Gabriel Method – Coach Certification

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Module 1: History of Gabriel Method & FAT Programs

Video Lesson: FAT Programs

FAT Programs 101 Learn how FAT programs work.

Module 2: Physical Stress, Nutrition & Assimilation

Video Lesson: FAT Programs

Module 2 Handout Learn how the physical stress of dieting can cause weight gain, learn the importance of adding high-vitality foods, and why assimilation is the key to true nourishment.

Module 3: Blood Sugar & Emotional Obesity

Video Lesson: Mental Causes of Obesity

Module 3 Handout Learn about the two greatest challenges in weight loss: balancing blood sugar and overcoming emotional issues.

Module 4: Mind-Body Weight Loss

Video Lesson: Mental Causes of Obesity

Module 4 Handout Learn why sustained weight loss MUST be a mind-body approach.

Module 5: Toxins & Fat

Video Lesson: Toxins & Fat

Module 5 Handout Learn how toxins can contribute to weight gain.

Module 6: Positive Stresses

Video Lesson: Vitality – The Zero Calorie Nutrient

Module 6 Handout Learn how positive stresses can help you lose weight.