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Desiree Manders

I am fortunate to have been part of Jon Gabriel’s coaching team from the very first moment. I guide Gabriel Method followers from all over the world, both as a Mentor Coach as well as a Coach Specialist (I am an Emotional Freedom Technique also known as ‘Tapping’ expert).

I help the people I work with to apply the Gabriel method in a easy, personalised and sustainable way so this healthy lifestyle becomes second nature. I also help heal, clear and release any mental and emotional issues that have expressed themselves in the physical body.

During my coaching sessions and my monthly ‘Ask Desiree Show’ it gives me great pleasure to share easy to apply tools that any one can use for the benefit of their personal weight loss/health journey. I’m looking forward to helping you too!

Coach Interview

About Desiree

For over a decade I have been studying the conscious and subconscious mind and how our thoughts can both limit us as well as support our actions. The more I understand this the easier it is to tune in to the truth of my being, connect to my body and work with it, listen to the promptings of my soul. When you are not being distracted by thoughts, limiting beliefs or negative feelings, living a holistic, healthy life is easy and natural; a natural way of living. It is just a given, our original blueprint. When you struggle and suffer, you are out of alignment. This feels heavy, depleting and it stops you from moving forward and living a life of bliss, ease and joy.

I choose to be in alignment. I choose the holistic lifestyle every time and I help my clients to do the same.

I continuously study the tools to change from seemingly being overpowered by the Ego (thinking) to being connected to source energy or the truth of being. As I learn I teach and as I see fast results in positive change in my own life so do my clients. I love this path of discovery and teaching. My life has completely changed in the past couple of years, as I’m able to put into practice what I diligently study. Uncovering the path of awareness is my passion. I have learned that when you connect to the source of your being -the truth of your being, the holistic life is just a given and your body/mind/being transform back into their natural shape and form.

Education and Certifications

  • Dutch Academie for Psychotherapy in Amsterdam -Netherlands (NLP practitioner, NLP Master, NLP Coach/counselor)
  • Arcturus International Training institute for Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Belgium (The One Method energy healing; Healing the spirit 1, Healing the spirit 2, Healing the soul wound)
  • In-tuition training in Haarlem -Netherlands (Conscious coaching training 1 and 2
  • Udemy, Daniel Jones UK(Hypnotherapy training)
  • Overlight, Steve Rother USA (Inverse wave energy healing therapy)
  • I Am Academy in Haarlem, Netherlands (Super conscious awareness training)


I have been working with life coaches consistently for the past 15 years or so, and had the privilege of working with Desiree for a number of months as part of my Jon Gabriel ultimate coaching program recently. I selected her because I found her inspirational as an individual and felt a strong resonance with her even before we started working together. She is one of the most sought after coaches in the Jon Gabriel program, and I count myself lucky that I got to work with her. She combines strong intuition with very practical advice and a great ability to encourage and inspire. I would give Desiree my highest recommendation to anyone wanting to make progress in terms of overcoming stress, and wanting to become more effective in their lives.

De Wet, P. United states

Hi Desiree, Thank you so much for the powerful session yesterday it was so powerful and interesting. I feel so good and free. I never had such a wonderful experience before. You are so good and also thanks for your notes and suggestions

F.S. Australia

This is just a thank you email. I had a sense of lightness today after our tapping session.

But more than anything Desiree I was touched by your genuine care for me. I could see you were not doing my healing because you had to or for commercial reasons. I could see how you truly invested time in ME. In wanting to heal me no matter how boring, or exhausting or draining it would be for you.

It was good to get the vibe (that we never really get from professionals these days) that you wanted to help me. That was your only intention. That truth shone through for me today and honestly? That’s why it worked!

Khalid, L, India

I just wanted to write and say a MASSIVE Thank you for our session on Friday and for your follow up email with the links etc. 🙂

I have not binged or even eaten at night (after dinner) at all since then, which may not sound like a big thing – but for me is HUGE! I know it is not just willpower because I haven’t even been thinking about food at night, or at all really!! It’s amazing and awesome to feel this change in myself 🙂

It really seems like night eating is a thing of the past 😉 I feel so much better for it too – and I’ve lost weight… I think about 4kg in just the few days since our session! I feel lighter (and I don’t mean from the weight loss) My spirit, my mind and my heart feel lighter!

Previously, I would get to almost the weight I am now and basically binge it back on. I’m still not a hundred percent sure why, but something obviously made me feel uncomfortable below a certain weight. It wasn’t a conscious thing, but I just realised it recently. I’d get down to 128kg and then go back to 132kg over and over…and over. I feel like this time I can keep going without it even being an issue.

Y.L., Australia

I am still eating clean and healthy also thanks to the hypnotherapy session I had with Desiree to get rid of cravings. I am very grateful for her support. Something shifted in me and I do not crave sugar, pizza or other junk food. It seems to be very easy, but even if I smell it I don’t care. Désirée Manders you are the best! Thanks for your help.

Kaltenbrunner, A. Germany

I have very much enjoyed having you as a coach and your inspiration has been outstanding. I feel I have grown a lot in the last 5 months.

I have been doing the tapping and finding new things each day to do it on. One thing leads to another.

I am really going to miss you and wish you all the best for the future.

Gunn, S ; United States