Heal Your Gut, Lose the Weight: Understanding the Role of Digestive Health in Weight Management with Jon Gabriel and Donna Gates

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What you'll learn:

  • Get to know your digestive track
  • The important role of enzymes in digestive health
  • Learn about toxins, and how to detox
  • Power of probiotics

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50 comments on “NYNY 2014: Webinar 2
  1. Deborah Hutchings says:

    I found the drink - its Passiflora, $120 for 8 bottles - wow - what can we do for ourselves thats more economical?

  2. Deborah Hutchings says:

    Donna mentioned a drink we can get here in Australia - can you advise what it is I couldn't quite catch the wording (Plantarium based drink).

  3. Susan Kostuch says:

    Oops I was wrong, I did have more questions! Sorry 🙂

    I have very beautiful, naturally clean fresh mountain water however according to my government regulation I must chlorinate it. Would using a carbon filter such as a Brita suffice to make my water healthier for me? I would hate to sacrifice the benefits of all of the wonderful minerals that naturally occur in my water source for a reverse osmosis re-mineralized water that I have to purchase. Any other suggestions?

    Also, the colon cleansing talked about in this webinar, is that the kind where you go to a practitioner and they irrigate your colon with a water solution or is it something different?


    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Susan,

      I'm pretty sure Brita filters filter out chlorine. You can find that out easily enough, but I'm pretty sure it does.

      In regards to the colon cleansing you are correct that it is where a practitioner irrigates your colon with a water solution.


  4. Susan Kostuch says:

    Hi and Thank you for this and all of the other great information in this program. I do have a couple of questions and I am sorry for the late asking but I am working my way through what I missed while on holidays. Hopefully I am not too late in the asking for a response on here!
    1. If digestion starts in the mouth with chewing, are juices and smoothies or shakes really a good option or will the digestion be hampered by the lack of stimulating enzymes?
    2. Dr. Gates talked about fixing the candidias by stopping feeding it sugar, building a hardy immune system and creating an environment where they cannot survive. I am not sure if I missed it but I did not hear specific coverage of how to build a hardy immune system. I am assuming it is through the steps discussed, by reducing sugars, consuming healthy oils and eating fermented foods but I just wondered if there were other specific things (other than not taking anti-biotics or drinking chemically treated water)?
    3. Dr. Gates talked about conquering infections (like yeast or a tooth infection) to heal your digestion. I am slightly confused by this in that it seemed to me like this should be done as a preliminary step but did not talk about safe ways to do this. Maybe I am missing something with this or maybe it is a result of the 3 steps she talked about at the end, help!?!

    I think that is all for now, again a 1000 thank you's in advance!

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Susan,

      1. Juices and smoothies pre-digest the food anyway, so they're not going to get hampered by that.

      2. It's really about digestion. The more you heal your digestion, the stronger your immune system is going to get, because 80% of your immune system originates from your gut. And when you heal leaky gut syndrome, you don't overwork your immune system. So the combination of healing your immune system so that you don't leak toxins into your blood stream and strengthening your immune system so that it can produce more -- or strengthening your digestion so it can produce more enzymes that are involved in your immune system, that combination will strengthen their immune system. So everything that Donna Gates talks about, in terms of digestion, directly helps your immune system.

      3. All the suggestions that Donna Gates makes are geared toward overcoming yeast infections and killing parasites, et cetera.


  5. Sharon H says:

    Can I use the digestive enzymes with HCL after eating if I have indigestion.. It doesn't happen always but sometimes... In the old days would pop a Prilosec, drink Malox, or get a
    tums (lest effective of the bunch). Now, I don't need it often but maybe a couple times a week.... So again, can you take them at other points in the day if you are having trouble. If not the HCL ones... how about the GM ones... indigestion is so uncomfortable.. Thanks Sharon

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Sharon,

      Yes, it should help that. You can try the Gabriel Method digestive enzymes. I wouldn't take the ones with HCL when you don't have enough food in your stomach.



    Are digestive enzymes in tablet form any less effective than those in capsules?

  7. Carla A says:

    I found extremely interesting all the information shared by Donna Gates,and she mentioned to drink high quality/mineral spring water. What should I look for when choosing bottled spring water?

    Every time my husband starts probiotics , and he has tried several brands, he experience dizziness ? So I wonder if gets better when he gets a healthier digestion?
    Or any other suggestions on how he should take them?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Carla,

      If you have any questions check with your doctor or health care practitioner, but typically things like tiredness, bloating, pains, dizziness are usually the result of the friendly bacteria sort of going at war with the unfriendly bacteria, and as your digestion gets better those symptoms go away.


    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      In regards to water, probably the best most cost-effective way is just to get any affordable spring water that's preferably not in plastic, and then mineralize it with healthy salts. So take a teaspoon of healthy salt, like Himalayan salt or Celtic salt or sea salt and put it in two liters of water, and that's the best way to re-mineralize your spring water.


  8. Bogumila Kocik says:

    I am 58 years old. I would like to loose about 15 kg. Can you give me some suggestion how to maintain skin elasticity, please. I am afraid that I will look old.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Bogumila,

      The healthier your body is and the less stress you have, the more your body will produce the hormone elastin, which will help ensure your skin retains as much elasticity as possible. So by focusing on reducing stress, detoxifying your body, healing your digestion, pretty much everything we talk about, it will help your skin take elastic.


  9. Bente Linnea Skovborg says:

    It is fine with supplements f. ex. how do we ensure that the body comtinue to produce Hcl and depend on the tabl.?


  10. Molo says:

    What are panciodic enzymes? Preferred brands? Where does one find them? Also, where does on get planterium? To add to home made fermented foods? What minerals do you recommend to add to R.O. Water?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Molo,

      We have a brand in our shop. The problem is, our brand doesn't have HCL which Donna Gates is now recommending, which causes a little bit of a conflict. So we recommend you find some HCL to help with the digestion process as well.

      I will recommend you add Himalayan salt crystals or Celtic salt or sea salt to your water.


  11. Judes says:

    I've been thinking about the class. Lots of interesting information but I was confused by Donna's suggestion of a macrobiotic diet. My memory is that a macrobiotic diet is very grain heavy and protein light, which seems quite different than Jon's suggestions. Also wondering about fruit. I love bananas. Are they are problem?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Judes,

      Donna didn't recommend a macrobiotic diet. I think she talked about how she originally started with a macrobiotic diet but she doesn't recommend the macrobiotic diet now.

      Bananas in moderation are fine.


  12. Hi,
    I am wondering if the downloadable class notes are the same as the recording? I find I can read much faster than I can listen to these kinds of calls.
    It is very valuable to me to have access to transcripts of recordings like this.
    Would you consider doing this in the future?
    ~Susan Holsinger

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Susan,
      The downloadable notes are from the powerpoint that Jon goes through during the class. Unfortunately we don't have transcripts at this stage.
      Best regards
      Den - GM Team

  13. Bente Linnea Skovborg says:

    Thank you I am deeply greatfull for this knowledge.
    I never thought that something like this would come from over weight!

  14. Marisol Rocha says:

    Looking forward to listening to this recording 🙂 Have been reading all the wonderful questions and answers from our Tuesday Core Class.

    Just a friendly reminder that there are still a good number of questions under the Dr. Rosedale interview section to be answered.

    As we listen to things throughout the week on our own time, does the GM team prefer we post our questions under the section to which they "thematically" belong or go to the current class section to keep the new questions in the latest feed for your review?


    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Marisol,
      Apologies for the questions that haven't been answered as yet. You can ask your question wherever you are as we will get a notification either way.
      Best regards
      Den - GM Team

      • Marisol Rocha says:

        Thanks so much Den and please no apologies necessary! The GM team is doing such an amazing job, I was just sending a heads up in case it was a page that was moved on from as we advanced in the course. 🙂

  15. Jennifer Vice says:

    I currently sweeten my morning coffee with half xylitol (1 teaspoon) and half sugar. I only drink two cups of coffee per day. Should I go ahead and get off of sugar entirely?

  16. Judes says:

    I know this interview isn't live but someone is typing on a keyboard during the talk and it's very annoying so for the future can you ask people not to type during the interview. Thanks.

  17. Mary says:

    I missed out on the repeat - couldn't get it to work.

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Mary,
      The interview should start as soon as you open the page. Just check that your sound is on. If it is and the audio doesn't start as soon as you open this page please contact our team at help@thegabrielmethod.com and they will sort this out for you.
      Kind regards
      Den - GM Team

  18. Leah Fischer says:

    I guess this video was released early..this isn't live is it?

  19. reveal says:

    Hi, I took my probiotics for the first time yesterday and I was relieved to do an internet search to discover that headaches are common side effects and it wasn't my imagination!
    The advice as to what to do was conflicting so I ask for your recommendation Jon. Take them as suggested 2 per day and take paracetemol? Drop to one a day? Open the capsules up and use less?
    I really was excited to use these as I've had fibromylagia and both food and chemical sensitivities so had planned to soon jump to one 6x daily...or was it the digestive enzymes you said to try that frequently???
    Thanks in anticipation of a clear response. I am so grateful to have joined this program at this time.

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      Try taking one a day or even half a day and then working your way up, once the headaches are gone. If you have to take pain killers than don't take the probiotics for a while. But keep revisiting them to see if you can have them without the side effects. In the mean time, have more fermented foods and see how you go with that.

  20. Erica Liebenberg says:

    Great information and interview! Very inspiring, thanks!

  21. Lex says:

    I take 20mg of somac every day for a hiatus hernia, prescribed by my dr. The prescription was originally for 40mg, but I've managed to halve it. If I don't take it, I get the worst heartburn and indigestion. It is very painful.
    Is the somac affecting my ability to lose weight?
    Is there anything else I can do? I have tried adding acid to my diet but it didn't work for me.

  22. Erica Liebenberg says:

    under resources there is a daily update heading but it is blocked, cannot access it, please will you have a look