Action Steps,
Week 2:
Heal Your Digestion

Action Steps Checklist

  • Drink a green juice, Gabriel Greens, or your favorite super green drink upon rising or in late afternoon.
  • GM friendly breakfast with Big 3 and digestive enzymes, ideally within 1.5 hours of rising.
  • Take 2 digestive enzyme capsules up to 2x’s per day with meals when possible.
  • Listen to this week’s morning visualizaiton: Digestion
  • Explore mindful eating. Be calm, centered and present when you eat. Chew your food well and keep the food in your mouth as long as possible. With food in your mouth, say to yourself, “This food is nourishing my body. There’s no need to rush.”
  • Try fermented foods. Buy them in the store (kimchee, kefir, sauerkraut and more), or follow these videos from this week’s expert, Donna Gates, to make them at home.

Fermented Foods Videos (from Donna)

Ongoing Healthy Habits

  • Do evening visulization each night before bed
  • Do morning visualization
  • Take daily probiotic supplement
  • Continue frequent water consumption
  • Eat a great Gabriel friendly Breakfast
  • Eat frequent Gabriel friendly meals and snacks during the day to stabilize blood sugar.

If you’re not familiar with any terms used here, please refer to the GM glossary.

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