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46 comments on “Your Questions Answered
  1. Valerie Rolph says:

    Where is avacado oil on the spectrum of healthy vs. harmful? Also, “light” olive oil- does it cause inflamation?

  2. Lisa Rivard says:

    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for sharing your story with the world. I am greatly struggling. I am short and have a small frame and always have been very healthy. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with lupus (or so they say). I have been put on every drug and steroid and I have continuously told myself that something is just not right. I have been to the (so-called) best medical institutions in the states. One of my MDs finally whispered in my ear to see a holistic dr. I did this and found out immediately that I tested positive for a series of viruses. I have tried everything to lose weight and am fighting this grueling battle of stress and serious weight gain! The holistic dr has me on a series of nutritional supports. He is my only hope at this point as I continuously fall into the spiral of desperation. Do you have any suggestions about the world of viruses? Can you point me in the right direction? Thank you kindly.

  3. Margaret Lowe says:

    What brand of Omega 3 do you recommend?

    Thank you.

  4. Karen Birchfield says:

    Jon do you have an opinion or solution for what I call, “diet insomnia”. I’m eating well and have lost 30 lbs but wake up @ 3 am and am wide awake as if I have suddenly received a dose of adrenaline.

    Also, do you have a nutritional solution for very dry eyes? I’m drinking a lot of water and now taking good flax and fish oil. Just wondering as it’s allergy season now. thanks

  5. Mary says:

    I can’t find the FAT trigger quiz on your web site. I just started the Immersion day 1 and I need to take it but can’t find it.

    Thanks, Mary

  6. Janet Zeller says:

    How do I Download materials to my iPad? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  7. Priscilla Bianchi says:

    Hi, I haven’t been able to download the Immersion Conference that I bought yesterday to my iPhone 6. Can you tell me how to do it?
    Priscilla Bianchi

  8. Judith Crop says:

    Also, I would have loved to have heard more ideas and resources for reducing stress and how to work in the moment with emotional issues and craving insulin-spiking foods. Any approaches or resources you can recommend for on-the-spot, in the moment, needs? I know you mentioned tapping and visualization . . . but the body’s cravings can be so powerful in the moment . . .
    Any ideas and support would be so appreciated.
    Thanks so much!!!
    Great program!!!!!!!

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Judith,
      Great question! In this instance – both the recommendations regarding Visualisation and Tapping, and the process of adding more of the Big 3 will gradually reduce those cravings, both the intensity and regularity, to the point where you will hardly ever have them. In the meantime all the positive things suggested to add into your daily routine will gradually begin to nourish you – both emotionally and physically. In those on-the-spot moments – try to have one of the Big 3 first (protein, Omega 3, live food) and then if you still crave the insulin spiking food – have it – and don’t beat yourself up for having it. Try to take note of if there is a pattern to when these moments hit – say for example during the mid afternoon slump? If so, plan ahead, give yourself a mini break – go outside, listen to a visualisation and have a protein filled smoothie or snack an hour or so before the usual slump hits. If the craving hits late at night – again try the protein snack. Look into why your body is still craving the energy spike – is your sleep quality affected by sleep apnea, or stress – if so make sure to take measures to remedy this – your sleep quality is vital! Is your body getting enough nutrition during the day? Are you skipping meals? In the meantime, be gentle with yourself and understand that these cravings are so powerful for a reason, your body is working very hard to protect you.
      I hope this helps.
      Den – GM Team

  9. Judith Crop says:

    Regarding processed foods, why do you recommend the processed greens in a bottle and stevia — 2 very processed foods. What about whole dried fruit for sweeteners?

    • Lori Gibson says:

      Judith:: I have wondered this myself. The Stevia plant is green and the leaves themselves are not very sweet, yet Stevia powder is white. I can’t help but wonder if some day Stevia will join the ranks of other previously deemed ‘safe’ sweetener alternatives, but I sure hope not! πŸ™‚

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Judith,
      It is always better to have something that is as close to its natural state as possible. However, sometimes this is not always feasible. That is where the Greens come in – always ensure that the ingredients are 100% natural and that there are no added preservatives or additives.
      Pure Stevia is indeed from a plant – and it is possible to buy the pure product – here is a link to what to look out for when purchasing Stevia:
      I hope this helps.
      Den -GM Team

  10. Gail Gammon says:

    Hi, Denaleigh! I purchased the immersion conference because I am enjoying the detox so much. It is probably right in front of me, but I cannot locate the fat trigger quiz. Have a beautiful day!

  11. Vikki Johnson says:

    Hi I can’t seem to find the fat trigger quiz, can you please guide me?

    Many thanks

  12. Jill Bronson says:

    In an email that I received I was told that for Home Study Course students, there will be “a β€œvirtual” round-table session where you can ask me questions, get answers, and learn how to apply all the teachings from the Immersion Course into your life.

    We’re going to talk specifically about “what to do” right now to get started, and I’m excited because this will be a chance for you and I to connect personally.”

    How do I participate in this?


    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Jill,
      This event was held in late November – however, don’t worry if you missed it – the event was archived and you can listen to it now – the archived event is under Bonus Resources on the right hand side of this page.
      After listening to this – if you have any questions please add them here and we will answer them for you.
      Kind regards
      Den – GM Team

  13. Anres says:

    hello GM Team,

    I have a question in regards to water. I live in central Australia and I am looking into getting a good quality waterfilter. any advice in regards to having good water on a family budget? kind regards, Anne

  14. Kathy Dempsey says:

    I was out having a walk last week. When I left it looked like it might rain, but I thought I would get home before it did. 30mins into my walk it started to rain, 35mins lightening bolts were cracking all around me. It was at the 35min point that I started doing sprints. Although terrified I got the giggles because all I could think of was Jon talking about being chased by “Tigers or Dinosaurs” and I thought I must ask you Jon if lightening might have the same effect?????? lol. Kathy

  15. Anita Balakrishnan says:

    Hi Jon,

    Checking to see if these questions get posted i public..?


  16. Gabriel Method Team says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Just a heads up that the Immersion Roundtable Event has been archived at the link below for those who missed it:


    GM Team

  17. Susan Quinty says:

    Have you heard of progesterone IUDS adding to turning on FAT programs.

    • Margaret Bowden says:

      Thank you, Susan, but I think progesterone makes me put on weight. It certainly did when I was breast feeding – and the weight just fell off without any help when I gave up. Most people lose weight when they breast feed, but not me – I think I must have had hormonal issues, even then! In spite of my excellent health and very easy pregnancies and labours.
      I also became pregnant very easily when I had an IUD fitted, but I don’t think they contained progesterone in those days. 1974

      best wishes

  18. Sharon H says:

    I haven’t received a link for Jon’s round table discussion yet. Could you post one here or send it to me? Is it in the AM or PM. EST? Thanks for help in advance. .. Sharon Henry

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Sharon,
      Sorry I didn’t see your email in time, its PM your time Tuesday. Please click on the Immersion Roundtable Event under bonus Resources. Hope to ‘see’ you in there.

  19. Suzanne Scarrow says:

    Hello Jon
    Thank you so much for your work and for sharing it with the World. I am an EFT Practitioner from Cairns, Australia and I have managed to do the emotional work of clearing all the traumas and chronic stress I have experienced over many years. However, I have been stuck and unable to permanently shift the 40 excess kilograms I have been carrying around for about 40 years. Your paradigm about the fat switch, adding nutrients, hormones etc makes perfect sense to me.

    I would be delighted to work with any of your clients either in person or by Skype or to clear the traumas and stress they have experienced so they have the freedom to move forward and drop the excess kilograms. Emotional Freedom Technique does give you emotional freedom and I have made it my life’s work to get that message out to as many people as possible. Suzanne

  20. Margaret Bowden says:

    I grew up in a very health conscious family of 6 and have never really been ill, until now, at 67, I have metabolic syndrome and angina. I have had an Angiogramme which showed no real blockages, yet. I don’t want to go down the medical pathway – if I can’t keep myself healthy naturally then I would rather let nature take its course. But i don’t want to die yet! I have a strong family history of silent heart disease.
    I lost 11 kilos with the hcg diet and kept it off (on and off!) for two years but the weight is creeping on again now and my body is really rebelling!
    I don’t think I can face another fast or really restrictive diet again.

    I bought your book and even signed up as an affiliate but i think that by that stage I was just too disillusioned. I had worked with various hypnosis, mainly Roberta Tomes, who I did like and persevered with for a long time, but to no avail, and others, including you, but nothing seemed to work, and i think I threw out your book when I moved house.

    To others I don’t have a problem, being only a stone or so overweight, and I feel very guilty when I talk about weight with other people who have a real problem. I was a nurse and later a beauty therapist and would love to work with overweight people but i can’t even fix my own problem!
    I don’t want to retire completely yet but I am very ‘burnt out’ from my beauty work. I have never been (to me) a normal weight – as a child I was shockingly thin – my mother used to say ‘I looked like something out of Belsen’ and didn’t reach a normal weight until I was 16 and then started nursing and, living on hospital food, where we were encouraged to eat as much as we wanted in those days, I put on 2 stone and have never really taken it off. One stone would be enough but i have never been able to take it off and keep it off.
    I am very health conscious and have probably studied more health matters than Jon has – since I was 12 in fact. I have worked in health farms and mainly small country hospitals but i gave up nursing well over 25 years ago as i couldn’t bear the drugs and i never saw people really get better in hospital, not what i would consider healthy any way. Although we certainly had some remarkable healings at Champneys in England and also at Hippocrates in Queensland.
    You are my last resort and i think i probably have another 10 or 20 years ‘ work in me if I can just heal this damned metabolic syndrome!

    I have always worked alone but now I think I really need help. Maybe it is too late as I am nearly 68 but i have always kept myself very fit and healthy – I don’t know any one that eats as well as I do – but my memory (short term) is beginning to fail and this is my last hope.

    I am very impressed with your wonderful compassion, as I was with Dr. Simeons’in ‘Pounds and Inches’ (available for free download on the Internet). Obesity is such an enormous problem these days and i have seen very little compassion for anyone overweight in this society.
    I was blessed with a good figure which hides excess weight very well but i still have a big issue with weight and have punished my poor old body too much for too long.
    Sorry about the long epistle, but i guess you have opened my flood gates!
    I am really looking forward to working with you, although I was very hesitant to start with.
    Thank you so much

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Margaret,
      It is good to open the flood gates!
      We will be having a live Call in Ask Jon style event on Tuesday December 2nd at 7pm (EST) – Jon is hoping that you will be able to call in and speak to him directly during this show?
      Den – GM Team

      • Margaret Bowden says:

        Hi Denaleigh
        Thank you for your reply.
        I didn’t call in because I am still very intimidated by this modern technology and I wanted to get the feel of your site first.
        But I listened avidly all the way through! Where were you all when I was young and so thirsty for all this sort of knowledge? Not even born, I guess!
        When you finished I burst into tears. What a wonderful gift for humanity you offer, in a world that really doesn’t offer much hope to its youth.

        But you have restored my faith in humanity – the world is waking up fast and perhaps we will make it after all. The first and best place to start in this world is our Health, and with each other.

        I live in Australia, as does Jon,I believe, and, by their accents, so do many others. Are your products available in Australia at the australian dollar exchange rate? I don’t have the disposable income I once had and would like to invest in your products and I am sure there are other Australians in the same boat?
        I would love to become part of your inner circle but am not sure whether I can afford it any more. Do you think I am too old (68) to start another career as a GM health and weightloss coach? My health issues are all fairly minor, although they don’t sound that way to more conventional others. I think I would be very good at it, especially with my background and it is something I have wanted to do all my life. I would only want to work part time. No other weightloss programme fits the bill for genuine health as well as this one does – and I think I have studied them all!

        Thank you for your wonderful website and support
        Kind Regards

        • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

          Hi Margaret,
          Our programs are all downloadable, so that isn’t a problem as they can be downloaded any where in the world. Our supplements however, do come from the States at this stage.
          Jon says that we would love to consider you as a GM Coach, in about 9 – 12 months time!
          Den πŸ™‚

  21. Sharon H says:

    Just woke with I appreciate you in my mind… it isn’t acknowledge, although that is a good word, it’s I appreciate you… so much softer

  22. Sharon H says:

    What a great visualization… I did it in the morning the first time so I could hear what I was going to be learning …. I love the sequence I love, I accept, I acknowledge, I forgive… When Jon first introduced it (or when I first hear it) on Ask Jon and started the practice I would weep… now my subconscious gets to process this blessed body of information while I sleep…. If it works as well as our regular Evening vis… I will be walking around blissed out all day… with our regular vis all I wanted to do is stay in produce when I went to the store and I kept talking about fresh vital food….. words I never used before…. So wonder what this is going to dooo… Can’t wait to see.. yes I can.. each in it’s own time… Thank You Sharon.

  23. Sharon H says:

    After watching Core Concepts… I think that, although I am eating GM friendly foods, I am going through a stressful time that is causing Leptin Resistance….. I am holding at my lower set point however, if I am having greater difficulty hearing my body’s messages. The slow downs and quantity messages… So I guess I am wondering how, when going through unavoidable stress, how do I listen better… I know that my body is brilliantly listening to Stress Stress Stress winter is coming….. better eat.. Luckily, I am not craving cardboard foods, so are the main tool visualizations and meditation to ease back the mental stress…. I think also my GTGE protocol and weights….. So guess I’m answering my own question..
    I can do this…..slow down my mind, keep GTGE going and ring out my muscles with short intense weights…..3x a week no more…. Got it… Sharon H

    This was such a clear and concise presentation of the information… Love it…. Besides my personal questions it is sparking a lot of how does that happen…. how does that hormone do that… Just waiting to dive deeper into each little idea that Jon so clearly explains… This is really fun.. Thanks.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Sharon,
      So glad it is working for you. It does sound like you have answered your own questions πŸ™‚ taking care of yourself, time for meditation & visualization, moving your body, eating well. If greater stress is happening in your life it’s even more important to devote greater time and energy to mind-body health, and it sounds like you are doing that!

      Thanks for joining us for this, hope all the videos continue to resonate and provide useful resources-
      Anne, GM Team

  24. says:

    I was really looking forward to the MP3. Is there a reason it is not available? And when can I expect it.