About “Mind Music”

mind music

The music that accompanies each Cellular Wisdom meditation is digitally mastered based on the numeric frequencies of the Pythagorean Theorem, founded by the ancient Greek Philosopher and Mathematician, Pythagoras. On the surface, the music is very relaxing and soothing, yet the actual tones are based on harmonic frequencies using advanced mathematics.

The melodies were specifically created to naturally flow with the numeric frequencies of the brain. Part of the effectiveness of the music, is the technology of iso-chronic tones used to entrain the brain waves during listening. The tones pulse at 8cps (cycles per second) which has been studied and proven to be optimal for meditation and relaxation. The music is set to 72bpm (beats per minute) which has been shown to be the optimal resting heart rate. This music has an amazing sound quality that the listener can clearly sense is connecting with their Inner Wisdom. The music in each recording is very unique and is customized to the message and coordinating chakra for an even deeper level of impact to the body, mind and spirit as the listener enjoys the meditation.

About Cellular Wisdom’s composer,
Andrew Harris:

Andrew Harris is a composer and sound artist living in Denver, Colorado. His use of non-traditional recording and playing techniques help him to organically create lush and beautiful soundscapes that live and breathe. He is influenced by combining the tones and rhythms found in nature with cutting edge sound processing. He is constantly exploring new ways to interact with music and sound. In his spare time, Andrew will most likely be playing the ukulele and spending time with his wife and two daughters.