Mind Body Fitness with Erin Stutland

About Mind Body Fitness

Joyful movement plus positive affirmations = Mind Body Fitness! Join Erin each month for a short, fun fitness break that will lift you up and leave you feeling empowered and inspired. These playful routines include yoga, boxing, dance, resistance work, stretching, walking exercises and even moves you can do in your chair. A Support Group exclusive.

About this Video: A routine that can be done sitting at your desk or sitting in a chair at home. Erin will help you wake up your body using the breath, gentle movements and powerful affirmations.

About this Video: Erin will take you through your yoga Sun-Salutation routine. This is simply a series of different positions and poses that will help you invigorate both your body and your mind.

About this Video: A fun, upbeat punching routine to help relieve stress. Erin also offers positive affirmations to connect to your power.

About this Video: A routine to help get your heart rate up, and use affirmations to let go of any thoughts or beliefs that are no longer serving you. A perfect routine to embrace the new year!

About this Video: An easy, fun routine you can do from a chair in your home or office. Try taking just a few minutes to connect to your mind and body.

About this Video: Got 5 minutes? Join Erin for a fun resistance routine that will build some heat in the body and help build muscle. Tip: You’ll need either light weights or a pair of household items like water bottles or soup cans.

About this Video: Enjoy a gentle yoga stretch routine with Erin, either first thing in the morning, or even right before you go to bed. This will help focus and relax your mind and body.

About this Video: Enjoy this “Letting Go” movement series with Erin. Allow your body to have fun, dance freely and let go during this “wake up, shake up” full body routine. Tip: you’ll need a desk or a chair for support.

July’s Video: Active Stretching improves posture and flexibility and decreases risk of injury. It also helps you take a mental break to recharge your mind and body. Also, try this video as a warm-up or cool-down with other fitness routines. Stretch and relax with Erin…

June’s Video: You don’t have to go far to get the benefits of walking. Check out this month’s fun Mind-Body Fitness session- you’ll be striding to the music and using affirmations to increase your feelings of success!

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