Ask Jon – Live Call-in Day

A *Live* Questions & Answers Session with Jon Gabriel



  • 4 June 10 p.m. EST (New York, USA)
  • 5 June 10a.m. Western Australia (Perth)
  • Check Your Timezone


Option 1 Via Telephone

  • USA Call: 1.347.637.3967
  • USA Toll Free Call: 1.877.662.3716
  • Australia Toll Free: 1.800.646.289

OPTION 2 OPTION 2: Listen *Live* right here on this page (player below)

HOW THIS WORKS? Ask Jon shows are like private, call-in radio shows where you ask questions and get answers. These are free-form calls and anything goes. Having trouble growing wheatgrass? Ask Jon! Struggling with an abusive boss or a career you hate? Ask Jon…

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20 comments on “SG Ask Jon 9
  1. Diana D says:

    Has the sound problem been corrected? I can’t afford to remain in the support group if “Jon Live” & “Live Visualizations” don’t work!
    I have not lost much weight since the Kiama Retreat (which I thoroughly enjoyed & plan to attend next year)- In fact, I gained .6 lbs initially& am at .8 lbs loss on week 4 post retreat.

    I have added Dr.Mercola Krill Oil, Probiotics, Cold Pressed Green Juice + Chia Seeds & Flax Oil to my daily diet. I only eat Live Salad + small amount (100-200 mg) of protein + at least 1.5 liters of filtered/spring water daily. I do TABATA training M.W,F,Sn & listen to the morning/evening visualizations religiously.

    I KNOW the concept is correct & can feel my body getting healthier BUT I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT!!! What am I doing wrong?

  2. Kinjal Bhimani says:

    Missed it this time 🙁 will attend next one for sure!

  3. ZoeJo says:

    Hi, I told Jon’s staff on the phone that I couldn’t hear anything, so they are aware of it, so I phoned in. But there was a lady who phoned in and asked Jon if she should wash her organic fruits and vegetables and if so, with what? Here in the U.S.A., we have a kind of product that is usually called something like Fruit & Vegetable Wash. This liquid product is made by several companies and is sold in health food stores, Trader Joe’s, and online, etc. using different formulas. You can find a more natural one by reading their ingredients. Perhaps you have something similar in your country. I don’t know if it was okay to post this or not and hope I haven’t overstepped boundaries by doing so. I apologize if I did. Hope this was useful in some way…

  4. Robyn Iacuone says:

    I can’t hear anything either !

  5. Diana L Davis says:

    I rushed home from a business meeting to join the “live” feed. I’m in New Zealand and would have been an observer anyway but thought I’d get better energy listening live. I can’t hear anything although the player indicates it is playing. I have tried laptop at maximum, laptop headphones & USB headset. NO SOUND! What’s wrong – I notice others are having the same problem.

  6. Effie Panou says:

    I can’t hear anything either !!!!

  7. Barbara Burke says:

    I can not hear anything not withstanding the event is in progress and the player says “playing” regards, Barbara

  8. Blossom says:

    I can’t hear anything. The email said Tuesday in Australia – 12 noon in Sydney.Last week I had no luck either. I was not the only person who missed out. Maybe I should just wait a couple of days in future for Jon to send it to me.
    Patricia Sydney

  9. Cynthia DiVitto says:

    Just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed the Method and love how it stopped my sugar cravings immediately! Now I want to eat better despite knowing I can have what I want and feel nourished rather than deprived. Limited weight loss noted, but I do feel better. Thank you!
    Cindy Ohio USA

  10. Patricia Almond says:

    I’ve been hoping for some advice this past week about how to stay on track whilst in hospital as I’m getting hungry and struggling whilst coming off medications and doing some trauma therapy. I have doctor appointment during ask jon session so won’t be able to ask live and need help now as I am not getting enough nutrition, limited shared fridge space and poor food options here, even though wonderful therapy and private hospital. I’m living off whey protein and seeds and nuts and limited green salad and meat from dining room, they seem to not know what unprocessed food is except a few salad leaves, and fruit, mostly prepackaged salad bar choices.
    it’s taken a while as a step by step participant since last year but recently 10 kgs have fallen off and I don’t want to undo the healthy body I am developing, nor to be hungry for the first time in so long, As I move forward in leaps and bounds in what has been a long recovery journey.
    Trish, Brisbane

  11. Ellen Dumer says:

    Hello Everyone,

    For those who would like to connect to the Ask Jon Session via Skype, please use the information below:

    Skype Name: joinconference
    Conference ID: 433784#

    How to Join by Skype (instructions):

    Please let me know if you need help with anything else.

    Gabriel Method

  12. Cathy T says:

    As I think that works out as 3 am in UK, i won’t be listening in live, but here’s my question anyway.
    I have CFS/ME and IBS and bloating for me is usually a sign to either slow down and rest or that I’ve eaten the wrong thing. I started following GM 5 days ago, stopped watching my food intake, could not get into my jeans on the 3rd day, and got disappointed initially that all the visualised melting of fat was backfiring!…but then remembered that bloating can also signal an excess of toxins and the following day it all vanished and I felt noticeably lighter and more positive.
    Could that be right?! I am trusting that I will automatically be drawn to the right foods anyway (the right nutrition is a key factor in managing my CFS/ME already but I have put on a lot of weight through not being able to exercise meaningfully for about a year).
    Thanks so much for your encouragement, I feel this is really going to work for me. x

  13. Diana L Davis says:

    I’m in New Zealand and can’t participate live via toll free phone. How can I ask a question when listening online? Any chance of getting a general international skype # for the live event so those of us outside the USA & Australia can actively participate?


  14. Janine O says:

    Hello there,

    I will look into this and let you all know if we can get a call in number for those who are located in Europe.


    The Gabriel Method Team

  15. Annabella helin Stroe says:

    is there a toll free number for Europe as well? or is there any option to call from Skype? thank you

  16. Susanne Bille says:

    I wonder, if i skype from Denmark (Europe), which number should i call?
    all the best

  17. Sandy Spurling says:

    IS this on June 4 or 14

    • admin says:

      Hi Sandy,

      Thanks for the heads up.
      Just wanted to confirm the Ask Jon is on June 4th.

      Apologies for any confusion.

      Gabriel Method