Gabriel Method Detoxification – Grocery List

Grocery shopping for your cleanse is an adventure, so have fun with it! You can buy your cleansing ingredients most anywhere, but if you have access to local farmers markets, coops or community supported agriculture programs, those are always great places to shop. Quantities below are estimates, you might need more or less based on the volume of juice you take each day, but it’s a very good “base supply” for your cleanse. The ingredients for Week 2, Cleanse Week, should be purchased within a day of beginning the cleanse, so that they are fresh.

Juicing Vegetables

  • celery Celery x 10 heads
  • cucumbers Cucumbers x 30 pieces
  • spinach Spinach x 5 heads
  • chard Chard x 5 heads
  • kale Kale x 5 heads
  • parsley Parsley x 5 bundles
  • mint Mint x 1 bundle
  • coriander Coriander x 1 bundle
  • ginger Fresh ginger (large piece)
  • turmeric Fresh turmeric (finger-sized chunk)

Juicing Fruits

  • beet-root Beetroot x 5
  • apple Apple x 5
  • carrot Carrot x 2lb bag
  • lemon Lemons x 20
  • pear Pear x 5

Spices & Add-Ins

  • sea-salt Sea salt (any type of minimally processed salt is great)
  • apple-cider-vinegar Apple cider vinegar (raw is ideal)
  • cayenne-pepper Cayenne pepper
  • black-pepper Black pepper

Detox Veggie Broth Ingredients

You can use any or all of these veggies in your broth.

  • broccoli Broccoli
  • parsnips Parsnips
  • sweet-potato Sweet potato
  • carrot Carrot
  • kale Kale
  • spinach Spinach
  • cabbage Cabbage
  • capsicum Peppers/capsicum
  • silver-beet Silver beet
  • green-leafy Any other green leafy vegetables that are in season.

Cleansing Fats

  • coconut-oil Coconut oil 1 liter
  • chia-seeds Chia seeds and/or Flax Seeds 1lbs
  • mct-oil MCT oil (optional) 500ml
  • young-coconut Young coconut (optional) x 10

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