for you to get back in touch with your inner, masculine, power.


  • Live on purpose with passion & drive
  • Tap into your source energy
  • Overcome challenges and obstacles
  • Experience peace and stillness in the chaos of life
  • BONUS CD – Eating for Vitality is a live audio class recording where Jon teaches you the importance of the “big 3” nutrients.

Living Warrior 2-CD Set

Normal Price: $43.95 Only $34.95 USD + S&H

Cellular Wisdom (Audio Series)

Lose weight & transform your body from the inside out by unlocking the unlimited power of your mind! Join Jon Gabriel and GM Coach and hypnotherapist Paula Robbins to relieve stress & lose weight with guided meditations that work at the cellular level.

Cellular Wisdom CD & Digital Combo Set

Normal Price: $49.99 Only $39.00 USD + S&H

Cellular Wisdom (Digital Version)

Normal Price: $49.00 Only $39.00 USD

21-Day Meditation for Weight Loss Challenge
(At-Home Audio Program)

Enjoy 21 separate and unique meditation practices, led by Jon Gabriel and Carol Look. Each session is just about 10 minutes long, so you can always find time to listen in the morning, during the day, or just before bed (the preferred time for most people). Each week has a different theme, and each day has an extremely specific focus. The idea is to build healthy habits for life; and very quickly, you’ll start to feel these positive affirmations and guided imagery being incorporated into your day-to-day consciousness.

The Audio Series

Week 1: Fitness, Health & Vitality

  • Day 1: Health
  • Day 2: Absorbing Nutrients
  • Day 3: Digestive Flow
  • Day 4: Live Body, Live Food
  • Day 5: Sending Love
  • Day 6: Healing Energy
  • Day 7: Ideal Body

Week 2: Safety & Weight Loss

  • Day 8: I Am Safe
  • Day 9: Feeling Protected
  • Day 10: Strong and Secure
  • Day 11: Power
  • Day 12: Releasing Fear
  • Day 13: Forgiveness
  • Day 14: Feeling Free

Week 3: Stress Reduction for Weight Loss

  • Day 15: Peace
  • Day 16: Calm Light
  • Day 17: Inner Wisdom
  • Day 18: Success
  • Day 19: Worthy
  • Day 20: Trust
  • Day 21: Abundance

Bonus Material

  • How to Visualize (video)
  • Intro to Tapping with Carol Look (PDF and Audio)
  • 5 Pre-Meditation Stretches with Sonia Doubell (video)

NOTICE: This is a Digital Product

Tapping for Weight Loss
Documentary Film + Resources

Lose Weight, Reduce Stress & Overcome Emotional Challenges Using Meridian Tapping

Get the DVD as well as instant access to the online film and all the bonus extras. Plus dive deep with all 11 expert tapping sessions that address specific stresses and emotional challenges that cause weight gain.

Core Program:

  • Tapping for Weight Loss (the complete film)
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Extended Case Study: Meet David

Free Bonus:

  • Expert Tapping Sessions
  • Get Instant Access to 11 Master Class Tapping Sessions

Tapping for Weight Loss (DVD & Online Access)

Normal Price: $69 Your Price: $49 USD

Yoga for Weight Loss (At Home Program)

Lose Weight, De-Stress and Transform Your Body and Life with Yoga. Learn from master yoga teacher and healer Katrina Love Senn, who healed her health problems, lost 60 pounds and kept iti off.

The Video Training Series

  • The Basics
  • Morning Practice
  • Evening Practice
  • Flow Practice
  • Ideal Body Visualization w/ Jon Gabriel
  • Guided Relaxation
  • Katrina’s Story

Bonus Items

  • Recipe Book – Katrina’s Favorites
  • Recipe Videos w/Jon Gabriel
  • 3 Audio Visualizations with Katrina
  • Pose Chart (for quick reference)

Yoga for Weight Loss - Digital Program

Normal Price: $69 Your Price: $39 USD

Yoga for Weight Loss - DVD

Normal Price: $69 Your Price: $39 USD + S&H

Gabriel Method Fitness (At Home Program)

Energize your body and burn fat with fun & playful exercises you can do anywhere! Jon Gabriel and Coach Brian Killian's easy-to-use, at-home fitness program allows you to mix and match your own unique work-in routine. No fancy gym membership or exercise equipment is required. Set aside 20 minutes, 2-3 times per week, and you’ll see and feel more benefits that you’ve previously experienced using old fashioned, long and boring gym-style workouts.

Video Sessions:

  • 3 "Get Thin or Get Eaten" Sessions
  • 3 Resistance Training Sessions
  • Bendy-Body Cool Down

Bonus Content:

  • Visualizations for Fitness
  • Pre- and Post- Workout Recipes
  • No More Cardio! Webinar
  • Round Table Discussion on Gabriel Method Fitness

NOTICE: This is a Digital Product

Gabriel Method Fitness

Normal Price: $49.99 Your Price: $39 USD

FREE 30-Day Trial - Support Group

All the resources you need to kickstart your transformation!

  • Talk to Jon personally during call-in days
  • Full access to all live classes & archives
  • 24/7 access to members forum
  • The entire visualization library
  • Recipes and video recipes
  • “Best of” audio lectures

The Ultimate Coaching Experience


Start Your Personalized Transformational Journey Today…

This intensive, personalized coaching program gives you direct access to Jon and his inner circle of health professionals, coaches, and healing specialists, including

  • Psychologists
  • Personal trainers
  • Nutritional coaches
  • Emotional release specialists
  • Naturopaths

Every Product in the Gabriel Method Store
*Ultimate Coaching clients receive a huge “support package” that includes every product in the Gabriel Method store along with an “all access pass” to live events.

The Gabriel Method E-Recipe Book (Digital)

Super Delicious, Super Nutritious

Quick and easy “Gabrielicious” recipes the entire family will enjoy. These recipes will give you high energy during the day and help you burn fat while you sleep. You’ll be amazed at how rich and flavorful eating The Gabriel Method way can be.

Here’s What You’ll Find:

  • Fast and simple breakfasts
  • Protein-rich snacks
  • Omega-3 everything
  • Wheat-free pancakes & brownies
  • Savory dinners
  • Hearty soups & snacks

About the Recipe Book

  • Digital format, instant access
  • 287 pages of super delicious, super nutritious recipes
  • Photos of every single recipe
  • Simple-to-make everything (no chef skills required)

NOTICE: This is a Digital Product

Fit Kids Revolution (Book)

Spurred to action after hearing countless stories from overweight kids who were bullied and shamed on a daily basis, Jon Gabriel, along with pediatric obesity specialist, Patrica A. Ronald Riba, MD, partnered to write Fit Kids Revolution: The Parent’s Diet-Free Guide to Raising Healthy Children.

No restrictive meal plans, no extreme exercise routines, no guilt, and no more shame. This book teaches parents to take a “whole child,” holistic approach to feeding and nurturing kids from the inside out. You’ll learn:

  • Specific strategies to raise a healthy child- including food shopping tips + healthy meal & snack ideas
  • Why restrictive diets are not the solution—and neither are “fat camps” or extreme exercise
  • How story time combined with positive visualizations can change a child’s habits naturally, from the inside out
  • Why the growing epidemic of “screen time” must be addressed head-on
  • How family meal times can impact children’s eating habits, weight, and health
  • Why parent-child love is the foundation for raising any healthy child

Bonus Resource Area
After you purchase the book, you’ll receive instant access to these amazing online resources.

  • Positive bedtime stories (audio for download)
  • 10 of the authors’ favorite healthy kids recipes
  • Evening visualization for parents (audio for download)

Fit Kids Revolution (Book)

Only $16.95 USD and S&H

Losing Weight is a Healing Journey (Book)


Are you ready to lose weight naturally without dieting, deprivation or drugs? This book will show you how...

In a world full of junk food, fad diets, misinformation and toxic medications, Katrina's approach to weight loss is refreshingly simple and easy-to-follow.

You'll Learn How To:

  • Reconnect with your own healing abilities
  • Release weight easily and effortlessly
  • Explore mind-body practices

Katrina is a yoga teacher and healer, and leads the Gabriel Method program, Yoga for Weight Loss.

Losing Weight is a Healing Journey Book

Only $22.46 USD and S&H