Setting Healthy Boundaries w/Clients

COACHING CREDO – This short credo below is something I'd encourage you to read out loud to yourself, particularly before meeting with clients whom you know will bring a tremendous amount of emotional hardship to your sessions. This will help you set healthy boundaries and stay clear about your role in this healing process.

My job as a coach is NOT to solve life problems. I’m not here to heal or fix anything. My job is to share my knowledge and guidance based on my studies and personal experience.

I provide an open space that allows clients to open up as fully as needed, even when painful, so the solutions within become clear, I aim to make my clients feel truly supported and part of something bigger than themselves.

If a healing or breakthrough does occur, I am not the ones doing it. I’ve simply encouraged my client’s inner wisdom to shine through.

I’m a great coach when I’m steady and strong, listening and understanding. When pain and trauma comes out, it bounces off me and out into the ether, releasing its grip and removing its power.

I’m here to listen, to help, and to guide my clients toward a solution that is wholly and fully their own.

Since we teach clients the importance of healthy boundaries in their lives, it's crucial that we too live it ourselves. The work you're doing is incredibly important, and I want to thank you and acknowledge you for your strength and leadership.