• Preparation and planning for success
  • How you’ll feel, emotionally and physically
  • Incorporation movement
  • Creating a schedule that works for detox

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82 comments on “Day 5: Find Your Detox Rhythm
  1. Suparna Jashnani says:

    My “how to” videos are not opening …For some reason …although I had seen them earlier I did not make a note … I want to make the broth could you tell me just the basic recipe pls
    on another note my sinus seem to have flared up is this too a part of the detox process
    thx Suparna
    elsewhere I saw questions on using a pressure cooker … only Indians use pressure cookers I think … anyway I had read somewhere that this is not the best method to preserve the vitamins as it’s a very quick cooking under extreme conditions … I could be wrong with new information …. This is what I read a good many years ago

  2. Jaymee Kora says:

    Hi Team,
    I usually wake around 5am and in bed most evenings by 8pm.. Is it ok to just adjust the cleanse schedule to meet my daily routine w work/family etc? Or is it best I wait until 8am-ish to get any fluids into me and just have water between 5 & 8?

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Jaymee,
      It is fine to change the schedule to suit your daily routine.
      Please note – this is the 2013 Detox program – please log into the 2014 program.
      Kind regards

  3. Mireille Leclerc says:

    Hi, are the “detox mode” or “cleanse mode” you mentioned actually a “ketosis” state? This state happens when the body is deprived of carbohydrates, and is usually felt around the 3rd day. Are they the same?

  4. Mireille Leclerc says:

    Hi, will the broth lose all its enzymes and nutriments, if we boil it for 4 hours?

  5. Melanie Sloane says:

    How do I raise my hand, when I want to ask Jon or Nadia a question, when I am on the phone?

  6. Melanie Sloane says:

    If you are on the phone listenning to Jon, how do you raise your hand?

  7. Michele Melton says:

    How long can I store juice if I make it with a blender?

  8. Michele Melton says:

    I have some BPA free blender bottles with a little whisk in the bottom that I was going to use to store juice and take it to work what do you think?

  9. Janis Bonavito says:

    Had a crazy two days at work; run a B&B.
    Never ate breakfast or lunch both days. Wound up having 2 glasses of wine and a somewhat healthy dinner both days. Can I still continue with the fast tomorrow? I have 2 more years on my assignment left here then I will be in complete peace. How do I get through the 2 years with its stress and none stop work.
    Thank you. You’re so inspiring Jon!! My new mentor! !
    Thank you Nadia for your wisdom as well!
    Om Peace Shanti

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Janis,
      You can still continue with the cleanse tomorrow. You cannot fail at this cleanse.
      Perhaps the best way to get through the next 2 years is to ensure that you take time out when you can to do things such as this, that are just for you and for your own wellbeing.
      Best Regards
      Den – The GM Team

  10. lberman@iinet.net.au says:

    My jonny drink hasn’t arrived yet. I have some organic 100% barleygrass powder. Is this ok as a substitute?

  11. lberman@iinet.net.au says:

    I have a flask with a metal liner I think. Is it ok to store my juice in that instead of glass

  12. Natalia Leon says:

    Hi – I want to know if it’s bad to prepare the juices in the morning and save them for later?

  13. Jon Gabriel says:

    For the cleanse phase you do not want the pulp, so please strain the liquid through a colander or cheese cloth as you would do with a normal blender.


  14. Ellen says:

    I have a few questions that I haven’t heard the answers to yet.

    1. Is non-sweetened, non-flavored organic almond milk something that would be recommended during the cleanse week as a drink or snack?

    2. I have hormonal issues anyway and I’m wondering if I will see an increase in symptoms like acne breakouts as I detox? And if I do, I assume they will subside as I detoxify?

    3. What about emotional issues? Have you seen people “detox” emotionally as they do it physically? Do emotions and issues tend to come up that we work through during a detox?

    Thank you for answering!

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      Hi Ellen,

      Here are some answers:

      1) Almond milk is not ideal for the cleanse. Maybe in small quantities with your tea, but not as a drink. This is just for the cleanse period.

      2) Yes it’s possible your acne could flare up as part of the detoxing, but yes symptoms should subside over time.

      3) Yes emotional detoxing is possible too. If you’re feeling emotional, try to be as gentle and loving with yourself as possible. Recognise that this is part of the healing process and that whatever you’re feeling will pass. If you can, lie down and repeat the worlds “I love you, it’s ok” several times.

      • Ellen says:

        Thank you for the answers, Jon! I am really enjoying this process and looking forward to next week. But I am working 3 different jobs right now and resting/being gentle is going to be my biggest challenge I believe.

  15. Susan M says:

    About glass in the freezer, the easiest glass to use is Pyrex as it is heat proof and cold proof. That’s what I use, and it is really reliable in terms of not breaking.

    Also broth will last in the fridge for a couple of days, I’d be interested how long Nadia thinks is the longest vegetable broth is okay in the fridge.

    • Nadia says:

      Great tip about the pyrex glass for freezing.

      I think the broth will be good in the fridge for 5 days. To help it last longer you can store it in portion containers so that you are not opening and closing the same container. This ensures that unused portions remain tightly sealed until time of use.

      Alternatively you could keep 2-3 days worth in the fridge and freeze the rest in portion sizes.

  16. Marisol Rocha says:

    Over the counter deodorants do not tend to work for me so I also have a prescription deodorant from my dermatologist (Clindamycin Phosphate Lotion) – NOT medically necessary. Would it be better to go Au Natural for the 5 day Cleanse? I know we cannot fail, but I want to maximize my cleansing efforts so please let me know what the GM Team says about things like perfumes and deodorants, etc. during the 5 days.

    • Nadia says:

      Great question Marisol!

      We will be talking much more about this in an upcoming webinar.

      Very good to avoid chemical deodorants, perfumes etc. while detoxing. While your body is trying to eliminate toxins, it is not the best idea to be putting more into your system in the way of toxic body products.

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      I use Weleda Citrus deodorant. It’s all natural and very effective. Maybe give it a try if the have it at your health food store or pharmacy.

  17. Marisol Rocha says:

    I have rosacea and along with this comes some creams that are strong and likely create toxins. I also get really dry skin during the colder months due to the heaters being on so I try to moisturize daily. What is the GM Team’s recommendation on the use of lotions during this detox?

  18. Marisol Rocha says:

    What is the proportion of Apple Cider Vinegar to water?

  19. Nandan Cox says:

    What about chai spices in tea without the tea. Cinamon, allspice, fennel, white pepper, cardamom, star anise? I think it will go really well with the coconut water.

  20. DOROTHY A MORGAN says:

    just use crock pot for broth…what do you think about bone broth?

  21. Marisol Rocha says:

    I reviewed the pdf on selecting a juicer. I have a NutriBullet which is neither of the juicer options because whatever goes in is completely used in what you drink. It does an excellent job of breaking all the veggies and fruit down into liquified form and it feels like you are drinking a juice but you get the benefits of all the fiber and pulp of what you put in. Is this okay? The reason I am unsure if because of the note Jon made about using a cheesecloth for a blender – is it on purpose that you are not supposed to have the fiber and pulp during this detox?

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Marisol,
      It would be best to further strain the juice through a cheesecloth, or very fine strainer, just for the duration of the cleanse.
      Best Regards
      Den – The GM Team

  22. Marisol Rocha says:

    When you are talking about legumes do you mean any and all types of beans?

  23. margywaan says:

    can anyone please tell me what the webinar id is?

  24. Lucia Camara says:

    Can we eat OR ad to our juices super foods such as MACA, CAMU CAMU, GOJI BERRIES, AVOCADO, CACAU ON OUR JUICES ??

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Lucia,
      For the duration of the cleanse, it would be best not to eat or add these ingredients to your juices. While all these ingredients are wonderful, they are more difficult to digest than the juices and broth. The aim of the cleanse is to give your digestive system a break, and to give your body its nutrients in a quick and easily assimilated form.
      Best Regards
      Den – The GM Team

  25. Louis Schneidman says:

    I heard you say that drinking coconut water was okay as one of the drinks during the detox period. What about the sugar content of the coconut water? Will that activate the sugar burning situation we are trying to get away from?

  26. Marisol Rocha says:

    I did a metabolic typing test and my type is very protein heavy. I realize the cleanse if focused on veggies and healthy fats, but what about protein during these 5 days? Please give many examples of what we can do to make sure we are getting protein in our diet (or clarify if it is on purpose to leave that out to give digestive track a break). If this is the case and it is on purpose, then should I expect a more challenging reaction to coming off of a protein heavy diet? Thanks!

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Marisol,
      It is true that there isn’t much protein during the 5 days of the cleanse. However, your body has sufficient stores for this short time. You are correct in saying that minimal protein is included during the cleanse in order to give the digestive system a break. Your digestive system uses up a lot of energy to digest protein. It is hard to say whether you will incur more intense withdrawal symptoms as a result of your current high protein diet. Please keep us posted.
      Best Regards
      Den – The GM Team

  27. Tana Macpherson-Smith says:

    What is the importance of sipping the juices slowly? I’ve just started juicing for the first time in my life and have discovered how much I love them – and my appetite seems very much supressed – but I don’t know how I’m going to fit everything in if I’m supposed to be sipping juices that I’ll be having so regularly in the day whilst also shipping in several litres of water – and time for broth too? Can you sip juices and drink glugs of water in between sips, or should you drink the juice slowly, but without any water, then drink water by the glassful at a time in between juices?
    Have been adding live/vibrant food into my diet of too much carbs and rubbish for the past two weeks and using your new supermix shakes and have been stunned to find I am no longer interested in chocolate, bread and all the things that I craved. I can honestly say I feel more relaxed about food than I ever have so I can’t wait to do the detox and make this a real catalyst for great nutrition for the future. I feel so alive already. Thank you so much for the impetus this detox course has given me.

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Tana,
      Jon recommends drinking juices with added fruits slowly as the natural sugars will be digested very quickly. However, all the juices without fruits, carrots or beetroot do not have to be drunk slowly. You can drink your water whenever is most suitable for you.
      Hope this helps.
      Den – GM Team

  28. drcsantoro@verizon.net says:

    Hi Jon and Nadia
    Thanks for all your support! You said we should use specific oils during the cleanse. Where are we to use it? Also, is there any substitutes we can make for the omega shake. I have difficulty with gelatinous including chia and flax? I am very much looking forward to this journey with you both. Thanks again.

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi drcsantoro,
      The oils are to be used in the detox tea. What sort of substitutes did you have in mind for the Omega Shake? If you are not enjoying the gelatinous mix of water with chia do not worry, its okay if you don’t have it.
      Den – GM Team

  29. Susanne says:

    just want to say, that i got the “Green me up, Jonny” and other stuff- so surprised, how fast it got here (Denmark), i didn´t think, i would have it for the detox at all -thanks a lot.

    Otherwise, i have not been doing very good on the pre cleanse, cakes at work have been irresistible and somehow, i have been doing worse…i wonder why!? But i have a new chance tomorrow, and i don´t have to work until tuesday 🙂

  30. Carol Dolven says:

    I don’t know if this is related to the pre-cleanse or not, but I’ve been getting really bad and painful hick-ups today… Especially when I’m preparing my meal. I don’t really ever get hick-ups, so does it have anything to do with this pre-cleanse?
    Thank so much 🙂

  31. Margaret says:

    I already asked a question about whey protein somewhere but I can’t find it and don’t know if you’ve replied already.
    Can whey protein be used during the cleanse or better not?

  32. Susan M says:

    Is the problem with whole legumes and grains more that they are high carbohydrate foods?

    On the GM approach long term is there no legumes and grains? Does Jon eat any of these?

    How much does starchy vegetable/starchy food intake need to be limited to maintain one’s body in a mode of using lipids for fuel rather than carbohydrates for fuel? I guess the question that goes with this would be how much lipid consumption is enough?

    • Ludmilla wolf Wolf says:

      I have the same question, would highly appreciate an answer. Thanks

      • Ludmilla wolf Wolf says:

        Sorry, I just heard the replay of this session so got an answer to this, but I am yet not clear on one aspect. I have a vegetable garden, my beans and peas are readily available and are not processed and a friend of mine does black rice which is harvested and not processed. So is it still an issue with insulin resistance for after detox days? Thanks

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Susan,
      Jon is not a fan of grains and legumes, as they raise your insulin levels too quickly, but if these are foods that you enjoy please continue to have them after the cleanse. Starchy carbohydrates are digested quickly by the body, which causes a spike in your insulin levels. Spikes in insulin are something we try to avoid, particularly if you are insulin resistant. Hope this helps.
      Best regards
      Den – GM Team

  33. Susan M says:

    Hi Jon and Nadia,

    I’m hoping this is the right place to ask detox program questions, as I could do with some answers just now!

    Do people doing detoxing sometimes have recurrence of very old back problems? My back went out very similar to 4 years ago for no apparent reason yesterday, and after that I noticed my kidneys are very sore, so I did a lot of resting then went for a walk.

    I have fibromyalgia and have led a detox lifestyle for years. I read about detoxing but never did a detox before because they seemed risky with my sensitive body, but this one seems really sensible. The changes I made this week are more fluid, much greater quantities of (i) my kale and seaweed soup (usually called miso soup! – the base is chicken stock) and (ii) good fats, and much less starchy vegetables. The kidney pain is still overwhelming today, even after increasing starchy veg, and taking extra vitamin C as I understand it is an adrenal tonic. Is there anything I can do to reduce the kidney pain? I feel a bit weak from it. I’m not working, but I do need to do some things, and now wonder how I’ll go next week.

    • Nadia says:

      Hi Susan,

      Yes, sometimes old stuff can be brought to the surface for release while cleansing. And I truly believe in the infinite wisdom of the body … your body will cleanse at the rate that is right for your system.

      Your kidneys (as they are an organ of elimination) are working extra hard during a cleanse. Be sure that you are urinating enough (more than once an hour). A hot water bottle may feel nice near your kidney area as well as a hot bath with epsom salts.

      Be sure you are hydrating enough so that the toxins can move through your system. Continue to nourish your body with great foods.

      Eating really healthy foods like in the pre-cleanse is something you can continue next week if your body is not ready to do all liquids – eating the pre-cleanse diet is still a great cleanse!

      If you feel it is necessary, do seek the help of a medical professional to assess your kidney pain.

      I wish you only the best as you move forward, please let us know how things go for you.

      • Susan M says:

        Hi Nadia,

        Thank you!!

        Wednesday was the day I figured how to drink more – I always used to feel waterlogged, even though water is my only drink – I now think of apple cider vinegar in water as my ‘cordial’! It goes down fine. Jon spoke about 5 litres of liquid per day, in the pre-cleanse should I aim for that much? I’ve drunk over 3 litres both Wednesday and Thursday.

        Also I think my body was having trouble switching to fat burning, it felt so much better after more pumpkin and turnip! Wednesday was a very low carb day. Any suggestions there?

        I will get treatment for my back, and have been using a hot water bottle on my kidneys, I see no need for medical advice on this one: my GP’s great, but knows little about something like this, I’ll tell him about it afterwards, as I am sure my overall pain is less already and the kidney pain is past the worst. I’ve been checking my urine pH and even after eating hugely alkaline soups it’s acid, so I think there’s a lot of acid being removed.

        Also, taking food based supplements only has been mentioned (I already do that), but what about herbs? I take slippery elm with my probiotics, is that okay during the cleanse? Also I take rhodiola tincture, which I can put very hot water in to evaporate the alcohol, is that better to drop or?

        Lastly, on the webinar using only 1/4 beetroot, or 1 carrot, etc in making juice has been mentioned, but I don’t think that has been related to an amount of juice. That would be good to have clear!!

        Thanks heaps!

        • gabrielmethod says:

          Hi Susan,
          If you are taking herbs for your health, please continue to take these. Regarding quantities for juices – we don’t have specific measurements as it depends on the ‘juicyness’ of the vegetables and fruits you have on hand. We have posted some blogs on the right hand side of this page with some suggestions. I hope this helps.
          Den – GM Team

  34. Robert Walsh says:

    I teach middle schoolers and I’m without a juicer all day between 6:00 AM and 5:30 PM. I was hoping to use the Green Me Up Jonny but I might have signed up too late for that to arrive on time. I bought a green drink powder (only greens) and something called Berry Burst (powder with blend of green superfoods and fruit extracts). This only has 1g of sugar per serving which appears to come from Stevia. I’m hoping i can use these at work to count as juices because I have to cover 4 juicing opportunities in the time I’m at work. Hard to make enough juice in the morning to last throughout the entire day. Thanks!

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Robert,
      Are you able to make up a large batch the night before? You can refrigerate this and just take what you need with you the next day?
      Best Regards
      Den – The GM Team

  35. Margaret says:

    Also, I’ve decided to invest in a juicer. So after the cleanse, how should I use it to its best? As a meal replacement? Have a juice for breakfast? What would you suggest?

  36. Margaret says:

    Jon, you didn’t mention the morning visualisations in the to-do list. Should they be started during the pre-cleanse or next week.