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Ask Jon 120 July 24/25, 2018 Download Audio
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Ask Brian 52: GM Fitness Work In (suitable for all)
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Ask Melinda 30: Emotional Healing
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Ask Desiree XVIII: EFT session on ‘I Feel Unsafe’ July 5, 2018 What You’ll Learn: There are 4 scripts or programs that run in most people’s lives (either on a conscious or subconscious level), which we mask, have to deal
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NEXT CALL STARTS IN When? 1 July 9:00 p.m EDT (New York, USA) 2 July 11:00 a.m AEST (Brisbane, AU) Ask Jennifer 13: Forgive Your Precious Body
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Ask Heather XXXV: How to support your mind & body when you plateau
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Ask Nadia XIX: Sunshine
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