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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does this work?
A: The support group is an on-going membership with live classes, live call (with Jon), video blogs, cutting-edge research, and piles of resources for health and wellness. The forum is the central area of daily activity; and each month, there is always something new going on.

Q: What if I miss a class or call-in day?
A: Everything is recorded, so you won’t miss a thing. You’ll always have access to the archives of everything we do.

Q: How can I talk with Jon?
A: On the right navigation, you’ll see “Live Events”. Make note of the next call-in day, and that’s the best time to call in and speak with Jon.

Q: How do I know what’s happening?
A: Check the Live Events area (top right nav) of the site, and check the home page once you log in. We’ll make it very easy for you to find out all the upcoming events, and in most cases, we’ll email you reminders as well.



Q: Can I listen from my computer?
A: Yes, all live classes are broadcast to the event page via a webcast that you can listen to on any computer very easily.

Q: Can I call in?
A: Yes, you are welcome to call in via telephone as well.



Q: Can I post anything in the forum?
A: Yes, as long as it is appropriate, positive, and in good taste. Support Group Members are here to support one another, so just always keep that in mind.

Q: Can I arrange local meet-ups and groups?
A: Please no self-promotions for businesses in the forum, but yes, we have local meet-up groups who organize through the forum. That’s a great idea.

Q: Can I share my recipes, stories, successes?
A: Yes, please do!



Q: I’m having trouble downloading, can you help?
A: Please right click the link you want to download. If you do not right click, it usually won’t work. If you’re on a Mac, command+control+click and then in both cases “save as” or “save target as” to save the file to your desktop.

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26 comments on “Support FAQ
  1. Rainey says:

    I am new, unfamiliar with posting, so how do I find if there were any replies to my posts. (2 so far) I have not been able to find my original posts to check for replies.

    • Admin says:

      At this time you have to go back to your post in order to see if anyone has replied. We are working on a search bar to search for your posts however at this time, we do not have this option.

      If you have further questions, please email:


      The Gabriel Method Team

  2. Angelina says:

    Hi, I’m having problems downloading Everyday is a New Day. Usually when I download the visualizations it automatically opens up with itunes no problem! But this visualization opens with media player which I never use! How do I change it open up with itunes so I can download it to my ipod please. I’ve tried IE & Google Crome with no luck!

    • Admin says:

      Hi Angelina,
      If you check your downloads folder on your computer this visualization should be in there. And then you can move it anywhere you choose. If you need further help. Please email us at:


      The Gabriel Method Team

  3. Jeanne Ruckman says:

    How do I cancel my subscription. I tried calling. I’ve sent emails. I haven’t had any response and i am still getting charged for it.

  4. UK Girl says:

    I, also, love your website but agree with Donna Spyrou above that it is unbelievably slow and if we are accessing it when it is being updated please warn us beforehand. Frankly, if it were any other site I would have abandoned it long ago! No matter which page I’m on the response time is dreadful and not something we expect nowadays. No doubt this slowness has turned off others from accessing your site, so please get more bandwidth if needed! Thank you!

  5. DONNA SPYROU says:

    The program is remarkable, but your site needs some help. Having trouble doing anything on SG without waiting ages and often doesn’t open to desired info at all. Not just today, but on many occasions and at many different hours. If and when you are updating or revising the site could you warn us so we don’t waste so much time?? Also was hoping to see the second half of the interview w/Jon on FOOD MATTERS not realizing that would no longer be available when the free movie viewing ended. Will the QA session be available again on SG? Thanks

  6. Sue Sheehy says:

    Can’t find out how to unsubscribe…anyone know, thanks?

    • Maggie372 says:

      I am trying to find out the same thing. Can anyone answer?

      • Sheryl Woolbright says:

        Does anyone know?

        • Angela Valentine says:

          In the “sales pitch” for the free trial of the Support Group it says: If it’s not right for you send one email (or call) and we’ll cancel your
          membership with no hassles, nothing to return, and no catch
          And their email written there says: Email: and their phone number below that says: The Gabriel Method PTY LTD. ACN: 134 280 381.
          Shop 8, Palm Court, Strickland Street, Denmark, WA, 6333, Australia.
          Ph: +44 20 8144 6914 (UK) Central Office, or 310.982.6594 (USA)

          Haven’t tried unsubscribing myself, but perhaps these options are the answers.

  7. Numi says:


    Is there any “search” option in the forum? I cannot find any 🙂

    Many thanks!

  8. Amanda Griffith says:

    Hi! I am one of those types who learns best by teaching others and being an example. Does the GM brand offer any training courses to teach this method in one’s hometown? I’d love to hear about that! im kinda new here, so maybe I’ve just missed it. Thanks!

  9. Sharon Peuramaki says:

    I find that on the MV Evening Visualization, the sound level changes about half way through. I have to turn up the volume so that I can hear it and then when my recording changes to the next track, it startles me because it is too loud. Is there another version of the MV Evening that does not have the drop in volume in the middle? This is quite frustrating when I am in bed and have to keep adjusting the volume. Otherwise all other recordings work great and I am happy with the results so far.
    Thank you

    • Lisa Donahue says:

      Re: volume on evening visualization. I believe that shift in volume is intentional. It is designed specifically to promote/encourage deep sleep. It’s ok to fall asleep while listening to it. Your subconscious is still getting the message. If, like me, you’re just dying to know what is being said, then try listening to it earlier in the evening before going to bed. Then you can listen in bed without the curiosity keeping you up.

  10. Yvonne Hughes says:

    Is it possible to change my password once I’ve logged in for the first time?

    • Lisa Donahue says:

      Yes, on the support group home page, bottom right corner. box titled Are you a new member? Just below this FAQ, there is a change password option.

  11. Cynthia Hensley says:

    Any groups in Louisville, KY?

  12. says:

    Is there a local meet group in Shellharbour? If so please let me
    Know, or if there are interested parties lets form one.
    I enjoy social media but nothing beats face to face meeting and support.

  13. says:

    Or even better, to my iPhone?

  14. Chrissy Brake says:

    How do I download visualisations to my iPad?

  15. Anna KP says:

    interesting – yes – old Firefox browsers don’t have the ‘download mp3’ link – so if you are on a Mac, try using a Safari browser, then the link will show up. yippee!

  16. Anna KP says:

    Lyda – maybe try using another browser? I am having trouble downloading these as well but, I am on a Mac with an older browser. I am going to try a different browser and see what happens. Some browsers are finicky.

  17. Lyda Folkerts says:


    I can download all the visualizations except for the workplace stress this one does starts playing immediately. Can you change this?