Cleanse Homework Day 1

Getting Started w/ Your Detox


Juices, Drinks & Broth

  • The warm coconut tea is an acquired taste, but it’s great for curbing hunger and puts your body in a great place hormonally for the day—soon you’ll love it!
  • Try to stick to the juice schedule
  • Don’t starve yourself!
  • Drink loads of water, add lemon and sea salt to make it more interesting
  • Remember your Omega-3 drinks, they are important for energy and blood sugar balance

Breathing & Movement

  • Take it easy today, but if you’re feeling up for it, do some yoga!
  • Take a walk, get some fresh air
  • Practice deep belly breathing as you lie in bed

Planning & Prepping

  • How are you doing with your juices?
  • Take some time today to make your juice for tomorrow
  • What is your day like tomorrow—do you need to plan a juice break?
  • Do you have enough veggies, or need to pick up some more?

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28 comments on “Getting Started w/Your Detox
  1. Suparna Jashnani says:

    Would the coconut water be an add in or a replacement for a juice ?

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Suparna,
      You can certainly add coconut water to your juice – I personally love that addition – in one of the how to videos on the right hand side Jon makes a coconut water, cucumber and mint juice – one of my favourite combinations. You cannot use coconut water as a substitute for a juice – as you need the nutritional content from the juice during you detox.
      Please note that this comment has been added to the 2013 Detox program – you should be accessing information from the 2014 program.

  2. Gina Brown says:

    hi , please could you tell me where the recipes are for day 1? or do we just pick one from the list?
    also when making the broth do we just throw away the veggies or can we make in to a soup ?
    Kind regards
    Gina Brown

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Gina,
      There are juice recipes (suggestions) in the how to videos on the right hand side. However, please note you are in the 2013 Detox program here – please access the 2014 program – particularly for the class recordings. The recipes are all just suggestions – you can play around with mixes to suit your own tastes and what is in season in your part of the world.
      Hope this helps.

  3. Sheryl Luedecke says:

    I am visiting family in another state. My sisters internet keeps crashing, so I’m having a hard time listening to the replay. How long will all the videos and class info be up?
    Thank you,
    Sheryl Luedecke

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Sheryl,
      This is the 2013 Detox program – you should access the data in the 2014 program. All the information and videos will be up indefinitely – so don’t worry if you are having problems listening to the replays at the moment.

  4. Sue Lennox says:

    Hi there,
    Have just read on the November 13 2013 that the green me up Johnnie is sent to us-really I haven’t received anything or was this something that happened last year but not in 2014?

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Sue,
      You will receive your Green Me up Jonny for this years program as well. It may just take a few days to get to you.
      Kind regards

  5. Sharon H says:

    Circling way back to a cleanse…. After all the work I did with the incredible GM UCE team assistances, guidance, hand holding, encouragement, I am at long last really experiencing the benefit of diving into the triggers and working through, the weight is dropping with steadiness. I also have very little hunger… I now feel comfortable with this but need a method to have adequate nutrients, Protein and BS balance when I don’t feel like eating….

    So working with the Cleanse Week 2 nourishment, not so much the rhythm, I am respecting this no feeling of hunger. But I am trying to use the basic elements that are necessary for health, I’m thinking that I need: MCT oil tea, Protein powder, Chia, Supergreens shakes, green drink and homemade veggie broth….

    I am doing this like a cleanse in that it seems my body is taking me this way. I’m not strict with this if I felt hungry would eat… just not happening….

    Is this reasonable? Am I missing any essential aspect? I started this yesterday and came to this site today and added the MCT oil tea this AM…. I don’t know how long I’m doing this…. not setting a limit or expectation.. Just trying to listen…. I am not using any fruit… concern is the Sugar…

    Feedback would help but just spelling it out makes me feel like I am on the right track…

    We shall see.. Always gratitude and thanks to Jon and his GM crew for being there for me and with me… Now, we are in for new fun…

    Much love, Sharon

  6. Natalia Leon Leon says:

    How do you make the Detox Tea? I wasn’t able to follow the detox seminar before, now I’m listening to the audios y going through the notes.

    • Denaleigh B says:

      Hi Natalia,
      On the right hand side of this page, you will see a list of resources. Under the title Audio and Video Resources, there is another title ‘How to Videos’. In this section there are videos and recipes for the Detox juices, broth and the video on how to make the Detox tea.
      I love this tea, and don’t use a blender (even though it does make a lovely creamy consistency). I just make my tea using a Tulsi tea bag, and then after removing the tea bag (I make mine quite strong), I stir in a teaspoon full of coconut oil and while the water is still stirring add a very generous sprinkle of cinnamon. Its a very comforting drink.
      Let us know what you think.
      Kind regards
      Den – The GM Team

  7. Barb says:

    Can I use liquid Zeolite in water to help my body detox even faster?
    This is a very excellent program. Best Cleanse I’ve ever done.

  8. Maria C. says:

    found instructions for Green Me Up Jonny don’t recall hearing how often to use it once a day or more ?

  9. Ellen says:

    I made a batch of vegetable broth last night and it is delicious! I wanted to share with everyone what I did in case you are searching for “recipes.”

    2 green bell peppers
    2 red bell peppers
    about 1/4 finger of garlic, peeled and sliced
    1 garlic, peeled and separated
    a handful of italian parsley
    about 5 baby carrots
    used sea salt, ground black pepper, ground cayenne pepper to taste.

    I also made a chia drink that I’m going to call Chia Lemonade and it came out very tasty as well.

    1 TBSP chia seeds soaked in a glass of water
    about 1/3 of a large lemon, squeezed into water
    a tiny amount of Stevia (a little goes a long way)
    I found this to taste like a lemon pie!

    Hope everyone is doing well with their first day!

  10. Maria C. says:

    Is there a limit on the tea,
    didn’t read any instructions for the Green Me Up Jonny
    please reply

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Maria,
      Two to four cups of tea per day would be great. The same amount of Green Me Up Jonny per day is also recommended.
      There are instructions on how to make the Green Me Up Jonny in the Audio and Video resources under How to Videos. The same amount of Green Me Up Jonny per day is also recommended.
      Best Regards
      Den – The GM Team

  11. Susan M says:

    Some of the vegetables you suggest using are goitrogens, how long term is it okay to juice these vegetables (i.e. eat them raw when cooking removes the goitrogens)?

    • Nadia says:

      Hi Susan,

      Kale is on our suggested list for juicing but you don’t have to use it. Feel free to use other greens. For the long term keep these things in the range that is okay for you … if you are eating them raw then just 1-3 times a week if they are a problem for you.

  12. Susan M says:

    What is the maximum time you can store juice in the fridge in glass jars and still be fresh enough?

  13. Shayndel Kahn says:

    Can I put coconut oil in green me up Johnny with chia seeds instead of in tea? Or is it better in the tea?

  14. Tana says:

    How do I get my GreenMe Up Jonny? I haven’t had any yet – have I missed an instruction to order it? Sorry for being such a ditz…been trying to do too much at the same time.


    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Tana,
      The Green Me Up Jonny is automatically sent out to you when you register for the detox. We are sorry that it hasn’t arrived yet, it should arrive soon.
      Don’t worry though, your cleanse will still be effective without it.
      Best Regards
      Den – The GM Team