A toxin is a non-nutritive, potentially harmful molecule, element, or energy.

Toxins come from food, water, medications, electricity and radiation. As a result, most clients will be affected.

GM creates a lifestyle to support the systems involved with detoxification (digestive, urinary, respiratory, skin).

Connection to FAT Program

The objective of the FAT Program is to keep the body safe. With toxins being harmful turning on the FAT Program is an effective and appropriate response.

For Client

Toxins are everywhere in our modern environment, in the air, water, food and the surrounds we live in. Your body absorbs these toxins and, to protect itself attempts to move them out of the body. It does this through your Digestive system, your Urinary system, your skin and your breath. When toxic load is greater than the body’s eliminative efforts, the body, in an effort to protect itself, stores these excess toxins in your fat cells. To cope your body triggers your FAT Program, increasing the size and number of fat cells.

Toxins also hurt your body creating damage, in particular to your digestive system. Injury triggers inflammation, and inflammation is a key trigger for your FAT Program.

The key to reducing this FAT Trigger is to develop a detoxifying lifestyle. GM Action Steps encourage and support your body to naturally cleanse and heal and as a result, turn off your FAT Program.

For Coach

  1. Storage - fat is an effective chemical buffer. The body uses fat cells to store toxins away from more vital parts of body. A large toxic load requires larger fat cells. Result, body triggers a protective response via an increase in inflammatory hormones = FAT Program on.
  2. Inflammatory Response - toxins may and can cause physical harm to a body (eg. arthritis) As a consequence the body triggers a protective and healing response via an increase in inflammatory hormones = FAT Program on.
  3. Hormonal interference - many chemicals/toxins can interfere with the natural signalling and sequence of the body’s hormonal system. Specifically, toxins can create or exacerbate “insulin resistance” which is one of the mechanisms of the FAT Program.
  4. Poor digestion - itself a FAT Program is intricately connected to toxins. Food, namely food product, is large contributor to toxic load. Many chemicals are indigestible, creating GIT damage, imbalanced digestive bacteria and nutritional famine. All contribute to FAT Program on.

Diagnosis of

Application Form
1. Note medical diagnosis for any conditions where a heavy toxic load may be implicated (common IBS, Leaky Gut, Food Allergy, Liver dx, Heart dx, skin conditions, mental illness)
2. Note surgeries/removal of organs used for detoxification (gallbladder, liver, kidney)
3. Note use and length of natural/otc/prescribed medications
4. Note client address (city, country)
5. Note occupation (work environment, exposure to)


If indicated as a significant Trigger


Note stimulus for initial weight gain

Questions to ask

Would you consider where you live and work healthy environments?
Have you ever down a detox, what was your experience? How did you feel?
Do you like the idea of detoxing GM style, where the emphasis is on supporting your body not forcing it?

Coaching Actions

Core Action Steps

Add the Big 3
Take Probiotic and Digestive Enzyme supplement
Drink more water

Specific Toxicity Action Steps

Skin brushing, daily
Consider using GM Detox Program in full or part
Consider incorporating outdoors to Daily GM Break
Room temperature water first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything else. Put some fresh lemon juice or raw organic apple cider vinegar in the water
Deep breaths (breathe in for 4, pause, exhale for 8, pause)
Scraping the tongue first thing in the morning -
Dry Skin Brushing -
Saunas or steam rooms
Epsom salt baths
Rest and deep sleep
Begin to shift away from chemical foods, chemical body care products and chemical household cleaners, air fresheners, etc.

With toxins creating and exacerbating Poor Digestion as a FAT Trigger the specific Action Steps for it apply
ADD Fermented Foods
ADD Sprouts
ADD Bone Broth
ADD Green Juice and/or Super Greens
ADD Chew food well

SWAP Morning and/or Evening Visualization for detoxifying visualization

Resources to share with client

Encourage client to attend Ask Jon, Ask Nadia shows in SG, with specific question. Coach Nadia is an expert in detoxification and co-creator of annual GM Detox Program.

UCE Videos (That TTCE Clients can access): Detoxify & Cleanse Digestion Visualization / Detoxify & Cleanse Digestion : Topic 1: Drink GM Greens Upon Rising / Detoxify & Cleanse Digestion : 02: Topic 2: Do Afternoon Detox Visualization + GM Greens / Detoxify & Cleanse Digestion : 03: Topic 3: Optional Deep Detox

Total Transformation Program: Fat & Toxins

New You in the New Year: Fat & Toxins

MBWL: Detox Your Life

Guide them through the Detox Membership

Support Group: How to Make Mice Fat / Detox with Friendly Bacteria

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