UCE Mentor Follow Up

UCE Mentor Follow Up Form

    Critical piece of text with coach giving appraisal of client progress to date. Acknowledgement of success, areas and suggestions to improve.

    List of Action Steps for client to focus on mastering and adding during course of next 4 weeks.

    A selection of resources sourced from entire GM library only (programs, blogs, recipes, visualizations, expert talks, live coaching, etc) to help client create a lifestyle including GM.

    **Staff Notes Only**

    COACHING NOTES: Notes for other coaches.

    Step 1: Select Your Name

    Step 2: ONLY use 2nd drop down for the following: They are seeing any Speciality for the 1st time. (1st Cell Release, Nutrition, Fitness, Tapping Session)

    Step 3: ONLY use 3rd drop down for the following:

    1) a client has asked for a specific specialist coach

    2) a client needs to see their specialist coach more than once.
    See Asana notes for who their specific coach should be. (2nd-5th Cell Release, Nutrition, Fitness, Tapping Session) SEE TRAINING VIDEO HERE

    Mentor Coach:

    Next Session:

    Next Coach:

    I acknowledge that I have correctly spelled the Client's full name and email address.