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270 comments on “GM Fitness
  1. P J says:

    Is it possible to do skipping in the GTGE part? If yes, could you tell me how?


  2. Alexis says:

    Hi Brian,

    Firstly, I wanted to say that I really appreciate your style and approach in these videos and in the interviews I’ve heard with Jon. Kind and gentle — thank you. So, I’ve just done my first GM ‘work-in’ and I wanted to ask you – is this REALLY enough?? I sweated up a storm, it’s true, and I got red in the face. I’m still sweating now, 20 min after. But… less than 20 min intensity when you minus the warm up and cool down? And then only 2 times per week? It sounds too good to be true.

    I’m female, 5’8 and 175 pounds, so I’d like to lose 30. Should I be doing these workouts 4 times a week to see better results? I used two 1 litre water bottles for weights. Maybe 2 times is just for fit, muscular folks like you and Jon who already have a lot of muscle mass to help you burn quickly?

    Guidance welcome. It just sounds too good to be true.

    Thanks again,


  3. Munira Al-Misned says:

    Hello there!

    I hope all is well with you! I’ve watched the Intro but I can’t see any other videos. Please let me know what to do next to access. Thanks

    • Sheryl Luedecke says:

      Either someone needs to tweet your account or…..
      Go to your dashboard.
      Click on your billboard you want to get into like UCE (ultimate coaching education).
      When you are in, click on the upper right hand box that reminds you of lined paper.
      This will open up exercise, recipe book, visualizations, etc.
      Click on what you are interested in.
      If you happen to own the total transformation, I think there is a PDF of Jon’s book, “the Gabriel method”

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Munira,
      sorry, but I can’t help you personally with that one.
      Can you please use the tab above named CONTACT and alert them of your problem.
      Or you could send an email to and alert them of your problem.

      If you have no luck, let me know on and I’ll follow up for you.

      Hope that helps.


    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Munira,
      sorry Munira but I can’t help you personally with that one.
      Can you please use the tab above named CONTACT and alert them of your problem.
      Or you could send an email to and alert them of your problem.

      If you have no luck, let me know on and I’ll follow up for you.

      Hope that helps.


  4. Lauren Eaton says:

    Hi, I’m having difficulty accessing the videos on anything but my laptop. Someone got back to me today and I did what they said, but I still cannot access it on my phone or my iPad-I let them know but haven’t heard back.Is there something that can be done to help this, as I purchased it so I could access it on my phone specifically. Thank you, Lauren

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Lauren, sorry about that. One of my colleagues has replied to you via email. Please know that this issue has been resolved. Thank you.

  5. Natasha Duncan says:

    I can access the wprkputs ony computer only. I am unable to access them on my phone or tablet. Tech team, are you able to fox this. It seems others have the same issue.

  6. Stefanie Schulenberg says:

    Hi Brian,
    I’d love to also do the programs outside and use the timer on my cell phone, but I can just see your intro video, nothing else. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Stefanie,
      I have word back from our tech team.
      Can you please email them at with your concern.
      It appears it may be your login so they need your email, login details to correct it for you.
      Let me know if it all goes well.

      • Stefanie Schulenberg says:

        Hi Brian,
        I have mailed back and forth with the GM help desk, but so far to no avail. Apparently nothing helps, which is somewhat frustrating. Any more ideas on your end?


    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Stefanie,
      I have word back from our tech team.
      Can you please email them at
      It appears it may be your login so they need your email, login details to be able to correct it for you.

      let me know how you go.

  7. Abby says:

    Hi Brian –
    I am still loving the GM Fitness routines, especially since winter has arrived and they can be done so easily in the comfort and warmth of my own home! Thank you 🙂 

    Do you have any suggestions for squat and lunge exercise substitutions? I have a bad knee, chondromalacia, and I think these two exercises aggravate it. I no longer do them, but I also know how important the squat/lunge muscle group is for healthy knees! Any suggestions?


  8. Gaynor Goddard says:

    Umm I can’t find workouts?

  9. Bridget Kimsey says:

    Hi Brian,
    Hope you are well! I’ve just completed the detox and it was amazing. I came into the detox fit, at a decent weight, and eating well- but just feeling disconnected to food, cooking, routine.
    This is my question- I’ve realized I love living a more detox lifestyle. I crave more visualization, meditation, and slower yoga in my life. My concern is what do I do about my current habit of exercise which is enjoyable, but is it really necessary to stay fit and strong? Currently I have about an hour a day I can dedicate to fitness- I’ve been lightly doing the elliptical, jogging, weights, yoga, stair master- I mix it up as more of a stress release. But now after the detox- I’d like to continue to lose those last 10 pounds (American), have fit activity and tone but more time on meditation and visualization and to practice my new cooking skills from Nadia and Jon. Thanks for your thoughts, Bridget

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Thanks for your question Bridget.
      I’m glad to hear you enjoyed your detox with Jon and Nadia.
      I think it is great you allow yourself 1 hour per day to enjoy movement.
      I’d encourage you to keep giving yourself this opportunity.
      As you mentioned you are enjoying the detoxification lifestyle I’d encourage you to go with the flow with that. And use exercise as a tool to enhance the process.
      Yoga, meditation are great fo that. So you might do more of that sort of thing for a bit.
      Strength training is a great for detox too so keeping your routine up with that is appropriate.
      And who can forget a good sweat up to get things moving. This can be achieved by including some high-intensity work couple of times a week.
      So more yoga, a couple of strength sessions and high-intensity work should have you covered.
      Hope that helps!

  10. Lucinda Jones says:

    Hi there
    I also seem to have the same as Bridget , can’t access videos Excited to do these so any help would be greatly appreciate thanking you Lucinda

  11. Bridget Kimsey says:

    Hi there,
    Not able to access videos, the menu bar just says home or contact. Help! Thoughts?
    Thanks much

  12. Marcia Ganeles-Kislik says:

    I just came here to ask Noemi’s question exactly. I think I may have even posted it on the FB page, and am happy to see Brian’s reply. Yes, 4x/week I can do this. It seems that it isn’t even enough work out to make a difference right? I enjoy it immensely. Thanks Brian, Marcia in California.

  13. Noemi Perera says:

    I have been doing the exercises , and I admit it, I tend to feel soooo good, that I feel tempted to do more than 3 times a week. How long shall I keep doing it 3 times a week? Do we get to increase the days? By the way, I traded the running in the place with the “chu -chu” shimmy and is fun.

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Noemi,
      I think you could do 4 times a week without any trouble.
      However if you feel tired then back it off.
      But I train 4 x per week and feel great with that routine.
      See how you go and let me know how you get on Noemi.

      Good job!

  14. Abby says:

    Hi Brian –
    I sometimes like to do a visualization/meditation right after this workout. I’ve always thought of it as just extending the cool down, but recently someone told me it was counterproductive to continuing to reap workout benefits – so I’m asking the professional! I can’t imagine its really bad for you either way, but for max benefits from a workout… is it better to wait awhile before meditating?

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Abby,
      I think it is a great idea to do the viz after the training.
      For me, anytime is a good time for meditating.
      Go for it!

  15. Sherry Platt says:

    Hi Brian,
    I love the idea of short intense work outs. My question is how often should I these exercises?
    Every day? 3 times a week?

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Sherry,
      we recommend 3 times per week.
      It is important to have a day of rest in between.
      it is the rest period you realise the gains of your work done the previous session.
      Thanks for connecting.

  16. Catherine Giorgetti says:

    I purchased Gmail fitness but am unable to access. I did find some videos “ask brian” but when I started to look at them I got an error message that said I did not have access to this area

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      HI Catherine,
      if you scroll up can you see the vertical menu?
      Should be there you get the videos.
      If not let me know as we must have some sort of tech issue.
      Will wait to hear.


      • Catherine Giorgetti says:

        Thanks Brian, I have started doing the program and while I have not yet seen any weight loss as yet, I have more energy. Only been using the program for 2 weeks.


  17. Shannon Dynowski says:

    How do we access this? I am a member.

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Shannon,
      if you scroll up the page from here, on the right you will see the menu containing our fitness videos.

      • Shannon Dynowski says:

        Hi Brian, there is n menu tab? Can I not use my iPhone? I use it for the other members area. Sorry to be a trouble. Thank you

        • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

          Hi Shannon.
          No trouble at all.
          I’m not sure why you can’t see the menu tab though. Strange.
          You should be able to use the program with an iphone.
          Think we need to speak to customer support and get an answer (sorry I’m not very tech savvy).

          So they have your email address can you please email and let them know you’re having trouble. They are the best resource to get it fixed for you.
          Keep me in the loop and I apologise for not being able to help you further.

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Shannon,
      are you able to see the vertical menu with the different videos?
      Please let me know as there may be a problem.
      Apologise for your inconvenience.

  18. Birgitte Andersen says:

    How Can I Access the videos on My mobile? Is there an app?

  19. Abby says:

    Hi Brian –
    I just started the GM Fitness program this morning. It seems so doable & not at all scary or unattainable like so many other programs! But, I am also a swimmer at heart. I have been swimming 1 mile, 3x’s per week (which takes about 40 minutes a day,) and I have not seen any weight loss. I know my body has changed and there is so much more muscle where there used to be fat, but at 5’8” and 253lbs, I still have 100lbs of fat to shed!

    I do love being in the water, and it is where I feel powerful, strong, and enjoy the workout. I also understand the whole running from a tiger theory… When I was young and not overweight, I swam competitively and would imagine a big shark nipping at my heels during a race, and man would that adrenaline kick in! Is there any way you would recommend incorporating some swimming into the GM Fitness program, like maybe with 5 short, all-out, shark-on-my-heels sprints as part of a shorter, easier 20-30 minute swim? Or maybe just some easy lap swimming on the off days?

    I am excited to take on this GM Fitness program and visualizations, but I would love to hear your thoughts and advice on whether adding swimming into the mix would be beneficial or detrimental at this point. Thanks so much!!


    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Abby,
      really good to hear from you.
      Swimming – love it.
      I encourage you to overlay the Get Thin Get Eaten principle of full out Effort into any movement you enjoy.
      With swimming a 30 s Effort with a Rest of any length would be great.
      The shark visualisation will accelerate the effectiveness and you by the sounds of it.
      I’d look to add 8 Efforts into a swim set for best results.
      Thanks again and let me know if you have any questions.
      All the best.

  20. Chris Larkin says:

    Hi Brian,
    I’ve been training with weights (Christian Finn’s “Muscle Evo” program) for some years now, paired with a 30-minute LISS walk 3 times per week. I’ve always enjoyed weight training. It leaves me feeling totally wiped out physically, but great about myself and at peace with the world emotionally. One of the few physical activities I feel I can do well!

    So I was wondering whether it’s possible to integrate my weight training with the GM Fitness program, maybe trying something like a weights regime split over 2 sessions a week, with GM intervals 3 sessions a week, and GM visualisation, warm-ups and cool-downs in all 5 sessions.

    I don’t know about keeping the LISS going, or whether this might be overdoing it: I’m 56 now and I have a history of pushing too hard, losing 10 – 15 kilos, then hitting the wall, and putting the weight back on.

    I’m also wondering about whether I could use weights for interval training…?! The Muscle Evo program mixes up sets of Heavy Weights / Low-Medium Reps with Light Weights / High Reps for each muscle group, so I guess I’m wondering about replacing the Light Weight/High Rep sets with GM intervals of the same exercise movement. I guess I would then use this routine (incorporating GM visualisation, warm-ups and cool-downs) 3 times a week.

    Thanks so much for making your expertise available!


    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Chris,
      so sorry mate for slow reply. My auto notifications haven’t been alerting me.
      I’d continue with the Strength Work you’ve got. You like it, been doing it for years and sounds like a good protocol.

      I’d continue to focus on adding the High Intensity using Cardio (not weights) up to 4 times per week.
      It is this type of activity which closely mimics the movement if you were indeed being chased by something big and scary. 🙂 So lift heavy for sure, get rest and remember to add some HIIT from cardio for best effect.
      Be great to hear how you get on mate.

      All the best,


  21. Daniel says:

    Hi Brian,

    First, I just want to thank you for this program. It’s a wonderful complement to Jon’s Method, and after a year of following it I’ve seen great results. For example, it’s encouraging to witness myself having been unable to do a true push-up at the beginning of this program to now executing about 20 in a given set (and if I’m feeling ambitious, a few sets a day). In all, I have realized fitness goals I never thought possible. So, thank you very, very much!

    While I still follow your program (and have since included other forms of exercise such as running and swimming), I wanted to take my fitness to the next level and focus more exclusively on bodyweight exercises. I wondered what your take was on the Freelectics program, if you know about it? It’s focus on high-intensity training seems to follow very similar principles to your program. I feel like my fitness level is at a level where I could handle this, but I wanted to see if you thought it would be safe and to get your opinion on the program/method. Even if I don’t follow the program exactly, I do want to incorporate more bodyweight training (pull-ups, push-ups, dips, squats, etc.) to achieve more significant results.

    Thank you in advance for your insights!


    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Daniel,
      first up real sorry for slow reply mate. Normally I get alerts when a new post has been placed here but for some reason not any more.
      I like the Freeletics program. And as long as you give yourself plenty of rest I think it is the next step for you mate.
      If you’d like to keep me in the loop and email me at I’d love to hear how you are getting on.
      All the best Daniel…..Brian

  22. Deborah Williams says:

    Hi Brian
    I have been doing the program for about three weeks now: using “Ups & Downs”, & “Living Room Work-in”- this suits my life style best. I am working out most weekday mornings.
    I am noticing my lower back/hip area is causing me pain – not during but for a few hours after. The pain is dull but catches me out on some movements (especially bending). I have started taking painkillers because it is getting a bit much. I don’t really want to go there as Im trying to focus on having an anti-inflammatory body.
    I wear good shoes and accurately follow your videos (which I love – you are inspirational!).
    Any suggestions ?

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Deborah,
      mmmm I’m thinking it might be better to not do the squats when doing the Resistance Work. it could be that movement is aggravating your back. Also I would suggest only doing the Work Ins 3 x per week not every weekday morning as you’re doing. Rest and recovery is vital for improvement and the effect on your FAT Program.
      So make those adjustments and keep in touch wit me.
      All the best and thanks for connecting.


  23. Mary says:

    I’m just beginning, but already I’m worried. I’m 68, very, very overweight and have both knees replaced. I can’t do regular walking without discomfort, so I don’t know how to proceed. I do have a treadmill and a recumbent bike at home. How do I adjust your expectations to fit my realistic needs. I know and want to begin to exercise more, but I’m afraid all of this program is focused on healthier people who can move a lot more than I can right now. Help, please. 🙁

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Mary,
      thank you for connecting with me.
      This program is for you and I’m hoping we can work together for you to get the most from it.
      OK I would sit down and do the exercises where I am using water bottles (and only do the ones you can when seated). From there move to the video GTGE Stationery Bike, and you can train with Jon and me. But take it easy, when I call for Jon to go hard, you can too but to the limit you are comfortable with.
      Mary I would like you to email me on so I can help you more.
      This program is most definitely do-able for you and I’d like to help you in any way I can.
      All the best, Brian

  24. says:

    I have a treadmill and a rebounder. How should I use this equipment? Is my objective to work towards running? using an incline?

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Yes you could use both of them. Intensity is the key to the effectiveness of initiating the Get Thin Get Eaten stress response however be safe. A rebounder is a great tool and not often associated with injury. A treadmill could potentially be more likely to cause injury so i’d be cautious.
      Thanks for your question.

  25. Janet says:

    Hi Brian I have been using the stationery bike GTGE video and its great so motivational especially working out with Jon. Wanted to let you know I HAVE noticed there are actually 9 reps not 8 on the video Just so you know you can’t trick me – no wonder I’m exhausted when I finish 🙂

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Janet I’ve never noticed that! I must have got carried away with the power of putting Jon through his Work_in.
      Thanks for connecting, wishing you the best.

  26. Ruth Langi says:

    Hi there,

    I may have missed it, but how often should you be working out to this? At least 3x per week or just 3x per week?


  27. Kathryn Ralph says:

    Hi Brian, I live in Perth, WA, and my commute isn’t a big distance but involves different train lines so it is actually quicker to get off the train at a point closest to my work and walk for about half an hour than to go into the city to change lines. In light of what you say about cardio and overtraining should I stop doing this?

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      No Kathryn that sounds like excellent use of your time.
      I wouldn’t consider this overtraining.
      Be good to ADD some high speed intervals into that walk if possible making it more effective for fat burning.
      A short 20s or so burst of fast walk done 6-8 times be great.
      Hope that helps.

  28. Badria Alhammadi says:

    Hi Brian,

    I loved to exercise with always but i have a question,, right now i all ready going to the gym (doing different class such as Zamba,TRX elc) as well as swimming 2 -3 times a week and i plan to add you exerices to me plan by doing your exerise after 1 hour (zumba or bodypump or TRX) is that ok or it will be to much intenste in my musles. Just to know am currently 100Kgs / 170 hight femal,,,,

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Badria, that is quite a bit of training however if you enjoy I’m happy for you to continue.
      You may want to add the GM work gradually and see how you feel.
      Important not to get too exhausted as a result of your exercise.
      In fact it may be better to do GM Fitness before you swim if possible….let me know how you get on.

  29. Kathleen Galek says:

    Thank you for these great work-in videos! I have read that it is beneficial to exercise on an empty stomach first thing before eating breakfast in order to maximize weight loss. Is this something that you would recommend? If not, what are pre-work-in foods that you would suggest eating. I appreciated the videos on this site describing what to eat post-work-in, but I don’t have a sense of what to eat before, if anything. Thank you for your suggestions on this.

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Kathleen I think when your FAT Program is on it is difficult to control your blood sugar levels and exercising on an empty stomach may lead you to fatigue very quickly.
      If this is you, I’d suggest ensuring you have something small and tasty before you train.
      A cut up apple and a few walnuts does it for me.
      Or any fruit with nuts is a nice combo. Just a little something to ensure you have some blood sugar available.
      Once you feel your FAT Program is under control you no longer need to eat pre training as your brain/body should work together to provide you a steady supply of energy.
      Hope that helps.

  30. Rusty Fleischer says:

    I have really been enjoying the workouts, particularly because it is accomplishing a lot in a short period of time.
    What I feel would be an additional benefit is something for the mid-section specifically. That is where I have a lot of excess fat to release.
    Any suggestions?

  31. Winnie Chapman says:

    My brother is doing this with me. He is over 500 lbs and has no cartilage in one knee and a basketball sized growth on the inside of the other. What are some exercises that he can do? He wants to start exercising again, but is limited and doesn’t know where to start.

  32. Birgitte Andersen says:

    using the interval timer (which I have been doing the last two weeks) really makes a difference! I can feel stronger and fitter already 🙂

  33. Mona Atkinson says:

    I looked up tabata timers on my iPhone App Store and several came up – are there any certain ones anyone recommends as they all look slightly different. Any suggestions people use or suggest are greatly appreciated.

  34. Mona Atkinson says:

    Hello – I tried using the timer but I don’t hear any sound – my sound is turned up on my phone so I don’t know why I don’t hear any sound. Also what sound am I supposed to hear?

  35. Mona Atkinson says:

    Hello – sorry I am not very tech savvy. I was hoping to download the videos to my iPhone or iPad so I can exercise anywhere and have it as a guide with me but I can’t seem to do that. Do I have to download it to my Mac and then transfer the files to my phone and if so any ideas how to do that? I press the download button on my phone but nothing happens. Thanks for your help in advance. Mona

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Mona,
      Yes that is correct – you have to download the files to your Mac first and then transfer them.
      Let us know if you have any problems.
      Kind regards

  36. Mona Atkinson says:

    can I download the timer to my phone?

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Mona,
      no you can’t download the timer but can open the program on your phone and use it that way.
      Alternatively there’s a bunch of similar type timers available now you could download for free. Search ‘free tabata timers’ in the app store if you own an apple phone.
      Hope that helps.

  37. Rusty Fleischer says:

    I just purchased the Gabriel Method Fitness. I went through some of the videos and my sense is that it may not be appropriate for me.
    I am 67 yrs. old, female, and although I do some form of cardio and stretching about 5 times a week, after viewing the videos, my sense is that it is too intensive for me. I realize that the whole purpose is to build up muscle and strength but the starting point is fast and demanding.
    What can you suggest Brian?

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Rusty,
      thanks for your question.
      My advice would be to take it at your own pace.
      The resistance section i’d suggest use a light weight until you feel more comfortable, and in regard to the Get Thin get Eaten section, again, go as intense as you feel comfortable.
      I’d imagine with some time you’ll find the GM Fitness program is something you can do.
      Let me know how you get on and if you need anything more.
      All the best…..Brian

  38. Susan Park says:

    Hi Brian
    Iwonder if you could help. I have been doing a weekly kettlebell class. The class is an hour long and it is really intense most if that time with a mixture of cardio and resistance type exercjses. Do you think this is a useful thing to do or is it the kind of overly stressful exercise? Currently I don’t do much else apart from swimming once a week for about 40mins. I have just started looking at this fitness program and understand the concept of HIIT but do want to know if I should also continue with the kettlebells.
    Many thanks,

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Susan,
      I would be happy for you to continue with your kettle bell work as long as you have a rest day before doing any other training. Resistance exercise like that done with kettle bells is excellent training and intense, great for helping with insulin resistance.
      Together with our GM Fitness program would work as an excellent tool for turning off your FAT Program.
      Let me know if you need any more help.
      Kind regards

  39. Jaden Daniels says:

    I wanted to ask a question. I am about 20 pounds overweight….mainly around my midsection. I want to lose that fat, but I also want to build some muscle and get more flexibility . No, I don’t want to get huge, but I do want to add some muscle.
    Will this workout do that for me if and when the exercises get easy I raise the weight of my dumbbells, or do I need to make my workouts longer and more than 3 times a week/ (sorry my computer will not let me make a question mark)
    Just to let you know I am a 46 year old male.

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Jaden it’s all about how your body adapts to stress. With wanting to building muscle it will be necessary to add extra resistance to the exercises. I’d recommend using a weight whereas you can perform somewhere between 8 to 12 repeats. This will require the muscle to get stronger and bigger to handle this load.
      Let me know how you get on mate…..Brian

  40. Allan Ladao says:

    Correction, I meant get thin or be eaten on the earlier comment. sorry 🙂

  41. Allan Ladao says:

    Hi Brian,

    Do you have any recommendation on number of intervals and sequences of your excercise programs? Alternate the resistance/eat or be eaten programs? I’m also interested in the yoga program. How can I work this in with your excercise program?

    thank you,


    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Allan,
      yes I do mate.
      I would do the full session every second day for best results.
      You could Yoga every day if you wish.
      With regard to number of repetitions I’d like to you to aim to do as many as you can each time you do the exercise. Don’t worry too much about counting them just go until you feel that ‘burn’ feeling.
      Let me know how you get on.
      All the best,

  42. Ms. S. says:

    Dear Brian. I hope it’s okay that I ask a question for my mother who is desperate for a little help…here it is “Question about exercise: I’m discouraged. I’d like help with how to keep up a safe and pain-free exercise plan. I understand the concept of short bursts of intense movement as opposed to long periods of cardio. I’d like to do that, but I never keep it going because of pain. Due to double knee surgery 7 months ago, and recovering very slowly, I stopped exercising because of the pain. I’ve had long phases (years long) enjoying regular exercise. For instance, I did Bikram Yoga at least 3 times a week for about 8 years. But this knee surgery has taken a huge toll on my willingness to “buck up” and make effort. I also have frequent lower back pain and stiffness, and occasional plantar fasciitis. I’m hoping you can give me some realistic ideas of how to get back into regular and enjoyable exercise. Thanks!”

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Ms S,
      I feel for your mum as she wants to move but her pain levels stop her, frustrating.
      She could modify many of the GM Fitness movements to do them in a chair and so take the weight off her knees.
      This way she would still get the benefit without the stress on her joints.
      Run that past her and see what she has to say, and let me know.
      We can go from there.
      All the best

      • Ms. S. says:

        I would have responded sooner but I just saw your post today. Thank you for responding! Both she and I are skeptical, however. My mom loves the idea of sitting but is it possible to get results working out as little as 3 days a week for only 5 minutes as the GM Fitness movements do? I’m so used to jogging for at least 10-15 minutes and weight training that it’s hard to believe only 5 minutes would be enough. My mom thanks you.

        • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

          Let me know how you get. Adding the high intensity to your present training schedule might work well. That way you get the feel of doing a longer workout with the benefit too of the high intensity.
          All the best

  43. Gloria Huntzinger says:

    Is there any way that I can connect my Gabriel Method workouts with My Fitness Pal?

    • Sine says:

      Hi Gloria,

      I’m on My Fitness Pal to and I couldn’t find anything in their database for tabata or HIIT. You can always add the exercise but the site will want an estimate of the number of calories burned. Brian might be able to help with that.


    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Gloria,
      have to admit I am not sure if it possible to connect GM work with My Fitness Pal.
      Be good if you could however I am not sure how you would do it.
      Sorry I can’t be much or any help with this.
      Thanks for connecting with me.

  44. Loreen Holland says:

    Hi Brian How would I work out with kettlebells the GM way? I was doing them nonstop with a trainer for an hour twice a week and just can’t take it anymore. I do enjoy them and doing squats with them but need a more reasonable way.

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Loreen,
      I love kettle bells. You could use them here in place of our water bottles. Actually any Resistance type exercise you know will work well in the place of the ones I cover in the video.
      One tip: only do 3 to 4 exercises but work your muscles until you feel the burn sensation.
      Let me know how you go. Thansk for your questions.

  45. Tanya Jeannet says:

    hi there – will you be adding any new exercise programs to this set of programs?

  46. Carol Morello says:

    I have been trying to lose weight since January. Eating well and walking, interval training, high intensity training, running but I have gained weight.Tried high carbs. low carbs, carb cycling and no carbs. I am completely frustrated. Scale keeps going up and clothes keep getting tighter.
    Will this exercise program help?

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      HI Carol,
      yes this program may help however it is difficult to know your triggers based on your comment.
      You may find the Fat Trigger Quiz helpful to steer your energy in the right direction.
      You can find this Quiz on the front page of GM site
      Let me know how you get on.
      Al the best,

  47. Rasika Delwala says:

    Hi Brian,

    I had a baby 3 months ago via an emergency c section & I’m now ready to start exercising again as I have recovered. I did the GM workout before I was pregnant. As I’m time limited these workouts will be great for me to do at home. Since it’s been a while since I exercised how often should I be doing your workouts & can I start off with light weights till I regain my fitness back. Thanks.

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Rasika,
      congratulations on your baby. Hope all is well, and you are getting some sleep.
      Yes it would be ok to get started slowly with this program.
      Use light weights, keep the intensity low to moderate (slightly puffing) and ensure to have a rest day between.
      Let me know how you get on.
      Al the best,

  48. Michaela Farthing says:

    Hi Brian,
    I have an elliptical bike standing in front of my bed. I haven’t done any exercise for at least 3 years. Since I started to look into the GM-Method I started to go on the elliptical bike every morning for 10 to 15 minutes. After listening to the webinar and the no cardio approach, I’d like to ask if I can use the bike similar to the stationery bike? And if I should exercise ono< 3 to 4 times a week instead of daily?
    Thanks a lot for your answers in advance.
    Michaela – Ismaning, Germany

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Michaela,
      thanks for connecting.
      Yes you can use any type of cardio equipment as we did with Jon on his bike.
      The elliptical bike would work well.
      I’d start with every second day with a rest day in between.
      Let me know how you get on.
      All the best to you In Germany! Brian

  49. Elisabeth Diaz says:

    Hi Brian,
    I wanted to say that I just tried your workout today, and I am simply – positively exhausted! I would say I have “only” 20 pounds to get to my ideal body, still my muscles are in a very “couch potatoe” shape. So my goal is primarily to get fitter. Aaand… I know I can do that because I have sweat now after 6 minutes more than after 20 minutes on the cross-trainer! So thank you for your energizing workouts, I am really looking forward to get my next session on Thursday afternoon! Take care, Elisabeth

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Great Elisabeth good to hear from you.
      Keep me posted on your progress.
      And I agree it is an excellent goal to get fitter, the weight loss will happen as a consequence.
      All the best,

  50. Ruthi Gal says:

    Hi Brian.
    Im really enjoying these excersises….
    is it possible for you to make other livingroom workins? Id really apreciate that.

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Ruthi
      thanks for your post, its good to connect with you.
      I’m sure one day soon we will add to this program and including some more living room type workins will be a priority.
      Can’t tell you exactly when but hoping it is not too far away.
      I will keep you posted.
      Thanks again,

  51. Priscilla Smith says:

    Hi Brian
    I’m 65, reasonably fit, have been doing Isometrics/bike interval training for the past 2 months with great results but wanted something more. I am 18kg overweight, so need to control my mouth. I live in a very flat area, no handy hills. So would hill climbing on my bike be okay? Thanks. Priscilla.

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Priscilla,
      yes hill climbing would be great.
      Any activity which is high in intensity and for a short period of time (but be safe) will generate the positive stress we are after.
      I like the ideas of being outside too.
      Well done,

  52. Diana Cabrales says:


    I like to go on urban hikes with my husband. These are brisk walks that last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. Before, I did these for weight loss, but I now know better. Now I’m afraid of taking these long walks because it might stress out my body but I do enjoy these walks for the bonding time. How do you suggest I integrate Gabriel Method principles with long hikes such as these?



    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Diana,
      there is no problem with the hikes as one of our most important GM Fitness principles is ‘fun’. I’d add some intensity to your hike at some time. eg. as fast as you can up a short hill. Enjoy your hikes, I love them too and drink lots of water, have a stretch at the end, breathe deeply, suck in the nature and add some short and fast efforts, perfect GM Work In. Well done!

  53. Anne David says:

    Hi Brian,
    I am a ballet dancer. I try to take 2 -3 classes a week and always feel very hungry the next day. One reason why I want to be thin is so that I can dance. I don’t want to give it up. What would you recommend I do?

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Anne,
      I’d try a protein based smoothie within a couple of hours after your dancing and see if that helps.
      Also an epsom salt bath to boost magnesium levels post dance may help too.
      Let me know how you get on.

  54. ANNE RELIHAN says:

    Hi Brian, only getting started, very low fitness level & very sore tender left heel, would appreciate advice as what I can do to help heel, I wear arch supports, & how to get started. Thanks

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Anne,
      very sorry for slow response.
      Hard to know what advice to give re your heel but I would suggest seeing a health professional about it.
      Not aggravating it would be my first advice however.
      Many of the movements in this program can be done seated so you may find that easier to start with.
      I would concentrate on the Resistance Part initially and work up to adding the GTGE Part of the Work In.
      Thanks for joining us and please let me know how you get on.

  55. Tanya Cocks says:

    Me again, i want to start going for small jogs, feeling energetic. How would i structure that with gm fitness. I also do 2 days of yoga.the gm program has got me motivated. Would also like to include a pump class. How would i do that. I dont want to undo the good feeling i have.
    thanks in advance

    • Tanya Cocks says:

      AND how soon after exercise should you eat. I am not hungry but exercise before breakfast. So its a meal time, but i dont want to undo the get thin get eaten

      • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

        Eating after you train is excellent timing. Your cells are open for business as a result of the training so feeding it a nourishing meal (big 3) will work well.
        Good job!

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      I’m really proud of you and so glad you are feeling good. Yoga is great do as often as you’d like, Small jogs are good to for fun although not effective for turing on the GTGE program. Pump I like but have a day off after. So GM 2 to 3 x per week, Yoga 2 x week, Pump 1 x week and jog when you like. Just be kind to yourself and if you need a rest, please take it.

  56. Tanya Cocks says:

    Can you do this workout twice in one day. Some days or most days i want it to go longer. If yes would you do in am and pm or both together.

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Tanya,
      thanks for connecting.
      Yes Tanya if you are feeling good for it then doing it again would be beneficial.
      If however you are feeling tired, eating more or craving more, then I would back off to once per day with a rest day in between.
      But if the work in is having a positive effect on your energy levels, cravings, etc I would think extended be ok.
      Let me know how you get on.

  57. Jennifer Satori says:

    Hi. I’m wondering what you recommend for your core. I don’t see any type of core workout on any of the work-ins.
    Thanks, Jennifer

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      we thought about adding a core section to the workout however we were keen to focus on creating a program where the emphasis was on generating positive stress. Core work so important and should be a part of every movement.
      Easy to do. Any exercise you do focus on pulling your navel in and up towards your spine, this will engage abdominal muscles.
      We may look at creating something more specific or if you’re interested I have a bunch of fitness videos in the Support Group.
      Kind regards

  58. Siobhan Baxter says:

    Hi Brian
    I am recovering from a broken foot. I am unable at present to do the knee and side stretches in the cool down. What can I do to replace those stretches?
    Thanks, Siobhan

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Siobhan,
      sorry for slow response I missed your comment.
      My suggestion would be to leave those stretches until your foot has healed.
      Important to not disrupt the foot area so the bone will set and heal correctly.
      Once healed you can resume again.
      All the best

  59. Tanya Cocks says:

    Sorry !!Just me again. Would it be better to do yoga and gm fitness 4-5 days and go for a walk if i feel like it just for fun. And when i go for walks run a couple of bits. I do have some work out dvds that have TABATTA training but they go for 45 minutes. Could i do half.

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi TAnya,
      thanks for your question.
      I would do GM Fitness every second day and on the other days do yoga, go for a walk or rest. The high intensity part of GM Fitness requires some rest for it to benefit you.
      Be aware of your response to training, if it is causing you to be tired all day then have a break for a day or two.
      Hope that helps,

  60. Tanya Cocks says:

    Hello Brian,
    I do not want to over exercise so how would you plan your week. I love doing exercise classes some days, walking, yoga and love gm fitness. What would be the best way to structure the week. I do have a habit to go way out when i start exercising then nothing at all. I would love to set it up to prevent that happening again

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hey Tanya,
      so sorry for slow response.
      GM Fitness 3 x per week and on the other days, rest, yoga, walk, etc. Just keep the intensity on non-GM days down so as to allow your body to recover.
      Keep going and let me know if you need anything,

  61. Cindy Danklof says:

    Hello Brian,
    Thanks for your great video’s! I really enjoy them.
    Can I combine these with jogging outdoors (on other days) or do you recommend just to follow programme a couple of times during the week. And in case I can combine the two, what would be an ideal combination to start with (I usually jog for about half an hour, 2 or 3 times per week)
    Thanks for your reply!
    Kind regards, Cindy

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      That is fine Cindy, and as long as you ‘re not over tired then the running should work well.
      I would recommend you doing the running on one day and GM Fitness on the other for best results.
      Hope that helps and thanks for connecting with me,

  62. Allan Seidman says:

    Hi Brian, my name is Susana I have not done much excercise. I am starting with your fitness videos for the gteg excercise i wanted to use an incline trainer i have. It is a treadmill That has an incline of up to 40%. Can i use it and how would you recommend doing it (stopping it every 20 steps?)

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Susana,
      yes a treadmill would work well.
      I would suggest going quickly for about 20 seconds followed by a 10 second rest, repeat this 8 times.
      Don’t worry too much if your timing is out, 20 to 30 seconds would be ideal and the rest time is variable. The key is to able to quickly for 20 to 30 seconds and then have a rest.
      Let me know how you go and take it easy to start.
      This program is for people just like you, starting a fresh, so please feel free to contact me if unsure of anything.
      All the best and well done!

  63. Sine says:

    Hi Brian,

    Is there another exercise I could substitute for the squats in the resistance workouts until I get a little stronger. For some reason the squats flare my piriformis syndrome which then means I’m unable to to anything for a couple of weeks until it settles down again.


  64. Neshama says:

    Hi Brian,
    What do you recommend for healing sciatica?
    Thank you!

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Neshama,
      tough question without being able to examine you but you could try massage, stretching, Magnesium supplements.
      Sorry not too much help,
      Kind regards

      • Neshama says:

        Thanks Brian.
        Any specific stretches?

        • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

          I’d go for Gluteal Stretches and Psoas Stretches initially and see if they help.

          • Neshama says:

            OK. Will let you know.

          • Judith Terry says:

            Neshama, I have had extremely painful sciatic nerve problems for more than 30 yrs. Four yrs ago I started working with a an extremely knowledgeable trainer who has been concentrating on strengthening my core. I have been 99.5% pain free now for several months. Only when I do something stupid does it flair up and then my trainer helps me with stretches and movements that will relax the area allowing the spine to move back away from the nerve creating the pain. Once it has calmed down, we go back to core and overall body strengthening to keep everything aligned where there is no pain. Bottom line – relaxing the area with gentle stretching, core strengthening, and then overall body strengthening will get you started down the path to being pain-free.

          • Neshama says:

            Thanks Judith. I have successfully found relief with a combination of the McKenzie Method stretches, switching to a stand up desk at work and some very intense muscle activation therapy. It was 3 fairly gruesome months but feeling almost like my old self now. Brian, my psoas was definitely involved too

          • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

            Thanks Judith for your help here, very much appreciate your excellent advice.
            And Neshama I am glad to hear you are on the improve.
            All the best guys,

  65. Madonna Scrase says:

    Hi Brian. Thanks for the videos – they’re great and you’re encouragement on the videos is fantastic and keeps me going. I have a couple of questions – you may have answered similar questions – sorry if you have. I do the workin every second night. I would really like to get my general fitness level up. So, I wanted to know if walking on the treadmill (not a high incline and not a high speed) every morning for about 20 minutes (even those days that I do the workin at night) is an OK thing to do. Also, on the alternate nights to those that I do the workin, I have an abs machine (called the Abdoer) – would that be OK to do? It gives me an aerobic as well as muscle workout. Of course, I’m only just starting all of this, so can’t last too long doing anything – but I really want to get some fitness. But, at the same time, I don’t want to overdo it. Any advice would be great. Many thanks Brian. Madonna 🙂

    • Coach Brian says:

      Hi Madonna,
      thanks for your question.
      I do not think you are over doing it with your current schedule for training. If you start to feel as though you’re not improving with your training, that may indicate you need a rest. However if feeling good keep going with it.
      Stay in touch and let me know.

  66. Sine says:

    This is great! I decided to resurrect my old NordicTrack cross country ski machine. Had it since the 80’s but haven’t used it for quite some time. The GTGE Stationery Bike workout works equally as well on my NordicTrack. I envisioned that I was sprinting to the finish in an Olympic Nordic race! Considering how out of shape I am and especially my cardio-vasular condition, I’m pumped that I made it through without gasping for air. Next time I might up the resistance a little bit. Thanks for a great workout and I’m on my way to my ideal body!!!

    • Coach Brian says:

      Great Sine thank you for the positive feedback.
      Just been watching the Winter Olympics so you are in the moment with your viz.
      Love the fact you got the machine out from the 80’s too. All the best, Brian

      • Sine says:

        Hi Brian,

        There was quite a bit of dust to remove but it is such a simple machine that everything still works. I’m aiming for a workin every other day and just started on Monday, but I’m finding that I’m having a flare up of my chronic pain symptoms. Is it okay to do the cardio portion on one day and the resistance on the alternate days? Or should I just do the cardio for a couple of weeks and then gradually add the resistance? Appreciate your feedback.
        We’re enjoying the Olympics too – Go Canada Go!

  67. Kerry Templeton says:

    I’ve been doing the fast diet 5:2 Michael mosley
    Do you know much about it?
    I’ve started the MP3 player visualisations and this exercise program … Should I continue fasting twice a week or do the two not work together?

  68. Annette Janover says:

    Hi there
    My partner and I are loving the whole workout or workin.
    We have been doing it seriously for a few weeks now.

    We only do the Living Room Work-In either before or after work. I’m wondering if we could have another Living Room Work-In so there’s more choice?

    Thanks for the inspiration
    Annette Janover

    • Coach Brian says:

      Hi Annette,
      thanks for your post.
      I’m not sure if we are doing any more routines, well not in the short term any way. We do have a heap of resources in the Support Group if that’s any help.
      Sorry I couldn’t help you out any further.

  69. Chris Dickson says:

    I have MS along with some other yet diagnosed nerve problems in my feet (lots of pain walking or running – pretty much all movement of my feet). I have lived with this for a long time so am not planning on waiting for Dr to figure out how to fix it. Do you have any suggestions for a good type of exercise for me. I know I will have to start slowly and build as I am able but I would like to get started. I am in reasonably good health otherwise (no heart, lung or other type issues). Balance can sometimes be an issue because of MS and feet.

    • Coach Brian says:

      Hi Chris,
      thanks fro your email.
      I look after several clients with MS here in Adelaide.
      Most of the movements in this program can be done seated, which may be helpful with your balance.
      Let me know though Chris I may have some resources in my storage which could be of benefit to you. All the best, Brian

  70. Madonna Scrase says:

    Hi Brian

    Apologies if this question has been asked before.

    Can you tell me the best time to do the Gabriel Method Fitness workout? Eg. first thing in the morning before breakfast/after breakfast, in the afternoon after work or at night?

    I’m not sure if when you do the workout makes a difference.

    Thanks so much. Madonna

    • Coach Brian says:

      Great question Madonna.
      The answer is ‘no’ it makes little difference when you do the workin. Best time is what suits you.
      The key is consistency so if that means afternoon…great, if morning works…great.
      Anytime is fine.

  71. Dianne Marshall says:

    Hi Brian
    Just wanting to ask your thoughts about the validity of using lighter weights with higher repetitions for muscle growth rather than heavier weights with fewer repetitions.
    thanks Dianne

    • Coach Brian says:

      Hi Dianne, we used to think heavy weight were the go in terms of increased muscle strength, however I recently saw a paper showing muscle strength increase with light weight and high rep. It appears overloading your muscle is the key. In regards to GM we are about using a weight you are comfortable with, and will bring upon that ‘burning’ sensation in your muscles. Let me know if this answers your question as I’m happy to go into it further if you wish. Thanks, Brian

  72. Amy Guo says:

    Hi Brian,

    To add on to my previous post, do I have to wait from one part to the next (eg.from warm up to resistance then to GTGE then to cool down)? If so, what’s the waiting time between each session for the maximum benefit?

    • Coach Brian says:

      Hi Amy,
      it is fine to move straight from one to the other with little rest. Take it if you need to but no requirement to.
      Thanks for your question, it is a good one.

  73. Kelley says:

    Hi Brian,

    I’ve watched all the videos and I’m planning to start work-ins next week. Is it possible to alternate sprinting (20s) and walking (10s) for four minutes in the park for the GTGE part?

    Thanks & regards,

    • Coach Brian says:

      Sure is Kelley,
      I love to run so if you do too I would encourage you to participate. Be safe though, sprinting is very demanding on the body.
      Hope all goes well.

  74. Amy Guo says:

    Hi Brian, I got this program few days ago and I’m now ready to start. I see more than one visualization audios under “Bonus Materials,” How do I use them? I know there is the “pre-workout visualization” that I can listen to before the GM Fitness program; how about the rest of them? Do I listen to them after workout? or whenever I feel the need to??? I can swap them around, ie: one day I listen to Get thin or Get Eaten, and another day: Fit for life ???

    PS: The problem that I had with excising programs in the past was that I couldn’t be motivated to stay on them longer than a few weeks. I’m not an exercise junkie, but I do want to be fit and in shape. Most programs I purchased in the past ask to do 20-50 min a day with 1 day of rest in between.They are boring and the results aren’t prominent. Since I’ve been rereading “The Gabriel Method” I’ve only exercise when I want to, now I actually enjoy moving around with my favorite music. I wanted a booster so I decided to purchase GM Fitness. My question is: if I do the GM Fitness program several times a week, can I still dance on my own???? that wouldn’t be considered as”overworking” the body, correct???

    • Coach Brian says:

      Great to hear from you Amy and sorry for slow response.
      I love dancing – so GM friendly and exactly what I want you to do.
      The visualisations can be listened to whenever you like, they are good to do pre workout however whenever suits is fine.

  75. Jasmine DeMarcos says:

    Sorry if this has been answered already somewhere, but what do you recommend as a weight to begin doing the exercises with? 2-5 pounds? I notice the people in the videos are using water bottles as weights – approx how much do those weigh?

    • Coach Brian says:

      No need to apologise Jasmine it’s a great question. I would think about 5 pounds to start with would be good. The feeling we are after is a ‘burn’ in the muscles worked so adjust the weight accordingly to achieve that. It may be you need to do it longer than the video shows to achieve it also.
      Hope that helps and let me know if I can help further.
      All the best,


    Hi Brian, I’m a bit of an exercise junkie, to stave off depression. Usually I do.
    Monday – Gym, Power plate and stretching for 1 – 1&1/2 hrs. followed by spa and steam.
    Tuesday – 1/2 hour swim
    Wed – 1 hr workout with my Personal Trainer. Followed by 1 hr massage.
    Thursday – Power Plate & yoga, unwinding.
    Friday – swim.
    Sat or Sun Power Plate & swim, or Rest day.
    DO YOU THINK that I have been ‘overdoing the exercise which may have contributed to losing dress sizes but not weight?’
    I have just done your work in. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Think i will try your method for a while, except for the training with the PT. (65 yrs young)

    • Coach Brian says:

      Hi Kay
      Thanks for your post.
      I’d suggest if you’ve lost size then your lifestyle including your exercise is working well. My suggestion would be to add GM fitness in to your exercise routine. Two or three times a week would be great. Maybe Monday and Friday?
      Sound ok?!

  77. Rasika Delwala says:

    Hi Brian,
    Is it enough just to do these work ins only or should I be doing other workouts as well? After going to the gym for the last 10 years as well as regular running outdoors I found it too stressful on my body & had a bigger appetite to eat afterwards.

    • Coach Brian says:

      Hi Rasika,
      for the purpose of losing weight through exercise I believe a GM Fitness routine 2 or 3 times per week would work very well.
      Particularly if your previous work outs made you hungrier. I want you to feel energised not exhausted from my sessions.
      Thanks for your post.
      Coach Brian

      • Rasika Delwala says:

        Hi Brian,

        Thanks very much for the reply. Sorry but can I please ask 2 more question? Is it okay to do these GM work ins anytime of the day? I can only do it after work when I get home. Also are these exercises safe to do while been pregnant?

        • Coach Brian says:

          Hi rasika
          It is fine to do theses every day if you wish to. And I would ask you to check with your doctor before doing any exercise if you’re pregnant.
          Sorry for slow response.

  78. Catherine Wyllie says:

    Hi Brain just about to start this programme it make so much sence

  79. Marian Ingegneri says:

    Hi Brian,
    Just starting this program, very much looking forward to it.
    My question is on Pilates, using the reformer machines, I’m a dancer and I use this methode of exercise to maintain flexibility and increase my range of motion. I’m doing this generally 1-2 times per week, lessons run for 50 minutes. Is this exerice hurting my ability to drop some weight ? Does it make sense for me to use pilates to supplement the work using the Tabata protocol ?

    Thanks, Marian

    • Coach Brian says:

      HI Marian,
      please accept my apology for slow response.
      I’ve been on a holiday.
      The Pilates is excellent and I’d encourage you to continue. Look to ADD GM Fitness in on other days, maybe 2 to 3 times per week would be great.
      I believe you would have a perfect combination.
      Let me know if I can be of further help.
      Wishing you great health,
      Coach Brian

  80. Veronica Gardiner says:

    Hi Brian
    Where do I find the routines/videos to do the stretching for the bendy body?

    • Coach Brian says:

      Hi Veronica, the Cool Down is the section where the focus is on creating a more bendy body. You may need to hold the positions longer than we had time for in the program to fully lengthen your muscles.
      Not sure if you’re a member of the Support Group? But if you are I have created a few resources in there too. Thanks for your question.
      Coach Brian

  81. Geoffrey Gordon says:

    Hi Brian

    Watching videos and listening to the comments above. Would the following be a good work out program ?

    Warm Up
    Overhead Press
    GTGE Stationery Bike
    Cool Down

    Warm Up
    Lower Body Power
    Hill Climb
    Cool Down

    Warm Up
    Ups and Downs
    Living Room Work-In
    Cool Down

    On alternate days Tuesday and Thursday just go for a walk.

    • Coach Brian says:

      Hi Geoffrey,
      apologies for my slow response.
      3 x per week as you suggest looks good to me.
      I’d suggest as you progress, the Resistance Phase would be where to look for longer duration. I’d like you to achieve that ‘burn’ feeling in the muscle being used, and I’d suggest it will be difficult to achieve this is 20s once you’ve trained for a bit.
      Thanks for your post and good luck with your program.
      Coach Brian

  82. Paula says:

    I’ve been doing the hill climb on my stairs at home and that has worked great! Thanks

    • Coach Brian says:

      Great thinking Paula. I love the idea of working with your present environment to incorporate GM Fitness. You just don’t need to go to the gym, you can achieve great results on your own stairs for instance. Well done, and thanks for connecting with me.
      All the best,
      Coach Brian

  83. Philip says:

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks a lot for the great workouts and the program.
    I love them very much!!!
    I have a couple of questions…
    How often should I do the exercises? – 3-4 times a week or is it possible to do it 6 days per week?
    Also for the 3-rd part is it good to change it from time to time some of the parts with exercises like jumping jacks and mountain climbers?

    Thanks again for the great program


    • Coach Brian says:

      Hi Phill,
      3 -4 times a week would be great. I would recommend doing it every second day. On your rest days, it’s fine to do yoga, or anything physical which doesn’t place high stress on your muscles, as I’d like them to have time to recover.
      For the GTGE training, jump jacks, mountain climbers, would be great as an alternative.
      Great questions, and I’m so glad you like the program. I very much appreciate your feedback.
      Wishing you the best of health!
      Coach Brian

  84. Sabine Ebert-forbes says:

    I am really enjoying the exercises, and I used to hate anything PE when I was at school! Just like Christina, I would also like some for indoors, especially in winter when we cannot go out and when my bunion strikes due to a damp wet cold.

    With the fine weather we have, I do the exercises in the garden.

    • Coach Brian says:

      Yes Sabine I agree with you. Thanks for the excellent feedback you, and everybody else has been giving me.
      I’ve been making note of them all and I’ll be sure to incorporate them with our next version. Thanks again. Coach Brian

    • Coach Brian says:

      Hi Sabine,
      Thanks for your email. Thought it would be best to reply to you here.
      We have been very pleased with the response to our GM Fitness Program and hope to do another in the future.
      However at this stage we have no immediate plans to do so, and therefore aren’t clear what the format would be.
      We thank you for your feedback and comments, and have made note of them, so if we do decide to create another GM Fitness
      program we are best able to meet your needs.
      Thanks again.
      Coach Brian

  85. Emily says:

    Hi guys,

    Love the program so far, thank you! Will you ever add any new resistance or GTGE programs? I am liking things so far but know how easily I get bored so would love some new videos:)


    • Coach Brian says:

      Thanks Emily. And yes we will certainly be adding new exercises to it. We haven’t done any yet but I’d love your feedback/suggestions on ones you’d like.
      You can either email me direct at or leave your suggestions here.
      Thanks for your support.
      Coach Brian

  86. Christine Olson says:

    I just started the exercises one week ago–just three times. I want to say “thank you”. I was one of those who used to sit on the stationary bike at the gym for an hour—boring! I really enjoy your work-ins. They’re fun and SHORT. And, I feel my muscles for days afterwards. I’m impressed. Thanks again.

    • Coach Brian says:

      Thanks Christine appreciate your feedback. The short bit is pretty appealing isn’t it?! Let me know if you have any suggestions for further editions, love to know your thought.
      Wishing you great health,
      Coach Brian

  87. Catherine Bell says:

    Hi Brian,
    I am vacationing in central coast of California this week and am delighted to have my iPad with me to easily use the program while in the hotel. Although I have been taking advantage of wonderful hiking trails and other beach activities, I find your program is what makes me feel like I am ultimately continuing to burn fat.

    Thanks again for the great, portable program!

    • Coach Brian says:

      Hi Catherine,
      I’m supposing you are back from your holiday by now.
      Thanks for your comment and taking us on your vaction.(:
      Hope you had a great active holiday and continue to enjoy GM Fitness.
      Wishing you great health,
      Coach Brian

  88. Alessio CATANZANO says:

    where can I find more information about this training?
    In particular I would like to know how to define the right number of workouts per week.
    I suppose that there is no ideal number but it depends on the level of training of eachone, but can you suggest some advice or “rules” to follow?
    Best regards.

    • Coach Brian says:

      Hi Alessio,
      thanks for your question.
      Depending of your present level of energy will determine how often you would perform these movements. I’d suggest most people would do them every second day as it’s not a long session, and most will recover quickly from doing them. If however you have the energy and time every day would be fine too. I would recommend a rest day every 3rd or 4th day regardless. Thanks again.
      Coach Brian

  89. Sunny Van Vlijmen says:

    Just one question: During the discussion it is being said that before starting the Tabata-style workout, one is doing other exercises in order to ‘deplete the glycogen stores’ in the liver. However, the liver stores up to 500kcal worth of glycogen….and I don’t understand how one could possibly deplete this large amount of calories with the kind of pre-Tabata workout shown here?

    • Coach Brian says:

      Hi Sunny,
      thanks for your question.
      Our Resistance Phase of our Work Ins are designed to deplete the glycogen stores within the major muscle groups. Certainly for some people this will require more work to achieve complete depletion than described in our program. The rate of repetition and load being used are two variables you can use to increase this effect. Thanks again.
      Coach Brian

  90. Siofra Conaty says:

    Hi there,
    Just wanted to say thanks for this great program!
    I’m doing this three days a week. I’ve also had to adapt some exercises because I cannot kneel at this point. I am hopeful that further down the road I will be able to do that.
    Best wishes

    • Coach Brian says:

      Thanks Siofra for your positive feedback.
      I’m pleased you are enjoying the program, we are really proud of it and feel it will add much positive stress for our GM’ers.
      Thanks again!
      Coach Brian

  91. Suzanne Kobee says:

    I’m trying to change my password and I keep getting error saying I must be a member to do this…I am..Please help

  92. Sabine Ebert-forbes says:

    I enjoy those exercises, but I also have technical problem: how can I download videos onto the apple ipod? I got them on the main PC, but would also like to download onto ipad. Hoe can I do that ? Can anyone please help me?

    Many thanks


  93. Rodney Cocks says:

    Recently purchased and down loaded the GM fitness programme . I have found I cannot use the programme each time without the Internet. is this correct. I have it downloaded on an I pad and phone. When I try to access the contact page it tells me I have no access as I am not a member. I need Ito use this programme sometimes when we have no Internet.
    Rod Cocks

  94. Irene Orsbourn says:

    Am I not connected correctly.
    I have signed up for your Fitness programme, but cannot seem to be able to access either the Cool Down (or the Additional Resources or Downloads.)
    (I did the first two and they were great.
    Thanks, Irene

  95. Mike Shaw says:

    Haven’t gone through everything. But I was hopeing for more on visualization techniques. How to create the flight response in the mind, to enhance the results in the body.

    • Coach Brian says:

      Thanks for your feedback Mike, we appreciate it. With regard to the flight response if you can remember a real life experience where it was necessary for this to be initiated may help with the visualisation.
      Hope that helps.
      Coach Brian

  96. Fiona Burnell Burnell says:

    Hi Brian,
    The overhead press and the ups and down work-Ins are nearly the same, I thought you might have had more of a variety in the resistance stage.
    I am finding the work-Ins very easy and love these excercises, I really only need to loose about 6kgs so hope it all works!! We are off to the Whitsundays for a holiday and these excercises are coming with me!!!! :))
    Thank you and I will keep you posted… Fiona 🙂

    • Natacha Touchet says:

      Thank you for the info. I did my routine in the pool yesterday . It was very invigorating!

    • Coach Brian says:

      Hi Fiona,
      thanks for your feedback.
      if you’re ready I’d suggest increasing the weight used for the Resistance section.
      I’d like you to be nearer fatigue in the particular muscle group worked.
      Have a great active holiday!
      Coach Brian

  97. Jean Hian Jen Voon says:

    Hi, is it possible to download these videos onto iPhone 4s? I tried but it wouldn’t work. It would be great to have them handy when I travel or don’t have access to a computer.


  98. Judes says:

    I clicked on “Notify me when new comments are added” so I would know when Brian responded to my question but now I am getting everyone’s post on my e mail and I don’t really want that. Where can I stop the notification?


  99. Cynthia Stuesser says:

    I tried my first routine last night and really liked it. Easy but felt results. Wondering though. I put this on my computer at work but when I tried to put it on my home computer, it’s acting very weird. I would think I should be able to use it on more than one computer. Do you limit the access? Wish it were a disk also so that I could put it on a tv.

    • Janine O says:

      Hi Cynthia, it should work the same. It may be a technical issue with your computer. You can email us at for further tech help. You can also download the videos and burn them to a DVD if you choose. I hope this helps!

      The Gabriel Method Team

    • Coach Brian says:

      HI Cynthia,
      I’m glad you liked the routine, well done for getting started. If you go to CONTACT tab at the top of the page there’s instructions on how to transfer to a DVD.
      From my understanding you should be able to run the program on other computers. An email to will be able to solve that one for you.
      Wishing you great health,
      Coach Brian

  100. Natacha Touchet says:

    We do not have info, on How many sessions à week-end are required

    • Janine O says:

      Hi Natacha, you can do as many sessions a week as you feel like doing. Every body is different as well as lifestyle, so feel free to do these exercises as often as you feel up to.

      The Gabriel Method Team

  101. Anne Eske says:

    I have tried to download, but my computer cant open the file., also when I try to go into contact as you suggested for instructions I get thrown out saying I am not authorised., Please help.

  102. Aditya Makhija says:

    Does the order of resistance or GTGE exercise matter? If yes, then what should be done first? I am asking because the intro video here says resistance first but the intro on another page says GTGE first..

    Thanks – Adi

    • Coach Brian says:

      Hi Aditya,
      either way is great however I do prefer to do the Resistance first then GTGE. What ever works best for you, maybe even mix it up sometimes. Remember to do the visualisation prior to it all, and make it a mind/body experience not just a fitness routine.
      Any other questions, let me know.
      Wishing you great health, Coach Brian

  103. Wendy Beasley says:

    Can’t download this.
    As I travel I often don’t have internet, could you please advise me?
    Thanks – Wendy

  104. Cynthia Stuesser says:

    Will I be able to transfer this to a CD or DVD so I can play it at home on a different player?

    • Coach Brian says:

      Hi Cynthia,
      great idea!
      Up the top of this page, in the tab CONTACT you’ll see Technical Questions, in there are instructions on how to create DVD.
      Hope that helps, and thanks for purchasing our program. I really appreciate it.
      Coach Brian

  105. Kate Hampton says:

    I have been unable to download this, although the computer seems to be downloading it, it does not end up in iTunes or on my Windows Media Player. I cannot find it in my recent downloads. Could you provide me with a link for the download perhaps?

  106. Judes says:

    I can’t put all my weight one knee as in your first cool down stretch because of knee problems. Is there an alternative stretch I can do?

    • Coach Brian says:

      Hi Jude,
      no problems, let’s do the same action but standing.
      Hold on to something for stability, put your left leg back, keeping it almost straight, then allow your right knee to bend. Important bit, make sure your spine is relatively straight, so chest up/head up. Feel the stretch.
      Let me know if this works ok for you Jude. Hope you’re enjoying the Work Ins, and thanks for connecting with me. Coach Brian


    brian, one further question … am I supposed to keep my core muscles tight when doing all of these exercises and if so, why?

    today was first go at this and i loved it …..

    thanks fella …

    • Coach Brian says:

      Hey Paul,
      great questions mate.
      OK, first up if you’re feeling good, energetic i have no problem you doing GM Fitness up to 5 times per week. Keep a watch of your energy levels, soreness, hunger and if any signs of over training have a day off.
      I’d still do the visualisations though.
      Core muscles protect your spine. By engaging them when moving you provide support and strength to your spine reducing the risk of injury.
      Appreciate your feedback mate, so if there’s anything else feel free to connect.
      Coach Brian


    is doing these exercises over doing it? I am keen to shed weight asap … but think you mentioned doing this 3 or 4 times a week …. thanks.

    • Janine O says:

      Hi Paul,
      You should only do what you feel is best for you and what you are ready for. You can start with 1x per week and increase over time if it is something you enjoy.

      The Gabriel Method Team

  109. Jill Fisher says:

    Hi I cant open these on my macbook pro, 2.7 GHz 10.8.4
    but I dont have a good enough internet conneciton to play them on line.

    would be great if the interval timer was on my app?

  110. Monika Furch says:

    Love the workout routines. I just watched Jon prepare the crabcake recipe. Any chance I could get quantities on the ingredients? From past experience I know things go from great to horrible if the ingredients aren’t in the right proportion.

    • Denaleigh B says:

      Hi Monika,
      Here is the Crab Cake Recipe.

      Crab cake

      Makes 6-8 cakes

      4 crushed garlic cloves
      1 c crab (from local seafood market or grocery shop – make sure it is drained of water)
      3 eggs
      ½ cauliflower
      ½ white onion

      variety of capsicum
      cherry tomato
      1 cup of spinach
      a few slices of red onion
      a dash of mineral salts
      a dash of pepper
      1 tsp of ghee

      Cooking Directions
      Measure out your crab. Be sure to drain your crab of any excess water or moisture. Chop up your onion and your garlic. Chop up your cauliflower using a food processor. Make sure the cauliflower is chopped down into pieces a little bit larger than the grains of cooked rice. Crack and beat your eggs. Mix your eggs with your garlic, onion, crab, and chopped cauliflower. Preheat your oven to 170 degrees celcius. Pour your mixture into a muffin pan. When the oven is heated, put your pan into the stove for 35- 40 minutes. While the cakes are cooking prepare your salad. Lay out your spinach. Chop the capsicum, tomato, and red onion. Sautee some zuchinni on a pan in 1 tsp of ghee to add some extra flavor to your salad as well. Mix your zuchinni, tomato, capsicum, and red onion into your spinach salad. Sprinkle some mineral salts and pepper onto your salad as well. When the cakes are crisp, take them out of the oven. Place a yummy cake on your salad and dig in!!

      Kind regards
      The Gabriel Method Team

  111. Annabel Williams says:

    Hi Brian and Jon
    Great work in programme. Tried it today and loved it.
    Just wondered if any plans to put some of them together so don’t have to keep switching each one on after the other. Not being lazy (honest!), would just love to occasionally press the button and just do the whole thing, I know we can choose between the three exercise routines, but would be good to have the at home one for instance as one long video, starting with warm up, two mid ones and then cool down. 🙂
    Is that possible?

    • Brian says:

      Hi Annabel,
      thanks for your question.
      That’s an excellent suggestion and I’ll put it to the technical team and see if that’s possible. Maybe not with this program but certainly for the next one!
      Kind regards,
      Coach Brian

  112. Denise Carter says:

    I can’t download the fitness video on my iPad. Please help. I really hope this works. I am a midwife on call 24/7. I can’t commit to daily exercise as I am often at work. I don’t have a regular night sleep as often I am at work. My work has completely mucked up my metabolism. All my adult life my weight sat at 58kg. Now after working in this job for the last 10 years I now weigh 73kg. Often I will only have time for one or two meals a day and that is usually bad food. I have been trying the green smoothies which are great. Do you think this exercise program will work?? Thanks Denise

    • Janine O says:

      Hi Denise, iPads have some limitations as devices. You can download the videos onto a computer and then transfer them to your iPad, but not download them directly. Gabriel Method Fitness can be one more tool towards your journey to your goal. I hope this helps! -GM Team

  113. says:

    it wont let me open it… says i don’t have the right stuff to open it.

  114. says:

    How often should I do yoga while also doing the GM Fitness program? (I LOVE yoga!)

  115. Elizabeth Gaunt says:

    I just purchased the Fitness program. The download came through as a “.rar” file and I cannot open it. Please advise!

    Thank you – E.

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