Many clients will be taking prescribed medication and over-the-counter medication. Some types of medication directly turn on the FAT Program, whilst others will indirectly influence it. GM encourages a holistic approach to healing where the need for medication may be able to be reduced.

Connection to FAT Program

Coach focus is to prescribe proactive techniques (visualisation, tapping, other) for changing dysfunctional beliefs, and use tools to create positive emotional states.

For Client

At GM we encourage you to speak with your doctor about the use of your medications and have them professionally reviewed regularly for their effectiveness and need. We don’t suggest you make any alterations without consulting with your doctor.

Some medications, especially those containing the stress hormone, cortisol, will directly turn on your FAT Program. Others, like over-the counter pain medications, may clog up your liver, add to your toxic load and make it difficult for your body to burn fat.

GM promotes an environment where the body can use it’s own innate healing response and in time, reduce the need for medication.

For Coach

  1. Important
    Do not provide advice as to whether a client should or shouldn’t be taking a particular medication. This advice can only be given by their doctor or healthcare professional. Encourage them to have a conversation with their doctor about the necessity of their use and if a more natural approach is available.
  2. Physical Trigger

    a) Direct:
    A key influence on the FAT Program is the stress hormone, cortisol. With this elevated a client’s FAT Program will be on. Any medication including the synthetic form of this naturally occurring hormone will trigger the FAT Program.

    US Brand Name
    Cortone Acetate
    Dexamethasone Intensol
    Entocort EC
    Florinef Acetate

    Australian/NZ/Canadian/other Brand Name

    b) Indirect

    Medications are broken down in, and can harm, the liver. The damage to the liver occurs from some more than others.

    Medications particularly harmful to the liver include:

    Acetaminophen - found in most over-the-counter pain relieving/cold and flu medication
    Statins - used to lower cholesterol
    Natural supplements - Iron and Vitamin A (beta-carotene) when in excess

  3. Protection - Medication once broken down is ideally excreted from the body but can remain and is treated as foreign/toxic. Fat is an effective chemical buffer. The body uses fat cells to store toxins away from more vital parts of body. A large toxic load requires larger fat cells. Result, body triggers a protective response via an increase in inflammatory hormones = FAT Program on.
  4. Alcohol - Medication - Liver Damage - most medications are broken down in the liver and as a consequence, can reduce the body’s ability to burn fat. Alcohol will increase the negative effect of medication on the liver and compound it as a problem.

Diagnosis of

  1. Note medical diagnosis for conditions listed (cortisol medication generally prescribed)

    Lymphoma, Leukemia, Thyroid inflammation, Addison’s Dx, Adrenal insufficiency, MS,
    Eye disorders, Allergies, Crohn’s Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Dx, Inflammation of liver
    Chronic inflammatory Skin conditions (dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, hives, rash), Inflammatory skeletal condition (gout, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis), Inflammation of heart and c/v system, Inflammation of respiratory system (asthma, bronchitis)

  2. Note medical diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes, Insulin Resistance
  3. Note use of prescribed cortisol medication (see above list)
  4. Note use of prescribed medication known for liver damage Acetaminophen - found in most over-the-counter pain relieving/cold and flu medication,Statins - used to lower cholesterol,
    Natural supplements - Iron and Vitamin A (beta-carotene) when in excess
  5. Note use of over-the-counter medication (pain relief, cold/flu, etc)


  • If Medication and Toxicity indicated as a significant Trigger.
  • Questions to ask

  • How long have you been on your medication?
  • Do you have the dosage checked by your doctor?
  • Do you take over the counter medications?
  • Do you drink alcohol?
  • Coaching Actions

    Core Action Steps

  • Add the Big 3
  • Take Probiotic and Digestive Enzyme supplement
  • Drink more water
  • Specific Medication Action Steps

  • Have client speak with Doctor about their medication
  • Have client consider alternate methods to over-the-counter medications known to cause liver damage
  • Consider alternatives to alcohol for hydration and importantly, stress relief
  • With Medication connected with Toxicity as a FAT Trigger the specific Action Steps for it apply
    • ADD Fermented Foods
    • ADD Sprouts
    • ADD Bone Broth
    • ADD Green Juice and/or Super Greens
    • ADD Chew food well
    • And others
  • SWAP Morning, Evening Visualization and/or GM Daily Break for specific Healing Visualization (see below)
  • Resources to share with client

  • Encourage client to attend Ask Jon show in SG, with specific question(s)
  • GM Book chapter 10 “Fats and Toxins”
  • SG: Jon’s Blog
  • Jon’s Blog
    Do weight loss drugs work -
    Are antacids making you fat? -
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    Painkillers and weight gain -
    Inflammation and Depression -
    Tips for managing blood sugar -
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    Treating Psychiatric Disorders with Probiotics -

    Expert Series
    The Power of Intensive Nutrition and Mind Body Practices for Healing - Dr Terry Walsh -
    Balance your hormones naturally - Dr Sara Gottfried -
    Mind-Body Medicine - Dr Kathy Gruver -
    Eating for Thyroid Health - Magdalena Wszelaki -
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    SG Visualisations

    Balance Blood Sugar-
    Total Digestion-
    Healing your Body # 5-

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