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228 comments on “Day 6: Cleanse Wrap-up Party
  1. Annas An'am says:

    Papaya, coconut water and chia seeds shake is awesome. Thank you Nadia and Gabriel’s team as well. I drank it on my 2nd and 3rd day after my detox cleanse. I feel that I have less craving for unhealthy food and crave for healthy ones.

    Lose 17 pounds from my detox week and hopefully I’ll be able to maintain that weight, or lose more and live a healthy lifestyle.

    Thank you for answering all my questions. You guys rock and have a blessful new year =o)

    • Denaleigh B says:

      HI Annas,
      Congratulations on completing the cleanse!!
      Thank you for the great feedback. Keep us posted on your better health journey.
      Best regards
      Den – The GM Team

  2. Annas An'am says:

    I have completed my detox. And I felt better then ever. Its coming to the end of the year so there staff eating every now and then. So what I did is I break cleanse drinking coconut water and ate some bee hoon noodles and chew them properly as mentioned by Nadia in the webinar. I listen to my body and it seems to be okie. Drink water with lemon everynow and then throughout the day.

    Just a quick question, can I start doing my workout today such as plank and sit ups?


    • Denaleigh B says:

      Hi Annas,
      Congratulations on completing the cleanse!
      If this is only your first day post cleanse, it is probably best to avoid anything too strenuous. Allow your body to use its energy reserves to begin the process of digesting solid food again. Perhaps Day 2 start with gentle exercises and see how you feel. Keep us posted.
      Kind regards
      Den – The GM Team


    Hi GM Team !

    Jon indicated we should eat raw milk cheeses, and yet the cookbook does not mention that cheese should be raw milk: does it matter if I use Camembert or Stilton not made with raw milk ?

    Also, the ricotta in the delicious blueberry pancakes is not raw milk ?

    I just want to make sure I keep on track 🙂


  4. Shayndel Kahn says:

    I love the tea with coconut oil! Just wondering how much coconut oil to have in a day? Don’t want to overdo it.

  5. Susan Hansen says:

    I love the Green Me Up Jonny – but it is NOT organic and
    has soy which would be GMO; does not seem healthy
    therefore. Info from staff please!

    • Hi Susan,

      Great question. The green me up Jonny has Lecithin, which is derived from soy. But it’s a very high quality type of Lecithin, which is great for lowering cholesterol and helping the body lose weight. I’ll get my back office to find out some more details about whether the soy is GMO. But even if it is, we’re talking about micro grams here – 4 tenths of a gram per serving, or 1 calorie’s worth of lecithin. Also the proteins that can be harmful in GMO are extracted from the Lecithin, so we’re not talking about a huge issue in the grand scheme of things. But it is a great question and I’ll keep you posted.



  6. Tandy Solomon says:

    I want to reach out to everyone a week after we introduced food to give a big high-five for our continuing commitments and a hug of support!

    Also: Here in the States we’ve just woken from our biggest food-centric holiday of the year, and I thought it would be great to ask the GM team what are the best ways to get right back on the healing foods path if we’ve gotten off it!

    Even though I prepared live, grain-free, dairy free foods to contribute to our Thanksgiving feast, I still found myself, as the hours passed, sipping wine, grabbing a passing corn chip, and eating more organic turkey than mindful eating calls for.

    Is it better (for a Hashimoto’s/candidiasis/leaky gut – healing person) to begin the next morning with a rich bone and vegetable broth OR fresh cucumber/celery/kale juice?
    I still am perplexed about whether protein or live greens are better first thing?
    AND should we be concerned about food combining? ie: do juices need to be taken separately from eggs or chicken, for example?

    Many thanks! I am THANKFUL for everyone on the GM team and my fellows on this journey!

    • Hi Tandy,

      Thanks for the high five. High five right back to you for continuing to do a great job! After a big meal, just keep doing what you’re doing. Broth is great, green juices are great, you almost can’t go wrong as long as you’re eating lots of healthy, real foods. You can combine green juices with anything, as long as they don’t have fruit. If they do, it’s best to combine with protein and healthy fats. Protein is good to have a in the first 2 hours of waking up. But you can have your green and super greens first and maybe a protein smoothy an hour later.

  7. Ashley says:

    I’ve been continuing to use detox broth. I love it. Does it lose its nutrients when we re-heat — or after a certain number of days? Thank you!

  8. Tana Macpherson-Smith says:

    Hi Jon and Nadia,
    I would really welcome your help and advice. I loved the pre-cleanse and detox weeks and felt amazing. Juicing for the first time really worked for me. However since completing the course I have suffered real pain in my stomach; it is sore to touch and hurts all the time. I have a lot of gas coming up, my intestines are bubbling and gurgling with volume all the time and I am completely off food of any kind. I have absolutely no interest in eating or taking juices at all which is a first! If i do have either i just get pains in my stomach. Feel very tired…and have lost all the vitality of last week. Any suggestions?
    Despite this….I had an amazing two weeks… Thank you both so np much.

    • Nadia says:

      Hi Tana,

      Congratulations on doing the detox and introducing juicing to your life!

      I would suggest taking some good quality probiotics to help re-balance your digestive system.

      And as well as that you may want to visit your health practitioner just to make sure all is okay.

  9. JanH says:

    Is there any way to get the audio only to download to an MP3 for this day of the detox Thanks

  10. Allison Miller says:

    What about sprouted Tofu? Is that as good as fermented soy?

  11. Allison Miller says:

    Dear Jon and Nadia,

    Do you know when you might do another guided cleanse?

    I’m wondering your thoughts about doing another 5 day cleanse the first week in January. Do you think that would be too soon? I had great results and I’m feeling better, so I was thinking of doing it again. Also, my friend is interested so I thought I would do it with her. But, I don’t want to do it if it is too soon — I don’t want to make my body stressed.

    Thank you again.


  12. gabrielmethod says:

    For everyone who expressed interest in the Raw Chocolate recipes – here is the link:
    Best regards
    Den – The GM Team

  13. Helen Bradley says:

    Hi does anyone else have loose bowels. I am having very loose ones and my tummy hurts.
    Any suggestions?

    Thanks this past week was amazing… Now the stepping forward into the next phase.

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Helen, it can be quite normal to have loose bowels during a detox. If you are taking supplements make sure to take with with a juice or food if coming out of the detox. For the pain a hot water bottle helps a lot.

      I hope this helps!

      Best Regards
      The GM Team

      • Helen Bradley says:

        I am still having increased loose bowel movements with pain in my upper stomach. I think I will just take it easy today with any food and rest. I have a hot water bottle. Is there anything that I can do to balance the tummy? I was thinking raw Milk Kefier, but I did not want to go back on dariy. Any alternatives?

        • Jon Gabriel says:

          Hi Helen,

          If pain persists, I would recommend that you see a doctor or naturopath in your area, just to make sure everything is ok. Also Coconut yoghurt might be a little more gentle on your stomach than raw milk kefir.

          • Helen Bradley says:

            Thank You Jon, I am much better today! Thank God! Still a bit sensitive and taking it slow.. but better. Thank You for your support

          • gabrielmethod says:

            Hi Helen,
            That is good to hear – keep us posted.
            Best regards
            Den – The GM Team

  14. Allison Miller says:

    Another question. We talked a lot about sprouted nuts. What about nut butters? If we buy nut butters that are organic and just the nuts, should we also make sure the nuts have been sprouted before being made into nut butter?

    Thanks so much,


    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Allison,

      Nut butters are great! Preferred are raw tahini and
      raw almond butter. They cannot be sprouted but are still great to eat.

      Best Regards
      The GM Team

  15. Allison Miller says:

    Dear Jon and Nadia,
    I am wondering what you think of nutritional yeast. I enjoy the flavor and supposedly it is good protein and B-12. But I have heard mixed things. Thank you for your input! Allison

  16. Marisol Rocha says:

    I am wondering what the GM team feels about sashimi – both in general and also how many days do I wait until my digestion can support raw fishes?

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Marisol,

      Sashimi is great! Keep in mind all raw fish should be frozen for a few days then thawed before eaten to kill parasites and worms, almost all sushi restaurants are required to do this but if you make at home w/fresh fish easy to overlook.

      Best Regards
      The GM Team

  17. Jolinda Elmore says:

    Thanks so much for everything! I’ve noticed that I don’t crave Pepsi One (cola) anymore at lunchtime and many things taste too salty and/or too sweet. So I don’t want them! I’m hoping that this will be a great “kick-off” to losing some weight!

  18. TroyLynne Perrault says:

    What do I do for protein on day 1 of the post-cleanse?

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi TroyLynne,
      I hope that this question was answered sufficiently for you in the webinar. Protein was best saved for the second or third meal post cleanse and a small amount of animal protein, would have been great. What did you end up doing?
      Best Regards
      Den – The GM Team

  19. Johanne Harrigan says:

    Dishwasher Tablets. I don’t recall her name but there was a woman with serious eczema asking about dishwasher detergent. I went to my local health food store yesterday and noticed some. It is called Ecover Zero. 0% fragrance perfume, natural automatic dishwasher tablets. You may want to give these a try. I did take a picture of it so I will email it to the GM Team. I hope this helps you. – Johanne

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Johanne,
      Thanks for that!
      Best regards
      Den – The GM Team

    • Tandy Solomon says:

      You’re so thoughtful, Joanne! Thank you so much! I had asked the question because, sadly, this product from even Ecover and other “green” companies makes us ill in our household. But I think for the vast majority of people, those would be great alternatives to the much more toxic mainstream products. Thanks again for your kindness. Best wishes to you as you continue on this healing cleansing journey.

      • Ludmilla wolf Wolf says:

        Tandy, have you seen the DIY recipe for dishwater detergent I have posted in the detox home page? Does that work for you?

      • Johanne Harrigan says:

        Hi Tandy, I want to mention something that helped relieve the extreme itchiness I had with eczema. I found this product by accident when I was at a mall and a store clerk asked me to try a sample of his Dead Sea Salt. He rubbed it on my hands and them sprayed some water. I said thank you and had non intention of buying any. When I got home I could not believe how much relief I had from the extreme itchiness. It does not cure the eczema but it is certainly very soothing. The next day I went back to the store to buy some. It is quite expensive in Canada but I later found some in the USA that was a better price. I am happy to say that since I have cut out dairy and wheat, my eczema has cleared up on my hands and legs! I believe it is the dairy because I did a recipe with ricotta cheese and after a few days I was starting to feels some eczema symptoms. I stopped eating it and have been fine since. I have also tried goat cheese and that does not bother me. If you try the Dead Sea Salt, you may find it strong on your skin at first. I always found it took 15-30 minutes before I felt the relief. Start with a small area such as your hands and see what happens. If you do put it on your legs, don’t shave your legs on the same day! I hope this can help you too Tandy as it is a natural product and perhaps you won’t react to it like so many other products. – Johanne

        • Tandy Solomon says:

          Johanne — Wow. I’m going to try this! I’ve noticed that ocean swimming can sometimes diminish my eczema, but here in California we have a lot of trouble with e coli in the coastal water so I don’t get to swim often. I’m really grateful for your suggestion. Thx 🙂

  20. TroyLynne Perrault says:

    Is it OK to eat Bubbies Sauerkraut on my first post-cleanse day?

  21. Angela Vogt says:

    also when I add chia seeds to my smoothie would it be best to pre-soak them? as I like to drink the smoothie straight away so it doesn’t start to discolour 🙂

  22. Karyn De mol says:

    Thanks you so much Jon and Nadia and to your wonderful team
    This has been a great experience and I feel fantastic
    I have been lucky since I have been following GM methods for quite a while it was an easy process without major symptoms
    I hope that the detox will break the binge on sugar I recently restarted after giving up smoking
    You give so much of your time Jon and it is greatly appreciated


  23. Nadia says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Congratulations on doing this cleanse… such a wonderful gift you have given yourselves!

    Thanks to all of you for all the kind words I am reading and hearing. It was my pleasure and my honour to be here with all of you during these two weeks.

    I wish all of you well as you move forward,
    With love,

    • Angela Vogt says:

      You are a special soul and I am feeling so blessed to have had the kind encouragement of yourself, Jon, Den, Shannon and rest of the team.

      you guys have produced a remarkable program that is sure to become ridiculously sought after!

      onwards and upwards 🙂

    • TroyLynne Perrault says:

      Thanks so much, Nadia! You are terrific.

      • Susan M says:

        Hi Nadia,

        I really appreciate all the information you and Jon have given these last 2 weeks. Also your warm and consistently enthusiastic tone has been so encouraging. Thank you!

        Since you answered my question about using a FIR sauna during the detox (You said once a day, or twice to help if there are detox symptoms.) I’m wondering if you have any tips about how to decide how long to stay in each session? I’m a novice at saunas and wouldn’t want to overdo it! I’m still doing the pre-cleanse due to my situation which includes dealing with that back melt down and fibromyalgia. I’m happy to be taking it gently.

        • Nadia says:

          Hi Susan,

          Listen to your body and be gentle.

          If at any time you feel the need, cut your session short, open the door, take a break or a shower to cool off.

          A typical session is about 30 minutes but again, listen to your body.

          Drink water before you go in and when finished (and even throughout). Shower when you are done.

          I hope this helps,

          • Susan M says:

            Thanks Nadia, that’s great help.

            If you are still seeing these emails, it’d be helpful to hear your experiences of people with adrenal fatigue/fibromyalgia doing detoxes. Dr Junger says not to detox if you have adrenal fatigue, and he’s a mentor of Jon’s, but I listened to what you said to the woman who had adrenal fatigue and lost her way home on day one of the cleanse and it seems you think cleansing can be safe even with adrenal fatigue. Can you say more? I wrote down your advice to her and would follow it.

          • Susan M says:

            PS to my December 6 post is I tried a day and a half of detoxing – well hydrated and nourished with lots of Jon’s supergreens, lots of spirulina, kale lettuce parsley ginger (little) carrot juice, coconut water + water, acv water, and had avocado as back up food. My body developed a feeling of internal agitation in half a day, and sweating + shower didn’t fix it. I suspect that feeling is due to toxins circulating that my liver is not quite up to processing due to the lowered ability of my adrenals or something like that. Is that what you think is happening?

          • Nadia says:

            Hi Susan,

            What I would suggest is that you do several weeks – up to a month on the pre-cleansing diet before you begin trying to do the cleanse again. If at any time you feel the cleanse is too strong for you, go back to the pre-cleanse diet. This pre-cleanse diet will still help your body to detoxify while you are eating and you can actually stay on this pre-cleansing diet indefinitely as it is a very healthy way to eat.

  24. Susan M says:

    I googled how to make natto!

    It includes steaming the soybeans for 6 hours, keeping the innoculated beans at 40 degrees C for up to 24 hours – a bit more exacting than is manageable at home (without a dehydrator, maybe that would do it)- or putting the steamed beans in rice straw, which probably isn’t so easy to source or consistent in results as using the right bacterium!
    Looks like I better track down a good source of raw organic brie…
    Thanks for the idea though!

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Susan,
      Wow… not a simple process then! Thanks for letting us know though. I hope that you have some success finding some raw organic brie.
      Best regards
      Den – The GM Team

  25. Zoe Valery says:

    Thanks Jon, At last you can have your second bite of your post clean food.

  26. Johanne Harrigan says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have all been fabulous and a great support!

  27. Susan M says:

    Just in case it’s a help for you at GM, I downloaded notes from the detox program section site, and they still need updating to not include GM fitness in the cleanse week.

    Also the power point slides I downloaded also still include items you corrected in the webinars.

  28. Allison Miller says:

    Thank you Jon and Nadia! It was such a wonderful experience. I am so grateful to you all — including the whole team and all the other fellow detoxers!

  29. Sherie Connors says:

    For previous caller Susan from Melbourne, she can buy raw cheese from Vic Market, here’s the link if it helps

  30. Marisol Rocha says:

    What about yogurt as I think of cultured food ideas (is that not dairy?)

    I would so greatly appreciate an idea list of what you mean by cultured foods.


  31. Zoe Valery says:

    What a beautiful site, with that water chanel, boats…
    Nice place!
    Thank you very much for this great gift life lasting.

  32. Lynda Rouser says:

    Thank you Jon, Nadia, Dan, Shan, and everyone behind the scenes for your support, encouragement, and detox expertise – it really made all the difference!

  33. Marisol Rocha says:

    As I look to heal Hashimoto’s and Rosacea, I am clear that gluten and dairy need to go – but I did not clearly understand Jon’s answer about raw milk cheeses still being okay in supporting this effort (love cheese, so wondering if I have to accept giving it up completely in my mission to cure these ailments!)

    Also, in this mission is a glass or two of wine once in awhile as well as the flaxseed crackers okay or does that work against healing digestion and immune system?

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Marisol! For most people, removing gluten is a life changing. With dairy, some people do OK with with, others no. There are person-to-person variance. Jon’s reference to raw dairy has to do with the protein and fat structures that are changed dramatically in homogenization and pasteurization. That said, raw dairy is difficult to find and potentially dangerous if you’re not 100% sure where it’s coming from. So… proceed with caution:) In terms of wine, everyone has to find their own balance, no one eats/drinks perfectly, and that’s just fine. The important thing is just to remember that wine is not helpful for your health, and not at all helpful for weight loss. Hope that’s useful!

  34. Lorie Griffith says:

    you advised to take 2 to 3 probiotics yesterday… if drinking the johnny green up each day.. would you need to take the probiotics ?

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Lorie – Green Me Up, Jonny! has a great dose of probiotics. You could but would not need to take more. Some people take Green Me Up 1tsp 2x per day which works too. Hope that helps!

  35. Tandy Solomon says:

    Q: How do we heal from over-exercise in the detox period? Rochelle just said she has had intense pain in her glutes and thighs for the past 24 hours. She assumed it was detox issues but I TOO have had the EXACT same thing. I also read the directions for day 2 to say in the homework that we shoudl do the 8 minutes of high intensity excerise, so unfortuantly I did it for the past few days. Now I’m in intense pain — it feels like I’ve been flayed. Can you recommend the best ways to heal our muscles from this tearing down?

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Tandy! It’s normal to get a little achy during a cleanse, and muscle soreness from a new activity is really normal though I know it can be uncomfortable. That is to say, you’re doing great, just take it easy, give yourself a break and come back to the GM Fitness in a few days. Talk soon!

  36. Jacqueline Bernauer says:

    Can you tell me if goat cheese is an acceptable dairy that does not compromise your immune system?

    • Tandy Solomon says:

      Jacqueline — I don’t know if they’ll be answering these questions, so just in case, I’ll share with you what I know:

      RAW organic cheeses from grass-fed animals are considered very helpful to the immune system.*
      Jon and Nadia recommend them as part of a healthy high-probiotic diet. However, the cheese we often call “goat cheese” is a soft cheese, and raw cheeses are required by law in most areas to have been aged for some number of months to ensure good bacterial content. Thus, the cheese we normally think of as “goat cheese” or chevre would not be supportive. However, there are many many types of excellent raw cheeses made from goat’s milk that would be wonderful, if you’re choosing to include dairy in your diet.

      Hope this helps!

      *(In the US, it’s legal to sell dairy as “organic” even if they were fed grain, so you have to really look for grass-fed animals, and — if you don’t have access to a good local organic market — it’s best to develop a relationship with a local dairy farmer through your farmers market.)

  37. Mireille Leclerc says:

    Hi, 2 questions:

    1) is it possible to extend the cleanse to more than 5 days?

    2) the Green Me Up Johnny gives me a lot of cramps and diarreah. Is it normal?

    • Mireille Leclerc says:

      P.S. I’m feeling great, by the way (besides the discomfort of the Green Me Up). Thank you so much for this week, I want to keep going! I didn’t break the cleanse yet, I want your opinion first… 🙂

      • Tandy Solomon says:

        Salut Mireille!

        Jon and Nadia have strongly encouraged us not to take the cleanse longer than five days for THIS cleanse, but as we continue on with the post-cleanse in the coming weeks and months, we can consider doing these every six months and going longer over time. Our bodies need the chance to take it to the next level of healing and detoxing which we’ll do as we add in healing LIVE foods. So don’t think you’re ending this! You’re just moving on to the next phase! Congratulations on what you’ve accomplished.

        There’s lots of info on yesterday’s and today’s webinars about the right foods to eat to break the cleanse.

        (Sorry I have nothing to offer about your reaction to the greens. I’m guessing they would suggest that you add more than the normal amount of water, since sometimes people have that response to grass juices and it helps to increase the amount of water so it’s not so strong.)

        • Mireille Leclerc says:

          Salut Tandy! Merci beaucoup pour la réponse!

          I will break the cleanse tomorrow than, and look forward to listen to yeasterday’s webinar (didn’t have time yet…)

          Bonne soirée!

        • Susanne says:

          As i heard it, they suggested to do this cleanse once a year -but much more important, to live a detox life…to implement more and more healthy foods, and nourish our body and spirit.
          all the best

          • gabrielmethod says:

            @Susanne – yes! Exactly. Some people do it 1x per year, some more/less often, but you are exactly right. It’s all about the lifestyle.

    • gabrielmethod says:

      @Mireille – great you’re feeling great! Sorry to hear about Green Me Up, it’s quite potent, so it can happen. Here are a couple things we often do in the office.

      1 – take with food (this often aids digestion)

      2 – take just 1tsp 2x per day instead of all at once

      Let me know if that helps!

  38. R C says:

    Jon & Nadia thanks for guiding me through my first ever detox. Congratulations and well done to everyone that has been on this journey with me.

    I’ve known it was something I needed to do for a long time and it has been amazing. I broke the detox with fibre packed vege juice. I have just finished my first meal.. papaya/coconut water/chia smoothie.

    Jon I’ve been using your evening visualisations for years after reading your book but it wasn’t until you answered my FB question the other day about sleep apnoea that I realised that it was adding to problem with insulin resistance. I will be taking your advice and insisting on a CPAP machine… being told to lose weight is not the answer.

    My objective starting the detox was to reduce the pain and inflammation in my hips and trying to stabilise my diabetes and hopefully reverse the insulin resistance. I normally take analgesia 3 times a day and last night I discovered that I hadn’t needed or looked for my afternoon dose.. it is amazing to experience such a reduction of pain in my hips. There is also a marked reduction in the restriction of movement that I normally have in my hips… I can now abduct my legs!!!

    Last night a friend asked me about my energy levels and I was able to report that a week of NO unstable blood-sugar induced comatose states has me hooked on continuing this type of eating. It makes me realise how terrible I’ve been feeling for years.

    There has also been a bonus… my skin looks amazing!! The back of hands look like they did 20 years ago (I’m 59) and my face is glowing! Went shopping today for the first time with a totally naked face apart from some lippy.. Thank you.. Thank you… Thank you…

    BTW.. I’ve also lost some weight!!

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi RC,
      Thank you!
      So great to hear that you are looking so healthy and glowing and seeing so many positive results!
      Best regards
      Den – The GM Team

  39. Angela Vogt says:

    what about raw eggs for omega 3’s is that okay

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Angela – raw eggs if they are pasture raised (rather than grain-fed) they have a decent amount of Omega-3 and are great. It’s always smart to wash your egg shells before cracking, that eliminates nearly all the salmonella risk. Don’t wash and then store (it’ll shorten shelf life of eggs), just wash right before use.

  40. Marisol Rocha says:

    Would we be able to re-watch the live stream as a recorded video? I would love to go back and take more clear notes on his and Nadia’s answers 🙂

  41. Marisol Rocha says:

    figured it out thanks!

  42. Linda Lane says:

    Hello Jon
    I would also like to thank you and your team for the detox and also the Gabriel Method itself. Its changed the way I eat and the knowledge you have provided is invaluable.

  43. Helen Bradley says:

    I lost connection on the video

  44. Deborah Freisinger says:

    Do we need to stay away from caffeine?

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Deborah,
      Its best to listen to your body on this one. If you want to have caffeine – make it a gentle transition due to the cleanse.
      Best regards
      Den – The GM Team

  45. Angela Vogt says:

    So I’m a coffee lover, it’s my most favourite thing, I grind my beans fresh, they’re organic and don’t use a lot of milk. How many could I have a week? thanks 🙂

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Angela,
      Too much of anything is never a good idea, but as Jon and Nadia said in today’s webinar, trust your body in what it is telling you. Also, you may find that your tolerance will be much less after this cleanse.
      I hope this helps.
      Best regards

  46. Lorie Griffith says:

    there was a lot of information on the webinars, how long will they be available to replay.. I need to lose a lot of weight and am happy to finally know how to in a healthy way, this information and this program is my saving grace.

  47. Johanne Harrigan says:

    I purchased the e-recipe book and I love it. There are many recipes with cheese in them and I was pleasantly surprised by this. They are dairy and are not nut based. What type of cheeses do you recommend? Why is this dairy OK?

  48. Lucia Camara says:

    Today I had a boiled egg and salad for lunch, a juice and a couple omega shakes and felt great all day until now.Just eat dinner: 3 oz do Scottish wild salmon and 8 oz of brocolis and asparagus. I am felling so full and even have a little pain on my digestive system.am I having trouble digestion protein? The salmon?

  49. Lorie Griffith says:

    you talked about coconut palm sugar.. is raw cane sugar and raw honey just as good or not good to use
    also: this detox was great I did lose 14 pounds so far but more importantly I have finally learned to listen to my body and know that I dont need or want any of the poor food choices. I really am craving the whole foods. thank you both so much

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Lorie! Great! We’re not a huge fan of honey as it’s extremely high glycemic (higher than most forms of sugar) so coconut or palm sugar is preferred. Congrats on your success!

  50. Nandan Cox says:

    I can’t get through on the line, but I would like to ask about iodine. My blood iodine levels are too low. I have been taking kelp to push this up as it is in a natural form and digestable. I convinced my doctor to retest next autumn so I have time to slowly increase my levels using kelp. Is this the best approach, or would suggest something else?

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Nandan – great! Try dulse and nori, some people find them easier to eat as they are a little softer and more palatable. Kelp as a supplement powder is great too.

  51. Lorie Griffith says:

    is ezekiel bread ok to eat ?

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Lorie – nutritionally, it’s better than most breads. For digestion, it can be a really difficult one. Many people get a really stomach ache and low-grade inflammation. As a transition bread, if your belly feels ok eating it, it’s a good choice. Hope that helps!

  52. Lucia Camara says:

    I’m on the line and could here you Jon. I was talking on the phone but you were not answering….what should I do?

  53. Susan M says:

    I bought a tray of wheat grass, but not sure when it gets optimum for juicing. What is the ideal length of wheat grass when you juice it?

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Susan – usually when it’s 8 inches tall is good, will grow differently in different climates. You can do a 2nd growth too, but it’ll be less nutritious, but since it’s so easy, I think it’s worth doing.

  54. Madonna Scrase says:

    Jon – you are so wonderful in how kind and generous you are with everyone. What more can I say.

  55. Tandy Solomon says:

    First thanks — then two questions:
    1. I am unclear about dairy — I ONLY eat raw cultured dairy from grass-fed cows near me. I know that this is a nourishing food AND I hear what you say about inflammation. I have a Hashimoto’s, celiac, leaky gut, etc — would it be useful for me to cut dairy out entirely going forward?

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Tandy – give your gut challenges, it would probably be worth at least a 10 day experiment dairy-free to see if you’re reacting. Again, some people do well with dairy, many people do not. Hope that helps!

  56. Ken Iverson says:

    I’ve loved this! Feel like it has given me a real ‘reset’ in how I will eat. Hopefully this will be available later, as the other tele-seminars are as i have to be out during this broadcast.
    Thanks to Jon and Nadia, so much good info all week and I feel just great. This really showed me that I routinely do not drink enough water, broth, etc. on a daily basis and that has now changed, my eyes are open to what a big difference being well hydrated means to feeling good.
    Thanks again,

  57. Rochelle Callard says:

    When will you post the dates for Kiama 2014?

  58. HELENE TELLIER says:

    I bought the preloaded MP3 player; how can I add this week’s new visualizations to it ?



  59. Farideh says:

    Hi Jon,
    Thank you for your support for this detox I am very grateful. Yesterday I didn’t feel good I couldn’t drink My last 2 juices and soup. I just drank water and mint tea without coconut oil. I feel so tired and without any energy.
    I didn’t have this experience the 1st 4 days. Is this normal?
    Thank you.

  60. Susan Hansen says:

    Would you please go over exactly what the healthy proteins are?

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Susan – eggs, fish, and meats are the best sources for protein, ideally lightly cooked (rather than charred or fried). Dark green vegetables and nuts also have a notable level of protein and can be eaten raw or nearly raw so that’s great. Hope that helps!

  61. HELENE TELLIER says:

    My stevia contains erythritol – should I use it ?

    In the future, is coffee totally out ? wine ?

    This was a great week, I had no cravings and I am amazed at this fact ! Thank you GM team


    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Helene – try to get just pure stevia extract or even a live stevia plant (so good!). Coffee and wine are not helpful for weight loss, but no one is perfect and we all have to find what works for us. Hope that helps!

  62. Ann Curtis says:

    I thought I would for sure become full very quickly, but I’ve actually had a ferocious appetite. I just broke the cleanse and am finding it hard to stop eating! Is this normal and is there any advice you can offer? Thank you. This cleanse was wonderful.

    • Deborah Freisinger says:

      I also was very hungry today. I just kept eating small portions. I was craving butternut squash and I steamed it with a little butter, sea salt, and pepper. It was delicious! Made some blended vegetable soup for dinner…I am excited to move forward

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Ann & Deborah – this is normal and perfectly fine. Try to focus on fresh and live foods, particularly salads and fresh vegetables, nuts and seeds. Also do remember to really hydrate, 2+ liters per day even after the cleanse for awhile is great.

  63. Susan Livesley says:

    Ot it now

  64. Helen Bradley says:

    How do you press 1… I just see the video

  65. Johanne Harrigan says:

    I’m not getting any volume. Did it start yet?

  66. Susan M says:

    I’m trying to download the MP3’s of the webinars day 3, 4 and 5 of the cleanse, and they either only open direct and don’t download or day 4 says ‘access denied’.

    Is it possible to make these downloadable to use offline as the previous days’ were?

  67. Susan Livesley says:

    I cannot access it yet again

  68. Nandan Cox says:

    I love the Gabriel Method. I have been incrementally incorporating it into my life since 2009. I bought a juicer when I attended the conference last year and this has had a powerful impact on the amount of live food I add into my diet. In June this year I was finally able to cut white sugar. My thyroid and insulin were completely out and there was no longer a choice. So I cried, and then stopped. It was like getting my energy back. However, I have also suffered 2 very nasty bouts of flu since then. So for me the detox came at a perfect time to continue the realignment process already happening in my body. Since stopping sugar my insulin and thyroid levels have returned to normal. But my weight has not shifted very much, however, I have been concentrating on loving what I am since 2009. I was so ready for the detox that I jumped right into the visualizations and I could not believe how powerful they have been. Everything in me lined up. As soon as I felt wobbly about something I would put a visualization on, and realign with myself again. I am now using the “Finish the Cleanse” and will continue this as long as I need it, I feel it supports the new habits moving forward. I want to share a big thank you to Jon, Nadia, Den and the whole team and all the participants. This has been a powerfully supported program for me, that I have been able to do by myself but with energetic support from all over the world. It has been so body/mind/healthy – I would definitely do it again if you were to run it with live webinars.

  69. Rochelle Callard says:

    Thank you so much. I’ve never done this before and never in a million years thought I could actually do it. I didnt break my cleanse once and I enjoyed every minute of learning about how my body reacts to food. I’m still detoxing as I can feel it in my body but I’m overweight so this is just the beginning. You have given me a new reference point for what I can achieve. Thank you so much. I’m forever grateful. Rochelle

  70. francepragnell@yahoo.ca says:

    Thankyou for all the help. My first detox and I feel wonderful. It’s been amazing to read comments, questions and community support through the whole process, Thankyou Jon, Nadia, Gabriel team and all my fellow detoxers.XX

  71. Helen Bradley says:

    Can you tell us if potatoe is OK for putting in blended soup for breaking the detox cleanse?

  72. Nandan Cox says:

    how do we skype call?

  73. Helen Bradley says:

    Do we join on livestream?

  74. Graham Howells says:

    I went into this process unsure as to whether or not I would be able to commit to it ‘now’ being in an emotional state, wanting and needing nurturing but trusting that Jon’s method would be both expert and supportive and that I could do it sometime whenever I was ready. I had been making green smoothies for breakfast for 3 months and was still waiting for the time that I craved them rather than found them distasteful which is why the thought of 5 days of juicing when I was feeling low seemed maybe too much to ask of myself. Looking at the detox juice recipes I invested in a juicer and what a difference!…..The same ingredients taste so different juiced rather than blended…they taste pleasant and even enjoyable! The detox tea at first tasted odd since it is so oily but I soon found it comforting. I am still not a fan of the chia drinks like others seem to be but they did help whenever I felt a little hungry. The broth also was comforting and satiating. (I squeezed the juice out of the veggies before throwing them out which gave extra flavor I think) And so I have made it through the 5 days! I think it helped me to release the emotions that I was feeling and to my surprise it was nurturing and supportive enough….it was nurturing and supportive.
    I thank Jon and Nadia for a wonderful detox program.

    • Tandy Solomon says:

      Well said, Graham.

      Here’s wishing you continued healing, in body, mind and spirit, as you continue this path.

      Did you happen to watch the 2nd of the 4 free coaching videos the GM coaching team sent out? It was about emotional healing and mind/body connection related to health and weight. The audio is a bit difficult to hear at times but it was really useful and you might find it supportive as well.

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Graham,
      Wow – that is so great to hear! That is exactly the holistic result that Jon and Nadia were hoping to achieve through this cleanse. I hope you continue to feel cleansed emotionally as well as physically.
      Best regards
      Den – GM Team

  75. cwalker@svcable.net says:

    Can’t resist the chance for one more question! I just read on a health blog that maple syrup was her sweetener of choice because it’s good for the liver. Since I live in Vermont, this would be convenient and local and more “native” than coconut palm sugar. Any opinions?

  76. Susan M says:

    From here on, how much fluid should we be aiming for? Is 3 litres something to keep up long term?


  77. Marisol Rocha says:

    Great first day post cleanse! I still ate 2 broths as well as a cup of tea and a Green Me Up Johnny but also had cucumber and 4 apple slices in the morning and then had spinach, celery, carrot, avocado salad with a side of blue berries for lunch. Dinner was a similar salad but added in green beans and chick peas.

    All has gone quite well, but I do have to say that I experienced some headaches after eating the solids today -What might my body be trying to tell me with that? And when can I expect that to pass?

    • Nadia says:

      Hi Marisol,

      While you are breaking the cleanse, your body is still in a slight detox mode as it is slowly transitioning back to eating solid foods.

      Continue to hydrate in between meals. These detox symptoms should pass as you begin to transition out of the cleanse during the first few days of eating.

  78. Coach Brian says:

    Congratulations to all the participants of this wonderful program. I have been following with you and have ‘enjoyed’ the experience. I hope you see this as a beginning, not an end, and continue to work towards a life free of toxins (physical, mental and emotional). Wishing you best of health.

  79. Meera says:

    I’ve been looking at different cleanses for well over a year and this was the first one that I could wholeheartedly say “YES” to. I so appreciate your approach and compassion, John, the expert advice that Nadia provided, and the wonderful community that you attract.

    I do have some mixed feelings, though. I am stunned that I have made it to today, Day 5, without any hunger and with full commitment. I was lightheaded and having trouble concentrating yesterday, but instead of getting anxious and upset I got myself home from work, drank extra juices and broth, and went to bed early. Today is much better.

    I also made peace with the purging that my body went through, but I’ve been confused by the bloating I’ve experienced (every morning my ring has been too tight to remove). In the past I’d blamed morning inflammation on poor food choices or too much sodium if we ate out, but that can’t be the case this week. If bloating and inflammation protect the body, can you explain why this happens? Is there a hormonal relationship? Is it a reaction to the release of toxins? Is there anything else I should do this week besides continuing to drink a lot of liquids?

    Finally, my husband wants to support me (he’s even been adding juices to his diet this week), but he is a pizza-making maniac. Would you be willing to share the chia bran pizza dough recipe?

    Again, much gratitude and many thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing what changes my body and spirit go through over the next several weeks.

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Meera,
      I’m not sure of Jon’s chia bran pizza dough recipe, but perhaps use Jon’s Egg pizza dough recipe with added chia bran? Let me know what you think.
      Den – GM Team

  80. TroyLynne Perrault says:

    This has been a very rewarding experience! Having the support of Jon, Nadia, the rest of Jon’s team and my fellow detoxers is making success possible. I have felt part of a community working toward a common goal with excellent guidance every step of the way. I never felt alone. Thank you all!!!

  81. Richard Weston says:

    Hi Jon / Nadia

    I’ve been on the journey this week. I started the week with a couple of cracking headaches that came on in the early afternoon. I dealt with these by drinking water and lying down for a nap. After those first couple days I was ok. I enjoyed the different types of juices and shakes and really liked the veggie broth (with the himalyan salt & cayenne pepper). The decaf tea was a revelation, really good, nice an calming. I had a couple of setbacks because of travel for work where I couldnt get juices so I had vegetable soups to get over a couple of humps & drank lots of water. I really appreciated the support webcasts and you answered at a lot of questions for me. The other materials provided assisted me to stay on track. I am feeling good at the moment, jumping out of my skin. I’m looking forward to breaking the cleanse. Thanks for creating this opportunity. Cheers!

  82. Ms Young says:

    I found that being in the group energy really helped me to stay on track. Will there be an opportunity to join future cleanse classes?

  83. cwalker@svcable.net says:

    When you say you will post something, such as the video on how to make raw chocolate, where is it that they can be found?

  84. cwalker@svcable.net says:

    How many of us were there on the cleanse this week? Best wishes to you all!

  85. Marisol Rocha says:

    When eating whole fruits today (Day 1 post cleanse), do we need to be concerned about the natural sugar intake like we did when we were juicing? Or can we eat all the fruit our body is craving – I am starting with apples and pear, or is that a mistake b/c it can constipate? Perhaps watermelon and berries are best to start with?

  86. Marisol Rocha says:

    what about pumpkin seeds, do these need to be ground or soaked or can we eat them freely as a snack. Please answer for Day 1 post cleanse as well as in general moving forward – thanks!

    • gabrielmethod says:

      @Marisol – pumpkin seeds are amazing! Raw is OK, but they are a little hard to digest. We love to soak them (4-12 hours), rinse, then season them and then dry them in a dehydrator or else in an oven set on to 100F/40C for about 2 hours. For seasoning, try turmeric and sea salt… yum! Now after they are soaked you can also blend or food process into a nice nut pate.

  87. Shayndel Kahn says:

    Wondering where to send picture.
    Just made my first meal of
    Celery, papaya, cucumbers, avocado with a sprinkle of sesame salt and sunflower seeds. It was soooo good. Also had a few bites of green apple. Feeling great and just want to continue!

  88. Sharon H says:

    one millionth time again I want to thank you all…. Blessings do occur, I did not sob through my AM meditation today… but you have to know my AM routine has already changed in these 12 days. I get up and my first hour is making juice, ginger tea (not coffee) and watering wheat grass.. My house today smells wonderful because break detox soup is going in the crock and my new dehydrator (Nadia, soon to be old went to the Excalibur site off of yours and now will get that sooon ). Then my hour of meditation with Jon’s vis. starting transitioning to my regular routine and getting ready for work. 2 months ago none of the 1st hour was there. 12 days ago, no soaked nuts or pulp/chia/flax etc crackers going. (I just threw the stuff from breakfast balls in it minus nuts and adding flax seeds…. we’ll see)
    My life is changing and changing in such fun ways. So on ward with the house detox, new adventures in food and dehydrating with Nadia web page and fermenting with Donna. Not to ever forget with ever expanding gratitude Jon, Den, and all the GM team. I will do a happy dance to the universe in your honor. Abundant thanks and infinite prays…Sharon

    • Ludmilla wolf Wolf says:

      oh Sharon, you brought tears to my eyes! Thanks for sharing and I add myself to the thanking! I haven’t been joining you on the webinars live after the first call to favor rest (it’s at 1:30am my time) but tonight I will, I want to greet you all and I am truly glad I am part of this great group! thanks Jon, Nadia, all the staff and all the group that with its comments and commitment has made my journey easier. GRAZIE!!!

  89. Ludmilla wolf Wolf says:

    sorry if this is a silly question but I’ve been wondering for so long and this is my last chance to ask.
    When doing visualizations, the ball of light is turning around your body at navel’s hight or within the navel? Also I suffer of a light sleep apnea and I couldn’t find so far any natural remedies. Doctors dismiss it with “lose weight first”. I believe the cleanse also helped somehow in this area… any words of advice would highly be appreciated. Thanks so much to all, it’s truly been a very interesting journey, kudos to all!!!

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Ludmilla,
      Regarding the ball of light, whatever you find most acceptable to imagine, is what will work best for you.
      Regarding your sleep apnea, Jon strongly encourages using a CPAP machine.
      Best regards
      Den – The GM Team

  90. Jan Wren says:

    I was really interested to hear Jon say that although oats are gluten free they cause an insulin spike. Please could you comment about the other gluten free options such as buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, millet and brown rice as I am keen not to undo the good work!
    Heartfelt thanks to the entire team for a truly inspiring and motivating program with fantastic information and support. I am raving to all my friends about how great it has been so hope for their sakes that you will run another one soon!

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Jan – gluten-free grains, rice, and pseudo grains (like quinoa) are a world of difference from wheat for sure. But they are converted to sugar in the body fairly quickly, so for hormonal response, it’s often ideal to reduce or avoid them, at least initially, while you’re increasing your body’s insulin and leptin sensitivity. Hope that helps!