How Does this Work?

The Gabriel Method Support Group is a vibrant, supportive, online community for weight loss and life transformation. We welcome members from all backgrounds, from all over the globe. The one consistency (and unspoken requirement) for membership is that you are open-minded, supportive, and caring.


At the core of the Support Group are the monthly Ask Jon Call-In Day. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to call in and talk with Jon about whatever it is you need help with.

Some people call in to ask what type of juicer Jon recommends; others call in dealing with very serious emotional challenges or traumas. It’s a free-form call, and it’s one of the most insightful and valuable aspects of The Support Group—even if all you do is listen!

Q: How will I know when it’s happening?
A: Just check your email for reminders or see the calendar link on the top right of the site.

Q: Are call recordings archived?
A: Yes, you’ll always have access to any/all previous Ask Jon recordings (again, often just listening to other people is the most valuable thing).


The forum is 100% private, spam-free, and there are almost always members in there 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Someone is sharing amazing resources, or giving support, or asking questions and getting answers. Even if you’ve never thought of using a forum before, after you to sign on few times and see what a great resource it is, you’ll be hooked.

Forum members organize local meet-ups, share recipes, and support and guide one another. Aside from our members and moderators, the Gabriel Method Certified Coaches and Jon himself often post and reply personally to hot topics and posts.

Q: Are my posts visible to search engines?
A: No, it’s 100% private, not visible to search engines.

Q: Can I post using a nickname for privacy?
A: Yes, of course.


At least once per month (sometimes more), Jon gets on camera to share some of his latest research, to answer questions, and to connect with the entire Support Group community. Jon’s video blogs are fast-paced and informative, and the archives are available forever within the member’s area.


You’ll quickly see that the list of resources, videos, visualizations, recipes, and so much more are constantly being added to the member’s area. Jon’s main focus is to make this a virtual university of health and life transformation information so you’ll never have to go anywhere else.

Q: Will Gabriel Method Shows be archived?
A: Yes, only Support Group Members get access to the archives, transcripts and recordings.

Q: Will new visualizations be added?
A: Yes, support group members are constantly receiving new, guided visualizations practices.