Pre-Cleanse Homework

Lesson 1: Preparing for Change


  • Listen to the evening visualization before bed
  • Recruit the support of your friends and relatives to make your cleanse more fun!
  • Take a look at your schedule, and make sure you have a plan in place for any social gatherings or events

Food & Beverage

  • Eat well, eat freely! Focus on vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and fresh animal proteins
  • Avoid wheat, milk, sugar, and processed foods
  • Hydrate well! Avoid all beverages other than water and decaf tea

Breathing & Movement

  • Make use of your bonus program including Yoga for Weight Loss and GM Fitness


  • Shop on the peripheries of the supermarket, load up on green vegetables, whole fruits, and fresh animal protein!
  • Get some great decaf teas and experiment with new flavors
  • Get a huge water bottle you can carry around with you during the cleanse

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