Poor digestion is a common trigger with a strong influence on the FAT Program. Most clients to some degree will be affected. GM creates a healthy, efficient digestive system for a client which will contribute greatly towards sustainable weight loss.

Connection to FAT Program

Digestion is the mechanical and chemical process from food to absorbable and useable nutrient. When compromised a series of events connect it to the FAT Program. All are connected and all responses are designed to keep the body safe.

For Client

Poor digestion is a strong trigger of the FAT Program. So important Jon allowed a full chapter in his book, “It doesn’t count unless it enters your cells” to its effect.

If your food isn’t broken down to pieces your body understands, not only can’t your body use them, it treats them as toxins. Poor digestion therefore leads to nutritional famine, where your cells are starving, and an increase in your body’s toxic load.

Your FAT Program is triggered as your body is starving and demands more food, and also to protect itself from the increase in toxins and their damaging effect.

Through the GM Action Steps of adding the Big 3 (protein, live food and omega 3), drinking water we nourish and satisfy your body at a cellular level. Supplements like probiotics and digestive system provide you tools for better digestion and help to create a healthy digestive environment.
By doing visualisation you reduces your stress, this dramatically improves the uptake and use of the nutrients in your food.

The result, a well fed body with a healthy and effective Digestive system, and no longer a Trigger of your FAT Program.

For Coach

Themes of Emotional Obesity

  1. Nutritional Famine: food not completely digested won’t get into a cell. As Jon stated in his book ‘it doesn’t count unless it enters your cells’. Result, famine at a cellular level resulting in a scarcity response. FAT Program on.
  2. Inflammatory Response: undigested food is recognized by the body as foreign and potentially toxic. Result, body triggers a protective response via an increase in inflammatory hormones. Inflammation can turn FAT Program on.
  3. GIT Damage – food not digested can have an abrasive and damaging effect on GIT wall. A damaged GIT will leak allowing toxins to move into blood supply. As above, the body will trigger a protective response via inflammatory hormones. FAT Program on.
  4. Imbalanced Digestive Bacteria – a cause of poor digestion, and created as a result of, poor digestion. Poor digestion creates an Imbalance between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria resulting in an unhealthy gut environment.
    Result, poor assimilation of nutrients, leading to nutritional famine. And GIT damage,
    triggering inflammatory response. Both = FAT Program on.

Diagnosis of

Application Form

1. Note medical diagnosis for conditions of Digestive System.
(common IBS, GERD, Leaky Gut, Food Allergy, surgeries/removal of)
2. Note medical diagnosis for secondary conditions
(eg. autoimmune dx, food intolerances, skin conditions)
3. Note use of natural/otc/prescribed medicines for digestion (laxatives, antacids, etc)
4. Note use of medicines known to compromise digestion (antibiotics, steroids)

Direct Sx & Sy
From medical history note hx of hemorrhoids, nausea/vomiting, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain


If indicated as a significant Trigger

Questions to ask

How long have you suffered from X condition
Do you ever suffer from bloating, constipation, diarrhea,etc
Are there any food which cause above
Do you eat quickly? Where and when do you normally eat

Coaching Actions

Core Action Steps

Add the Big 3
Take Probiotic and Digestive Enzyme supplement
Drink more water

Specific Poor Digestion Action Steps

ADD Fermented Foods
ADD Sprouts
ADD Bone Broth
ADD Green Juice and/or Super Greens
ADD Chew food well
SWAP Morning and/or Evening Visualization for digestion visualization
Find Alternatives to inflammatory foods, like dairy, wheat, grains, refined vegetable oils, refined sugars. Reference the recipe book and other resources to find alternative recipes to their favorite problematic foods.

Resources to share with client

Encourage client to attend Ask Jon, Ask Heather and/or Ask Nadia shows in SG, with specific question(s)

NYNY Video: Digestive Enzymes / Fermented Foods / Total Digestion Visualization

MBWL: Qi Gong for Digestion / Digestive Health & Weight Loss / The Biology of Binge Eating

Cellular Wisdom: Heal Digestion

SG: Digestive Microbes & Weight Loss / Digestive Health, From the Inside Out / Friendly Bacteria / Can Unfriendly Bacteria Make You Fat? / Does Gluten Make You Fat?

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