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Greg Dinkin is a Certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. A native of Washington D.C., he currently lives in Los Angeles. Growing up as a “basketball player trapped in a football player’s body,” Greg’s struggles with weight hampered a promising future in basketball.

He took a break from his job as a literary agent to do a detox on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand in 2007. While there, one of Jon Gabriel’s fans gave Greg a copy of The Gabriel Method. Greg was so impressed that he reached out to Jon, became his literary agent, and sold the publishing rights to Beyond Words/Simon & Schuster, the same publisher of The Secret.

Greg then went to Western Australia to learn more about Jon and The Gabriel Method. He had to see for himself that Jon walked his own walk and left even more impressed. Putting the information to use, Greg lost 45 kilos (100 pounds).

He gave a TEDx talk on “Mind Shift” in which he explored the power of our thoughts, combined with proper action, to shift our minds and shift our lives. A former professional poker player who won $102,542 at the World Series of Poker, Greg is the author of 3 books including The Poker MBA (Random House). He writes a weekly column for Yahoo’s ThePostGame on nutrition, wellness and life.

He is an active listener who is most passionate about helping people pave their own path to health and happiness.

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