Detox November 2018: Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered

Jon and Nadia

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21 comments on “Detox November 2018: Your Questions Answered
  1. Nicky Reese says:


    I have tried to download the last two class audio files, but all I get on both is:

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    Please help

    Thank you Nicky

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Hi Nicky,

      Our apologies for the inconvenience. We recently had a system glitch. Our technical team is resolving the issue now. Please try to access the files again.

      • Nicky Reese says:

        Hi Jong

        I’m afraid it’s the same today:

        This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
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        Please let me know when it has been fixed, as I would like to have the downloads.

        Many thanks


  2. Pamela A Reimler says:

    I got up this morning, and took my blood glucose as normal…now, I am scratching my head. What can I eat today? I don’t quite have a clear grasp on pre-cleanse – I have reduced my coffee to 1 cup yesterday… I am drinking water – nearly 3 liters yesterday. For now, I am going to try the juicer I have borrowed. See if I can make something with a few cucumbers and apple. I am feeling concerned and would like to know how people have managed to get all this juice packed up for work everyday. I have a refrigerator at work, but will need to have everything ready before arriving. I am looking for good wisdom, and information about how much time is involved in prep work each night. I am trying to figure out my schedule and this looks like a few hours daily in prep time. Comments and any wisdom. I think I need to find more containers to keep the juice in too. Thank you

    • Nicky Reese says:

      Hi Pamela

      As far as I’ve been doing it, I’ve tried to get the hang of all the various drinks, so I am familiar with them next week. Also, I’ve gradually cut down on carbohydrates and coffee etc. and now I am pretty much on juices/broth and steamed wholegrains with steamed veg. I think that this week is a chance to gradually let go of cravings before the full-on juice week next week and learn/explore how different herbs fresh and dried work with broths etc. I might be wrong, but I am feeling much more ready to do the cleanse now but without the pressure of launching straight in, e.g. I passed up coffee today even though the group I was with were all having it and didn’t feel deprived.
      I have found that I can juice all the veg for the next day can be done in one session, which saves on prep and cleaning time and I run water through the juicer inbetween variations in veg. I have also found that having 3 glass bottles with metal lids ready to put the juices in the fridge is the best way to have them portable and easy to manage. I am going to do what Jon suggested and have broth 2 or 3 times a day and I have found that it works in a thermos with some jars of cayenne pepper and garlic powder to put on my cup when I have it. Also I have a slow cooker to do the broth and so can let a day’s worth simmer away all evening and then it’s ready to put in the fridge. So that’s my 3 broth and 3 juice and then the other drinks are pretty quick – chia and golden tea.
      Hope it helps.


  3. Mia Wilson says:

    Hi. I’m looking forward to the detox next week but also feel nervous. I hope I feel well enough to keep up with my work/responsibilities and I hope I can do well with the detox. Sugar is definitely my vice!
    Quick question: I know we will be taking in LOTS of nutrient dense drinks but I am wondering why a detox like this doesn’t put the body into famine mode since the caloric intake will be reduced so drastically. I know Jon says restricting causes our body to hold onto weight. So why is a detox ok to do?

  4. Nicky Reese says:

    Please would you answer the following questions for me:

    1. I have heard that apple cider in water is very damaging for the teeth enamel. What do you think?

    2. How long do the juices made in a masticating juicer last in and out of the fridge?

    3. The recipes in the resources include beetroot and apple, but Jon said that on the detox week, we ought to make juices from leafy greens and not include ‘sweet’ vegetables. Is this right? Are these recipes for using after the detox? What about red pepper? I am a bit confused.

    I look forward to hearing your reply.

    Many thanks Nicky

  5. Kari Blom says:

    Hello, all! I was just wondering if there is a brand or brands of masticating juicers that you recommend? Many thanks for your answer, and for everything. xo K.

  6. Nicky Reese says:

    Hi Jong

    Thank you for your help, I have connected to the group now.


    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Great! Feel free to post your questions and experience about the detox. We’ll respond to them as soon as we can. Thank you too for your patience.

  7. Nicky Reese says:

    Also, I am trying to log into the facebook group page, but when I put in all my details I get this message:

    There was 1 error:

    Thank you for your interest. This form is no longer receiving submissions.

    Please advise

    With thanks

  8. Nicky Reese says:

    I was not able to attend the first Detox lesson yesterday and so I logged on today to watch the presentation. However, all I can see on the site at the moment is a few static powerpoint slides and Jon talking. The recording doesn’t even start at the beginning of the class – it begins in the middle of him talking about immune systems and later on in the audio it is obvious that the recording has missed a lot of crucial information about detoxing. Please explain to me why this is happening as this course is not going to work for me in the UK if this is the standard that is going to be available if I cannot attend. I was expecting to be able to watch the full class in action, with Jon talking and presenting like he does in his receipe videos.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Hi Nicky,
      Thanks for contacting us. Our apologies for the confusion and inconvenience that this has brought you. All the live events are being recorded and will be uploaded to your members’ area within 24 hours. Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing a glitch on the recordings. Our technical team is currently addressing this issue. It should be available in a few hours. Thanks for your patience.

  9. Susan Farrington says:

    Hi… Having returned home from traveling today, I for some reason thought 6PM was the time. I want to be on board with this, feel it is just what I need to get back on track with healthy eating. Have been vacationing and then ended up at my Dad’s caring for him because he had a bit of a health crisis. (he’s 86 and doing much better now). So self-care has been lacking for the past couple weeks especially, but I have been sliding downhill for a while.
    So, though I want to do this, I am leery about my ability to follow through. The daily support on week 2 will be much needed. I will catch up on the 1st session asap and see you on Tuesday!
    Ciao, Susan Farrington

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Hi Susan,
      Thanks for Letting us know. I hope your Dad is doing well. Don’t worry about the program’s schedule. The Live Events are being recorded and will be downloaded to your members’ area for you to access. You can also do the program at your own pace since you will have a lifetime access to it.