Action Step Video 3:

Reactivate Your Fat Burning Biology

1. Watch the Video Above

2. Download Your Action Steps Checklist

3. Download This Month’s Visualization Practice

4. Listen to the Quick Start Audios Below

(choose the topics that apply most to your life)

5. Make an Appointment to Speak with Your Coach!

6. Join the Group Meeting & Call Jon this Month

  • Check the calendar of upcoming events on the top right of this page
  • Try to join the Group Meeting live if at all possible (if not, we’ll get you the replay)
  • If you have questions specifically for Jon, be sure to take advantage of his “office hours” so you can call him and speak to him directly
Group Meeting Call Jon

7. Recipe

  • Top 10 starter recipes
  • Meals for long-lasting energy
  • Rich in live food, protein and omega-3
  • Delicious and nutritious
  • Great for the whole family!
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