Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is in the Case Study?

A: The Case Study is an exclusive, private coaching group for Gabriel Method students ready to apply the key principles to their lives and transform their lives.

Q: Why is it called a “Case Study”?

A: Jon specifically calls this group his Case Study because this is the place where he shares his most cutting-edge research and works side-by-side with his coaches to guide people to success. This group is also where many of Jon’s biggest success stories come from, and those successes serve as inspiration for future students.

Q: What is the Action Steps Video?

A: This is a 6-month program, and each month, you’ll get a new Action Steps Video. Watch that video immediately, download the checklist, and get to work. Your assigned action items are not difficult, they are mostly simple routines that you can start doing very quickly that will lead to healthy habits for life.

Q: When do I speak with my coach?

A: After each Action Steps Videos, you’ll speak directly with your personal coach. Your coach will help you apply that month’s Action Steps to your life, given your individual situation and challenges, adapting as needed to make it work for you.

Q: Do I have just one coach?

A: Yes, aside from Jon, you’ll be assigned to just one coach for the duration of the program. Working with one person consistently is the best way to achieve your results.

Q: How are coaches assigned?

A: Coaches are assigned to you based on the following criteria (1) the person who is best qualified for your particular situation, (2) the coach who is closest to your time zone, and (3) the coach who has available slots for new clienits.

Q: What is the Group Meeting?

A: The Group Meeting is a monthly teleconference where everyone (coaches, students, Jon) all join on a live call to share ideas, ask questions, and inspire one another. For many students, this is the highlight of the month.

Q: When can I call Jon?

A: During every Group Meeting, Jon takes questions, and then Jon has “office hours” once every month when you can call him to speak privately. Jon is fanatical about helping people with answers to their questions, so rest assured, you’ll be able to get access to Jon when you need it.

Q: For the calls, do I have to call long-distance? Is that expensive?

A: All sessions including 1-on-1 with your coach can be done free of charge using Skype or online webcast services. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry, this is not meant to be a technical challenge. Email support and we’ll make sure you understand how you can connect to any/all sessions at no charge.

Q: What happens after 6 months?

A: The Case Study is officially 6 months long. At the end of the program, you can choose to move on or, some students might opt to stay on and “audit” the program (note: Jon’s approval is required).

Q: What about all the bonuses?

A: As a Case Study participant, you get an all-access pass to any/all live Gabriel Method events throughout the year along with dozens of other bonuses you’ll be notified about as they become available.