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VISUALIZATION: Start by watching the video above to learn how and why we are practicing visualization for weight loss, and how it can be one of the most powerful tools for change in your life.

Caution: Do not listen to visualization audios while driving or operating machinery. This program creates a frequency following response and should not be used if you have epilepsy or currently using a pacemaker. The practice of guided visualization with SMART Music is extremely safe, but do please check with your doctor or health care provider if you have any doubts or questions.

Balance Blood Sugar

This visualization will help you find sustained energy throughout the day by balancing your blood sugar and cravings. Using this practice in the morning will help you to avoid the spikes and subsequent dips in energy that are so common for most people.

Living Goddess Visualization

In my work with thousands of students, I’ve learned that modern women experience a very unique set of stresses that can leave them feeling depleted and disconnected. This simple visualization practice is one of my most popular because it helps women reconnect with their radiant, divine, feminine energy. I’d encourage you to use this whenever you feel like you need to refresh your spirit. Enjoy…

Living Warrior Visualization

If you’ve been following the Gabriel Method for any length of time, you know that stress plays a huge role in weight gain. Modern men experience both personal and business stresses like never before in history; and often, days or weeks can go by without having time to recuperate and to find your center. I created this program to help you tap into your on-purpose, masculine energy that might feel hampered by your current state of mind. Enjoy…

Genetically Thin Visualization

Have you ever wondered why one member of a family can be obese while the rest are “naturally thin?” Your genetics are only part of the story, and new research proves that all of us can dramatically influence our genetic expression. The best way to reprogram yourself to be “genetically thin” is through mind-body practices, specifically visualization. Enjoy…

Morning Visualizations

How you start the day sets the stage for how it plays out. It’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness of mornings; the errands and the meals-on-the-go. Whenever you can, take a few minutes for yourself. Sit down and use these visualizations to prepare yourself for the best day you can possibly have. The Gabriel Method approach is a process of building healthy habits that compound over time into a total transformation. These morning practices can be a huge help.

Afternoon & Evening Visualizations

Most people I work with find it’s easier to make healthy choices in the morning. They experience fewer cravings and stresses earlier in the day. Afternoons and evenings are the times when many people feel overwhelmed or even out of control. If this is true for you, I’d encourage you to take your power back simply by taking a few minutes for yourself. Use this afternoon visualization to get through the 3 o’clock hump at work, and use the evening visualization right before bed. If you fall asleep listening, don’t worry. That means it’s working exactly as intended. Enjoy…

Safe, Strong & Protected

Your body uses fat to protect you from real or perceived danger, and most people have stresses in their lives that their bodies interpret as threats. Financial worries, career stress, and marital problems are a just a few common triggers that can confuse your body into feeling “unsafe.” When your body feels unsafe, it can use weight to protect you from your hostile environment. Use this visualization to put your emotions in check and to communicate to your body that no matter what is happening right now, you are safe, strong, and protected. When you address the real causes of your weight gain, weight loss is automatic. Enjoy…

Burn Fat Now!

Your body has as FAT Switch, and this switch can get turned on by my many different triggers including stress, dieting, toxins, and emotional issues. It’s crucial to understand what’s turning your FAT Switch on, and it’s just as important to actively help your body turn it offthrough the mind-body practice of visualization. Enjoy…

Living in Abundance

A common emotional trigger for weight gain is a feeling of “lack” in your life. It might be a lack of love, lack of money or a lack of purpose; and in some cases, food fills that void making it very challenging to lose weight. Use this visualization to instill a sense over overflowing abundance in your life with everything you do.

Get Thin or Get Eaten!

You’ve learned that your body can respond to stresses in your life by gaining weight, but there is one particular type of stress that turns off your FAT Switch and communicates to your body that being thin is imperative to your survival. I call it the Get Thin or Get Eaten Adaptation, and it’s part of your biological heritage. 10,000 years ago, being light, agile, and fast was necessary for your survival, so you could escape predators, hunt and stay alive. This unique type of stress puts your body in a fat burning mode almost immediately. Short, intense exercise combined with visualization is one of the most-effective ways to work with your body using exercise to lose weight. Listen to this before you exercise.

Total Digestion Visualization

The Total Digestion visualization is a powerful tool to get your body’s digestive system attuned and aware. Try it before eating and see if you feel the difference!

Smart Music

SMART stands for Super Mental Awareness Re-education Training. SMART Music takes you into very relaxing and pleasant states of awareness where you are highly receptive to learning.These states are perfectly natural and normal and you pass through them every night when you are going to sleep. The only difference is that SMART Music lets you go there when you are conscious. When you’re in SMART Mode, you become a super-learning machine. You can make quick and permanent changes to your thinking through simple suggestions to yourself. Take a break from your day to listen to this anytime. This is also great to play while doing your own visualizations or to help children relax before bedtime.

Group Practices

ABOUT THESE PRACTICES – To bring Support Group Members together, I host monthly, visualization practices around a specific theme. Scroll through the list below, and I’m sure you’ll find a visualization that speaks to you. You can download these so you can play them anywhere, anytime.

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