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1,018 comments on “Detox2015: Your Questions Answered
  1. Hazel Lemon says:

    I have a nutribullet is this ok to use or is there a specific benefit from losing the pulp of the vegetables

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Hazel,
      During the pre-cleanse it is fine to have the pulp – but during the actual detox week – it is best to have juice only and strain off the pulp. You want to make it as easy as possible for your stomach to digest the juices, so that your body can use all of its energies towards detoxing rather than digestion.
      I hope this helps.

  2. Tamara Silkina says:

    try this: email the team at or this You may actually get an answer.
    Hi people, I want actually get an answer now. I did write to I did ask at the forum, so I have an direct question if I have an access to detox forum or not.

  3. Ginger S. says:

    Can I mix up several servings of green me up jonny at once & keep in fridge? How long is it good in the fridge?

  4. Terri Catlin says:

    Hello everyone,

    When the cleanse ended, my period started early and it was the best of my life – no breast tenderness beforehand, no cramps, and no exhaustion! I am coming up on my next period and, despite following GM protocols religiously, my symptoms are back.

    In the past few years, as I looked for solutions to my exhaustion and other symptoms, I have been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism, and PTSD. At some point, I was low on iron and had depleted vitamin D. But I’m now earthing and in the sun every day and eating well. So I don’t know why the following symptoms have returned…

    – exhaustion
    – muscle fatigue
    – bloating, and trouble breathing when lying down
    – stiff hands and feet, especially upon waking
    – pre-menstrual breast tenderness

    Any recommendations ? I haven’t been able to work for 2 years and I would love some suggestions.

    Thank you!


    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Terri,

      It sounds like your body responded well to the cleanse so continuing to do a cleanse like this one, once or twice a year may be a good thing for you.

      As you move forward, keep doing what you are doing with all the healthy GM-type diet and lifestyle choices, and keep going with working with movement and emotional/cellular release therapies. It may be that it will take some time to feel the healing that is occurring.

      You may also want to consider finding a holistic health care practitioner in your area that you can work more closely with.

      • Terri Catlin says:

        Thank you so much for your time and wisdom, Nadia.

        I had taken a break from all health care providers – both naturopathic and allopathic – out of frustration at my lack of progress. (6 years is a long time to be getting worse.) This is the only thing that has made a real difference. But I will take your suggestions and keep looking.

        All the best,


  5. Joann Guerzon says:

    Hi! I watched the Detox support video about water. It seems like a good idea to get filtered water now instead of using tap water. Can you recommend a good water pitcher?


  6. Tamara Silkina says:

    Have a pity, people, check why I’m not accepted into forum for Detox 2015 Support Community. I’m still pending. What’s up?

  7. Molo says:

    Hey guys, I have a question for you. In the masters class there are two lovely ladies who make the raw desserts. I love making raw desserts! But my food processor is not quite keeping up. They used a really nice one in their videos. My question is, what is the brand of their processor? I am feeling great and keeping the momentum of feeding my body and not dwelling on what I can’t have. :). I have not weighed myself after reintroducing solid food again. I am sure I put a little back on, but not going to worry about, just keep giving my body what it needs. I have had a huge surge in making my life better. I have always enjoyed cooking and feeding people. I want to put my healthy food knowledge to work. I am putting together information on how to start up my own coffe, juice, smoothie, organic sandos and salads, and raw dessert little food cart. We do not have anything like this in my town. But there is high need. So I am looking into the best commercial juicers, food processor, coffe makers, blenders. Any suggestions would be super helpful. And of course the name of the two ladies mixer. Theirs looked like it worked very well. Thanks! πŸ™‚

    • Claudine Grenier says:

      Hi Molo! So glade to hear that you are doing fine… I don’t know witch mixer they used in the video but a really good brand Is Vitamix. They are more expansive but they work so good… You have nice plan for future… Keep going!

  8. Tamara Silkina says:

    It is from supplements for Detox:
    Bentonite Clay – a sick dog (and many other animals) will often eat dirt from the backyard. This is an instinctual behavior as clays helps to detoxify and cleanse the body. Cleansing clays have a negative ionic charge which attracts heavy metals and toxins to them. This is not something you
    should use every day, but during a period of cleansing, it can be very effective for ridding your body of the toxins you’ve just freed up.
    How to use: mix 5 grams with 2 water and drink. Must be taken along with psyllium husk or some
    other form of fiber to prevent constipation.
    The question is what does 2 water mean?How much is that?

  9. Beate says:

    Thank you SO much for this wonderful program and apologies that my questions come more than a week after the end of the cleanse.

    First of all I wanted to say how much I enjoyed this program. In the past I have done many many cleanses but none where I really did not feel any hunger. When in the past I had done juice fasts with juices, which contained too many fruits (especially fruit sweets like pineapple) and thus too much sugar, usually I would experience hunger pangs in the evening and I would crave more sugar, however this time when having cut down the amount of fruit in the juices to almost zero and also abstaining from adding honey to the tea, the cleanse felt like a breeze to me. I am so grateful for having learned about and been able to experience the benefits of cutting down on sugar in all forms first hand. Like day and night! So thank you!

    Now to my question:

    In the recipe for the Golden Milk it says to cook the turmeric and other ingredients in a saucepan for 10 min so as to make a paste out of it. In case I am fine with not preparing a batch of paste to have at hand in my fridge but make it fresh each time I am having the milk, would it be OK to use raw, grated turmeric and NOT boil it? Or are there benefits (like absorption or other) when cooking turmeric vs raw?

    I also wanted to say that I totally fell in love with the Creamy Coconut Tea. Thank you SO much for introducing me to this incredibly comforting and easy made drink. A nice cuppa of this was the highlight of my day to which I always looked so much forward and kept me going. Actually I loved it so much that I would like to continue it after the cleanse too. Albeit with just a dash of cinnamon (because I guess too much of it on a regular basis would not be a very good idea) and less coconut oil (so as not to overdo the overall fat content of my combined nutritional intake over the day).

    Thank you very much for answering my questions and let me say again how much I enjoyed the program and how glad I am that I have signed up. Although I am very experienced in fasting and very educated regarding nutrition, there were SO many extremely valuable facts and tips I learned on this program!

    Also thank you so much for the degree of commitment and work you put into this program. I so appreciate it and will stay connected.

    Warmest regards,

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Beate,

      I use fresh turmeric all the time and what I do is pound the fresh turmeric in a mortar and pestle and then add it to the milk on the stove. You could also grate the fresh turmeric and then add it to the milk on the stove.

      When making the Golden Milk, I was taught that simmering the turmeric with the milk helps to extract some of its properties.

      I also use turmeric raw in juices and smoothies but for golden milk I heat it with the milk.

      • Beate says:

        Hi Nadia,

        thank you very much for your answer. Now I understand the reasoning behind not just adding raw grated or pounded turmeric and know how to prepare the most nutritional version of this gorgeous Golden Milk, which has become my almost daily treat at night before going to bed.

        Let me add that I am in awe on the span and depth of your knowledge and also the way you present it. Thank you so much for that!

        Best regards,

        • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

          Hi Beate,

          You are so welcome.. It is my pleasure to share all that I have learned along my way.

          Thank you for your kind words.

  10. Beate says:

    Thank you SO much for this wonderful program and apologies that my questions come more than a week after the end of the cleanse.

    First of all I wanted to say how much I enjoyed this program. In the past I have done many many cleanses but none where I really did not feel any hunger. When in the past I had done juice fasts with juices, which contained too many fruits (especially fruit sweets like pineapple) and thus too much sugar, usually I would experience hunger pangs in the evening and I would crave more sugar, however this time when having cut down the amount of fruit in the juices to almost zero and also abstaining from adding honey to the tea, the cleanse felt like a breeze to me. I am so grateful for having learned about and been able to experience the benefits of cutting down on sugar in all forms first hand. Like day and night! So thank you!

    Now to my questions:

    In the recipe for the Golden Milk it says to cook the turmeric and other ingredients in a saucepan for 10 min so as to make a paste out of it. In case I am fine with not preparing a batch of paste to have at hand in my fridge but make it fresh each time I am having the milk, would it be OK to use raw, grated turmeric and NOT boil it? Or are there benefits (like absorption or other) when cooking turmeric vs raw?

    I also wanted to say that I totally fell in love with the Creamy Coconut Tea. Thank you SO much for introducing me to this incredibly comforting and easy made drink. A nice cuppa of this was the highlight of my day to which I always looked so much forward and kept me going. Actually I loved it so much that I would like to continue it after the cleanse too. Albeit with just a dash of cinnamon (because I guess too much of it on a regular basis would not be a very good idea) and less coconut oil (so as not to overdo the overall fat content of my combined nutritional intake over the day).

    Thank you very much for answering my questions and let me say again how much I enjoyed the program and how glad I am that I have signed up. Although I am very experienced in fasting and very educated regarding nutrition, there were SO many extremely valuable facts and tips I learned on this program!

    Also thank you so much for the degree of commitment and work you put into this program. I so appreciate it and will stay connected.

    Warmest regards,

  11. Carla Smith says:

    Hello Gabriel Method team. I recently finished the Detox program and I have a question. I have gained 3 pounds each of the last two days. So I realize this is most likely inflammation from something I ate. My menu consisted of eggs, fruits, vegetables, organic proteins (chicken and venison) and raw cashews, spirulina carob squares and I cooked with butter or coconut oil. I am really trying to do this right and I don’t understand what is going wrong. My stress level is pretty low now at work. But elevated with the family that I do not live with. And I am starting a business (no stress there but this is nothing new). I would appreciate some advice.

    Thank You, Carla Smith

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Carla,
      It is not unusual to gain back some of the weight that you lost during the detox now that you are back to eating solid food. Please try not to worry too much about it. You have done a great thing for your digestive system, continue on the journey you have started and you will see a more gradual change over time. Let us know how you go.

  12. Angela Zamarron says:

    What do you think about matcha tea? Are raw dairy products okay? How much fruit can be added to green juices that will not cause a blood sugar spike?

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Matcha tea contains a much larger amount of caffeine than normal tea as you are drinking the whole leaves ground up, so it is important to take this into account when drinking it.
      Jon and Nadia recommended half a green apple to sweeten your juices if need be.
      I hope this helps Angela πŸ™‚

  13. Bronwen Channon says:

    For those wanting to update their hardcopy recipe book, I’ve gone through the ebook and noted the changes: remove all xylitol and replace with either stevia or coconut palm sugar; all cheese should preferably be from sheep’s milk, goat’s milk or raw cow’s milk; wording of prawn has changed to shrimp; wording of capsicum has changed to bell pepper. Individual recipes that have changed are: remove corn thin faces pg 73; remove rissoles pg 119; remove flax cracker nachos pg 67; remove tasty snack bars pg 83; remove baked ricotta pg 98; remove goats cheese with hazelnuts pg 101; remove onionless rissoles pg 119; remove brownies pg 247; remove ricotta cheesecake pg 242; remove blueberry ricotta pancakes pg 42. add in blueberry chia bran pancakes pg 42 add in raw chocolate crunch pg 235
    From Jon and Nadia’s info I’m assuming the removal of recipes is to do with corn grain and dairy. Hope this saves you some time!

  14. Tonya Burgess says:

    Let the BMs BEGIN…LOL

  15. Terri Catlin says:

    What’s the scoop on green tea going forward? Yes? No?


    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Terri,
      Green tea has caffeine – so if you can try to limit it to only once or twice a day.

      • Angela Zamarron says:

        What about Matcha?

      • Terri Catlin says:

        Hi Den,

        I am doing just fine without caffeine. I have too much at stake to add in anything that is not GM approved! If it’s best to do without green tea, I will. I just wasn’t sure if the health benefits of green tea made it acceptable.

        So what I hear is, the goal is no caffeine in any form, yes?



  16. Victoria Rastin says:

    Thanks to the whole team for all your help.
    I have really enjoyed the cleanse and feeling my way back into eating. I have been listening to my body, eaten somethings which my body wasn’t ready for and just readjusted for the next time.

    I went to a dinner party last night (it was my 3rd day post cleanse)
    I had lots of water before.
    I had a large bone broth with coconut oil in the blender a few hours before so I wasn’t feeling really hungry when I arrived.
    Apple cider vinegar before dinner was served.
    I didn’t even feel tempted to snack on all the potato chips even though dinner wasn’t served until 9.30pm
    I’m gluten free so had one piece of apple from the pie and 4 small pieces of fruit with a teaspoon of icecream (even though it was dairy, hard to digest and probably had trans fats in it)

    I am so grateful to the GM detox team as I did not feel the urge to eat a whole piece of apple pie (store bought) nor did I touch the chocolate which sat on the table for 2 hours after dinner.

    I went home to bed and as I hadn’t over eaten I slept well and woke up feeling empty rather than last night’s dinner still sitting in my intestines.

    I’m so excited not to crave all those foods I was addicted to. I’ve continued to lose weight slowly and am really excited to carry on.

    My gastric reflux has gone.
    My ezcema has reduced and is not inflammed but the skin is still healing.
    My skin feels much softer – I put this down to the Omega 3

    Thanks again.

  17. says:

    Hi … Woohoo … Feel fantastic and am on day 6 … I have missed some of the webinars and wondered how long after we completely finish can we have access to these areas … I also haven’t had a chance to check out the other entitilments … Thanks for your info and encouragement
    Marilyn xoxo

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Marilyn,
      That is so great to hear!
      You have access to all of this indefinitely – so you can continue to access the webinars.
      Den πŸ™‚

  18. Selkie says:

    Will you be doing a replay of the final webinar (Day 6)? I see it isn’t up yet.

  19. Lorell Maldoon says:

    Wednesday I go see my parents. I’m looking for suggestions for today. I’m also looking for snack/meal ideas I can have in the airport, on the plane, and on the shuttle to get to my parents house. I will get to the airport about 10:30am and probably won’t get to my parents until 6:00pm. I don’t want to eat airport food, as there is really nothing, or not much that works. I just bought figs and berries at the farmers market and was hoping to use some of them in a snack bar possibly. Any suggestions/recipes that I can make before Wed is most helpful. Thank you in advance for your support, advice, suggestions and recipes.

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Lorell,
      Perhaps add some activated nuts to your snacks. Veggie or flax crackers home made or bought from a health food store can be a great savoury snack to have.
      Another great suggestion is to take Super Green powder in a drink bottle and when on the plane you can fill the bottle up with water and have your super greens drink. (Jon regularly does this when travelling) Also most airports now have smoothie/juice bars – so you can certainly have either a smoothie or juice. Also you can order a salad with meat, chicken or fish from the airport restaurant. I hope this helps.
      Have a wonderful time!

  20. Cathy Kurio says:

    Hi there. I have been listening to all the recordings, but I didn’t join the facebook group and don’t see a place to do so. Is that where all the extra info has been posted, such as the salad recipes?
    Thanks for your help:)

  21. Nancy Kinney says:

    I know Jon isn’t big on grains, but what about steel cut oatmeal, brown or wild rice? If yes how long after cleanse is it ok. Today is my 1st day post cleanse. Also, on another note I’d like to thank the whole team for this great opportunity and all the support, I lost 6 lbs this week and that is huge for me as I’ve been unable to lose any weight no matter what I did it just kept creeping up. Now I feel I have a good start and can continue. Thanks again.

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Nancy,
      So great to hear how well you are feeling! You have done an amazing job and deserve a pat on the back.
      Jon is not a fan of grains in general as he sees them as being too starchy and in most cases inflammatory. The options you have asked are certainly much better options than standard processed oats or rice. Quinoa is an even better option yet again. Still if you are trying to keep blood sugar levels balanced it is best to try to minimise grains wherever you can. Day 3 or later would be the best time to re-introduce these into your diet. I hope this helps.

  22. Emily Reynolds says:

    What is wrong with oats ????? If any. I have been eating it to lower my cholesterol.

  23. Emily Reynolds says:

    May I have Nadia’s coaching address, thanks.

  24. Kevin McNatt says:

    Good Morning,

    I am trying to use the “Contact” link above and it takes me to the landing page that says “you don’t have access”. In day 4 of the Cleanse Jon mentioned that if we had the GM Cookbook we could get a download of the newer E-Cookbook with the revisions discussed in the class.

    How do I go about getting that download?


  25. Sharon H says:

    Yesterday, during the program, I ate 2 cherries and a small bit of kimchi. In my stomach it felt like lead sitting there. I even felt bloated. So, I stopped eating. Den suggested a smoothie. Think I will try that today. Should I wait another full day before food? I do have mango, papaya and cherries. Or maybe I should just blend some melon… is it best to start with fruit and then veggies? I’ve fermented some tomatoes and cucumber as well as kimchi. Would that be better. I’ve been so happy detoxing. Food seems so annoying.

  26. Bronwen Channon says:

    Just for future detox and more for IT side of things – could you place the chatroll underneath the screen shot of Jon and Nadia (and therefore slides) as on my screen I have a lot of information in between taking up screen room and as I’m looking at a screen I hear a click and can’t resist scrolling down to read the chat so I miss the next slide. If it could be closer it would be on one screen I could just flick my eyes!

    • Tonya Burgess says:

      Great Idea!!

    • Terri Catlin says:

      Thanks for bringing this up, Bronwen. I was going to suggest the chat roll beside the slides – too much up and down and I didn’t want to miss a thing!

      • Mel says:

        The way I dealt with this was to open 2 browser windows and put them side by side to watch the slides on one and expand the chat roll and read on the other. I also took some screenshots of the chatroll since I didn’t want to miss what Jon and Nadia were saying, and I read them later on.

  27. Tonya Burgess says:

    Day 5 lesson, concluding the cleanse is not working. I pressed the play button and nothing happens. Also, I have been listening on the same computer for the 2 wks. Any ideas?

    • Margaret Bartlett says:

      you can download the mp3 to listen and download the slides and view them. It is right below the video part. I’m thinking they may not be back in until Monday am to update the videos.

  28. Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Was so great to be here with all of you these past two weeks.

    What an amazing gift you have all given yourself!!


    Someone today asked for a list of foods that are great to eat on day one… here are some ideas;

    -bell peppers
    -fermented foods
    -soaked prunes, drink soak water too
    -smoothie (papaya, berries, baby spinach)
    -some broth with some soaked seaweed, cilantro, thyme, crushed garlic, rosemary, sauerkraut
    -simple veggie soup blended in the blender
    -sprouts (but make sure they are sprouted long enough or may cause digestive distress).. mung bean sprouts are good
    –simple salad

    Take it easy, chew well and you will most likely notice that your body doesn’t want much food to start with.

    Keep up your intake of water as well.

    Congratulations again everyone!

  29. Mel says:

    I am still confused about making smoothies by mixing fruits with vegetables. Isn’t it best to keep fruits separate from veggies except for apples?

    • Liisa Le says:

      I agree Mel, I have been told by my Homeopathic Doctor that it is easier for the gut to digest one food type at a time. So if you eat greens, there is a specific enzyme for that and wait 30 min before introducing fruit as it has a totally different enzyme. Also I noticed that there is more gas build up when I eat both. That is what I’ve been told. I would really like to hear what Jon and Nadia have to say.

  30. Margaret Sefton says:

    Also please can someone tell me how to get on the facebook group? I requested to join and it just says ‘pending’???

  31. Lori Turner says:

    Today has been a really bad day for me today. I started having diarrhea last night after the chia drink and it hasn’t stopped. Sorry for being so graphic, but it is all chia’s so I have stopped drinking it. But I am really really hungry and am really weak. Any suggestions? What would be good for me to eat tomorrow to help alleviate this issue. I am glad this is my last day as I don’t think I could make it another day. I had so much energy before this happened.

    • Thea Helmerhorst says:

      Hello Lori, I see that you have no answer to your question. So here is my suggestion, but I am not a member of the team. If I were you I would take some veggie broth wit real carrots, zucchini, selery etc cook it and blender it. It is nice for your stomach etc and wil give you some good ingredients for your body.
      Succes and keep going!
      By, Thea from the Netherlands

      • Cyd says:

        I have a similar reaction to the chia drink – horrific bloating, then powerful diarrhea. It doesn’t ast, but is uncomfortable. Splitting the doses into smaller amounts has helped a lot. That way, my system isn’t overwhelmed.

  32. Margaret Sefton says:

    Please can someone from the Team follow up on my two Green me up Johnny queries which have received no replies. It says somewhere I should have been emailed a ‘tracking number’ when it was shipped and as I haven’t received that I’m presuming it hasn’t been shipped yet and I really want to start using it. I’ve tried to be so patient about this for two weeks but now I’m transitioning off the cleanse it would be so helpful to get it, like others, as promised. Thanks!!!

  33. Lorell Maldoon says:

    I’m traveling to see my parents next week and wonder what should I take besides chia seeds, my supergreeens, maybe probiotics (if I feel like carrying a cold pack) and digestive enzymes? My mom just told me I am hard to cook for.

  34. Kevin McNatt says:

    Hi GM Team,

    I have the kindle version of the GM cookbook, is that the most updated? Tks

  35. Wendy Hedges says:

    Hi Nadia
    I haven’t been on the last couple of days so didn’t really know what to eat post cleanse so this morning I had a smoothie with half an avocado, tablespoon chia seeds, blueberries, teaspoon macca powder and teaspoon caco with water and 1/4 cup rice milk OMG (no I didn’t sip I drank !!!!) I felt like I was having a heart attack and now I feel like something is caught in my digestive tract!! I guess it’s all to heavy on my system ?? On the positive side I lost 5 kilos which is a Miracle thank you and Jon and the team thank you, thank you xxxxxx

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Wendy,

      Go back to eating very easy to digest foods and drinking plenty of water.

      Good things on day one are;

      -bell peppers
      -fermented foods
      -soaked prunes, drink soak water too
      -smoothie (papaya, berries, baby spinach)
      -some broth with some soaked seaweed, cilantro, thyme, crushed garlic, rosemary, sauerkraut
      -simple veggie soup blended in the blender
      -sprouts (but make sure they are sprouted long enough or may cause digestive distress).. mung is good
      –simple salad

      Leave avocado, maca, cacao and rice milk till tomorrow and, as you noticed, your body is not ready to handle big amounts of food after the cleanse, so try just small amounts and then listen to your body for when it wants more.

  36. Selkie says:

    Hi Nadia πŸ™‚

    I feel I have had tremendous benefit from doing this cleanse – although I have had my challenging moments. I would be interested in incorporating detox into my life going forward.

    Do you recommend once or twice a year?

    Do you recommend to do only for five days again?


  37. Leslie Penn says:

    Question about dry skin brushing: is there a particular method in which to perform it? example – left side of body first or legs first? Also, is there a minimum duration to perform the brushing to derive benefit? Is a quick 2 minute brush sufficient?

  38. Laura Peat says:

    Is there an option of buying the hardback copy of Jon’s recipe book?

  39. Barbara Kizner says:

    Not a question, just a long comment: Don’t want to be in isolation with this. I decided to go off the detox a day early and I am sure it is a blend of escaping from feelings (lots of agitation has come up in the last 24 hours) and simply having had enough of the juices, broths, etc etc and the mild headache that never really went away. Sure a part of me is judging myself for this early departure and another part of me knows it is totally ok to have withdrawn a day early. I am eating mostly “Backup” foods along with a fresh juice I made this morning.
    As it was been said last night and over and over there is no failing here & no gold stars etc.
    I am going to family graduation BBQ tomorrow and I didn’t want tomorrow to be my first day off to be the day of the a big BBQ although I do know to proceed gently and lovely. Ok, thanks for listening to part of my process. Barbara

  40. Victoria Rastin says:

    Jon says we should eat fruit on its own so that it doesn’t ferment whilst other foods are digesting. Some fruits like papaya and pineapple have lots of digestive enzymes. What types of foods do these enzymes help digest (other than the fruit) – protein, fat or carbohydrate? Can we ever eat these fruits with proteins, fats or carbohydrates to help us digest or will they always ferment?
    Basically do we always have to eat fruit before a meal or can we ever have it with something else?
    I’ve really enjoyed the cleanse and am now on my third day post cleanse. I’ve been feeling great except 2nd day post cleanse when I didn’t feel quite right. I’d eaten a kale salad with wild salmon for lunch at 12.30 which felt fine. At 3.15pm I had a small smoothie (celery, blueberries, cacao, protein powder, pysllium husks, 1/2 banana) which I took out of the fridge and by 4pm I felt an odd feeling in my abdomen. It can’t have been lunch as I felt fine. I had already had 1/2 of the smoothie in the morning and felt fine.
    Any ideas as to why I might have felt odd?


    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Victoria,

      The idea is if the fruit has a high water content, best to eat it on its own.

      But much fruit is fine mixed with other things. Listen to your body after you eat a combination and if you feel any sort of digestive distress then you know that that combination may not be the best for you right now.

      Sounds like your digestion was telling you to slow it down a little bit so that it can catch up. It sometimes takes a little while to get up to speed. Also ensure that you are drinking enough water throughout the day. When taking psyllium husk, always good to have lots of water…. but good to have lots of water (on an empty stomach) every day.

  41. Robin says:

    Hi, I am unable to access the Day 5 webinar….the screen is blue blank

  42. Terri Catlin says:

    Hi Nadia,

    When can we reincorporate bananas? And what are your thoughts on corn and popcorn in general?

    Thank you so much for all your contributions.

    P.s. Where in Canada are you from? I’m a Torontonian now living in the country a couple of hours away.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Terri,

      Wait on bananas until the end of day 1 or day 2.

      I find corn to be highly GMO and allergenic and so don’t consume much of it.

      I was born in Thunder Bay, ON but haven’t lived there since 1996.

  43. Selkie says:

    Hi Nadia πŸ™‚

    If I understand correctly – you do not recommend drinking water with meals. Why is this?

    Also, I’ve now developed a bit of a carrot phobia because they were seen as too sugar-releasing in the juices. Should I still be cautious of using too many carrots in recipes?

    Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Selkie,

      Drinking large amounts of water while eating can dilute your digestive juices making the job of digestion take longer. Small sips is okay but I would drink the bulk of your water on an empty stomach.

      Eating whole carrots is very different than juicing them. When eaten whole they contain all of their fiber so that the sugar doesn’t get quickly released into your system.

  44. Laura Peat says:

    I was in the supermarket today and saw they had cold pressed rapeseed oil. Is this OK?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Laura,

      I would avoid rapeseed oil. Some good ones are coconut, olive, grapeseed, avocado, macadamia, flax, chia seed.

  45. Robin says:

    Is it okay to use the Organic Palm Coconut sugar? I am unable to find the Raw one

  46. Robin says:

    Hello Team, trust you all are well. I missed the conference call for day 5. Can anyone tell me when will it be posted please? Also, I am going to miss tonight conference as I am going to church again. I really hate missing these sessions.

  47. Rebekah says:

    Whoops…I kinda forgot the ‘share my experience’ part…

    Coming off of a cleanse/juice fast right takes planning and deliberate action, folks. Your mind and body long to eat the foods you’ve missed, and when you’re set free, you tend to head toward those. My body, sadly, wasn’t upset by anything I put in it, good for me or not. I found myself wanting to eat everything in sight, once I started eating, and I finally realized that my body was SCREAMING for all the good stuff I had been giving it (green juice, omegas, fermented foods) that I ignored for the foods I’d missed.

    I’ve heard many of you express how much you’re looking forward to the things you couldn’t have on the detox, and some say they “can’t face another…”, I just want to share my experience (and my own feeling that I failed never ON the detoxes, but COMING OFF them properly) and ask you to please, please, continue to put all the good stuff in first, then add a little of what you’d missed. If you do that, you’ll get to keep the benefits of what you’ve gained, and keep your body in “releasing the weight” mode…which is where we are ALL want to be.

    Love and kindness to all,


  48. Rebekah says:

    Jon and Nadia, thank you for your thoughtful answers to my “I’d really like to keep going” last question on the Day 5 call-in. I had so much energy last night that I couldn’t sleep, so I have done a lot of thinking since the call and wanted to share some of my experience with the group, as well as ask for your thoughts on a modified, gentler continuation.

    While I have not done a detox in this gentler, smarter and kinder GM way, I have done juice fasts of 10 days and 21 days several times in the past. Those juices were about 70/30 veg/fruit, and I now understand why this is so different. I have definitely experienced the rebound hunger that you describe and fear might happen, and understand both the fear and the reason now.

    You both describe that this time of euphoric calm is a perfect time to break the cleanse, and I know that one of my reasons for clinging is that I just felt like I got into my “rhythm” and it gave me such peace (in the life of a stressed working mother of two, one daughter transitioning to gluten free to attempt to reverse her hashimotos, another who will eat almost nothing live or vital) and am longing for something to stay the same long enough for me to catch my breath. I am headed to the Omega retreat (one month exactly from last night’s call) and looking forward to eating freely and well there.

    The detox came at a great time, for I learned my liver enzymes were high and my thyroid is struggling. I will re-test those in a month and am hopeful, but wanted to know, given those two considerations, if you think I could continue the healing (and simpler meal prep) for a little longer, if I continue to have my salads in the form of juices, continue the detox tea, chia drinks, and chia and flax oils, but add some soft fruits (papaya, avocado, banana) and raw soups, and blend my “broth” soup? Is protein a must, or could I continue with only veggies for a while?

    I realize that the real question is whether my body will feel “unsafe”, like something is being withheld. I am (finally, this week) CONSISTENTLY taking probiotics, enzymes, super greens, theracurmin, a thyroid supplement (just added) and krill oil, along with the Green Me Up Jonny. I worry that if I have to go back to thinking about what to eat, I’ll drop that ball.

    Your thoughts?

    Many thanks,


    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Rebekah,

      I appreciate where you are coming from.

      The truth is that we are supposed to eat and nourish by eating. Detox cleanses are only supposed to be for a temporary period of time and then the most benefit comes from learning how to nourish in a great way with food.

      What you are describing of having green smoothies, blended soups and easy to digest fruits and vegetables is a beautiful and absolutely great way to come off the cleanse.

      You can do this for 2-3 days but after that, your digestion will be up and running fully and you will no longer be in the deep cleansing state of this past week. At this point, it is important to give yourself some protein so as to keep things balanced and to keep cravings, hormone imbalances and other imbalances at bay.

      Now that you have had such a great experience during this cleanse, you can go forward to do this cleanse once or twice a year to allow your body to continue to heal. Your body will continue to heal in between the cleanses too.

      You have experience with cleanses that you have done in the past and it is so beautiful the space you are in at the end of this cleanse. Keep up with your visualizations from this point on to help you to make choices that support you.

      Fantastic that you will be at Omega in a month. Will be a beautiful continuation of what you are doing now.

  49. Renee says:

    Hi GM team
    Hoping to watch the replay from call 5..Will it be available soon ? today is my day to break the cleanse and i wasnt’ able to listen to all of the call last night .. hoping to do so soon πŸ™‚
    thanks so much !

  50. Rushika Gajaria says:

    I have severe candida…Can I continue the clay power once a week?any other tips?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Rushika,

      The best thing for candida is exactly what you have been doing during this cleanse.

      Now, coming off the cleanse, use The Big 3 as your guideline for meals and keep adding in the good stuff and trying to avoid all of the processed stuff and refined sugars and wheat.

  51. Margaret Sefton says:

    Hi there. I don’t use facebook much- I put in a request to this facebook group and it says ‘pending’- so then what happens?



  52. Margaret Sefton says:

    Hi there
    What do you think about agave as a natural sweetener?


    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Margaret,

      I have never liked agave. To me, if feels highly processed. Even when it first came out and many in the raw food world were raving about it, it never tasted or felt right in my body.

      Since then, it has come to light about how processed it actually is.

      I would suggest using raw coconut palm sugar or stevia.

  53. Bronwen Channon says:

    Hi, Jon said that if we have his hardcopy cook book he would give us the updated ebook for free (obviously to update the hardcopy cook book) but the link you posted on Facebook takes you straight to the purchase page … could you clarify please?\

  54. Margaret Sefton says:

    Hi there. Has anyone else in Australia got their Green Me Up Johnny as I still haven’t.

    Could someone from GMT please let me know when it will arrive or confirm it was sent- maybe the address was wrong? I’d really like to start taking it.


  55. Molo says:

    I am hoping to take part in yoga in the park tomorrow night, about a half an hour to an hour after our class tomorrow. Do you think that will be ok?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Molo,

      If that will be your first day of eating, I imagine you will be fine… but just listen to your body and take it easy in the class if you need to.

  56. Tracy Phillips says:

    Hi! I’m wondering how long I will have access to the playbacks and visualizations here. I’m trying to play a visualization on my phone tonight but there is no sound. I usually listen on my iPad without problems but it’s downstairs. Shouldn’t work on my phone?

    Thanks for a great experience. It’s life-changing!

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Tracy,
      You will have access to these playbacks indefinitely.
      The best suggestion is to save the visualisation to your computer and then synch it to your phone. I hope this helps.

  57. Renee says:

    HI everyone,
    Are Day 4 & 5 replays working ? I tried Day 4 and it’s not playing .. and Day 5’s replay maybe hasn’t been posted yet .. Just wondering if it’s my system or there are issues with the replays?

    thank you!

  58. Sharon H says:

    When going off the cleanse is coconut milk okay… was thinking of adding it to the rest of my broth and then sautΓ©ing some veggies to put in….. On which day could I do this respecting the process we have entered.


  59. Peggy Beardmore says:

    Will we have access to viualizations and exercise after the program is over?

  60. Molo says:

    Another question. You know the four pictures Jon always uses to show his transformation, my belly looks like his does in the second picture. We got some serious sagging going on here. What can we do for that? I think I have heard that he has a visualization for that, I would love to use it. Is there anything else we can do for that. I dry brush regularly, have been for almost a year. Just would really like to help my skin tighten up. I have been over weight sense childhood, plus I have had two large children. Need to tighten up belly, upper inner thighs, and upper arms.

    • Paula e. says:

      Hi Molo
      I am right there with you on this. Those are my trouble areas, as well. I saw an interview Jon did with a man who lost substantial weight and the man said that he did not have surgery to remove the excess fat. His abs looked like Jon’s last picture. I am questioning if the serious hanging fat in my trouble areas is a female thing. I haven’t seen any before and after pictures of women who followed TGM. If there is a visualization for hanging fat, I would like it. If not, I’d like to know how people are getting rid of it.

  61. Molo says:

    Also, I have been noticing serious flaking of my scalp, I sure hope this clears up. Can be unsightly.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Molo,

      Be sure to keep up your water intake after you start eating.

      A few other tips for flaky scalp are:
      -massage your scalp with your fingertips
      -rub coconut oil into your scalp, leave on 30 minutes to overnight before washing out.
      -do inversion daily (raise your feet above your waist), this can be done by lying on the floor and putting your legs up on the wall, using a yoga swing, doing headstands or downward dog yoga pose
      -use an all natural hair cleaner

      • Molo says:

        Thanks Nadia. The tightening I was getting in my throat, jaw, and chest is gone. I think maybe I drank the omega drink to quickly. Maybe expansion before my stomach? That’s what I am thinking. My throat is still sore, I have been gargling with warm salt water. It gives me a bit of relief for a while. I will take it easy.

  62. Molo says:

    Jon and Nadia, how do you feel about using hydrogen peroxide in the water to wash fruits and veggies?

  63. Selkie says:

    Hello πŸ™‚

    I’m planning my first protein meal for day 2 post cleanse. I was going to have prawns with my own fresh tomato sauce. Is it ok to add onion and a little bit of palm sugar to the tomato sauce recipe on that day?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Selkie,

      Yes, that is fine. Go slowly with it. Chew it very well and see how your body feels after each bite.

      You may also take a digestive enzyme right before you start eating.

      And be sure to keep up your water intake in between meals.

  64. Lori Turner says:

    So now I am wondering if maybe my 1/2 mile walk this morning is causing me to be really hungry. I took it easy, but maybe it was too much?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Lori,

      Could be. Support your body with as much liquid nourishment as you need and if you need to eat something, do so.

  65. Gerry Hairgrove says:

    Hi, I purchased all of my juices from Buda Juice, which is fabulous, organic, raw and they tasted great. Unfortunately, I live a long way from their store, so I found another juice, Jill’s Cleanse in Brooklyn, all natural and ordered and paid for shipping ($$$) for the next 3 days. I started the new ones today and have felt sick since drinking them. Up until now, I have been tired, but felt very good. I don’t have the stuff to make juices. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks, Gerry

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Gerry,

      You can have all of the drinks/broth and leave the juices if they are making you sick.

      You can also try diluting them with water and see if that is better.

  66. Kevin McNatt says:

    Hi All,

    Jon mentioned the downsides of aspartame, and I am familiar with these…However, he also mentioned that there are many problems associated with sucralose(splenda) and I thought this was a natural sweetener; did I understand correctly that sucralose is also very bad for your body?

  67. Laura Peat says:

    I’ve never taken probiotics. Could you give some advice on what to look for when buying them please?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Laura,

      You want a probiotic that has several different strains in it and not just acidopholous.

      Go to a reputable health food store in your area and they should be able to point you towards a good one.

  68. Molo says:

    I saw someone asking about hair loss and reversal of it on here after detox. My hair has been thinning for years, I think it is a hormonal imbalance thing. But ever sense I started this detox, I feel like my hair is falling out even more. :/. I don’t know.
    On a brighter note, today I put a half a pear in my juice, needed to be used, and it was soooooo sweet! I hadn’t been using any fruit in my juices, or carrots for that matter. I thought Jon said not to use fruit or carrots. So my taste has definitely changed.
    Also, does anyone else feel a difference in their teeth. My teeth feel soo good, like that right after the dental cleaning feeling. Feels great!

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Molo,

      So interesting, isn’t it? … to see the changes that happen in our bodies when we do this!

      Keep watching what happens after you break and in the coming weeks/months.

  69. Gail says:

    I am having difficulty enjoying the green me up johnny,, there is another brand I have been drinking regularly that has yerba matte and green tea powder so I guess it has caffeine. Do you have suggestions for making the gmuj drink more delicious?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Gail,

      Jon was saying that if you actually put more of the powder in the glass it can taste better. So instead of it being watered down, it will have a fuller flavour.

      You can also try mixing it with half regular water and half coconut water or juice.

      Another tip that I have found works well is blending it in the blender vs stirring it with a spoon… it makes it nice and frothy.

  70. Selkie says:

    Hello Nadia πŸ™‚

    I have my hair coloured at a salon that uses Aveda products – which are largely derived from plants, but do use some chemicals to allow the colours to bond with the hair. Can you advise on any more natural ways to colour the hair?

    Do you have any remedy for slight unwanted facial hairs on my upper lip and chin? These last few days, they haven’t really been growing back in. I’m guessing this is only because of the detox – and that they are likely to be back afterwards?

    Washing fruit and veg in vinegar in the kitchen sink – how much vinegar should I use? I saw on Jon’s video that he uses a quarter cup of vinegar, but I thought I heard you saying you use just a tablespoon.


    • Selkie says:

      Sorry – I should have added another question. What protein powder do you recommend?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Selkie,

      I don’t have personal experience with colouring my hair but henna is a good way to go. I have also just heard David Wolfe talking about an all natural hair dye. Again I have no personal experience with it but you can check that out here –>

      For unwanted facial here, I use a tweezer and just pluck them out.

      For apple cider vinegar in the sink of water, anywhere from a tablespoon or two up to a 1/4 cup is fine. It depends how much water is in your sink and how many veggies you are washing.

      For protein powders, Some good ones are sunwarrior brand or healthforce brand. Hemp protein, pea protein or brown rice protein.

  71. Janet says:

    Both the video and the audio for the replay of day 3 are incorrect they are a repeat of day 2. I have found all the technical issues very frustrating. I am unable to listen to the webinars live so being able to hear them later that same day would be ideal. I am feeling disappointed.

    • Janet says:

      I have found it now by reading comments below and following a link someone mentioned. An email telling everyone about this would have been helpful

  72. Wendy Hedges says:

    Hi Nadia
    I would like to know your thoughts on rice milk for after the cleanse I don’t like almond milk ??

    thank you

  73. Victoria Rastin says:

    Hi there

    My questions for Nadia, Jon and the Gabriel team

    Re -kale, avocado and toasted almond salad – the most delicious salad ever!!!

    1. I just wanted to ask if I should have soaked then toasted the almonds. I ate them just toasted tonight night. I’ve only just realised I probably shouldn’t have had nuts on the first day after the cleanse so hope my system can take it.

    2. In regard to eating too much kale. I’ve been reading an interview with Dr. Jeffrey Garber (chief of endocrinology at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates) who basically says that it is highly unlikely that kale will have any real negative effects on thyroid function (unless you’re already there’s an underlying thyroid issue) as we live in a society where iodine deficiency isn’t an issue. He says iodine is in bread, normal table salt, dairy.
    My question is are we getting enough iodine with Himalayan salt?
    If so we should be able to eat as much kale as we like according to Dr. Jeffrey Garber.

    I’m at the end of my first post detox day and have felt great today. I’ve had a Green me up drink with a squeeze of lemon, followed by a juice. I had a slice of papaya before I left for work.

    Morning tea I made a smoothie
    lots of celery, blueberries, 1/2 banana, protein powder, psyllium husks, raw cacao. It was yummy and kept me full. I probably should have added more veggies but it tasted chocolatey but not really sweet.

    veggie soup which I blended.

    afternoon – the rest of my chocolate smoothie.

    Dinner – kale, avocado and toasted almond salad – this was the best tasting, moorish salad I’ve had in a while so I’m going to put the recipe on this site. (sorry not on Facebook)

    All the best to everyone finishing the cleanse.


    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Victoria,

      Thanks for sharing!

      I recommend to not heat (cook or roast) any nuts or seeds but rather obtain them raw and then soak them. But if you love that salad, great! Just keep adding in the good stuff like you are doing.

      I believe that it is great to get variety in our diet. Eat some kale, make use of sea salt and keep adding in more and more real food. I believe by doing so you will have a better chance of getting the nutrients you need.

  74. Mel says:

    I am wondering if you have ever seen female hair loss reversed as a result of detoxing. Thank you.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Mel,

      I truly believe in the body’s immense capacity to heal and re-balance. If the hair loss is due to some sort of imbalance, the body can certainly correct this over time by continually providing a great environment for the body (this includes diet and lifestyle choices including detoxing).

  75. Molo says:

    My throat is starting to feel a bit sore. My kiddos are getting over a cold. so I am not sure if I got what they have or if it is something else. My question is, can I talk the liquid herbs I would usually take or refrain? I use essential oils as well for different sicknesses, what you you all say is ok?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Molo,

      The sore throat can be a result of the body working to release things. Keep drinking the liquids and you may want to add fresh lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to your water.

      Gargling with some salt water can be nice too.

      • Molo says:

        Thanks Nadia. As I was laying down for bed last night I thought of the gargling with salt water. My mom always had us do that. I think it is detox related because there is no snotty nose like my kiddos. I did end up putting a drop of OnGuard essential oil down my throat, just incase it was a cold. Thank you

  76. Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

    Unanswered Qu’s from Cleanse #4 – July 23 2015


    – Molo: I had liquid B M’s the first two days, there was some solid pebbles. Today, not much BM’s at all. Is that normal?
    Answer: Everyone is different – but you probably won’t get much in the way of bowel movements at the moment as you are not eating any solid matter. That said, some people may continue to have bowel movements throughout the entire detox.
    – Jacqueline Bernauer: what is a fermented product?
    Answer: Wine is a fermented product. It is the anaerobic process of breaking down a food using bacteria. It was an ancient process of preserving food. The bacteria present in these foods are the beneficial bacteria used by our guts to aid digestion.

    – Carla Smith: what is golden milk?
    Golden Milk is Turmeric Tea (Nadia has a beautiful recipe here)

    – Adam Falor: can we have the golden milk now?
    (Answered in chat roll) No, wait for after the cleanse


    – Molo: What about soaked nuts?
    Answer: Do you mean – can we eat them on day one after the cleanse? If so – probably be best to wait until Day 2 as they may be a bit too taxing on the digestive system.
    Anyone wondering about Soaked nuts – Soaked nuts help us to digest and absorb the nutrients better
    Nuts and seeds have their own defense mechanism which is phytic acid. When something that contains phytic acid is eaten, the acid binds to minerals in the gastrointestinal tract, which inhibits our digestive systems’ ability to break the nut down properly. Soaking nuts and seeds deactivates the phytic acid.

    – Jacqueline Bernauer: How long do you soak cashews for? Do you put it in the blender?
    (Answered in the chat roll) 1-4 hours depending on the type of nut. To make cashew cream cheese you put them in the blender

    – Mel: So for the chia seeds, we swallow them whole or just drink the water?
    (Answered in the chat roll) If you are putting them in your water you will swallow them
    – Gail: what is something nice to add to the soaked chia seeds in water to make them taste good?
    Answer: You can mix a bit of cinnamon in it – Alice


    – Jennifer Magnolfi: are digestive enzymes something we should incorporate in our diets moving forward or just something for getting off the cleanse?
    Answered- Not absolutely necessary – unless you have had your gallbladder removed, but yes you can continue to incorporate into your diet
    – Terri Catlin: With probiotics, how much should we be taking when we come off the cleanse? And then how much going forward?
    Answer: It depends on what type of probiotic you are taking. I take 2 to 3 each day (depending on what is going on in my life and how much of a detoxing lifestyle I am adhering to – Den)
    – Adam Falor: what are some good protein powders?
    Answer: Jon likes Sun Warrior Brand –
    – Lorell Maldoon: I am thinking about taking Green me up Jonny, but leary of the flavor. Can I mix this with the Garden of Life choc flavor greens that you used at Omega, as I think it might taste better?
    Answer: Nadia feels that cacao can be too much of a stimulant during a cleanse – but see how you go after having it.
    – Laura: Can we use the Garden of Life cacao flavored supergreens during the cleanse?
    Answer: Laura – see how you go – Nadia says that Cacao can be too much of a stimulant during a cleanse – but see how you go.


    – Nancy Kinney: Regarding wheat bread, is Ezekiel sprouted 100% whole grain bread ok or should we stay away from that as well?
    Anser: Ezekiel break is fabulous!
    – Molo: What about sprouted breads or flours? Like Ezekiel breads? I buy a flax Ezekiel bread for my family. Is that cool?
    Answer : Wonderful Molo!
    – Terri Catlin: Why doesn’t Jon recommend almond meal for breads?
    Answer: I’m not sure – but I think it’s because he is finding that his body is not reacting as well to nuts anymore.
    – Liisa Le: I used to pack my salad in a Peta pocket, is that okay or is it bad bread?
    Answer: Pita breads contain gluten and wheat as well so if you can they are best to avoid. Nadia will give a beautiful recipe for coconut flat bread. However if it is something that you really enjoy you can definitely continue to have them occasionally.
    – Liisa Le: How about grain crackers like Wasa makes?
    Answer: Liisa, grains in general are too starchy and inflammatory – which is what we try to avoid when healing the gut and trying to balance hormones. Perhaps try vegetable crackers instead.
    – Mel: Is there good bread and bad bread like good sausage and bad sausage?
    Answer: Yes- nowadays most bread from the supermarket is very heavily processed – with no nutritional value. You can get some nice breads from organic stores though- sprouted bread as an example. The main suggestion is to read the ingredients – you want as few ingredients as possible and a product that is as close to its natural state as possible.


    – Nicole Toronto: Those of us who don’t like fermented foods are we doomed if we don’t eat them about day 1 or 2 ??
    Answer: Definitely not Nicole. There are plenty of options, fermented foods are just one. You might actually find that your tastes will change too and you will not mind the taste of them.
    – Carla Smith: How about eggs on day one and is cottage cheese inflammatory?
    Answer: It would probably be best to avoid eggs on the first day – the protein will be too taxing on your digestion. Day 2 might be a better option. Processed cheese is inflammatory, raw cheese however is a great option.
    – Molo: Please post the dressing recipe with the miso. Is there good and bad miso? Does colour of the miso matter?
    Answer: Whether a Miso is good or bad will depend completely on what the ingredients are. There should be very few ingredients and what there is should be natural and unprocessed. I don’t believe the colour matters, it just depends on the flavour.
    – Lori Turner: How about fresh bing cherries?
    Answer: Berries are a great idea for your first day post cleanse. I’m not sure what Bing cherries are though… sorry.
    – Carla Smith: What about brown rice? & Is instant OK?
    Answer: If you are going to have brown rice try and make it yourself- not instant. Jon is not a fan of rice in general – but brown rice is certainly better than white. An even better option is Quinoi.
    – Claire: Fruit 7 vege ok then? salad?
    Answer – I’m not sure what you mean Claire – but if you are asking if fruit, and salad are okay for the first day post cleanse – the answer is yes.
    – Sue Lennox: How about Kombucha on Day 1 coming off?
    Answer: This should be okay – but just see how you go – try a little bit at first.
    – Lori Turner: I have some fresh picked today sweet corn waiting for me at the end of the detox, I guess that is a no no?
    Answer: unfortunately Lori – no.. corn is very fibrous and will be too taxing on your digestive system. Perhaps wait until day 3 or 4.
    – Nicole Toronto: Can you use regular cacao during the cleanse?
    Answer: Nadia finds Cacao too much of a stimulant during a cleanse – so maybe best to avoid.

  77. Mel says:

    I think I made a mistake the first 2 days by putting the whole chia seeds in water for the shake and I ended up chewing some of the seeds and swallowing the rest whole. I eliminated those pretty fast after I had them. I asked a question about this and I didn’t get a reply so I didn’t have a chia shake today. I would like to know if I must use a chia powder or if I have to live the seeds at the bottom of the glass and just drink the water. Thank you.

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Mel,
      You need to leave the Chia seeds in the water for about 10 minutes – they will soak up water and swell up. You can swallow them then.

  78. Tonya Burgess says:

    Maybe someone here can give me some idea on juicing. .so far I’m not enjoying ANY of the green juices Jons suggested. I’ve added apple, tried lemon and I gag them down. The Green me up Johnny is so awful to me.
    Added apple to this and still terrible. Not a green veggie type of gal. Love the bone broth and teas, but I feel like I’m not getting the maximum benefit for the detox. I’m also hungry tonight on my 3rd day. Someone please tell me how your getting through this..thanks so much.

    • Kwozi-Kate says:

      Have you tried beetroot? And carrot? They are sweeter. Also you could try a slightly sweeter Apple .
      I don’t like bitter, harsh tastes either. I’ll be adding Sweeter Apple or coconut water to My Jonny Greens too.
      All the best! You’re nearly there…. You can do it!

    • Angela Zamarron says:

      I was having a problem with the juices Jon suggested. The only one I liked was the anti-inflammatory juice. I found some juice recipes on Joe Cross’s website (Reboot with Joe) that are fairly low sugar that I’m going to give a try. The names of the juices are Morning Green Glory, Green Lemonade, and Celery-Pear-Cucumber. They’ve got about 16g of sugar for a 20 oz serving. I’ve also bought Suja and Evolution brands of HHP juice in the grocery store (in California). I hope you can find something you like because I can really tell I’ve getting significant benefit from the green juices.

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Tonya,
      If you are really only enjoying the broths and tea – this is perfectly okay – just have those.
      Den πŸ™‚

  79. Niki says:

    I bought an Omega 350 vertical masticating juicer for this detox, and just used it for the first time (I had purchased some green juices for the first couple days). It’s my first time using any juicer – I’ve always been a Vitamix gal – so I was surprised to find that the juice has texture. I was expecting it to be similar to what I had purchased at Whole Foods which had no pulp at all. I didn’t think I would need to strain the juice from a quality juicer so am wondering – is it ok to have some pulp in the green juices? Is that normal? Or should I strain it? Thanks a lot, this is the end of day 3 for me and I’m feeling great! Just unsure of the juice I just made. By the way, I used celery, cucumber, lemon, parsley, ginger and turmeric. Thanks!

    • Mel says:

      I also got a Breville vertical masticating juicer and found that it leaves a lot of pulp behind so I have been straining all my juices and getting a cup full of pulp for about 2.5-3 cups of juice

      • Jenn S says:

        I got the Solo Star 3 masticating juicer, and have little to no pulp, and a decent yield of juice from the produce I’m using. I’m pretty happy with it. I bought it because I saw that Jon recommended it somewhere on the website, but now I can’t find the link again.

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Niki,
      It would be best to strain the pulp out during this detox week and have the juice only.

    • Molo says:

      I have the original juice man juicer, it leaves no pulp. Super old, but works great.

  80. Bronwen Channon says:

    Keffir, Kimchi, Kombucha – I’m confused! what are these? can we have any on the detox? Anything else starting with K we should be having?!

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      LOL Bronwen,
      It would be best to avoid these during the detox, but they will be great for your post cleanse foods. Perhaps steer clear of Keffir for a couple of days though.
      Please check out Donna Schwhenk’s website for more information on fermented foods.
      Den πŸ™‚

  81. Molo says:

    I am loving how I feel on this detox. I can smell everything soo much better, like when I was pregnant. Taste is heightened as well. Love this.

  82. Marie Veerkamp says:

    Since the reposts of the talks don’t get posted for a day or two (or three) after they were recorded, I would REALLY like to have a list of foods for the post-fast to go shopping for tomorrow so that I don’t have to stay on the fast for another day. Are melons, mangos and sauerkraut the extent of it? Yeah, I’m a little edgy.

    • Lorell Maldoon says:

      Here is a piece of what Nadia posted earlier to someone:

      Basically you are going to want to start with foods that are very easy to digest.

      Things like melon, papaya, berries, and fermented foods like sauerkraut. It is also important to keep up your water intake even once you begin eating.

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Marie,
      Lorell is correct – and the other suggestion is to continue to have juices and or broths.
      Your digestive system has not had to work for several days so you want to introduce things that will be very easy to digest, not too taxing and will help to continue the great work you have already done.

  83. Steven Krieger says:

    The Day-3 replay page has the Day-2 webinar. Also, there are no links for the slides or mp3. Can we get that fixed?

  84. Robin Wayne says:

    Please comment on Grapeseed Oil
    Haven’t been able to find Chia Oil

  85. Kelly says:

    I apologize if this has already been asked, but how much coconut oil should we limit ourselves to daily? I can’t handle the tea, but like in broth.

    Thank you.

  86. Rebecca Chapin says:

    I checked and there isn’t a download for Day3 available. No button below video.

  87. Selkie says:

    Hi – there seems to be a duplication error in the replay of Day 3: Move, Sweat and Breathe. The replay is just playing Day 2: Detox your home. Hope you can mend!

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Selkie

      I am sure they will fix this soon.

      In the meantime, you can download the correct audio below the video player.

  88. Selkie says:

    Hello GM team πŸ™‚

    Nadia -I did my first home enema today. Is it ok to do another tomorrow? Also, the instruction booklet said to use between 2 and 4 litres of water. Is that the amount you would recommend? I wonder if you could also suggest some things I could maybe add to the enema water? Today I just used lukewarm filtered water.
    Not sure who to address this next question to – I was listening to Jon talk about supplements on one of the webinar and he discussed how he prefers to get his from food sources. Jon has in the past talked about the importance of taking Omega 3 supplements. I now take about 1.5grammes per day (maximum does it says it allows on the packet.) Is Jon still keen for us to take these supplements as well as getting Omega 3 from live sources? Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Selkie,

      Use the enema only when you need it. No need to do it every day.

      Take in just as much water as you can handle… don’t force past the point where you feel the urge to expel. As more space is created in your colon you may be able to take in more.

      Lukewarm filtered water is perfect. You can do enemas with other things too but I would stick to water for this cleanse.

      Taking omega 3 supplements is fine and along with that look for food sources as well.

  89. Thomas Busk says:

    I really want to hear the day 3 webinar. The link is to day 2.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Thomas,

      I am sure they will fix that very soon.

      In the meantime, you can download the audio right below the video player.

  90. Mel says:

    The audio for day 3 is the day 2 webinar

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Mel,

      I am sure they will fix that very soon.

      In the meantime you can download the audio right below the video player.

  91. Ivette Mena says:

    Hello all!
    I know you guys have mentioned it before, but I have not had the time I would want, to listen to the entire webinars and or read all the comments here.
    I am beginning to feel a little anxious and overwhelmed about the foods that we are going to eat after the cleanse.
    Here in Mexico, I haven’t found fermented vegetables in regular supermarkets and there are not a lot of options in health or organic stores (the market is still in “diapers”)…
    Worst case scenario, if I can’t find any store-bought fermented veggies, is there a list of foods that we can eat? I know we can make our own fermented food, but I don’t know if it’s going to be ready for this weekend.
    Thanks in advance!!! xoxo

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Ivette,

      We are going to talk a lot about this before we finish.

      There in Mexico, take a look at what fruits are in season.

      Some ideas are

      -bell peppers

  92. says:

    Hi! IΒ΄m getting really nervous about the foods I need to be eating coming out of the cleanse… IΒ΄ve never even HEARD about most of them. =S Could you please tell us more about what we need post-cleanse and other options??? Thanks

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Cecy,

      We are going to talk a lot about this before we finish.

      But basically you are going to want to start with foods that are very easy to digest.

      Things like melon, papaya, berries, and fermented foods like sauerkraut. It is also important to keep up your water intake even once you begin eating.

      • says:

        Thanks Nadia!!! Ivette and I realized we live in the same city and teamed up to find fermented veggies, we’ve found a couple of options already.

        Knowing that we can eat fruits is also very helpful and as they are easy to find here in Mexico!

  93. Rushika Gajaria says:

    Can we consume the vegetables along with the broth? Can we consume acacai powder with the green drinks? Can we take epsom salt baths?

  94. Rushika Gajaria says:

    Can we consume the vegetables along with the broth? Can we consume acacai powder with the green drinks? How can we continue the other super foods in our diet after the detox?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Rushika,

      In order to give your digestive system a complete rest, you want to have the broth on its own without any of the solid vegetable matter.

      Acai powder in the drinks is fine.

      All of the things you are having during the detox can be continued after the cleanse too.

  95. Iris Lopez says:

    I had to stop the total detox. I have to eat solid foods like oatmeal or eggs before bed so I can sleep through the night. Otherwise I was doing pretty good on the Detox. I was finding my Detox Rhythm and feeling very successful.

    Iris Lopez

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Iris,

      Continue to keep up your intake of water (on an empty stomach), this is a very good thing to do even once eating.

  96. Jennifer Magnolfi says:

    Hi all, day four for me as well and I started great this morning but much weaker by now. I’m prepared however. Along constipation since Sunday I have noticed a several white spots on my nails (feet and hands) and the tips of my finger nails are chipping and splitting. Is this normal? I usually have pretty strong nails. Nothing major, but I am curious. I hope that adding oil to the juices will help with elimination. Looking forward to learning more about how to ease back out from the cleanse.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      Not sure about the nails, each person will react differently while cleansing. You may notice a shift towards them becoming even stronger once you start eating again.

      We will talk a lot about how to come off the cleanse properly before we finish.

  97. Angela Zamarron says:


    I’m having a hard time chocking down the juices. Some are okay, like the anti-inflamitory juice, but most are hard to take. I’m new to juicing, and I’m worried about adding too much sugar, do you have some reciepes that are easier for the newby? I’m also finding that I could tolerate the juices, without too much resistance from my taste buds on days 1&2, but today it makes me nasous thinking about drinking them. Please help.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Angela,

      It can certainly be like that, where your body enjoys some things on some days and different things on other days.

      If you are not enjoying the juices today, hold off on them and have some of the other choices.

  98. Marie Veerkamp says:

    I’ve seen a number of references to fermented foods at the conclusion of the cleanse, but I don’t see any specifics anywhere about easing out of the cleanse. Am I missing something?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Marie,

      We are going to talk a lot about this before we finish.

      Basically it is about eating very easy to digest foods for the first day and continuing to drink lots of nourishing liquids.

  99. Twila says:

    Hi, I’m just wondering if there are any copies of the chat rolls from each Webinar… Or at least a summary of what questions/answers were posted in them. There may be some questions that are answered within the chat roll and those who aren’t able to be online for the Webinars (like me) may be missing out on some great information.

    Thank you all for the great information! I’m running behind everyone else, but I’m hoping to take some time off work next week so I can focus fully on the cleanse. πŸ™‚

  100. Nancy Kinney says:

    When I click on the replay for Day 3 week 2 it plays day 2 can you please fix this

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Nancy,

      I have let them know, but they may not be awake yet in Australia. I am sure they will fix it the first chance they get.

      In the meantime you can still download the audio right below the video player.

  101. Laura Navarre says:

    Is hummus ok as I transition out of the cleanse?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Laura,

      Hummus would be fine for day 2 of eating or perhaps even the evening of day 1 but not for your first meal or two.

      Your body will guide you here too… your body will want things that are very easy to digest first.

  102. Kathy Kallama says:

    I’ve always read that “fasting” for days can actually cause you to gain weight right back plus some. How is this cleanse any different? I’m feeling hungry and so I worry that my body will go into survival mode and then when I do eat my body will store up the fat again as a survival method.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Kathy,

      What we are doing here is technically not ‘fasting’. We are doing a cleanse where your body is still getting ample nourishment in many different ways.

      If you feel like you need to eat something, try something from the backup foods list first. Even if you do this you are still getting huge benefits from all you are doing.

  103. Kathy Kallama says:

    This is my day 3 and I’m physically fine but my stomach is grumbling at times and I am thinking about how nice it would be to eat something…Is there something I can do to curb these cravings or hunger? I have been drinking my juices and water all day long each day. I sit at a desk and it’s right next to me all day.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Kathy,

      Make sure that you are getting enough nourishment in with all the liquids.

      Having some detox tea (with the oil added) is great because it creates a feeling satiety.

      Also make use of all the visualizations.

  104. Kevin McNatt says:

    Starting day 3…woke up with some muscle cramps and a stitch. Water took away the cramps, but the stitch has remained…suggestions?

  105. Robin says:

    Is it okay to drink perrier water during the cleanse?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Robin,

      I would hold off on too much carbonated water during the cleanse.

      • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

        That being said, Jon has said that he really likes it. I feel it is not the best to add in the carbonation. Listen to your body and feel what is right for you.

  106. Debbie Reynvaan says:

    I didn’t get my kimchi started yet so what do I look for on the label when I buy some to make sure it’s live?

  107. Laura Navarre says:

    Is it ok to drink mineral water during the cleanse?

  108. Margaret Sefton says:

    Two more questions! I started feeling like popping goji berries and fresh lemon in my vegie soup, and later I started wondering about blueberries!! which I’m thinking is probably not a great idea- so Nadia do you recommend fruit of any kind in the vegie broth (after detox) or is it better not to cook fruit or fresh lemons?

    Also, I’m looking at the chux with new eyes thinking, ‘what am I washing my dishes with?’ Any recommendations for natural cloths to wash and dry dishes?

    I seem to be a little nocturnal tonight…

    Thanks! Margaret

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Margaret,

      After the cleanse, yes feel free to play and add those things into the broth if you like. Add them in after you have served your broth in a bowl, so they don’t cook on the stovetop but just get added to the warm (not hot) soup. I think goji and lemon would be nice even now during the cleanse week. For the gojis just let them steep in the broth for flavour and don’t actually eat the berry.

      For dishwashing cloths, just try to get the most natural thing you can. 100% organic cotton perhaps.

  109. Robin says:

    Thank you for your response Claudine…..I am rotating with the plain water and water with cucumber, lemon, ginger and mint along with the green juice……the pain is subsiding a bit but the cramping sore pain is still there

  110. Claudine Grenier says:

    Today is my day four of the detox since I started sunday…
    Not feeling that good… my stomac is upset… I’m just sipping slowly some juice… a sweet one (cucomber, green apple and a piece of beet)… I’m drinking some water with some lemon juice…

    One good thing about that… I don’t have enough energy to be grumpy! πŸ™‚

    Hope everything get back in place soon!
    I was supposed to go on a little trip with the boys today… It might wait for tomorrow!

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Claudine,

      I honour your for listening to your body and supporting it with the rest you need.

      Peppermint or chamomile tea can sometimes soothe an upset tummy.

      • Selkie says:

        Hello Claudine – hope you feel better soon! I’m on day 4, too, and had mixed reactions. Sometimes during today I have been ok, but I have had nausea, bit of headache, and upset stomach. Still not reached that ‘euphoria’ place Jon talks about . . . but still happy to be doing cleanse, so long as I stay gentle with myself. I haven’t been forcing juices/broth, unless I feel I want them – but have been drinking plenty of structured water. Hang on in there! πŸ™‚

        • Claudine Grenier says:

          Finaly, I drank some water with lemon… I took an herbal tea… I took a shower and after all that I was feeling better… We went for a picnic for lunch ans that help a lot (just putting my barefoot in the grass). After with more energy and a good broth lunch, I went to a fair with the boys… All thoses smell (animals and food) where exacerbated. Not too good… I even started to feel like eating something! After all, didn’t eat anything! Now I’m back home and will have broth and omega-3 juice!
          Keep focus… That’s the important thing!

  111. Robin says:

    Hi Jon and Nadia and the GM team, trust you all are well. I am still having cramping pains around my navel from yesterday which was my second day on the detox. Yesterday I mentioned that I didn’t have an appetite to take in anything but I forced myself too, which was when the severe pain kicked in. Now this morning, I still have the pain with no appetite again. Can you please advise me as to what I should do. Also I should mention that I am having a rumbling and a tumbling in the stomach.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Robin,

      If you feel there is something else going on and you need to get it checked, do so.

      If you feel that you need to eat something, try something off the backup foods list.

      Listen to your body, if it doesn’t have an appetite then just take very small sips of the drinks. Try not to force anything in.

  112. Josie G says:

    Two questions:

    1. I have not taken my probiotics because the label says ‘with food.’ Should I disregard that label and take it?
    2. No bowel movement since day 1. Will having the coconut oΓ―l in the tea help?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Josie,

      1. Yes you can take probiotics. Take them about 1/2 hour before going to bed.

      2. During the cleanse your bowels may not need to move as much as they do when you are eating and this is completely fine.

      If you feel like there is matter in there working its way out here are some suggestions:

      -continue drinking water, omega shakes, broth, etc.
      -peppermint or chamomile tea can be nice.
      -you can add in a probiotic
      -try to relax with it all, your bowels will move. Stressing about it can make it worse.
      -Do your visualizations and imagine everything flowing smoothly
      -massage your belly in a clockwise direction. Looking down on your tummy start in the bottom right quadrant, move up, over and down.
      -do some light movement; stretching, light rebounding, etc.
      -an epsom salt bath can be nice to relax everything.
      -If all the above are not helping, you can try an enema

  113. Kim Martin says:


    On other detox sites people drink miso broth. I don’t believe I’ve heard anyone talk about miso here. How do you feel about drinking miso broth during the detox?

  114. Margaret Sefton says:

    It seems like the replay of Day 3 is playing the Day 2 slideshow, but the Day 3 MP3 file- so you can listen to it but you might not be able to see the slides.

  115. Margaret Sefton says:

    Hi there. I’ve had a few itchy rashes on my legs- not too severe- Nadia what do you think about calamine lotion for itchy skin, after the cleanse?
    My mum always used it and it’s soothing but I’m wondering if it’s healthy after yesterday’s webinar!

    Thanks Margaert

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Margaret,

      Check the ingredients and ensure that there are no unwanted chemicals in there. Here is a website where you can check the toxicity level of individual ingredients as well as brand name products –>

      A natural remedy for itchy skin is an oatmeal bath.

  116. Kwozi-Kate says:

    Yikes! The cayenne peppered O-omega drink didn’t go down so well today! I managed only half. I added juice to the rest later in the day….
    And I added my beef B-broth to vege broth for today’s lunch which was very tasty.
    My Green Me Johnnys arrived today… But sorry , I didnt cope well with that. I’ll need to do some adjusting there..
    All up I’m doing really well. Day 3 , today, was great. Feeling really good. So pleased after headachey day yesterday & I had to sleep off a slight migraine at 4 pm. I’ve been coughing up some phlegm, which may just be because of the cold I’ve been fighting off..?
    I’ve had no cravings or hunger ( which is normal for me anyway..) but just a bit of deprivation feelings as I prepare Hubby’s dinner!

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Kate,

      Thanks for sharing how your journey is going.

      Before prepping Hubby’s dinner, do a visualization and nourish yourself with whichever drink you love the most. Remind yourself what an amazing gift you are giving yourself right now.

  117. Victoria Rastin says:

    Hi everyone,
    I finish my detox tomorrow as I started earlier. I’m going to share a top tip with everyone for later in the week.

    Top Tip
    Make sure you have just had your favourite juice or broth before you attempt shopping in preparation for healthy food for the following day.
    Plan exactly what you’re going to eat and stick to the list.

    My experience
    I didn’t have anything and it was the end of the day after work.
    I bought super healthy food for day 1 post cleanse and day 2 post cleans. As I walked around with my shopping basket started thinking more about all of the tastes of the foods. I can tell you now that almost heard a cry of ‘feed me’ from my stomach. Once I was home I had a large broth and a chia seed Omega 3 drink and then unpacked the shopping.

    So, make sure you plan and are full before you venture out in a couple of days time.

    Good luck everyone.
    I hope you feel as great as I do by the end.

  118. Laura Peat says:

    I’ve being doing really well on the pre cleanse and cleanse, feeling good and not hungry but last night (end of day 2) I felt a lot of hunger pangs so drank lots of broth and juice which helped. However this morning (day 3) I feel really weak, totally zapped of all energy. I remember this happened before when I did a 5 day cleanse with Nadia in a retreat and the weakness continued until the end of the 5 days when I started eating again. What does this weakness mean and should I eat something to give my body some energy?
    Thank you x

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Laura,

      During a cleanse, your body is working very hard at a cellular level to release toxins and get them out of your body.

      This can leave you feeling really zapped. Support your body with as much rest as you need and with plenty of the nourishing liquids.

      If you feel you need to eat something, try something off the backup foods list.

  119. Lorell Maldoon says:

    Did we get an answer today in the Q&A about using the Garden of Life Cacao supergreens? I was in and out of the room when the session was going on.

  120. Jenn S says:

    If you are juicing carrots or beets, is it advisable to use the carrot greens and beet greens? Or, will it make the juice too bitter?

  121. Jennifer Suprenant says:

    I’ve found some juice recipes, but I’m having trouble finding recipes for the detox tea, detox soup and omega 3 drink.

  122. Kevin McNatt says:

    Jon mentioned a couple of references/webinars that he has done related to Acid Reflux…Are these links available?

    Can he recommend good reference material to read?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Kevin,

      I will see if he can give some resources that I can share with you guys in tomorrows webinar πŸ™‚


      The GM team

    • Victoria Rastin says:

      Hi Kevin
      I had GERD (gastric reflux) and have been on tablets from the doctor for them for 2 months just after Christmas last year. In hindsight probably all the over eating and eating quite late at night. I have a prescription for the next lot but since I’ve cut out caffeine, sugar and generally processed foods 3 weeks ago I’ve had no symptoms at all. The proton pump inhibitors that the doctors prescribe reduce the amount of acid produced in the stomach. If taken before bed and you keep your head on two pillows to keep elevated the stomach acid has less chance of traveling up the oesophagus or esophagus if you’re American (tube connecting mouth to stomach). The oesophagus is irritated by the stomach acid. By reducing the stomach acid it allows the oesophagus to heal. Then if you are eating sensible portions, food and allowing enough time to digest before bed there shouldn’t be such a high level of acid in the stomach. I’m sure I heard Jon or Nadia say in a talk somewhere that the detox allows a natural reduction in the level of stomach acid as we are not digesting protein for the 5 days. See what that have to say on this as I wonder if this is enough time to allow healing of the oesophagus.

  123. Gail says:

    How many times a day is safe or healthy for the powdered green drink?

  124. Rickey says:

    Can one continue the actual detox for longer than 5 days?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Rickey,

      I strongly recommend stopping after 5 days and coming off of the cleanse along with everyone.

      Coming off of the cleanse properly is the most important part of the cleanse.

      Instead of going longer, put that motivation you feel into preparing to come off of the cleanse in a really nice gentle fashion.

  125. Lise Ruest says:

    Thank you for expediting Jon’s Greens. I never thought that it would get here in Canada for another week or so. I bought some here to do the cleanse, but I’m sure that I will use it. The cleanse is going extremely well and there is really nothing that I cannot take so far. The broth is excellent, the detox tea and most of the juices are very good. I am sipping everything. The one thing that I find when making juices with my blender is that the straining is difficult. I saw somewhere that the best way to strain for juices is to use the nylons that we used to wear many years ago. The holes are much smaller and it does not rip like the cheese cloth. I am going to try it tomorrow.
    This has been an excellent journey so far for me and I am very happy I joined the Detox Group. Thank you JG and family for the great experience. I have always hesitated to do a cleanse because I did not believe in the products that you buy. This one is completely natural and includes all aspects of our lives to be able to reset our body and live in a way that is not too toxic for our bodies.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Lise,

      Thank you so much for sharing.

      For straining, let us know how the nylons work. I usually use a nut milk bag which is made from very fine mesh cloth but doesn’t tear like the cheesecloth can.

  126. Kim Martin says:

    Can we drink miso broth during the detox?

  127. Rickey says:

    Hi Nadia and GM Team – three questions – is a good, organic lettuce ok to use in green drink and can daikon be used? And, as I have trouble with constipation, can I use Smooth Move tea? It has senna in it, among other herbs. Many thanks!

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Rickey,

      Organic lettuce and daikon are fine.

      For the constipated feeling, keep in mind that during the cleanse your bowels may not need to move as much as they do when you are eating.

      I would avoid senna during the cleanse as that can be quite strong (use that once you start eating again if you need it).

      For now here are some ideas you can play with:

      -continue drinking water, omega shakes, broth, etc.
      -peppermint or chamomile tea can be nice.
      -you can add in a probiotic
      -try to relax with it all, your bowels will move. Stressing about it can make it worse.
      -Do your visualizations and imagine everything flowing smoothly
      -massage your belly in a clockwise direction. Looking down on your tummy start in the bottom right quadrant, move up, over and down.
      -do some light movement; stretching, light rebounding, etc.
      -an epsom salt bath can be nice to relax everything.
      -If all the above are not helping, you can try an enema

  128. Mary Glynn says:

    hi Thurs and friday I need to do many massages which takes a lot of strenght. So I’m thinking I might need to eat. How do you suggest I do this Wed evening add food? salad and lean meat? thanks jon and Nadia cleanse is going well otherwise. I can take it easy tomorrow.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Mary,

      If you are doing a lot of strenuous work, you will need to eat something to support your body.

      Try taking a protein shake to work with you that you can sip on all day.

      Listen to your body and if it needs more, have something else too.

  129. Paula Scott says:

    how do we know when our bodies are fully detoxed?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Paula,

      It is not about getting rid of every last toxin… it is about giving your body a chance to detox as much as it can during this period and then after the cleanse going on to make healthier diet and lifestyle choices between now and the next time you cleanse.

  130. Debbie Miles says:

    Sleeping alot too

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Debbie,

      That is completely normal. Many will find themselves more tired on certain days of the cleanse. Great that you are getting more sleep when you need it.

  131. Debbie Miles says:

    Really lightheated prefer the broth to the vegetable juice taking both any suggestions?

    • Debbie Miles says:

      why are you answering the questions around this one and not this one?

      • Gabriel Method Team says:

        Hi there Debbie,

        I just wanted to see how you are feeling and if we answered your questions in todays webinar or not?

        If you are feeling light headed after the broths than possibly just try to keep up the juices and teas and water instead. You can come back to the broths tomorrow maybe.


        The GM Team

  132. Denise Meyerink says:

    Is it a problem I am not having side effects? Mild occasional headache and short lived hunger has been it for two days.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Denise,

      That is okay. It seems like your detoxifying process is going at a slow rate which is good too.. for some, like me, I had a really bad headache and felt nauseous on the second day and now I feel great… once your headache passes you will feel great.. it might be when you start on foods again, after these five days. Everybody is different πŸ™‚

  133. Gail says:

    Day 2 of my cleanse. Stayed totally on track with the exception both days. Fell asleep in afternoon for a short nap woke up and went right to eating a handful of items totally OFF track(items including salty and sweet). Not alot but some. I guess we have them in the house for others.

    I am writing this after doing this on day two and will hopefully get right back on now.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi there Gail,

      If you go off track all you can do is accept it, be kind to yourself and continue to add goodness… drink more super greens, juices and broths.

      I hope this has helped.. remember you cannot fail at the detox! All you can do is try your best πŸ™‚

      The GM Team

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Gail,

      Along with Alice’s great answer, you can also try doing a visualization as you are falling off to sleep for your nap.

  134. Tara Sandbrook says:

    I’m having trouble with getting the green juices down would you recommend just the broths/ teas or would a carrot Apple celery watered down still be ok ?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Tara,

      If you are having trouble than just drink what you can and when you can… find the combinations that work for you πŸ™‚ You can not fail at this so make it your own πŸ™‚

      I hope this helps.

      The GM Team

  135. Jennifer Suprenant says:

    How long will we have the Detox 2015 material available to us? I’ve been ill the past couple of days, and have postponed starting the cleanse.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks for your question. They will be available for you as long as you need. We are going to monitor this Q and A for a few weeks after the detox has finished as a lot of people are in the same boat, they will be doing it later on πŸ™‚

      I hope this helps and that you feel better soon!

      The GM Team

  136. Claudine Grenier says:

    Is it normal that I fell more irritable? It seem like I lost my patience somewhere… Is that a side effect of the detox? I wish I can find the relaxe, cool, lay back temper that some person find during the detox…

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Claudine,

      This is something that many people experience. We don’t only cleanse on a physical level, we also cleanse on an emotional level too and this can sometimes feel like irritability, overly emotional, anger surfacing for no apparent reason, odd dreams, etc.

      Your experience is your own and what is exactly right for you to be experiencing right now.

      Make use of the visualizations and nice deep breaths to help (we will talk more about that deep breathing today).

  137. Jennifer Suprenant says:

    Where do I access the bonus program including Yoga for Weight Loss and GM Fitness?

    Thank you

  138. says:

    Hello there,

    I never received the ‘green me up jonny’. I’m already on day 3 of the cleanse.

    I did sign up for the cleanse a bit late, but when was I meant to receive it? Thank you.

  139. Gerry Hairgrove says:

    i have purchased my juices from Buda Juice, which is raw organic and delicious. They have two sizes I bought large 16 oz of the green juices and small 8 oz of the others like apple beet, clergy, ginger parsley. How many oz should we be drinking? For each juice. I am drinking lots of water and the chia shakes, detox tea and did make the broth. Felt good day one. It’s hard to get in all of the videos and work, so I’m still catching up. Gerry

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Gerry,

      We don’t have a set amount to tell you as each day will be different for each person. Listen to what your body is telling you and have as much as you need.

      Every 1/2 hour or so take a sip of something and then see how that feels. If your body wants more give it as much as it wants.

  140. Lorell Maldoon says:

    Any natural idea for healing heel cracks?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Lorell,

      Getting more hydration in will help, which you are doing much of during the cleanse. After the cleanse, be sure you are drinking plenty of water every day.

      Rub coconut oil into your heels and also fresh aloe vera gel. Do this separate from one another a once or twice a day.

      • Lorell Maldoon says:

        What does the aloe vera gel do?

        • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

          Hi Lorell,

          Fresh aloe vera gel has long been known as an amazing healer to the skin.

          Applying it directly to the skin will help the skin to be nourished and to heal.

          It is also great to apply to any small cuts, scrapes or burns.

  141. Selkie says:

    Hello – I’m looking at making coconut kefir to drink when transitioning out of the cleanse. However, I’ve just noticed that the kefir grains starter kit I have has dextrose in it too. Is that still ok to use?

  142. Josie G says:

    Please, please somebody talk about what to do about headaches…. I’m about ready to throw in the towel.
    Is it because my body needs protein???

    Can I take tylenol? I know it’s not ideal, but if it’s that or giving up …

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Josie,

      Keep drinking water and the other nourishing liquids. Get rest, take a nap if you can.

      Eat something from the backup foods list.

      Doing an enema can be very helpful.

      If you need to take something, go ahead. This is not about suffering (which will create more stress in your body).

      • Josie G says:

        Thanks. The amazing thing was that thirty minutes after I wrote my S.O.S, the headache lifted…

        I’m glad to know that I could have taken Tylenol if I really needed to.

  143. Debbie Reynvaan says:

    I’ve been having a very hard time sleeping through the night. I used to take aleve every day and now being off of it I have to deal with the pain in my joints and other places because of Hashimotos. I’ve been doing the antiinflamitory juice and even took some theracurmin yesterday but still was up half the night. I have to work today and tomorrow so I really need some relief for tonight. Will taking an aleve one day in the detox mess things up?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Debbie,

      No that will not mess things up. You cannot fail at this. You are getting so much benefit from everything you are doing.

  144. Margaret Sefton says:

    Hi there. Just wondering if someone could please check if the Green Me Up Johnny was sent to me and if you have the correct address as i haven’t received it yet.

    I’m enjoying the cleanse so much, fantastic experience, I’m learning so much and it really does feel like a deep, satisfying reset. I guess I found my detox rhythm and I love the whole ritual of looking after my health- all aspects- in this cleanse.

    Thanks to everyone for all your amazing experiences and stories, the questions and answers- feeling supported and part of an international link-up is awesome!

    Bye for now

  145. Barbara Kizner says:

    I felt really weird this evening. My ankles & shins got tingly & I felt a little anxious. This is the end of Day 2 & I am not interested in the juices or the broth anymore. I did have both today along w the detox dea & water. However I don’t think I had enough, maybe 30-31 oz of each.
    I decided to eat something off the back-up list, tomatoes, cucumbers w lemon & salt. I hadn’t anticipated doing that, but it felt like the right choice.
    I am concerned about my full day at work tomorrow; I am a massage therapist. Sunday my first day in the detox was a very full massage day at work & it was ok. However today feels quite different & based on my lost desire for broth & juice I am unsure how to proceed. I thought of taking raw veggies w lemon & salt to work. Is this what coming off the detox looks like. What can I do to get back in ?
    I am hitting a wall on a few levels & I imagine w some support I can get through this detox. I feel very spacey & don’t like the feeling. Ok thanks, Barbara

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Barbara,
      Everything you are feeling is perfectly normal. It is good that you listened to your body and did what you felt was right… just keep doing exactly that. You might find that tomorrow will be completely different – you might have the clarity and energy that Jon talks about. You may also be happy to return to the juices. If you are concerned take some of the backup foods to work with you – in case you don’t feel like the juice or the broth. Continue to listen to what your body seems to need.

  146. Rushika Gajaria says:

    Whats the recipe for the broth? Unable to download from the site.thanx

    • Lorell Maldoon says:

      1. Fill the bottom of a large pot with onions, garlic and any herbs you like.
      2. Add just enough water to cover the garlic and onions and boil for 10 – 15 minutes.
      3. Do not add any oil to the pot.
      4. Chop up vegetables, such as:
      o Broccoli, Parsnips, Sweet potato, Carrot, Kale, Spinach, Cabbage, Peppers/capsicum, Silver beet
      o Any other green leafy vegetables that are in season.
      o Do not use potatoes
      5. Fill the pot approximately 1/3 full with chopped vegetables
      6. Fill the pot approximately Β½ full with water
      7. Bring to a simmer – do not boil.
      8. Cover and let simmer for 4-6 hours, adding water every hour or so to keep the water level between Β½-3/4 full.
      9. Strain broth and serve with your choice of healthy salt, like hymalayan salt crystals, turmeric, cayenne pepper and ginger.
      10. Store the remainder in a glass container in the refrigerator. Heat and serve whenever you want broth.

  147. Lodie Mueller says:

    If I understood correctly, in tonight’s webinar, it sounded like Jon does not recommend kale or chard for juicing, but when I used the Detox Grocery List as a guide, the Juicing Vegetables section lists 5 heads of kale and 5 heads of chard for Week 2. I bought all the kale and chard listed for both the broth and for juicing. Would someone please clarify this for me?

    Thanks a million! I’m really enjoying the webinars, and the only detox symptom which is less than pleasant so far is feeling more tired than usual. I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate!

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Lodie,

      I do use chard and kale in my juices. Don’t make it the main ingredient and don’t use it for every juice.

  148. Sharon H says:

    I put the detox FB group in favorites… hope someone will get me out of pending soon… Thanks in advance…. you guys are always so generous with help…… you are great

  149. Sharon H says:

    I’ve lost the Detox FB link…. so sorry…. could you post it again…. is there a way to post it so it does not keep moving down the page so we can access… it would be helpful to have folk to talk to during this detoxing…

  150. Janine Oliver says:

    DIY Toilet Bowl Cleaner:

    1/2 tsp xanthan gum

    1 tsp glycerin

    1 cup water
1/2 cup white vinegar
    a few drops of favorite essential oil

    Blend in blender and store in a glass jar that seals well.

  151. Lise Ruest says:

    Got it. Thanks

  152. Lise Ruest says:

    Why am I not receiving the webinar?

  153. Nancy Kinney says:

    1/2 way through my 1st day and having severe diarrhea. I had the tea w/MCT, then the Mellow juice, then the blood cleanse but could only make it through 1/2 of that, in between I’ve been sipping lemon water. Am I doing something wrong, I know everything has to come out I just didn’t think it would be this fast.
    Thanks, Nancy

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Nancy,

      Important to keep up your hydration. Put a pinch or two of sea salt in a glass of water and drink that.

      If you have fresh coconut water drink that.

      You are not doing any thing wrong, just very important to be sure you keep hydrating if you are having diarrhea.

      Next time you make the tea, perhaps you could try coconut oil, ghee or grass fed butter instead of MCT oil.

      Beets can have quite a laxative effect on some.

  154. Peggy Beardmore says:

    End of the first day! I really was not hungry. I have been in the bathroom ALOT! It is the morning tea (coconut oil/cinnamon) that is causing this laxative effect? It is not comfortable. If so, can I reduce or or not have the tea altoghether? Will it pass?
    Thank you!

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Peggy,

      If you believe it to be the tea that is having this affect, than it is best to leave it out.

      The GM Team

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Peggy,
      A lot more bowel movements is a fairly normal part of the cleansing process. This is one of the ways your body removes toxins. It does so via sweat and urine also.
      This should ease over the next couple of days.
      But as Alice says if you feel it is making things move too quickly – please leave the tea out.
      Den πŸ™‚

  155. Wendy Hedges says:

    Hi there I’m just wondering why you haven’t mentioned using the nutribullet ?? is because a juicer gets rid of the fiber?? would be great to use my nutribullet hardly any clean up!!!!

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Wendy,

      The nutribullet is a blender which creates a smoothie (blended drink) which is different than a juice. The juices this week have all the fiber removed from them so as to give the digestive system a complete rest.

  156. Regina says:

    I feel very nauseous and sick and I can’t face anything except water. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Regina,

      -rest rest REST
      -keep yourself warm
      -keep sipping on water and, if you can handle it, sip on broth, tea, etc.
      -peppermint tea or ginger tea sipped on can help
      -try and still your mind with nice deep breaths, and visualization imagery.
      -remind yourself that this will pass
      -eat something from the backup foods list if you need to
      -an enema can help

  157. Sharon H says:

    could you please repost the link to the Detox FB

  158. Debbie Reynvaan says:

    Nadia, thanks for all your great answers! I was wondering why alchohol in things like stevia drops are bad?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Debbie,

      Whenever I do use stevia, I look for the dried leaves of the stevia plant that are dried down into a green powder.

      When in alcohol that is essentially a tincture of the stevia leaves. Tinctures can be very useful in that the alcohol can extract certain properties from the plant. I use tinctures all the time for other plants but not for stevia simply because I don’t care for the taste of stevia very much.

      Tinctures made with alcohol, the alcohol is not bad. It just may not be appropriate for certain people based on their relationship with alcohol or their preference.

  159. Lori Turner says:

    So, I am not sure what I did with the mellow juice, but it isn’t mellow!!!! The basic is much better. Maybe it is the one I put a lime with skin in. Whew was it sour!!!!

    • Claudine Grenier says:

      mine was to sour to… Now I just do one juice with apple, carrot or beet. I sipe it slowly anyway so I go for the tast to be abble to enjoy it! And now Ienjoy a lot my vegetable broth with coriander infused… Keep going and find your way… your recipe!

  160. Mel says:

    Contrary to some, I loved the celery cucumber lemon (one whole) and ginger juice. I feel I could have gallons of it if I had a juicing and clean-up assistant! πŸ™‚

  161. Gail says:

    I accidentally ran about 3/4 tap water into my broth when straining.

    Do you think it’s ok?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Gail,

      A lot municipal tap water contains chlorine, fluoride and many other things that are not great to ingest.

  162. Claire says:

    Hi, I made the detox tea & put coconut oil in it , but by the time I got 1/2 way through the tea, i felt nauseous. This has happened twice. Do we need oil/fat this week? (the tea was made of rooibos, peppermint,& cinnamon which I normally tolerate

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Claire,

      If your body is not liking it then hold off on it. This feeling may change as you move through the cleanse.

      You can try using ghee or grass fed butter instead of coconut oil and see if that feels nicer.

  163. says:

    Maybe somebody has already asked this but, what is the best way to wash leafy vegetables? Thanks

    • Mel says:

      Jon has a video on that on the right side under Your Detox Resources / How to videos

      • says:

        Hi Mel! Yeah I watched it earlier but, if you notice, Jon doesn’t put any LEAFY vegetables in, like chard or spinach or cabbage… hence my question =)

        I imagine he must a have a different method for leafy vegetables or herbs like coriander or basil, perhaps just rinsing is enough? Thanks

        • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

          Hi Cecy,

          We fill our sink half full of water and put in a tablespoon or so of apple cider vinegar. We rinse all of our vegetables (including green leafy vegetables) and fruit in this.

  164. Tamara Silkina says:

    You recommend magnesium citrate, but in our local drugstores we have only magnesium sulphate. Is it possible to use it instead or not?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Tamara,

      If you cannot find mag citrate, don’t worry about it.

      Mag sulphate (or epsom salts) are great to add to your bath water.

  165. Debbie Reynvaan says:

    So I have done detoxes before and worked while doing them so I wasn’t worried about it but I’m not sure I’ve done one while on my summer job. It’s a very physical job and I have to do 2 or 3 15 min bike shuttles per day plus a tiny bit of hiking. My job is mostly driving. Just in case, what do you suggest for supporting my body for the next 2 days? I don’t want to eat if I don’t have to.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Debbie,

      If you are doing lots of very physical work and cardio exercise then you may need to eat something. You will still get great benefits from adding in everything else we are talking about too.

      You need to support your body, not stress it more.

  166. Marie Veerkamp says:

    So I’m a bit confused about the use of beets and carrots, especially since there were a significant amount on the shopping list. Is it ok to use them in our juices or not? If not, what are they supposed to be used for? Also, what about the pears? Juice with them? And we are supposed to drink 4 cups of the detox tea throughout the day?

    Otherwise, things are going great! Dragging hubby along on this adventure and he’s doing fine too. Sure glad we are retired!

    • Lorell Maldoon says:

      You are very lucky to be able to drag hubby along. Mine is so negative about it that I have no support at home.

      • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

        Hi Lorell,

        Remember that this is a beautiful gift you are giving yourself. Try to get support from wherever you can get it. You are not alone, there are so many here doing this with you. Stay connected on this forum, the facebook group and in the live calls to feel that support.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Marie,

      Yes, you can use beets, carrots and pears in your juice but just a small amount. For a juice for two people, 1-2 carrots or 1/4-1/2 of a beet or 1/2-1 pear. If the juices tastes sweet then drink them more slowly.

      If you are making more broth this week, you can also use these in the broth.

      I would say 1-2 detox teas/day… but if you feel like you want another then go ahead.

      Fantastic your hubby is doing it with you!

  167. Kim Martin says:

    I’m no longer receiving emails from the Detox program. The last I received was on 7/16. Can you please check on your end and find out why I’m not on the list anymore? The first week went fine. (I checked my junk emails, etc). THANK YOU!

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Kim,

      I will take a look at this for you πŸ™‚

      The GM Team

      • Gabriel Method Team says:

        Hi Kim,

        What is your email just to make sure I am checking the correct Kim Martin in our system– if I am looking at the right Kim Martin, you should of gotten all of your emails. But I will double check this once I have your email πŸ™‚


  168. Margaret Sefton says:

    Do you know what’s funny, the more liquid I drink, the more water our beautiful border collie drinks, it’s just so funny watching the change like a mirror!! I think she was severely dehydrated like me!! She also waits for raw carrot treats when I make the broth (which I’m loving making and drinking, very comforting, especially at work in a thermos today). She thinks raw carrots are as good as bones!!!

  169. Lori Turner says:

    I bought a lot of kale, swiss chard and spinach that was on the grocery list, but didn’t use any of that for the juices or veggie broth. They weren’t on any of the recipe lists. What am I supposed to do with all of this?

    • Lorell Maldoon says:

      The Blood Cleansing juice uses swiss chard, the Coconut, Kale & Mint juice uses kale even though it says swiss chard. I think Nadia said to mix the greens up in the juices to get the different minerals. I used swiss chard spinach & kale in my veggie broth. If I still have some of these left and they are still good, yet a week old, I will you them in juice or smoothies after the cleanse.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Lori,

      You can use them in the juices. Mix it up and try different combinations. Try not to have kale or chard for too many juices in a row.

      Lorell, great answer, thank you.

      • Josie G says:

        Hi Nadia,

        Can you please expand on why we should try “not to have kale or chard in too many juices in a row.” Is this for the detox or always?

        Thanks Josie G.

        • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

          Hi Josie,

          It is always good to rotate your greens when making juices (during a cleanse and beyond). This is for two reasons; by having a variety of greens you will get a wider variety of nutrients to support your cells and overall health. Also by not doing the same green over and over again you will avoid building up any intolerance (build up of any natural anti-nutrients in the green) to that particular green.

          Kale and chard contain great things within them but too much can affect the thyroid balance. While it is true that you need to consume a whole lot for this to be an issue, it is just another reason why it is good to rotate your greens.

  170. Jennifer Magnolfi says:

    Like Sharon, I also noticed that I need to brush teeth a lot. My grandmother used to rub a fresh sage leaf (the fuzzy part of it) on her teeth as a natural cleanser and antibacterial. I share in case it can be useful for others. I have been doing it in addition to brushing and it leaves my mouth fresh and teeth clean.
    My skin is breaking out a bit also so I am assuming this is all part of detoxifying.

    • Lorell Maldoon says:

      I will try the sage (have lots of them in my garden) on my teeth, thanks

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      I do that as well with a sage leaf and love it. This is a great way to clean your teeth.

      Another thing I use is tooth sticks which are basically just twigs of an appropriate tree. Lately I have been using peelu root twig or hibiscus twigs. Chewing the end creates bristles and then you brush with that (no water no toothpaste). This leaves your teeth cleaner than ever.

      Yes, skin breakouts can happen. Your skin is your body’s biggest organ and your body will often push toxins out through your skin. Continue to drink water and the other drinks as well as some light stretching/movement to keep that flushing action going so your body will not have to resort to using the skin as much.

  171. Sharon H says:

    One more question. … is it okay to drink the juice from fermentation during detox. ..there is always extra juice when fermenting so would be nice to use.

  172. Sharon H says:

    If anyone comes here…..for conversation and support, scroll down…. just found a link to a private detox FB group..

  173. Victoria Rastin says:

    Is it possible to have the Day 1, Day 3, Day 5 etc.. talks as mp3 so that I can download them on to my itunes and then my phone? I’m finding it hard to sit down and listen for such a long period of time. I have so much time when I’m out walking and traveling to work and I would love to listen to them on my phone.
    Perhaps it is already possible to do that already and I just need help accessing it.

  174. Sharon H says:

    I have been doing the detox phase for a couple of days now and my skin seems to be very itchy and I need to brush my teeth a lot…. they feel as if coated……….. weird side effects.

    • Sharon H says:

      just found the link below to FB detox group….. so if your looking for it scroll down

    • Lorell Maldoon says:

      My teeth feel coated also, it is an icky feeling. I think it may be the MCT oil in my tea as I finished the 4 cups yesterday. I did like the tea using Roobios Chai, the tea had lots of flavor added to the oil. I am not usually a tea drinker but I did enjoy it. I’m going to try a milder tea today and see if I still like it.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Sharon and Lorell,

      Feeling coated teeth and coated tongue is a very common part of cleansing. Your body actually pushes lots out through your teeth and tongue.

      Tongue scraping is very helpful during a cleanse and brushing your teeth more often too. No need to use toothpaste (many store bought toothpastes are not so great) every time either… just a dry toothbrush and water will work.

      If you are not familiar with tongue scraping you can read more here –>

  175. Victoria Rastin says:

    Sharing my thoughts on the cleanse so far.
    I’m at the end of my Day 3 (started early as I’d already done a pre-cleanse for a couple of weeks and had my headache from caffeine and sugar withdrawal a few weeks ago)

    Day 1-I was apprehensive about the lack of food. I just plodded on through the day checking the schedule and listening to any of Jon’s talks about health to keep me motivated as the replay wasn’t yet available.

    Day 2 – pretty good but I had moving boxes and clearing out that needed to get done. I listened to Jon’s talks for most of the day. Good to take my mind off drinking juices but I really should have had a couple of naps as it was Sunday. I also spent too much time preparing juices for the next 3 days so felt quite tired. Had to go to a shopping centre to pick something up and had to walk through the food court to get to the ladies. Yes, I was desperate as yet another juice found its way out of my kidneys into my bladder. Walking through the food court wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be – slightly surreal seeing all that food. I managed to find 2 juice bars whilst I was out. I found it quite hard to drink a huge juice like Jon’s so bought a large size and put the rest in a small glass jar back home (filled to the top as suggested by Nadia) for later.

    Day 3 – Today I have found my detox rhythm!!! Yes!! I’ve sailed through the day with the exception of the detox tea, which isn’t my cup of tea. I want to know everyone’s trick to making it taste good.
    I’ve managed to get through work in high sprits and energy. This afternoon I picked up a juice from the juice bar at 4pm and went to the sauna after work. Then stopped in at the juice bar for another green juice at 6.45pm and followed that with a lovely bone broth with coconut oil (in the blender) with a bit of himalayan salt at 7.45pm and another glass of water with some MSM (this does taste horrible but I chased it down with a sip of broth). I checked and you can’t add MSM in the broth as it evaporates.

    All I need now is my chia seeds with a bit of lemon to make it more interesting.

    I hope everyone else’s detoxing is going well and you find your rhythm tomorrow if you haven’t found it already.

    • Selkie says:

      Thanks for posting your experience, Victoria. I’m on day 2 now – so hoping by tomorrow I will find my detox rhythm, as you have! Having good and bad moments, but generally ok. I had big withdrawal symptoms at the start of the pre-cleanse, so hopefully that has lessened any I experience during the actual cleanse, too. I didn’t take too well to the juices yesterday. Felt really bagged and full with just a few. Kind of missing food today and being outside the social scene of it all – well done walking through that food court! I had a similar experience to you with all the prep – felt I had so much to do, with absorbing all the info, rushing around preparing etc. And now I’m busy learning to make fermented veggies for transitioning out of the cleanse! I’m drinking the detox tea at the moment – I’m sorry, I don’t know how to make it taste better. I had to throw the stuff I made yesterday out because I didn’t stick to Jon’s measurements – it tastes better today when I followed his measurements exactly. πŸ™‚

      • Victoria Rastin says:

        Hi Selkie
        Goodluck feeling great tomorrow.
        I must admit my juice portions are much smaller than Jon’s as I feel full after a small glass. I’ve just been doing what he said and listening to my body. If I feel like a juice or a broth I’ll have one no pressure or stress.
        I need to start reading the info on post cleanse. Did you just read the slide show or was there more?
        Re fermented foods – I just noticed that at a healthfood store which makes my bone broth they have locally made fermented everything – at least 4 different jars.
        I’ve decided to make it easy for myself and just buy these things from the health food store after cleanse. I know that I take on too much at times and just feel exhausted. This time I’m going to make it easy for myself and buy it and take time to relax.
        Another thing I’ve noticed during the detox part – I started saying ‘Just be kind to yourself’. Slightly unconscious but it just popped into my head so a little message to take it easy.

        • Selkie says:

          Thanks, Victoria. πŸ™‚

          It sounds like you have the right mindset! I too have been listening to my body more today, and trying to have the confidence to go with what it is telling me that it needs in the moment.

          In answer to your question – Jon spoke briefly, on one of the webinars last week, about using fermented food, salads etc to transition out of the cleanse. I wish I’d known earlier about the focus on fermented foods.
          It is great that you have found a place that does unpasteurised fermented veggies. Unfortunately, here, they are all just in jars in supermarkets. None in local health food shops. Sounds like you have a decent shop near you. πŸ™‚

    • Claudine Grenier says:

      Wow Victoria! This sound good… Good work! I’m starting day 2… I have the feeling that days will goes slowly and Just fine… Reading you confort me that it’s possible. Have a great day! Thank for sharing! πŸ™‚

      • Victoria Rastin says:

        Great Claudine.
        That’s what made me think to write about how I was going.
        I will say that I had the worst headache for 4 days and even painkillers didn’t work at the time (not really great adding them to my detox at the time but I needed something as I couldn’t sleep).
        Now, having been eating healthy live food for 2 weeks pre-cleanse I feel really good. I’m a teacher of high school boys and I was amazed that I managed to get through the day today and feel quite energised by the end of it. Usually I head straight to the local cafe for ****** . I’d better not say what as everyone is better off focusing on healthy green juices and broths.
        I am amazed that I sat at work whilst the team opened 2 bumper packs of a very well known brand of biscuits and didn’t feel any real attachment or cravings for them. I usually would have eaten at least 6 if not more. I put this down to Jon’s visualisations.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Victoria,

      Thank you so much for sharing! And I love hearing everyone else’s experiences too!

      As for the tea, you are already having coconut oil in your broth. If you don’t want/like the tea just leave it out. I have found that sometimes I enjoy the tea more when blended with grass fed butter instead of coconut oil.

  176. Tonya Burgess says:

    Hello everyone,
    Well, the pre-cleanse didnt go so well, but I have all my juices, broth and tea all ready to go.
    As far as the juice goes, I went with the basic celery, cucumber and lemon, (didnt care for the taste of the ginger).
    The de-caf tea is really good, doubled the recipe and plan on having in the morning with a green me up Johnny, (1st time, will see how it goes).
    As far as the broth goes, I made tons, so I plan on substituting it for juice along the way,
    Jon and Nadia did say you cant mess the detox up if your having your greens and following the guidelines, right? lol.
    Good luck to everyone!
    Tonya Burgess
    Atwater, CA

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Tonya,

      Sounds like you have done a great job getting things in place. Enjoy the process!

      You mentioned de-caf tea; this means herbal teas NOT decaf black tea – just want to confirm that you understand what tea we mean.

      • Tonya Burgess says:

        Oh, ok Nadia,
        I heard Jon say on the How To video dark decaf tea. I bought black tea. So,,I should throw it out then and make a different batch?

  177. Elizabeth Bowie says:

    oh and when will the replay be up? I missed it this morning..thanks πŸ™‚

  178. Elizabeth Bowie says:

    I made the detox tea with 4 teabags, 2 teaspoons of cinnamon and 4 tablespoons of MCT oil.. I hated it! lol couldn’t drink it.. but I see everyone else is loving it! am I doing something wrong?

    • Victoria Rastin says:

      Hi Elizabeth,
      To tell you the truth I don’t really like it either yet.
      I’ve made it with Rooibos and coconut oil – not nice I couldn’t drink it.
      I’ve made it with Rooibos, peppermint and coconut oil and although it was better I don’t like the oily after taste.
      This is strange as I love the coconut oil in broth. So, I”m going to with listening to my body and have broth in the morning and have a tea later.

      • Selkie says:

        I didn’t like it when I first tried it, either . . . although it is tasting better today. I like the fact the combination makes me feel a little satiated. πŸ™‚

        • Claudine Grenier says:

          I did had th camomile herbal tea with cinnamon and the coconut oil… First sipe Was to greassy for my tast… After few sipe sit went better… Will try mint today and thinking on having mint and camomile after! Maybe try one of those… I let you know if the tast Is better!

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Great to hear so many different reports. Keep playing with it and listen to your body. I found that I liked the tea with grass fed butter instead of coconut oil.

    • Joe says:

      Hi Elizabeth. I didn’t like my first 2 attempts either. This morning I added some sea salt. I pored it into the blender directly from the bag and poured much more than I intended but it tasted great. The GM Team keep talking about making these things palatable. I’m trying to avoid sugar but I’ve found that adding salt really helpful.

  179. SAMANTHA CHEE says:

    Hi, I haven’t had any bowel movement since 2 – 3 days ago, yesterday I have drank around 2 litres of water excluding the juice. What else could I do? Or I should just leave it and see how the body system cope? Or should I take some probiotics?

    • Marie Veerkamp says:

      I was afraid of the same thing happening so I add 1 tablespoon of the ground flax seed to the Omega-3 drink. Seems to work!

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Samantha,

      A few things to try:

      -continue drinking water, omega shakes, broth, etc.
      -you can add in a probiotic
      -try to relax with it all, your bowels will move. Stressing about it can make it worse.
      -Do your visualizations and imagine everything flowing smoothly
      -massage your belly in a clockwise direction. Looking down on your tummy start in the bottom right quadrant, move up, over and down.
      -do some light movement; stretching, light rebounding, etc.
      -an epsom salt bath can be nice to relax everything.
      -If all the above are not helping, you can try an enema

  180. says:

    Hi friends!

    I’m not sure how to upload photos. Anyone know?

  181. Gail says:

    Re: the gazpacho type recipe for backup food option- all of the veggies in the blender… would this be fitting?

  182. Gabriel Method Team says:

    Hey everyone,

    We created a group for you all to connect, share and support each other. Please request to join the group. Continue to ask any questions for Jon and Nadia on the Q and A as this will be checked the most by the GM team.

    Here is the link for the group:


    Alice- The GM Team

  183. Lorell Maldoon says:

    Someone earlier asked about tea and the answer included chai rooibos (this is from the Yogi tea brand), what about the Numi brand, I found it very good this morning as a detox tea with the MCT oil?

  184. Amy-Jo Salter says:

    I love the detox tea;how many times a day can I have it on the cleanse?

  185. Stacey Lulham says:

    Hello to all
    at present I am taking a good quality multi vitamin and also a natural menopause supplement, turned 50 in January and have some discomfort with feeling hot and also sleepless at times – the supplement helps to keep this under control…. is it ok for me to continue the multi vitamin and the menopause supplement while doing the cleanse.
    kind regards

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Stacey,

      I suggest that you can hold off on the multi and it is up to our about the menopause one.

      The cleanse is a chance for your body to reset and work towards finding its natural rhythm and balance. You may want to try without the supplement and let your body do the cleanse and then see how you are in the weeks after the cleanse to see if you still need it.

  186. Akane Gushiken says:

    Hi Nadia, I am very happy to see so many people enjoying the whole process of detox and at the same time a bit sad because I could not make it due to a business trip/tight schedule/food provided and so on. I heard that we will still have access to the program even after the detox program is finished and my question is: would I still be able to ask some questions? Would I still be supported? Or is there anywhere I can get all information necessary to do it on my own? I am from Singapore and am currently in NY then next week Toronto and only back home beginning of August. Thanks.

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Akane,
      Please don’t worry. As you own this product now you can access it whenever you want. All of the classes will be recorded so you can listen to them whenever you want and yes the Q&A section will continue to be monitored.
      When you do start – the two most important things to do are to listen to first Webinar and do the Homework.
      Den πŸ™‚

  187. Kwozi-Kate says:

    Lets go team!


    Have a great day! All the best.


  188. Selkie says:

    Hello Nadia

    Can you advise, please, with regards the detox schedule?
    I’m now on the evening of Day 1 Cleanse. Survived my first day! However, I only managed to drink 2 juices, 1 broth and 1 detox tea today. Is this ok? I have felt too full in the stomach to take any more than that. I have been drinking a lot of structured water and herbal teas. Perhaps I have been drinking too much water, which is why I am too full for the rest of the juices etc?

  189. Shawn Lock says:

    Hi – I made juices to travel for the day, and then I’m now recognizing that my juicer (hurom double masticator) actually let’s a lot of pulp through. I can work around it today with some other things. Should we be straining our juices, or is everything that gets through okay? Thanks!

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Shawn,

      A little pulp would be okay but if it is a lot it would be best to strain it next time… great organisation though making sure you have your juices for when you are traveling! πŸ™‚ They will be okay as they are for today but next time strain them if you think there is too much pulp.

      Enjoy the detox!

      The GM Team

  190. Veronica Satalich says:

    I appreciate how responsive the GM team has been.

  191. Emily says:

    I don’t see the recipe for the Omega 3 drink, am I missing something?

  192. Carolyn Akel says:

    Can I cleanse if I’m taking antibiotics?

  193. Sara Fillmore says:

    Hello fellow cleanse’ers!

    I made a gorgeous bone broth and wonder if I should be skimming the fat off the top? And if not, can I blend it to make it feel creamy? (like tea?)

    thanks in advance to any help here .

  194. Debbie Reynvaan says:

    Wow, the detox tea is really good! I added just about 1/4 of apple to my juice because I read the other comments about it being too bitter and it was perfect! I even put the lemon with the skin through!

  195. Ivette Mena says:

    Jon, Nadia:
    I have a fig tree at home and it is completely loaded with figs. I was wondering if I could use one or two at the most for some of my juices, just for taste. (Instead of using apples or carrots)

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Ivette,

      Lucky you!!!

      I have never tried putting a fig through our juicer. But if it juices easily then yes, go for it… just one or two so as not to add too much sugar to the juices.

  196. Pauline Chvilicek says:

    When drinking the juices, I have been taking a swallow of the juice, then a swallow of water. Is this OK or will it dissolve the juice?

  197. Pauline Chvilicek says:

    In the Chia and Flax seed oil video, Jon doesn’t drink the flax meal at the bottom of the glass. Should we? Thanks!

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Pauline,

      Yes, fine to have that. I usually mix it well so it doesn’t settle at the bottom. Add a little bit more water if needed.

  198. Sabine Konrath says:

    I am getting better, but haven’t done the pre-cleanse properly. Can I do lets say five days of that and the do the cleanse in my own rhythm?
    I work in shifts and am still struggling how to plan the day.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Sabine,

      It would be nice for you to join with us to benefit from the live webinars and the group environment.

      You can still go ahead with the cleanse by doing one more day of pre-cleansing and then move forward by eating more of the foods on the backup foods list and then slowly adding in juices, broths, etc.

      Anything you can do during this time, you will get benefit from and it is important to listen to your body. Add in the juices, broths etc. but then eat something if you feel very uncomfortable.

  199. Ivette Mena says:

    Hello everyone! As I watched the juice videos, I did not see Jon using any spinach in them. Is it ok to use some? Thanks!

  200. Victoria Rastin says:

    I’ve been trying to post this as a new comment but it keeps adding it under another reply so I’m trying again.

    I’ve just noticed (after making my juices) that the coconut, kale and mint recipe says 2 stalks of chard stalks. I didn’t have time to watch the video and photographed all the juice recipes when I went shopping. I didn’t notice the β€˜kale’ in the title and as it wasn’t in the recipe i’ve used chard. I’m sure you can use either but someone might want to change the recipe to read kale rather than chard.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Victoria,

      Thanks for letting us know.

      Either chard or kale is fine. Chard adds a nice salty taste to the juice which is nice.

  201. Claudine Grenier says:

    Was looking at Jon’s videos on jucing… Is he putting the lemon in the juicer without peeling it? Are supposed to Peel it or not?

    • Selkie says:

      Hi – I think they say you can put it in whole if it is organic. I tried the ‘mellow juice’ this morning – just cucumber, ginger, celery and the whole lemon – and it tasted very bitter for me. I’m sure it was because I put the whole lemon skin in. I’m going to try and peel it next time.

      • Claudine Grenier says:

        I dodo follow your advice and i did put only half of a lemon un my juice… Trying to drink it… Little sipe at the time… My stomac don’t seem to like it! Half an hour later i only have half of it drink… Slowly but surely!

        • Selkie says:

          Yes – that was a tough juice for me, too! I’ve just tried the anti-inflammatory juice. It was a little better, though I drank it through a straw, so seemed to bypass my taste buds! My detox broth is pleasant, though. I drank that with cayenne pepper, parsley and sea salt.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Claudine,

      I will usually use just a piece of the lemon (peel and all if it is organic). If you don’t like the peel, it is fine to leave it off.

      • Claudine Grenier says:

        Actually, First juice to ok me three Hours to drink with the tea… So i’m latte in my schedule for juice… Is three a problem if i don’t drink all the amount written in the schedule? I am Rift nos drink inv Walter with my second juice of the day… Vegetable booth Is on the stove… Hopefully this Will be easier for me to drink! I think the celery Is a bite hard for my taste… As i said… One site at the Time!

        • Claudine Grenier says:

          Ok sorry for the spelling error… Autocorrection Is So bad sometime!!! Plus, i’m french So i’m writting in my second language!!! So i Was trying to write:” Is there a problem if I don’t drink as many glass of juice as it’s written on the schedule?

          • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

            Hi Claudine,

            Not a problem. Drink as much as you need to. No need to fit everything on our schedule in but just be sure that you are getting enough for you.

    • Victoria Rastin says:

      Hi Selkie
      I tried the basic lemon celery and ginger without the peel and I still think it was too much lemon as it was so bitter. I think either less lemon or more celery to balance out the bitterness.

  202. says:

    Hi there
    I noted that when making the broths that they will not be so effective if you were to use any oils when braising the onions and garlic … however, when reheating a broth tonight I “designered” my broth a la Nadia’s everything … by adding some dill while I reheated the broth. This I took out when it was hot. Then I looked at the coconut oil and felt like a teaspoon in the bowl and wondered what your thoughts are on that? I think I was thinking of the tea with coconut oil and felt it would make it more hearty! Anyway, since I’m starting in earnest fun and can’t get it wrong – tomorrow, Monday, I would like your opinions on how it may affect the detox process.
    Cheers Marilyn

  203. Steven Krieger says:

    I’m confused about teas. In the video, Jon doesn’t mention which type he is brewing, but it looks dark. The only truly herbal teas I find that are not really “tea” are chamomile and mint and then there are fruit teas with orange peel or apple which are not good for the cleanse week (right?). I’ve searched 100’s of teas in the stores. Chamomile and mint might get a bit boring. Ideas?

    • Debbie Reynvaan says:

      Jon recommended a dark rooibos (without caffeine) in one of the videos. He used two bags of that and two mint bags.

    • says:

      As I remember it … it was to avoid caffeine … so any uncaffeinated – rather than decaffeinated – tea is fine!

      • Claudine Grenier says:

        Just be carefull… Decaf coffee and tea can be full of cheminals if they are not naturaly decaf… I did understand that this Is like processed food!

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Steven,

      Mint and chamomile are great.

      And there are many others out there as well.

      A few I can think of off the top of my head are;

      -chai rooibos (this is from the Yogi tea brand)

      Any herbal tea is fine. Avoid black tea and green tea as those have caffeine.

      • Pauline Chvilicek says:

        Oh shoot! For some reason I was thinking black tea is what we were supposed to drink. We found a new tea at the store and I was so excited to try it! I just tried one cup, will save the rest for after the cleanse!

  204. Debbie Reynvaan says:

    Is the first thing in the morning supposed to be juice or tea? I don’t see juice first, but the juice after the tea is #2, so where is #1? I know we can mix it up but I like to understand the layout before I mix it up.

  205. Debbie Reynvaan says:

    My thyroid medicine is in capsules. I can open them and dump it into my mouth if it’s best rather than taking it with the gelatin capsule. Do you think this is necessary?

    • says:

      I think it’s up to you. I’m on thyroxine too … though mine dissolve on your tongue … however, if they were in gelatine capsules – I’d take them like that.
      What I love about having listened to the past 3 sessions is that we need to remind ourselves that we can’t get it wrong! That whatever we do in this next week, is such a gift to ourselves … it’s perfectly natural that the wrapping is gonna be different for everyone for ALL SORTS of reasons! ENJOY!
      Cheers, Marilyn

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Debbie,

      I don’t feel it’s necessary to do that but you certainly can if that feels right for you.

      I am not familiar with this medicine, but sometimes things in capsules are designed that way for a time release effect.

  206. Gail says:

    Hi. I was doing “well” for most of week 1. I am in the mentality that week 2 is beginning so I am allowing myself to eat things that really aren’t in a pre cleanse mentality. Except that I ‘m thinking I can eat it now cause I’m not in the cleanse week yet.
    I need to change my thinking. Any recommendations?

    • says:

      Let the Sabotage Imp know that you are not gonna go without EVER, EVERMORE – and that YOU really KNOW what is BEST FOR YOU. Thank it for trying to do what it’s always done. Tell it, draw it, sing it, dance it – that you’ve appreciated it in the past. Now… you appreciate YOU.
      Did you hear the mantras? Quietly telling yourself as often as you can: I love you, I accept you, I appreciate you and I forgive you.
      Trust that helps…cheers Marilyn

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Gail,

      You are not alone.

      Marilyn, such a beautiful answer – I love what you say!

      Remember that you cannot fail at this… You are getting benefit from whatever you do these two weeks.

      And, yes, the visualizations… take advantage of those they are a beautiful help. Do them in the morning and evening and throughout the day as well.

      Take several ‘mini-breaks’ throughout the day where you put your feet on the ground, straighten your spine, close your eyes, take some deep breaths and bring the imagery of the visualizations into your mind. All of this can be done in just a few moments several times throughout the day. While doing this, remind yourself what an amazing gift you are giving yourself these 2 weeks. If possible do some of these mini-breaks outside while touching the Earth (grass, trees, sand etc) and with eyes open to benefit from the sun.

  207. Terri Buckmaster says:

    If I didn’t do great on the pre cleanse is ok to go full out on the actual cleanse?

    • Veronica Satalich says:

      I have the same question Terri

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Terri and Veronica,

      The pre-cleanse is important to set the stage for a great cleanse. Try doing one more day on the pre-cleanse before you start.

      If during the cleanse, it feels like too much, slow things down by eating something off the backup foods list.

  208. Kathy Kallama says:

    At work I only have a microwave to het up my broths and my teas…hoping that will still be ok?

    • Claudine Grenier says:

      Why not use a Thermos? I Will be travelling this week and i Will use one.

    • Victoria Rastin says:

      Hi there
      I put my glass jar in a large cup full of boiling water and ended up with warm broth. I’m sure if I’d left it longer it would have been even warmer.

    • Victoria Rastin says:

      I’ve just noticed (after making my juices) that the coconut, kale and mint recipe says 2 stalks of chard stalks. I didn’t have time to watch the video and photographed all the juice recipes when I went shopping. I didn’t notice the ‘kale’ in the title and as it wasn’t in the recipe i’ve used chard. I’m sure you can use either but someone might want to change the recipe to read kale rather than chard.

    • Victoria Rastin says:

      I’ve just noticed (after making my juices) that the coconut, kale and mint recipe says 2 stalks of chard stalks. I didn’t have time to watch the video and photographed all the juice recipes when I went shopping. I didn’t notice the β€˜kale’ in the title and as it wasn’t in the recipe i’ve used chard. I’m sure you can use either but someone might want to change the recipe to read kale rather than chard.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Kathy,

      I advise to avoid the use of microwaves. It will deplete the nutrient value of anything that you microwave.

      I love Claudine’s idea of a thermos and Victoria’s idea of a of hot water bath.

      I have also enjoyed the broth at room temperature as well, although having it warm is very nice to help keep you warm during the cleanse.

      Victoria, yes either chard or kale is fine. Chard will add a more salty taste to your juice which can be nice. Thanks for letting us know of the typo.

  209. Terri Catlin says:

    Am I missing something obvious? How do we upload detox photos??

  210. Rickey says:

    Hi Nadia,

    Are mushrooms, onions and garlic ok to add to veggie broth mix?

  211. Kimberly Escarraz says:

    Could we include Oil of Oregano next week for the cleanse

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Kimberly,

      Oil of oregano can be very strong. I would wait to see how you are feeling. This cleanse may be enough without it. If you do try it and you feel uncomfortable in any way, back off from it.

  212. Selkie says:


    It’s evening here in Scotland, and I’m gearing up to begin the cleanse tomorrow morning. A bit shocked I’ve made it this far even staying with the pre-cleanse, and weirdly quite excited to be starting the cleanse – like it is a fresh start or something.

    I have a few questions, that I hope the GM team can please answer:-

    I’ve just made and bottled my detox broth. I strained the vegetables. Would it make the broth better for me if I also strained the broth through a muslin cloth – like a nut bag? I ask because there is obviously still very small amounts of fibrous material in the broth – so wondered if drinking that would mean it takes longer to shut down my digestion?

    I’ve also got my natural coconut water for one of the juices. However, I’ve just noticed the ingredients read: – coconut water 99%, natural fruit sugar 1%. Is it still ok to use this, even with the sugar?

    Finally, after listening to the last webinar, I have been teaching myself today to make fermented veggies – to eat as I transition out of the cleanse – as I realise they would take time to ferment. However, one of my fermented veggies contains red cabbage, apple, peppercorn and clove. Is that ok? I’m a bit concerned about having put the apple in, and whether I could still use that fermented recipe, transitioning out of the cleanse?

    Thank you.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Sara,

      I usually strain my broth through a nut milk bag to get as clear a broth as possible … but you are going to get benefit from however you do it.

      I would suggest finding a coconut water that has only coconut water as the ingredient.

      When things ferment completely, all of the sugars will gone due to the fermentation process. Do let us know how this recipe turns out – sounds like a very interesting blend of flavours.

  213. Sara Fillmore says:

    Hey gang! I am having an incredible day! I went out to do some shopping and my sense of smell is so heightened right now! Crazy. I just felt like i LOVED every on the bus and in the shops!
    Are beet greens ok for juicing? And are they as sugar filled as the beets themselves?

    • Selkie says:

      That sounds great, Sara. πŸ™‚ I’ve been on a bit of a high too for most of today (was a bit emotional when I woke). Have had lots of energy, and ‘excited’ to actually be transitioning into the cleanse. (and all this from a woman who was throwing up on her second day on the pre-cleanse.)

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Sara and Selkie,

      Thank you so much for sharing how you are both feeling. This is a wonderful gift you are giving to yourselves!

      Sara, yes beet greens are fine for juicing as are carrot greens, we use them all the time.

  214. Renee says:


    My new masticating juicer arrived today! Yeah..just in time !
    I am going to go do all my shopping today and get started making the veggie broth this evening..
    I’m happy to be here with you all and so grateful to be doing this detox with Jon and Nadia and the Gabriel Team and with you all ! I am feeling so supported and being part of this amazing group helps with not feeling alone in the process πŸ™‚
    I am an Alumni here as I participated in the first Gabriel Detox in 2013 and really happy that I can participate again.

    Also wanted to share that I LOVE the Green Me Up Jonny supergreens ! I have been drinking it for the past couple of years now.. I really love the taste ( I like to make it stronger and richer – so add about 8oz water ) and I also like to add Chia seeds to it as well and let it sit for a while then drink it and I find that it is really satisfying and gives me lots of energy in the morning !

  215. Sedona says:

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
    Has the private FB been set up yet? If so, how do we get ourselves added?

  216. Shannon Ho says:

    Hello, I have ordered my program which included Johnny Greens, yoga and workout dvd’s. I still have not received them.
    Can you tell me when I would expect them as I want to be set up for success when the cleanse starts next week,
    Thank you,
    Shannon Ho

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Shannon,
      Your Green Me Up Jonny should arrive soon.
      The Fitness and Yoga programs are digital – so you can access them now – when you go to the Gabriel Method page (where you access the Detox program) – you will see other programs available. A bit further down the page you will see the Fitness and Yoga programs – just click on the icons to access them.
      I hope this helps.
      Kind regards

  217. Laura Peat says:

    Hi everyone

    I was wondering if we can put leeks and onions in our veggie broth? Also i take it we reheat the broth before drinking each time? Many thanks xx

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hey Laura,

      Nice to ‘see’ you again!!!

      Yes leeks and onions are fine in the veggie broth.

      Yes, nice to reheat the broth, avoid using a microwave… re-heat on the stovetop.

      • Laura Peat says:

        Thank you Nadia. I’m so excited to be here. You and Jon are offering such great support. I never thought i could do a cleanse at home but so far so good and i’m feeling fab πŸ™‚ Thank you. x

  218. Paula e. says:

    Quick question: where is the recipe for the Omega-3 drink. Is it a specific recipe or are we just adding Omega-3 oil to one of the juices?

  219. Deborah Tera says:

    Also is it okay to drink Kombucha during the cleanse?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Deborah,

      Kombucha is great if it is fully fermented. You will know it is so if it does not taste sweet. If it taste sweet then the sugars have not been fully fermented.

  220. Deborah Tera says:

    Hi Den. I am on herbal medication and it has drops that have alcohol base. It is for hushmotos thyroditis Can I continue taking it through the cleanse ? And also can I add Greatlakes Geletine to me drinks?
    Thank you.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Deborah,

      Any medications that you are taking on doctor’s orders you need to continue with those or have a talk with your doctor about those.

      I would suggest leaving Great Lakes Gelatin until after the cleanse.

  221. Lorell Maldoon says:

    There was a suggestion in yesterday’s lesson about making a veggie bone broth. In earlier Q&As, the bone broth was supposed to cook for 12 hours, as a veggie bone broth, how long should it cook and when would the veggies go in?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Lorell,

      You can put the veggies and bones in all at the same time and let the whole thing simmer for at least 12 hours.

      If using bones be sure to add a TBSP or two of apple cider vinegar.

  222. Annie Hylton says:

    Hi, apologies if this is self-explanatory, but is there a suggested schedule for the visualizations? I know how important they are so I want to make sure I have this right, but I misunderstood that we were to begin already and thought they were only for the cleanse week. So, just to clarify one morning and one evening visualization every day? And we simply follow the order of the videos?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Annie,

      With the visualizations there is no set schedule. Do the evening visualization in the evening before bed.

      Then choose any other one for the morning and for at any time throughout the day.

      Mix and match them and do the ones that you are most drawn to each day.

  223. Janet Brock says:

    During the detox, can we have Kombucha? How about spirulina?

  224. Nancy Kinney says:

    Traditional Medicinals brand makes an Every Day Detox tea, is it ok to use this as your tea during the detox?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Yes that is fine. You may also want to get some peppermint and some chamomile. If the detox is too strong these latter two will be more comforting.

  225. Shawn Lock says:

    Hi Nadia,

    You’ve used the term structured water quite a bit. Is structured water just anything added to water that adds to it (lemon, seaweed, salt, cucumber)? Thanks! πŸ™‚

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Shawn,

      Basically yes.

      The way I think of it, is that any whole nourishing food that you add to the water that adds minerals to it will give the water structure.

  226. Steven Krieger says:

    Hadn’t been a big water drinker before. But during the pre-cleanse so far, I’m doing well and getting lots of liquid seems to come easily. I just discovered that water with a squeeze of lemon and grated ginger in it works really great for me, if I also put 1 drop of Stevia in it. Is Stevia okay during the cleanse week also? Or will it go against what we are trying to do?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Steven,

      A very small amount of stevia would be okay. And I recommend only using the dried leaf stevia which is just the stevia leaf dried and powdered down (no other ingredients). This will be a green powder. The white powders are processed and I avoid those.

  227. Selkie says:

    Hello Nadia πŸ™‚ I’ve listened to the latest webinar. Can you give us the website addresses again, please, for good fermenting recipes? I searched for the sites I thought you said, but they aren’t coming up correctly, so I may have misheard you. Thanks.

  228. Shawn Lock says:

    Hi – With all the discussion on veggie broth, I know that I probably won’t have time in my schedule to do this. Just making the juices will be the most I can do. I regularly use low sodium organic broth while cooking. Is that sufficient? I wasn’t sure if their cooking process eliminated the nutritional value that much. Thanks!

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Shawn,

      I would avoid the packaged broths, even the ‘low sodium’ ones can have a lot of salt as well as other ingredients we don’t want.

      If you can’t make the broths, no problem, enjoy the juices and the other drinks.

  229. Claudine Grenier says:

    For the Facebook primate page, Can it be a primate page for 2015 dΓ©tox group So se can keep in Touch even after the event end?

  230. Renee says:

    HI all
    Just wondering if we start on Sunday July 19th.. is Friday a full cleanse day or how is the cleanse concluded together ? So I go full liquid cleanse starting on Sunday – through Friday evening ? Just trying to figure out the start and end :).. I’m sure my body will let me know but wanted to plan appropriately as I’ll be working as well this week.
    thank you !

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Renee,

      The cleanse is for 5 days. So if Sunday is day one for you then Thursday will be your 5th day.

      The 6th webinar next week is the wrap up party.

      If it works better for you, feel free to start day one on Monday and then Friday would be your last full day.

  231. Margaret Sefton says:

    Another question! I really appreciate that you take all the time to answer all our questions! I’ve been reading about the benefits of raw food and how cooking food destroys nutrients- how does it work with the vegetable broth? Is the broth full of nutrients even though it has been heated? Thanks!

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Margaret,

      Making a broth will destroy some of the nutrients because it is cooked but much of the nutrients, minerals, etc. are released into the water creating the broth. This broth is an extremely alkaline liquid that is perfect when cleansing.

      Because you are doing lots of fresh juices as well you will also be benefiting from getting nutrients from the uncooked vegetables.

  232. Selkie says:

    My Green Me Up Jonny arrived this morning! I’ve been reading about the Omega-3 drink on the schedule. Is this the video where Jon talks about drinking chia and flaxseeds? He doesn’t call them Omega-3 drinks in the video, hence my confusion. πŸ™‚

  233. Mel says:

    Could you please recommend a masticating juicer brand?
    Thank you.

  234. Margaret Sefton says:

    Also, Nadia when you mentioned putting apple cider vinegar in the bone broth, do you recommend this for the vegie broth too? I’ve never thought of that. Thanks!

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Margaret,

      No need to put vinegar in the veggie broth.

      It is necessary for the bone broth as some acid is required to help pull the nutrients from the bones.

  235. Margaret Sefton says:

    Great webinar thanks. Can you please recommend a probiotics brand they might stock in Australia? I can’t find Garden of Life and find it hard to choose, there are so many different things at the pharmacy and health food shops.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Margaret,

      Go to a reputable health food store and ask the staff there for the best one they recommend.

      They are usually kept in the refrigerated section.

      When you read the bottle, you want it to have several different strains within.

  236. Rickey says:

    Are colonics contraindicated during the detox?

  237. Mel says:

    Thank you so much Jon and Nadia for all the help πŸ™‚

  238. Sherry Snooks says:

    I previously saw the week suggested menu but am unable to find it now. Where is it on the web page

  239. Debbie Reynvaan says:

    Do you recommend anything specific for freezing portion sizes in?
    Also, I have knee problems and cannot do the part of the yoga that is on the knees. Can I do it another way to take advantage of it?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Debbie,

      I like to avoid plastics as they can leach toxins into your food and try to use glass when I can.

      Glass can be tricky in the freezer though as it can sometimes crack with the change in temperature.

      So you can use a plastic container for freezing but just ensure that your broth is fully cooled (even cooled in the refrigerator) before putting it in the plastic container. And then remove it from the plastic before heating it.

      If there are certain yoga poses you cannot do, skip those ones. It is all about getting a nice stretch during the cleanse. Do the poses that you can do that allow you get a nice stretch that you can hold without causing any strain or increase in your heartbeat.

  240. Rickey says:

    So possibly 6-7 days a month.

  241. Rickey says:

    I am probably getting ahead of myself, but I am so excited about doing this particular detox – have done detoxes before but never this one – and imagine I would really benefit from doing a day a week and perhaps 3 consequtive days a month. Does that sound like a good idea or too much?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Ricky,

      I suggest refraining from making a schedule like that.

      Instead, appreciate that this detox is going to help you to get more in tune with your body’s signals and messages.

      Then, as you move forward, there will naturally be days when you don’t have much of an appetite. This is your body’s natural way of going through cycles where sometimes little food is needed for a short period of time and that can be a nice time to have a lighter diet or do a cleanse for that day or two.

      It is about doing it according to what your body is telling you rather than by a schedule on the calendar. It is all about listening to your body and moving with your body’s natural cycles, not trying to force anything.

      Then, along with that you can plan to do a longer cleanse (like this one we are doing now) once a year.

  242. Liisa Le says:

    there was a glitch in getting connected to your program and I missed your first lectures. I started to drink broths and smoothies and I hope that this has not cause problems for me as I am going into the 2nd week of the program. After listening to your lectures I am concerned. What are your thoughts?

  243. Kalotina Amperidis says:

    Hi, looking forward to next steps,trying to take it easy feeling a little spaced out. Starting to have better night sleeps.. Aches in the body are fading out ..
    Q;would you call coconut yogurt processed food?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Kalotina,

      Great to have you with us, continue to share how you are feeling. Many feel those similar things.

      Coconut yogurt is a nice food for before and after the cleanse but not during. I would look for one that has no added sugars.

  244. Barbara Kizner says:

    Hi Jon and Nadia,
    I take Digestive Bitters @ 1-3 meals a day. (by Diana Stobo, she is all about raw food). They are very mild and all natural ingredients. During the cleanse week should I continue using them to help clean the colon, rid the bacteria etc. or is it best to hold off using them next week?

    thanks, Barbara

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Barbara,

      Digestive enzymes are used to help your digestive system to break down food that you eat.

      You will not be eating any solid food during the cleanse so they are not needed in that way.

      They are not necessary during the cleanse but you can still take them if you want and your body will use them to assist in cleansing. I would suggest doing just once a day if you choose to take them.

  245. Mel says:

    Are canned sardines ok to eat this week, or in general, or is that considered processed food? Thank you.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Mel,

      Jon addressed this in our last webinar. Look at the oil used and if a lower quality oil, rinse off the sardines before eating.

  246. Molo says:

    Made the detox tea the other day, awesome! Now I am making a beef bone/veggie broth. My whole house smells amazing! Love it!

  247. Marie Veerkamp says:

    This format is getting unmanageable to follow!

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Marie,

      I know all the information can be overwhelming.

      Focus on the homework steps that we have outlined for you and just do what you can do.

      You will get benefit from whatever you can do.

  248. Jennifer Armstrong says:

    Hi Jon & Nadia!
    Just curious how long we will have access to the detox and tools that came with the detox package?

  249. Selkie says:

    Hello – I’m in the UK and really confused about when we actually start the core cleanse. I’m looking at the schedule on the right – and the cleanse appears to start on the Sunday, 19th. Is that correct? Saturday, 18th is missing from the schedule. So, on Saturday we are still on the pre-cleanse? Thanks.

  250. Mona Atkinson says:

    Hello – I wanted to try some yoga today with the free yoga we were given but i cant seem to open any of her videos on my iphone or my ipad. With the fitness one though i have no problem so wondering what i can do about this. Please help.

  251. Molo says:

    What about herbs in our broth? Can we use bay leaf, oregano, thyme?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Molo,

      Yup sounds great. All of these add great flavour and they will be strained out before consuming so you are just getting the broth.

  252. Molo says:

    So for bone broth, I just make it like I would veggie broth but with the bones and then cook it longer? Like 12 hrs.? In crock pot?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Molo,

      Yes exactly and important to add some apple cider vinegar in while it is cooking, a tablespoon or two.

      • Molo says:

        Thanks Nadia

        • Molo says:

          Making now so I can get the hang of some of these things. Broth should last a while in fridge, right. Also, with bone broth there will be a bit of animal fat in this. I am assuming this is ok? Using bones from a cow I had butchered from a a raw milk dairy farm I am a share holder in

          • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

            Hi Molo,

            The broth will last a few days in the fridge. You can also freeze it in serving size containers and take it out as you need it.

  253. Lucyna Seelig says:

    Hi Jon and Nadia,
    I am doing the Detox and I really love it (I did some detoxes with Sara Gottfried and yours is much more to my liking). My question pertains to the evening visualization – I cannot do it while in bed ready to sleep. I simply fall asleep within first 5 minutes. So I started doing it as the last thing before getting to bed, sitting. Is it OK? Should I force myself to lay down and meditate in bed?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Lucyna,

      That is fine. Finding what works for you is beautiful.

      It is also okay to fall asleep while listening to it.

  254. Iris says:

    How do you upload photos to the photo gallery?

  255. Claudine Grenier says:

    What do You Think of the ioni Spa for detox? Do You Think it can help our body to get rid of toxines more easily?

  256. Kim Martin says:

    Hello! Do you have to do all five days of the cleanse? What if, due to travel, work, etc you can only do 2 or 3 days. How effective is a “mini cleanse”? Also, could I do a mini more often– for example, every 3 or 4 months as opposed to the 5 day cleanse which you recommend once or twice a year.


    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Kim,

      Do what you can. 5 days is nice as it gives your body a nice bit of time in cleansing mode. But you will certainly get benefits from whatever you do.

      If you choose to eat, I would suggest eating very nourishing high water content foods (check the backup foods list) and then you can keep the cleanse going at a milder level for the 5 days.

  257. Tonya Burgess says:

    Now that we’re gathering new info on the cleanse, I’m a little concerned about the detox since 3-4 times a week after meals I get loose stools and I’m not a green leafy kind a gal.
    Can I get through the detox with teas and the broth?
    Tonya Burgess

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Tonya,

      See how you go. Try some of the different juice recipes that don’t taste too ‘green’ (there are some recipe ideas in the video section).

      Greens are a great detoxifier if you can find a combination you like. Just do what you can.. you cannot fail at this.

      Loose stools can happen while cleansing but it doesn’t always and you may notice that things shift during the 5 days. Try to be near a toilet.

  258. Kim Mihaleas says:

    I usually take a handful of various vitamins and supplements each morning. Is that something I should skip during the cleanse?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Kim,

      Yes you can hold off on the vitamins during the cleanse as you will be getting lots of highly absorbable nutrients through the juices and other liquids.

  259. Lori Turner says:

    I have three questions. Do we take probiotics thru the whole detox? Do we take the digestive enzymes as well? What digestive enzymes does Jon recommend?
    Thanks, Lori

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Lori,

      Yes you can take probiotics throughout the cleanse.

      No need for digestive enzymes during the cleanse week.

      Jon likes the Garden of Life brand.

  260. Dinaz Poonawalla says:

    Hi there
    I would love to have the turmeric juice however am allergic to celery and cucumber.. two important elements. What can I substitute these two things with. Thanks a ton.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Dinaz,

      Those recipes are just guidelines. Feel free to substitute any greens you would like to use.

      Perhaps you could try bok choy and romaine lettuce.

  261. Selkie says:

    Apologies if this is too much information! But can you advise on bowel movements at this stage? I haven’t really had much bowel movement at all since starting. I have Inflammatory Bowel Disease – so usually I am having quite a lot of bowel movements daily. I’m hoping the lack activity might be due to giving up wheat, sugar etc. However, if it isn’t should I possibly be doing something to try and clear my bowels? I’m thinking you may suggest an enema. However, we are unable to buy enema kits locally without prescription. I have seen them on Amazon, though – but they take time to arrive. Is there anything I could be taking in the meantime? Thanks.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Selkie

      Not too much information… bowel movements are a very important part of cleansing.

      Ensure that you are drinking enough water. Massaging the abdominal area in a clockwise direction (looking down at your tummy start in the bottom right quadrant, move up, over and down) can also help.

      Take some probiotics and eat some fermented or cultured foods (eg. raw live active sauerkraut).

      Try to relax about it all, your bowels will move. In your visualizations imagine them moving smoothly and hold this relaxed image with you throughout the day.

      An epsom salt back can also help to relax everything.

      Just curious, where do you live that you require a prescription for an enema kit? They are sometimes sold as hot water bottles as many hot water bottles come with an enema attachment.

      • Selkie says:

        Hi Nadia – Thanks for your advice. πŸ™‚ I live in Scotland, in the UK. I looked online last night. The main chemists – Boots and Lloyds – only allow them with prescription, so I’m guessing the smaller independent chemists would be the same. If I could get a kit – would you recommend using it, or instead just following your suggestions above? (I’ve found out I can pay for next day delivery from Amazon!)

  262. Margaret Sefton says:

    Well I’ve had so many interesting conversations today with kind people helping me source everything I need for the cleanse, this was an unexpected bonus. The local raw food cafe (we have only one) went and sourced an organic cucumber from another shop to make me the exact juice I wanted, then gave me loads of info about juicers, dehydrators and water purifiers, amazing. Inspiring to meet others who are so passionate about healthy choices.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Ahhhh Margaret,

      I LOVE that … thank you for sharing!

      I believe that when we are on the right path, we get (and give) support in many ways.

  263. Selkie says:

    Arrghh, I’m having a serious decent black coffee craving – even though I haven’t missed it for days. (Herbal tea just isn’t cutting the craving.) Is a coffee substitute permitted in the pre-cleanse and cleanse weeks? If so, could you recommend a product? Thanks.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Selkie,

      Keep up with your visualizations, they can be really helpful for cravings.

      The fact that you haven’t missed it for days shows that you have probably moved through actual physical craving. Now it is probably more on the emotional/subconscious side and this is where the visualizations can be helpful.

      There is a tea I am enjoying now called Chai Rooibos (from Yogi teas). It isn’t coffee and doesn’t taste like coffee but it is a beautiful dark drink that you may like.

  264. Margaret Sefton says:

    Hi there. After you make the detox tea, can it only be stored in a sealed glass jar to use later or can you leave it in an open jug and warm it up later?

  265. Mel says:

    Can you please recommend a full spectrum digestive enzyme and where to buy it? Thank you.

  266. Debbie Reynvaan says:

    I’m trying to watch the video “variations on the chia drink” but it’s only a picture not a link. Can someone fix that?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Debbie,

      There is a video player at the top of the screen on that page. Click the picture and then scroll back up to the video player where it should be playing.

  267. Shawn Lock says:

    Hi – Two questions.

    I’ve been searching through the threads. Is there a recipe for the crackers that you talked about during yesterday’s session? I realize these aren’t for next week.

    Also, Nadia, when we met for UCE, you mentioned sauerkraut juice. Is that appropriate for next week?

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Shawn,

      Here are some ideas for crackers;

      Using flax –>

      Using chia –>

      Yes, sauerkraut juice would be great during the cleanse. About an ounce a day. More if you like but if you get diarrhea back off a bit and let your body catch up.

      For anyone wondering, sauerkraut juice is made by taking raw live active sauerkraut and juicing it through a juicer. The liquid is sauerkraut juice and the pulp you can use to make crackers, just add the pulp to any of the cracker recipes above.

      And as Shawn said, the crackers are not for during the cleanse week but great for afterwards.

      • Shawn Lock says:

        Thanks Nadia! These recipes look really good! Can’t wait to try them after the cleanse.

        • Shawn Lock says:

          Hi Nadia,

          One follow up question to this. Right now, I’m not making my own sauerkraut, so I buy Bubbies brand ( Should I include the liquid in the jar, or drain the liquid and only use the actual sauerkraut. I wasn’t sure if the liquid itself took on additional value as part of fermentation. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  268. Robin Wayne says:

    I can’t find the homework!

  269. Tara Sandbrook says:

    you mention to avoid wheat products in the pre cleanse, does this include sprouted grain / rye breads?

  270. Edward Deptula says:

    what day does the pre cleanse end?

  271. Sabine Konrath says:

    one question: how long will I have access to these tools?
    This week I am not that well, have sort of a summer cold (throat aches, sinuses a bit clogged).
    Am still trying to reduce my coffee intake to zero for next week…what if I have to start my cleanse a day or two later?

    • Claudine Grenier says:

      They did day that will have access to everything for ever…

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Sabine,

      Keep in mind that healing happens more efficiently when fasting. In my normal life, if I ever feel like I am getting a cold, I will fast right away and this helps my body to get over things more quickly.

      Also, sometimes as a result of engaging in a cleanse you may feel cold/flu like symptoms. This can be your body moving toxins through and out of your system.

      In my opinion, if you have a cold, doing a cleanse is one of the best things you can do.

  272. Terri Catlin says:

    2 questions…

    Is there a bone broth recipe here?

    For after the cleanse, why are grains and beans and potatoes not included in live foods?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Terri,

      There is no recipe for the bone broth here but you can check the ‘how to video’ section for a video on making a vegetable broth.

      Grains, beans and potatoes would need to be cooked so they are not live foods. These also produce a blood sugar spike in many people and can cause digestive distress as well. Legumes are easier on the system if they are sprouted.

  273. Marie Veerkamp says:

    I’m wondering if instead of broth, or as an addition, if we can make a vegetable soup since then we get the benefit of the fiber too?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Marie,

      Next week, during the cleanse week, the idea is to have only liquids with no fiber (ie just the vegetable broth). We are striving to give the digestive system a rest so that cleansing can occur.

  274. Debbie Reynvaan says:

    I have 2 days next week where I work and wont be close to a bathroom for sometimes a 2 hour period. Are there techniques to make this easier for those days? I would appreciate the info now as I have not been able to watch any of the videos live yet and waiting 24 hours after it’s shared might be too long to get the info in time.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Debbie,

      When you are taking in lots of liquids, there will often be a need to visit the bathroom more frequently.

      Do what you can to be near a bathroom.

      You will have to do the best you can. Go to the bathroom just before the 2 hour period and if you need to excuse your self during the 2 hours to go to the bathroom, do what you can to make that happen.

  275. Vanessa Stewart says:

    Where is the recipe for the Veggie broth?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Vanessa,

      There is a video in the ‘How to Videos’ section called ‘Detox Broth Recipe’.

      You can find this on the right side of this page under Your Detox Resources.

  276. Debbie Reynvaan says:

    Where is the recipe for the drink Jon talked about the first night?

  277. Margaret Sefton says:

    Hi there. I have two more questions- is spirulina powder in water better than taking spirulina tablets?

    Also, I’ve had my gall bladder removed. Is it Ok to have the coconut oil with the herbal tea or would it be better not to take the oil?

    Thanks! I’m really enjoying all the questions and answers and the webinars, learning heaps.

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Margaret,

      Either spirulina is fine… I like using the powders so that my tastebuds are involved. When we bypass our tastebuds by swallowing capsules or tablets we miss out on the guidance system that our tastebuds are a part of.

      Just ensure that whichever spirulina product you are taking has no added ingredients.

      With the detox tea (with coconut oil) next week during the cleanse, I would suggest that you sip it slowly. If any problems you can back off from it.

      • Margaret Sefton says:

        `Hi Nadia. Thanks, I hadn’t thought about the taste of the spirulina!! I’ll try sipping the detox tea and see how it is. I’m confused about the quantity of coconut oil to use in the detox tea per teabag?

        • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

          Take a look at the ‘How to Videos’ on the right hand side …there is a video where you can watch Jon making the detox tea.

  278. Sara Fillmore says:

    Hey gang! I have been doing great on the pre-cleanse with no coffee, no processed foods etc. Symptoms that i expected (headache, tiredness) have been manageable but i woke up last night with serious aching in my joints and bones. It kept me awake for a while and was nasty! Any thoughts? Is this another symptom?

  279. Selkie says:

    Hi – I’ve been watching Jon’s video about washing vegetables in vinegar. Is it ok to wash fruit this way, too? And should i be rinsing my produce in normal water afterwards to get the vinegar aroma off? Thanks πŸ™‚

  280. Georgina Anderson rodgers says:

    I have not been able to join live session however have listened at a later time to Day 1 PFC session. My question is are there specific visualizations that I need to listen to detox or the general evening and morning visualizations?
    Thank you

  281. Kimberly Escarraz says:

    Is it ok to have sparkling water during the cleanse lie La Croix?

  282. Debbie Reynvaan says:

    I missed a big portion of the juicing 101. Should I be juicing now, or is that for next week?
    I also have another question about the msm, how quickly can I increase my dose?

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Debbie,

      Hold off of juicing during the pre-cleanse… there will be a lot of juices next week.

      With MSM start with 1tsp once a day and you can increase that to 1tsp twice a day. I wouldn’t go beyond that.

  283. Joan Church says:

    I’m not able to detox with you over the next 2 weeks due to a medical test that’s coming up for me. Will I have access to the program to do it on my own after the 2 week cleanse is completed? I know I have inflammation and really want to do the detox.

    Thanks, Joan

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Joan,

      Yes, the program and webinars will be available for you even after these two weeks. Good luck with your test.

      In wellness,


  284. Laura says:

    Jon talked about adding vegetable pulp to ground meat during the webinar. What proportions of meat to pulp do you use?

  285. Laura says:

    Which Xcalibur dehydrator model did Nadia say that she had? What features should I look for in a dehydrator at a minimum? I am just starting out with dehydrating.

  286. Janet says:

    Hi I was wondering is it ok to add avocado to the juices (which really makes them a smoothy) in the detox week. thanks

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Janet,

      Hold off on avocados during the cleanse week.

      Enjoy avocados during the pre-cleanse and moving forward after the cleanse.

      I would not suggest adding an avocado to a juice. Avocados are great in smoothies made in your blender. If having a juice, enjoy it as it is without adding back in any fiber. This is when your body can benefit the most from a green juice.

  287. Margaret Sefton says:

    Hi. Can you just soak chia seeds without grinding them? Is it only the flax seeds you have to grind first? I don’t have a coffee grinder. Thanks!