NYNY2017: Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered


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191 comments on “NYNY2017: Your Questions Answered
  1. Julie Taylor says:

    Hi Team.
    Just wondering if we should have got a daily message from Jon on our last day of the program? Or is that it now? Thought we might have received a final message for the NYNY program!
    Any links to the support group and the offer of one free month?

    Thanks Julie

  2. Kerry Ducol says:

    I never got a response from my question below, hoping someone can respond. Also wondering where the Q&A from the 22nd can be found as I never received the email from Jon.


    I have a question about visualizing…I’ve been doing the visualizations religiously for the past 4+ weeks and find them very relaxing and helpful. Yet I feel like I have difficulty with the imagery around the visualizations. I have a hard time visualizing my ideal body and also have a hard time seeing the imagery (visualizing) the white light, myself running, etc. So the visualizing piece feels challenging at times. Does that make any sense? I am a visual learner so I learn best when I can see or read info, I’m wondering if you have any suggestions for how to get these images in my head during the visualizations? Thanks for the help!

    • Nicola says:

      Hi Kerry. I copied this question into the question requests for the Q and A on Wednesday. The facilitators said that they’d try to fit it in, but I fell asleep (I’m in the UK) before the end of the session. You can find the recording here. https://members.thegabrielmethod.com/new-you-new-year-2017/live-q-a-week-5/ ….. I haven’t listened to it myself yet. All I can say is that your question wasn’t answere in the first twenty minutes! It’s a great question,which is why I passed it on in the chatroll. It’s something I really struggled with myself. I can say that, for me, the body thing improved with practice, but I had to get creative with changing the visualisations. For instance, I have a disability that means that I can’t run and can’t even walk very well. In my visualisation, I can manage to visualise walking more easily and without pain but, instead of running, I walk straight into the sea and move and swim in the water. I also found making my visualisation space special really helped .. For me, having a particular cushion and a blanket and having aromatherapy oils in a diffuser (geranium is great – very balancing) works for me. I really hope your question did get addressed though, because it’s a big hurdle for a lot of us, especially if we are unhappy in the body we have. With lots of love, Nicola xxx

    • Janine -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Kerry,

      Apologies for the delay! Visualization is a practice and can definitely take time. Many people want to do it perfectly to get the most out of it. But it best just to relax and listen to the words. For some, over time, your ability to actually “see” in your visualizations grows stronger. There is a percentage of people who are actually unable to visualize but that is ok as well. Focus on the message of feeling relaxed and naturally thin. Creating a vision board can help you with the visualization piece as well.

      I hope this helps,

      Janine, GM Team

  3. Julie Taylor says:

    Any answer from the Team for the question I posted on 21st Feb?
    I posted this before the Q & A and didn’t receive a reply and fortunately I managed to speak with Jon on the Q & A and got his reply in relation to my current tummy issue – but what is the normal order of things with the water & cider and the green juice in the morning?

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Julie. Apologies for the late response.

      Lemon water or Apple cider vinegar should be done on an empty stomach first thing and then you can have a green juice. Listen to your body and what it is asking for. If it’s too much liquid in the beginning, you can start small and start to build.

      Hope this helps! -Monica, GM Team

  4. Lee Friedmann says:

    I was having technical difficulties in yesterdays Q&A session. I had asked a question about cellular release and Jon said that some links would be added to the chat window.

    I was not able to see the link at the time of the call and don’t see them available any longer.. Can I get that information?

  5. Jami Kohn says:

    Not sure if this will make it to the Live Q&A, but I’d love some suggestions for further reading on eastern medicine/life force energy/energy channels that were talked about in the Week 5 Core class. Thanks!!

  6. Kerry Ducol says:

    I have a question about visualizing…I’ve been doing the visualizations religiously for the past 4+ weeks and find them very relaxing and helpful. Yet I feel like I have difficulty with the imagery around the visualizations. I have a hard time visualizing my ideal body and also have a hard time seeing the imagery (visualizing) the white light, myself running, etc. So the visualizing piece feels challenging at times. Does that make any sense? I am a visual learner so I learn best when I can see or read info, I’m wondering if you have any suggestions for how to get these images in my head during the visualizations? Thanks for the help!

  7. Julie Taylor says:

    Hi Team,
    Could someone just clarify for me the recommended order of the 2 glasses of water with apple cider vinegar / lemon juice and the green juice first thing in the morning. In week 1 it was suggested to have the 2 glasses of water with cider or lemon juice first thing after the morning visualisation so not sure where the green juice should fit in – before or after this?

    Thanks Julie

  8. Pauline says:

    Hi Jon…..I have been working with your programme on and off for quite a few years but not respecting myself enough to make me a priority over family and work. I battle with diabetes and hate taking insulin and other meds. I have also had a heart attack about eight years ago and just diagnosed with sleep apnea which I will be addressing asap
    I have always worked hard and loved being physically active but through medical circumstances have become quite inactive.
    Statin drugs have caused weakness in my muscles.
    I have decided to make my health (away from conventional medicine) a priority now. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to your programme and have made several changes as I can manage but I’m still at a loss as to how I can change my body to want to be thin……Is it just time?
    Also wondering where best to read more about Cellular Release…Is there anywhere I can access in this programme? Thanks!

  9. Ellen Ilfeld says:

    Hi Jon (and Team), A few weeks ago Jon mentioned blood type as part of deciding what to eat. A friend of mine did the D’Adamo blood type diet/SWAMI assessment for me and gave me a long list of foods to eat and avoid. It made me crazy. I’m following a pretty “clean” Gabriel Method eating style (organic live foods, essential fatty acids, organic proteins, organic fruits, etc) but wondered if I need to pay attention to certain foods as better for my blood type (B)? Do I need to worry about foods with “lectins” and avoid them? I suspect it’s more complex than just a scientific analysis of what’s in foods, but thought I’d take this opportunity to ask Jon’s opinion, since he mentioned blood type as a factor. Thanks!

  10. Dianne Hayton says:

    Are roasted hazel nuts ok? Or shoul I be getting raw hazelnuts?

  11. Dianne Hayton says:

    How do you eat bone broth? Is it a plate of soup? Or eaten with other things?

    • Nancy Green says:

      I like before a meal and a bedtime snack. You can do all kinds of things with bone broth I like to add collagen powder and grass fed butter. Good for your gut hair nails and skin.

  12. Donna Rosenberg says:

    Once the 5 weeks are over, will we still have access through the website to all the Live Events, Resources & Bonuses, and Visualizations? What about the Yoga for Weight Loss? Will anything be subtracted? Thank you.

  13. Julie Taylor says:

    You have inspired me Nicola so I have just posted it!

    Thanks for sharing some of your journey and congratulations on your transformation!
    Best wishes Julie

  14. Julie Taylor says:

    Thanks Nicola for your comprehensive response.
    I understand all that you have said and believe that my body will lead the way with the Gabriel Method.

    I am not a great user of Facebook and posted something early in the programme and withdrew it because I thought all my friends could see it and I didn’t want such personal information ‘out there’. So are posted items only visible to the NYNY 2017 group?

    I too have had questions answered but this is a deeper and more significant one for me. So will copy it to the Facebook page if is is private and also ask Jon next week.

    Thanks again Julie

    • Nicola says:

      That is such a good question Julie. I have had the same panic, because I see my comments in that group. I worry that other people will too. It is a private group, so they won’t. But to give you confidence, if you haven’t posted already, I will ask the question so that somebody ‘official’ confirms it. But I believe the only way a friend of yours could see it is if they joined the group themselves, which you’d know about. Don’t be timid about making it known how important your question is on the call in … and make notes for your one to one session, so that you get all of your questions answered. Lots of love xxx

  15. Julie Taylor says:

    Hi there,
    As we approach the final week of the NYNY 2017 I am wondering about the journey ahead. I know Jon spoke of different levels of coaching – some more affordable which is great. Are there any other options?

    At the moment I feel I have been gifted with significant tools to journey towards my ideal body / weight which may take some time, but one of my main issues (having been a yo-yo dieter since the age of 9 or 10 and now I am 58) – is my fear about continuing the journey after reaching my desired / ideal body weight for the remainder of my life! Every time I have lost weight in the past I have said to myself “this is the last time I travel this journey” and to date this has never been the case. So this still remains as a concern for me – even though I have been tapping away to eliminate the doubt or fear!!!!

    What Gabriel friendly advice could be offered even at this point about maintaining your ideal body / weight once you have arrived there? Do you just continue on the same way with Gabriel friendly food, stress & emotional management and “Get thin or Get Eaten” approach to fitness – or does this change in any way? Some information / lived experience around this would help me greatly even though I am still travelling the journey towards my ideal body / weight and will be for some time.

    Many thanks Julie

    • Nicola says:

      Hi Julie. My thoughts are that, if you feel that you are doing well during these five weeks, then you will continue to do well. I know that coaching has been discussed in the group. Of course, it can make for a breakthrough for some people and being personally supported is a wonderful thing. Don’t forget though that mamy people go a really log way without that level of support (which is just not viable for some people). My personal experience is that I have lost ninety pounds so far with The Gabriel Method book, the Visulisation book and an audio version of the Visaulisation book (which I listen to really often – maybe every couple of weeks). I also joined the support group for a couple of months, during which time I had a question answered in a Q and A. I have a disability which means that I can’t work, so I stopped the support group (which is an affordable option that you may want to consider, and you can try it with a free month I think). So, until this course, I had lost nearly ninety pounds, spending a grand total of around sixty british pounds …. and I know Jon is as delighted for me as he is for people who have made a different journey that has suited them. This course has been a brilliant focus, and is really well priced. It has really helped me to focus on the principles, and I feel very supported. I also see other people being very closely supported. No question goes unanswered … here or on the facebook page, and it seems that everybody is getting questions through to Jon on the Monday and Wednesday sessions … do make sure that you make the most of that opportunity. Don’t forget that you also have a one on one oportunity with Jon … half an hour is a really long time to get some insights. And the facebook group will remain as a resource between members, and you have all of your resources from the course forever.

      The main point I want to make is that the Gabriel Method is about a paradigm shift. It ia about finding a way to be in your body and with your body that means you are tuned in to it. The adding of good nutrition means that you are nourished while your body works it all out. Jon lost the weight fast but he did not wake up two hundred pounds lighter and being disinterested in pizza. It took time, but it was completely natural and not forced … that’s why it’s the opposite of a diet … and that is so so so important. It takes time for that to really sink in .. it did with me, but I still felt it was true as soon as I discovered the method; so if you feel like that then you are on your way. There are ongoing resources available, and there are the other kinds of support that you mention. Do ask around in the facebook group about them and talk to the GM team. But do trust your mind and your body to hear the messages and respond … when they do that, you’ll fly and all the great support and advice will be just that … support … because your body knows what it wants to do. Do talk about this in the fb group too … I’m sure lots of people are having the same ‘what now?’ feelings as they come to the ‘end’ of the programme.

  16. Anne Murphy says:

    Hi Jon,

    I have a question about something that has sabotaged my weight loss efforts for a long time.
    I am fine during the day and the toddle off to bed where I read for a while. I often feel hungry then and will have tea and toast at about 11.30! I have trouble sleeping so my goal is to get to sleep about 10ish so then I won’t be hungry.
    Any suggestions as it is really disheartening to eat healthily all day and then undo it all at night.
    I am recovering from serious surgery at the moment and so I am housebound and unable to do anything except read and each television!

    • Nicola says:

      Have you tried the Meridian tapping bonus? I really recommend it to try to address those ‘habit’ patterns of eating. Maybe practice with it before bed, so you are ready to go … and just try it while you’re making your way to the toaster! You may discover an emotional and not food need behind your habit, or you may find yourself eating something different … or at least maybe putting half an avocado and a teapoon of flax on your toast! And be kind to yourself. Addressing your eating habits at all when you’re depleted physically and emotionally challenged is an immense achievement! I hope you are proud of yourself. Sending lots of love xxx

    • Anne Murphy says:

      Thanks Nicola! I have just started tapping so will definitely try it before heading to the toaster

      • Nicola says:

        You’re welcome Anne. I hope it helps. I have been thinking about you a lot today. I have a disability that has led to quite a lot of surgery. I find night time really difficult because I find pain creeps up at that time. It is a time when I too am tempted to snack. Funnily enough, snacks like toast or a sandwich, the kind of food that people made me when I was ill, or when I could eat after surgery have been my go-to snacks. I have found tapping really helpful to tune into the emotions that trigger the desire for a comforting snack … it is rarely about true hunger for me. I don’t know if any of this resonates but, if it does, I tried to re-invent that ritual of being cared for and comforted at what is a really tough and challenging part of the day. I make myself a herbal tea with a little honey or cinnamon in a beautiful cup that is just for me and just for night time, and make myself a hot water bottle, and listen to a visualisation or a tapping script and make sure the light is nice in my bedroom and I put my favourite perfume on (yes, by myself, in bed!), because all of that stimulates my senses and makes me feel cared for …. and replaces that sensual experience of having comfort food. My feeling is that you are not being craxy or out of control by having that food late at night … You are just trying to give yourself some peace and confort, which you so deserve… and if you can find ways to make a new groove to give yourself that, then you’ll be fine. Why not ask Jon this week if there is a tweak that you could do to your visualisations too? If you visualised a peaceful end to your day in a particular way then maybe that would help. Also, I think there is a night-time sleep visualisation. If it’s not in the resources, then do request the team to add it. I’m sure they would. Sending lots of love. I think you’re doing brilliantly. xxx

        • Anne Murphy says:

          Thank you Nicola for spending so much time answering my questions. What you say definitely resonates. I will ask Jon if I can tweak something in the night time visualization – which I do listen to every night.
          Thank you again and after listening to Paul North I will place you in my gratitude meditation tonight!


    • Jenn - GM Team says:

      Hi Anne,

      Like Nicola says, Tapping is a great option. Also, if you are feeling hungry before bed, it may be a sign that you did not eat enough throughout the day. It can be a common issue where you switch to eating healthy foods, but the quantity goes down so you end the day being hungry. Make sure you are consuming enough during the day and you should not feel hungry during bed time. If you realize it’s emotional eating, then tapping can really help.

      Jenn, GM Team

  17. Kathy Johnson says:

    Hi, I heard Jon mention during Tuesday’s core lesson that the yoga videos were going to be made available to us, just wondering whether that will appear in the Resources section?

    Thanks in advance!

  18. Tina Besant says:

    Hello, I tried to download the class notes for Core Lesson 4 but only got blank pages…did anyone else have this issue?

    Also I wanted to download the audio for Paul North but could not see a button or link to download, I really enjoyed his talk and would love to listen to it again and again and again. Who would have thought that negative self talk is perceived by your body as an attack…amazing. Thank you

  19. Lynn Garbers says:

    Feeling disappointed technology is broken and can’t hear Paul’s ideas right now. 🙁

  20. Lynn Garbers says:

    Just tried to call support line and got VM. Looks like will have to listen to replay.

  21. Lynn Garbers says:

    HI -I cannot access the event with Paul either!! Pls help!!

  22. Tina Besant says:

    Hello, I cannot access the live event , that is on now with Paul… is anyone else having this problem. thanks.

  23. Alexis - GM Team says:

    Hello Everyone!

    Here are some of the questions and answers from today’s session. Hope you are feeling amazing and excited about moving forward!


    #Juliet Alleyne: Hi Nadia. I have noticed now that my body is feeling soft and loose. Is that a good thing? Also I am noticing a slight headache for the past 2 days especially in the evening, but then it goes away by morning. Should I be concerned?

    Answer: Many people start noticing changes in their body shape before they see any change on the scale. This can mean that your body is healing from the inside out and releasing the weight. If you have a headache, make sure you are drinking enough water. Many headaches are a sign of dehydration. However, it could also be a tension headache for any stress or a detoxifying headache if your body is releasing toxins. If your headache persists we recommend you see your doctor to see if there are any underlying causes.

    #Loretta Bodie: Hi there. I am in a completely new spot – I sprained my ankle quite severely so I am being forced to deal with my inner stuff. Not fun but now that I have accepted this new reality for the next couple months, I am ready to do the work. Thanks for being there. I have done the safe strong and protected but never realized that I never believed that my column of light/angel was strong – until the train visualization. I’m hoping that will help.

    Answer: Sorry to hear about your ankle Lorette! You are completely on point that this is a great moment to focus on healing the root causes so that your body can start to release the weight. Use time as a gift to be able to dig deep. We are here to support you along the way!

    Keep the questions coming!

    Alexis – GM Team

    • Chaitali Iyer says:


      I listened to the Q and A session today and Jon’s answers to Tammy, Jamie’s questions were really amazing!! Jon said some pretty insightful things – about being able to relive the childhood trauma and being able to convince oneself in that moment that everything is OK. I was able to relate to it and cried . After that, it felt as if I was able to clear out some of the trauma and felt lighter. Thank you, Jon!


  24. Anne Murphy says:

    Hi there,
    Ever since I have started the Safe and Protected visualisation I have found that I become very emotional. Clearly, it has hit a chord with me.
    Is this a common response?

  25. Julie Taylor says:

    Hi there,
    Just a question about digestive enzymes.
    I have looked at a range of digestive enzymes in health stores in Sydney and none have pepsin or hydrochloric acid in them.

    Are there any brands you could recommend?

    Thanks Julie

  26. Lana Ames says:

    My Mother passed away just over a week ago, and I’m doing all that I can to get through each day. I’m wondering if I can start this over again in a few weeks when I hope to be doing much better. Will all of these materials still be available when I’m ready? And I am using the visualizations here and there to help get me through this. Thank you

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Our sincere condolences to you and your family Lana. Hope all is well with you. Yes you can start over again at your most convenient time since you have unlimited access to the materials. I’m sure the visualizations will be a big help to get you back on track.

      -Jong- GM Team

  27. Alexis - GM Team says:

    Hello Everyone!

    Hope you all are feeling great! Here are some of the questions and answers from today’s session.


    #Anne Murphy: Jon you did a mood lifting visualization that I read about and I can’t find it anywhere. As low mood often impacts my weight loss, is it possible to access this particular visualization.. Thanks

    Answer: Here is a visualization called Vibrant Energy which may help lift your mood: http://jon-g-support-group.s3.amazonaws.com/visualizations/Vibrant-Energy.mp3

    #Julie Taylor: In light of today’s information about pasteurised milk / diary, I assume the same is true then for both sheep and goats milk – is that true?

    If so, then for the recipes in the book say with haloumi for example, should it be made from unpasteurised sheep or goat’s milk?
    Answer: Sheep & goats milk are much better than cow’s milk in general. Raw sheep or goat’s milk can be highly nourishing. Just make sure that you investigate the source well as raw dairy products can be dangerous if not properly made.
    It sounds like you also suffered a great trauma! Keep listening to the visualizations and continue to remind your body that it is now safe, strong and protected.

    #Britta Aragon: Who can we work with on your team if I am someone that is under chronic stress? I can see clearly how I lose fat when I am in the flow and the moment I stress out and get into fear my body holds onto fat. Its incredible how I fluctuate when stressed… I meditate, exercise, do yoga yet when I am in fear (cause I am really living a big life and taking many risks) nothing works.
    Answer: Cellular Release can work very well for this. You can find out more information here: http://www.thegabrielmethod.com/emotional-release-therapy-2/

    Keep the questions coming!

    Alexis – GM Team

  28. Melissa Stuff says:

    I can’t access week 3 lesson on stress…..Seems that trying to follow these classes electronically is extremely STRESSFULL! Love the content, but lots of room for improvement in method of delivery!

  29. Nancy Green says:

    Are Ionic foot baths ok?

  30. Nancy Green says:

    Thank you Jon

  31. Julie Taylor says:

    Hi there. Any response to my post on 4th Feb?
    While long there were a couple of questions that still haven’t been answered.
    Thanks Julie

  32. Shyamala Littlefield says:

    Jon mentioned a clearing process that was offered for past traumas. Can you let me know more information about that? Thanks so much


  33. Donna Rosenberg says:

    It is the first day of Week 3. Where are the Live Events for this week? There is nothing when I click on Live Events. There have been 3/week for the past 2 weeks. Thank you.

    • Shannon Hawks says:

      Hi Donna, you will find the replays of the classes you are referring to on the Home page (1st tab on the left at the top of this page).
      Warm regards

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Hi Donna, we apologize for the confusion. You can see the upcoming Live Events of Week 3 on the first page of the Home Page.
      Here’s the upcoming schedule of Live Events of week 3:

      Live Q and A
      Wednesday, February 8
      8:00pm EST (NYC, USA)
      Thursday, February 9
      11:00am AEST (Brisbane, AUS)

      Guest Class: (Paul North) Understanding the Role of Digestive Health
      Pre-Recording Available
      Thursday, February 9
      5:00pm EST (NYC, USA)
      Friday, February 10
      8:00am AEST (Brisbane, AUS)

      Hope this helps.
      -Jong- GM Team

  34. Anne Murphy says:

    Hello there,
    I recently saw on Fb a post about Jon doing a free visualisation about lifting mood. As low mood often sabotages my healthy eating, I wondered whether Jon could make that visualisation available to us.
    PS I searched for ages but couldn’t find it again

  35. Florence Campbell says:

    I’ve downloaded Jon’s ebook and wish to refer to it often. When I try to open it, it is password protected. My password for the course doesn’t work. What should I do next? Thanks. Florence

  36. Julie Taylor says:

    Hi Jon.
    In light of today’s information about pasteurised milk / diary, I assume the same is true then for both sheep and goats milk – is that true?

    If so, then for the recipes in the book say with haloumi for example, should it be made from unpasteurised sheep of goat’s milk?

    I also posted this question on Facebook …..
    I finally sourced Chia Bran and Hemp Seeds in Australia – which was quite a challenge. I used the Chia Bran to make the pancake recipe from the cook book but found the taste to be quite strong and unpalatable. What other alternate flour would you suggest to use in the recipe …… possibly with some Chia Bran but not on its own?

    So in light of yesterday’s daily message from you I will try coconut or almond flour.

    I also sourced flaxseed meal so will try this too.

    In closing I just wanted to express & validate two things in light of all that you have shared.

    One being childhood trauma. As a 7 year old I had my tonsils removed. I was left at the hospital by my parents (as was the custom and practice); when time came for the surgery I was taken kicking and screeming to the theatre. I was tied to the operating table, foreceably held down; was given a needle into my hand (Probably a cannula but I thought I was being stabbed as I didnt understand how a needle that long wouldn’t just go right through my hand!). And then I felt I was being gagged / strangled as they forced the oxygen / gas mask on my face to send me to sleep.
    Then I awoke with excruciating pain, with blood all over my pillow in a room with an Italian speaking woman (Who spoke no English) in the bed next to me – who obviously was trying to soothe my crying. I wasn’t even in a children’s hospital. My parents were not in recovery – they were no-where around – as the custom and practice at the time was exactly that.

    Ice cream and jelly was given to soothe the throat – but for me it became much more than that and from that time on weight became a huge issue for me and still is some 50 years later! Despite many experiences to release emotions and forgive!

    Secondly to reinforce how bad the inflammatory reaction to grains can be as I actually had a very close call to one initial (and subsequent) anaphylactic reactions to wheat. I was given adrenalin straight into my heart. And then I had such issues with my gut for quite some time as I recuperated.

    Apologies for the length of my post / questions but it felt important for me to share these at this time as part of my journey.

    My heartfelt thanks for this 5 week NYNY weekly / daily programme.
    Blessings and gratitude, Julie

    • Shannon Hawks says:

      Hi Julie, Apologies for the delay with reply.

      Sheep & goats milk are much better than cow’s milk in general. Raw sheep or goat’s milk can be highly nourishing. Just make sure that you investigate the source well as raw dairy products can be dangerous if not properly made.

      It sounds like you also suffered a great trauma! Keep listening to the visualizations and continue to remind your body that it is now safe, strong and protected.

      Shannon – GM Team

  37. Sylvia Dimino says:


    I am unable to get the Jon’s daily updates. I have emailed the help line twice but the suggestions which
    I had already been doing did not work and still do not work. I can access everything else.

    Also, where do hemp seeds rank with flax and chia ? They have not been mentioned.


  38. Cony Hendrickx says:

    I have never been able to get into the program I keep being bumpy out would you plaise help me this is the 2 nd week I am so frustrated plaise help conyhx@ cox.net tthanks

  39. Gail says:


    I am not able to access the visualizations. When I go under this tab the only one I see s the Goddess one. It does not let me scroll down to others that may be on the page. Would it be possible to get a link to all of the visualizations we have covered so far? I know this is an important part of the program and don’t want to miss this section.


  40. Alexis - GM Team says:

    Hello Everyone!

    Here are some of the questions and answers from yesterday’s session. Hope you are feeling amazing and excited about moving forward!


    #Emma Hunter: In last week’s Q&A… Jon mentioned a forgiveness visualisation. Is it possible to add it?
    Answer:Here is the direct download for the Forgiveness Visualization: http://jon-g-support-group.s3.amazonaws.com/visualizations/Live-Visualization-Forgiveness-with-Music.mp3

    #Sharon H: I do ACV lemon and water throughout the day… is it ever too much?
    Answer:Listen to your body. Start slow and then add. Your body normally will let you know when to back off. If you do drink ACV or lemon water throughout the day, it is best to drink through a straw to protect the enamel of your teeth.

    #Anahí: I’ve been doing all afternoon water with Himalayan pink salt (1/2 tsp/L), it’s even sweet… does that mean I needed minerals or salt?
    Answer:It may simply mean that you need more water. On an earlier post I saw that you were drinking roughly 3/4 L water and felt bloated. If you can continue to up your water intake to around 3 L, you should have a better output and water will just taste refreshing and not sweet.

    Keep the questions coming!

    Alexis – GM Team

  41. Chaitali Iyer says:


    It’s nearly end of week 2 and would love to share my experience so far with the NYNY program – I have been doing the Morning and Safe/Strong/Protected Visualization in the mornings and the Evening Visualization before going to sleep. I have been adding lots of salad to my meals and replacing packaged snacks with fruit/nuts/seeds or cacao protein shake. Also, taking a pro-biotic in the morning. I have added weight training and HIIT work-ins every other day that Brian demo’ed in one of his blogs. I feel energetic now in spite of full-time work and a very active 2-year old. I have noticed I have lost inches off my back and waist and am able to fit into UK size 12 tops. I was previously a UK size 14. Weight has shifted by 1.5 Kgs since my last check in Dec-16. Most importantly I feel happy within and that matters most!!! I am very glad to be part of this program and look forward to next 3 weeks. Thank you Jon and team!

    • Jenn - GM Team says:

      Hi Chaitali,

      You wowed us with your story. Thanks so much for sharing and keep up the great work! We’re so glad to help in keeping you motivated and happy, and we’ll certainly be around you all throughout this journey!

      Jenn, GM Team

  42. Dianne Hayton says:

    Can I take Omega 3 fish oil tablets instead of spreading Chia and Flax seeds over my meals? Wouldn’t Fish oil tablets be a more efficient way to get more omega 3 into my body?

    • Jenn - GM Team says:

      Hi Dianne,

      Glad you asked! All sources of omega-3 are not created equal, thus according to study, chia seeds and flax seeds are not considered substitute for fish oil. Between the two seeds, Jon opts for chia seeds over flax seeds the majority of the time. But remember that variety in foods is important so there is no need to just stick to only one or the other permanently. There are 3 main types of omega-3 fatty acids essential to us. Fish oil contains an abundance of two specific omega three fatty acids which include DHA and EPA while chia seeds contain ALA (alpha-lipoic acid). The dosage and absorption of Omega-3 in our body should depend on many factors. While it is hard to know the quality of the fish oil tablet you are taking, it is important to check the label and/or get them only from a reputable local health food store. According to Jon, the more omega-3’s we have in our body, the lesser inflammation we have. Therefore, we definitely want to have fish oil, chia seeds and other sources in our diet. After all, it’s a good idea to get all three omega-3s in our body. By doing so, our body will thank us! 🙂 Hope this helps!

      Jenn, GM Team

  43. Ann says:

    one of the action steps for week 2 is to drink a greens drink. is there a recipe for this or should I buy something at the store?

    • Jenn - GM Team says:

      Hi Ann,

      While the Gabriel Greens ran out of stock, you can try to make your own favorite super green drink or purchase super green powder from a reputable local health food store near you. Jon also likes the Garden of Life brand which he personally uses for his supplements. Although we’re neither affiliated nor endorse their products, you can checkout their website for reference on their super greens here: https://www.gardenoflife.com/content/search/?cat=&q=super+green

      Hope this helps!

      Jenn, GM Team

  44. Hi Everyone,

    Here is the Golden Milk recipe we talked about in tonight’s class:


    • Chaitali Iyer says:

      Thanks Nadia for sharing the Golden milk recipe. Will try this out. I have been taking Golden Honey (mixture of Turmeric, honey, nutmeg and crushed black pepper) for a year now and it’s fantastic to boost immunity. I live in the UK and with continuous use of this turmeric mixture we have experienced very few instances of colds/flu during the long winter season. Especially good for young ones (my daughter is 2 now) as it’s a natural anti-bacterial/anti-fungal/anti-oxidant.

  45. Lee Friedmann says:

    I wrote down that we should be listening to the Digestion visualization in the mornings this week. I don’t see it in the visualization tab. Did I miss it, is it under a different name?

  46. Carolyn Heaney says:


    Thank you so much for this great program! I am learning a lot and hoping I have found some solutions to my weight issue. Can you tell me where this week’s morning visualization is? Also, have you had success in treating and shrinking fibroids? If so , what can you tell me ? I have some really really big ones and desperately want to avoid a hysterectomy!
    Thank you for your feedback!

  47. Donna Karson says:

    All good, learning lots and loving this class. Questions: I have a hiatal hernia and am hypo-thyroid. Can you tell me any specific things to keep in mind, both with which enzymes to buy and even things NOT to do? Thanks much.

    Warm regards,

  48. Alexis - GM Team says:

    Hello Everyone!

    Here are some of the questions and answers from today’s session. Hope you are feeling amazing and excited about moving forward!


    #Lynn Garbers: Where do we get these enzymes in Australia?
    Answer: iHerb.com is a great place to purchase digestive enzymes and other supplements

    #Nancy Green: Is monk fruit ok?
    Answer: Monk Fruit as a sweetener should be ok in small doses. Some monk fruit sweeteners contain other sweeteners such as dextrose so look out for that. Depending on how the ingredients are processed, this may make the end product less natural. This may also impact its nutritional profile.

    Monk Fruit as a fruit is good, but can have a laxative effect so don’t over do it!

    Keep the questions coming!

    Alexis – GM Team

  49. Chaitali Iyer says:

    Hi, I have a few questions:
    1) Are pseudo cereals like quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat Gabriel friendly? I am Indian and use a lot of grains like rice, wheat, rye, millet in our vegetarian diet and I am really looking to find suitable alternatives for all these grains.
    2) I know that the sooner you eat dinner in the evening, the better but do you recommend leaving any specific time gap between dinner and breakfast?
    3) I have been taking Garden of life probiotic for a week now and I feel my tummy is sort of full/heavy since I started taking them. Is that expected?

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Chaitali,

      Glad you asked! Please find the answers below:

      1) Quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat and millet can be better but, in many, they still will produce a spike and then a crash. See how you feel after you eat them, if you feel tired or any sort of digestive distress this can be your body telling you they are not the best for you. If you do eat them, I would also suggest keeping them at a smaller amount to make it easier for your body.

      2) No specific formula here. Try to eat dinner early enough so that you are not going to bed with a full stomach. In the morning drinking lemon water before eating or drinking anything else is a nice thing to do.

      3) Hard to say for sure. This could be due to other things you are ingesting as well. For example, grains can have this effect in many too. Great that you are tuning in and noticing how your body is feeling. Continuing to do this, along with visualizations will help you to understand how your body is guiding you in terms of what foods it is accepting of and which foods it is not.

      Hope these help!

      The GM Team

  50. JULIE MARTIN says:

    Is there a resource for emotional eating? I thought I saw one, but can’t find it, now. I am familiar with tapping and should probably try that. But, are there other resources for emotional eating, too?

  51. Kathy Pilon says:

    Jon mentioned that we should have access to e-recipe book and I’m not sure where this is. When I went to the recipes in the banner above our group it says that I have to upgrade my membership to have access to the these. Can you help?

  52. Amy Akland says:

    As far as probiotics are concerned, I know you recommended Garden of Eden (sp?) brand, but I happen to have Jarrow Formulas Jarro-Dophilus, although I haven’t been taking it regularly. Would this brand be okay to start with, or is there a lot of advantage with Garden of Eden?

    Also, do you have a specific recommendation for a juicer? There seems to be a fair amount of variability when I look at different ones. I do have a Vitamix, as well. How do you weigh in on the green smoothie vs. juicing debate? Is there room for both on your plan?

    Thank you!

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Amy. It seems like the Jarrow brand is fine. Jon and Nadia can only recommend the products they personally have used and like for themselves. If you are having trouble taking probiotics regularly, see if you can place them near something you already do regularly (like brush your teeth) and take them before you do your regular task. This can work like a charm for building new habits.

      Jon is using a slow pressing masticating juicer. Kempo Green Power Juicers, Omega Juicers and Huron Juicers are all good brands. Here is a site that compares several different brands that may help you decide what will work well for you: http://www.discountjuicers.com/compare.html

      Hope this helps!

      -Monica, GM Team

  53. Chaitali Iyer says:

    Hi, is extra virgin olive oil (cold pressed) good for cooking? I have always heard Jon mention Ghee/grass fed butter/coconut oil/avocado oil. Hence wanted to know.


    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Chaitali,

      Here are some Gabriel Method Friendly Oils to use:

      Cold Oils:
      Flax (Linseed) oil
      Chia seed oil
      Walnut oil
      Extra Virgin Olive Oil

      Cooking Oils:
      Cold pressed bran oil
      Avocado Oil
      Coconut Oil

      *Note: It is always recommended to use organic, top-quality oils in your meals.

      Hope this helps!

      – Nadine, GM Team

  54. JULIE MARTIN says:

    I think my issues are: 1. Menopause hormones 2. Sleeping only 4-5 hours/night 3. Emotional eating/drinking

    My weight gain started the year I turned 40 (9 years ago). My parents had just died and I started going through a nasty divorce while parenting two toddlers (ages 2 & 3) and dealing with a stressful job.

    I was experiencing depression and anxiety attacks for which I was on medicine. I was up 1-2 times/night caring for the kids. But, after the kids grew up more and didn’t need me to wake up to care for them, I would still wake up to check on them. Then, I would start to worry about everything. And, I woke up with bad anxiety. And, when I left work, I drank white wine and ate poorly while grieving.

    Now…I don’t have a stressful job, my kids don’t need me as much, I have curbed my emotional drinking/eating, I eat VERY healthy – organic/homemade meals, drink homemade kombucha and keifer every day, take quality supplements (including Bone Broth protein powder) and exercise 2-4x/week. But, I STILL wake up every night around 2 or 3 a.m. and have trouble falling back to sleep! I am not anxious or stressed, but I am tired all the time because I haven’t slept more than 4 -5 hours/night in 3 years! I have tried EVERY medicine and supplement out there for sleep! Even Ambien has no affect on me! I am saddled with 40 extra pounds and don’t seem to be able to lose more then 2 or 3 lbs.

    Maybe I should try a meditation “It is safe to sleep through the night”? Otherwise, I am at a loss as to what to do.

    In Love and Light,


    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Hi Julie,

      Apologies for the late response.
      Sounds like you are doing great after everything that you have been through! Congratulations on where you are now! Meditations are great ways to lull yourself back to sleep, especially if you are feeling anxiety. It can help focus your thoughts on the meditation versus your anxious thoughts and help your body relax to go back to sleep. You may wish to see a sleep doctor to see if there are any other underlying causes for you waking up during the night. Focus on all the great changes you are making and slowly the rest will fall into place.

      -Jong- GM Team

  55. Chaitali Iyer says:


    Is buckwheat a good substitute for grains? Also, are dried fruits like figs considered a healthy snack?


  56. Alexis - GM Team says:

    Hello Everyone!

    Congratulations for joining the first Q and A Session today! So excited to have you all here! Here are some answers from Jon from today’s class. Enjoy!


    #Emma Hunter: I’d like to know if you think a person can be “addicted” to food? For instance, just eating junk for the sake of it? Thanks.x
    Answer: Usually “addiction” to food is a symptom and not the root cause. There are several factors at play when people want to eat junk food. Here are some factors, but definitely not all: You may be dehydrated, you may be hungry for real food, your body may be missing nutrients and continues to ask for food in hopes that what you are eating contains the nutrients it is missing, your blood sugar may be low, your body is asking for more energy, you may be trying to numb out some emotions you are trying to avoid feeling, you may be channelling your energy into eating over following your heart in other things you wish to be doing deep down, you may be craving affection or kindness. There are so many reasons people eat food, it is important to really see what is behind the food so that it can be healed.

    #Sholeh Vaziri: Hello Jon, How can I control my subconscious for having a negative effect on my decision?
    Answer: A great place to start is to listen to the visualizations to start to help and connect your conscious mind with your subconscious mind. Also, whenever you need to make a decision, it is important to sit with it for a few seconds to consciously check in with your mind, body and heart and see what they are asking of you. Check in with what loving nurturing action will serve you best on your journey and this will start to help strengthen your mind-body connection.

    #Shyamala Littlefield: Can you speak about Kombucha as a fermented food? I drink kombucha made from Hibiscus Tea, not black tea.
    Answere: Kombucha is a great fermented food packed with probiotics. You can make it from various types of teas. Donna Gates has a great article on Kombucha and its benefits here: https://www.culturedfoodlife.com/the-trilogy/kombucha/what-is-kombucha/

    #Deletha Assenmacher: How much of the fermented foods do you recommend each day? I love the naturally fermented, unpasteurized sauerkraut, but don’t want to overdo a good thing.
    Answer: Listen to what your body is asking of you. If you get any uncomfortable digestive symptoms it is time to back off. Here is a great article by Body Ecology that gives some guidelines and what to look out for: http://bodyecology.com/articles/too_much_fermented_food.php

    #Diane Sandler: I’ve taken probiotics and digestive enzymes on and off for the better part of the last year or so. How do you know when to take a break from them and how long the break should be. I don’t want to become reliant on these things for life.
    Answer: It is true that you can become dependent on digestive enzymes so it is great to take breaks from them, you should be ok with not becoming dependent on probiotics. Digestive enzymes are great to jump start your body’s ability to assimilate all these fantastic foods you are eating. You can take them for 3 months or so and then give your body a break. With probiotics, there is no need to give your body a break, but instead of taking a supplement you can focus on adding in fermented foods.

    #Lorne Hunsberger: Any digestive enzymes or supplements for low stomach acid?
    Answer: Here is a great article from Dr. Axe with different things you can do for low stomach acid: https://draxe.com/low-stomach-acid/

    Alexis – GM Team

  57. Deletha Assenmacher says:

    Is anyone else havig trouble getting the visualuzations to run tonight?

  58. Andrea Senn says:

    Hi everybody
    Unfortunatelly I have not had the time yet to listen to the class. Do you also plan to do one classe earlier? So that people from Europe are able to attent, because I cannot get up at 1am when I have to go to work at 6:30am.

    I just printed out the Action Steps and I ask myself what digestive enzymes and probiotic I should take? I do not like artificial things. Do you have anything to reccommend to me? My friend told me once to get symbio lact. It contains Maltodextrin, L. paracasei, L. acidophilus, Lc. lactis, B. lactis, Siliziumdioxid, Biotin… I have no clue how to handle those ingredients… How I know if they are good or bad. Can you give me some hints?

    Best wishes


    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Hi Andrea,

      Since we are an international community, we see to it that all members will have access to the materials. That is why all live classes will be recorded and uploaded to the members area for them to access it on their most convenient time.

      Jon likes the Garden of Life brand for his supplements which may also serve as your reference. Although we are not affiliated nor endorse their products, please find the link to their website below to help you with your search.


      -Jong- GM Team

  59. Natalie Castro says:

    Can you please recommend an Omega 3 fish oil supplement? Also where can I find the recipe for the golden milk that Nadiya mentioned in the first video lesson?

    Thank you.

  60. Angelicamom says:

    Can I get my Omega 3’s from nuts? If so, which ones?

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Hello Angelica,

      Compared to macadamia, cashew and pecan, Walnuts have the most Omega 3 in them. There are also seeds that are rich in Omega 3’s like, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, Flax seeds and Chia seeds.

      -Jong- GM Team

      • Angelicamom says:

        I have read that flax seeds, and especially flax seed oil, should be avoided because they are estrogentic. I is this true?

        • Gabriel Method Team says:

          Good question, Angelica! Flax seeds may have estrogenic and/or anti-estrogenic effects in the body and should be used in moderation. Chia seeds & chia oil are more highly recommended but small amounts of flax seeds/oils should be ok. Hope this helps! – Jenn GM Team

  61. Anahí says:

    Hi, I have 2 questions: 1 is regarding wheatgrass, the other is regarding nut grinding.

    I have been reading different articles and opinions out there about these 3 forms of wheatgrass: juice powder/flash frozen/freshly juiced. I already have a wheatgrass juice powder I use sometimes for juicing, but the only fresh one where I am comes in a plastic bag and, unless I juice it all and freeze, it goes bad in less than 2 days (already happened to me a couple of months ago); also, the store selling it is not a supermarket and produce is not organic, it just lays there on a shelf for days until sold, so it is not ideal.

    I have seen a couple of companies delivering flash frozen wheatgrass juice in my city and I wonder if that is also an option, as I have no juicing bar nearby either. These companies claim live enzymes activate once you unfreeze the product with water. What would you suggest? Do the juice powder and the frozen version keep the live enzymes and nutritional value?

    Regarding the nut grinding, I wanted to prepare the muesli on the recipe e-book, but my mini food processor didn’t even spin the blades when I put in the almonds. I am looking for a good food processor I can use for nut grinding and other tasks, but I see so many different opinions out there… would you recommend any specific brand for this? I thought about a coffee grinder, but they’re normally pretty small and tasks like grinding 3 or 4 cups of nuts would require batch processing…

    Thank you so much in advance!! Have a wonderful night 🙂

    • Nicola says:

      I use a food processor for grinding any quantity of nuts. If you eat a lot of nuts, less expensive processors tend to give up the ghost. I use a magimix le mini, which is great for everything. It can really handle a good amount of nuts and seeds, and does well with dried fruit and stuff too .. so it’s great for making things like energy balls or seed cracker mixes. It’s big enough to make, say a cake mix or grind a good few ounces of nuts in one gom but it’s small enough to take up a small space on your worktop. They’re not cheap, but often you can find them on a deal or nearly-new on ebay or something. The next size down is called le micro and I think it mught be perfect if your main use will be for grinding nuts and seeds .. it’s far cheaper too. I’ll watch with interest for the answers to your wheatgrass question. I use powdered greens and choose brands that seem to take a lot of care in the drying process like dr udon and pukka … I am sure the choice is wider in the states and you’ll get great suggestions. If I’m travelling and get the chance to have a fresh wheatgrass juice then I will, and they’re really energising, but I notice the difference if I’m lazy about taking the powdered greens, so they definitely make a difference to me.

      • Anahí says:

        Thank you Nicola! I ordered a new food processor since mine doesn’t want to do the job with dry food (it’s a small one that came as part of a set). Enjoy your weekend!

        • Nicola says:

          Thanks lovely one. I will! Investing in a new processor will bring you lots of food joy I think. Being able to grind nuts and seeds without crossing my fingers every time that the processor motor will keep going makes me really happy. Enjoy your weekend too. Lots of love xxx

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Hi Anahi,

      Sorry for the delayed response.
      All wheat grass options are going to be better than no wheat grass, so however you can get it in is best. Nutritional values may be affected slightly here and there but there is still great benefit to wheat grass. Frozen is great because it does help with the loss of nutritional value. Powders are also great for on the go.

      For nut grinding, a good blender might do the trick as well if you pulse them in the grinder. Almonds can be quite tough on most food processors and it helps to hand chop them a bit first before you put them into your food processor. Breaking them down from whole almonds can be hard on the machine.

      -Jong- GM Team

      • Anahí says:

        Thanks Jong, I’ll use the juice powder for now, maybe I’ll find fresh wheatgrass when the winter is over here in Canada 🙁 My blender is very powerful but doesn’t blend dry food so it’s no use. Thanks again!

  62. Melissa Stuff says:

    Is xylitol still the sugar substitute you recommend?

  63. Jeyla Shikhlinskaya says:

    Hi everyone, just a couple of questions: so because I am on quite a time difference from the live sessions, I end up having to catch up, so I do apologize if this isn’t relevant to others, but I was curious about something that Jon said in the first lecture, on how we shouldn’t introduce any drastically restrictive changes into our diets, and rather focus on gradually introducing more nutritious foods so that they eventually naturally replace the less nutritious things we might be eating. I have actually decided to try and cut out sugar (processed or added) right before starting this program, would that be ok or am I dooming myself to failure? Restrictive diets don’t work with me for all the reasons Jon had outlined, and I have noticed that I tend to go for sugar as a quick energy fix, so I thought it was a good decision, but now I’m wondering if it’ll be too hard and I will just snap back into the dreaded yo-yo mode…? Any advice?

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Hi Jeyla,

      Sugar craving is sometimes an expression that your body needs more protein. Try to have some protein instead of sugar. Nut butters mixed with nuts, seeds, and cacao powder can usually help manage both the craving and the need for protein. Remember that The Gabriel Method does not focus on food restriction, but instead on adding more nourishing food to your body specially Protein, Live Food and Omega-3.

      -Jong- GM Team

  64. Chaitali Iyer says:


    What kind of protein powder should I use to add to my smoothies? Also, I am vegetarian and Indian so follow Indian recipes. There’s a lot of grains in Indian cooling to make nan breads/rotis/rice. Can you please help with what I can replace these with to reduce inflammation?


  65. Donna Rosenberg says:

    Is it possible to download the visualizations to my computer? I am not always able to access internet to stream them. Thanks.

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Yes you can do that Donna. Live and core classes are usually uploaded to your members area within 24 hours.

      -Jong- GM Team

      • Donna Rosenberg says:

        How to download the visualizations? ( not the classes). Thanks

        • Nicola says:

          Hi Donna. In the tabs below the heading new year in the new year, you will see the visualisation tab. Click into the visualisations. Below each one is a grey bar below the bit where you can play it. At the right end of that bar is a little symbol with an arrow pointing down into a box. If you click on that a window will appear with the option to save the audio file, so you can save it to wherever you like on your computer and then transfer it to your mp3 player or other device as you choose. Hope that helps. xxx

  66. Carolyn Heaney says:

    Where do I find a list of resources/action steps for this week?

  67. Tami Alvareda says:

    What is the benefit of the cocoa powder? Do you know of a website that will list shops/markets in my area that sell organic meats and produce? Why is Himalayas salt the best choice? Where do i find fresh wheat grass juice?

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Cocoa powder has even more of the substances responsible for chocolate’s health benefits, and unsweetened cocoa has the advantage of being low in calories. It also contains essential minerals that support your heart, bones and immune system. Here’s link that can help you find your local organic meat and produce: http://rdc-agriculture.com/us-farm-fresh-in-georgia/farmers-markets-and-produce-in-oakwood-ga-30566.html

      Himalayan crystal salt is far superior to traditional iodized salt in terms of health benefits. Himalayan salt is millions of years old and pure, untouched by many of the toxins and pollutants that pervade other forms of ocean salt.

      You can order wheat grass juice via online or you can actually create your own.

      -Jong- GM Team

  68. Tami Alvareda says:

    How much lemon juice or cider vinegar should we use per glass of water in the mornings?

    • Janine -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Tami,

      ACV Recipe:
      1-2 teaspoons raw, unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
      1 glass water

      Lemon Water Recipe:
      1/2 lemon squeezed into
      1 glass water

      Make sure to drink with a straw if possible to protect your teeth enamel 🙂


      Janine, GM Team

  69. Nancy Green says:

    Can I use homemade kefir and fermented veggies for my probiotic instead of a pill and also homemade kombucha. Thank you Nancy Green

  70. Danielle Jolly says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m looking forward to this journey with you all. My BMI is 25 and I only have 10kgs to release but for the last 7 years I have been putting on and losing those same 10kgs. It has gotten to the point where I am embarassed to race because I don’t like seeing racing photos of myself so I need to get release the weight and keep it off. I know there is a psychological barrier and an element of trying to protect myself with weight so I need to deal with that.

    For years I have said there is a mind body connection with weight loss and have tried to explore it with my patients. It’s great to see there’s someone out there doing just that. It was one of my nurses who told me about Jon’s programme. I’m excited to learn more about the psychological control of weight gain and loss.

  71. Judith Flynn says:

    Where would I find the ‘ fat trigger quiz ‘ that I see others have taken? Please.

  72. Judith Flynn says:

    I’m Judy, and am looking forward to starting this journey. I have built up such resistance to being told what to eat that I’ve almost given up. This seems like a fresh approach. I am partial disabled with mobility issues that I know will improve. I have not as yet explored all of this site.

    I’m still working at Navos Community Mental Health. I love my work and will work as long as I can.

    Hopefully this will end my 50 years of dieting and 60 years of constantly being aware of or reminded of my excess weight. It started at 3 years old.

    Looking forward with High Hopes

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Judith,

      You are definitely on the right track. Remember, we are always here to help!
      Hope you enjoy the next few weeks with us.


      Kelly, GM Team

  73. Ellen Ilfeld says:

    Hi Jon and team,
    A couple of questions. I can’t have the lemon or vinegar water (headache triggers)… so is there a substitute or should I just skip it? Also, what do you think of “Just Like Sugar” as a sweetener — it’s chicory root (inulin) with a small amount of orange peel? Does wheat grass juice affect gluten sensitivity/celiac? Thanks for any help you can give with these mysteries.

    • Nicola says:

      Hi, I don’t know about the sweetener and vinegar questions (I imagine that the sweetener question will depend on the glycemic level of chicory), but wheatgrass has no gluten. Although it’s made from the wheat plant, it’s made from a different part of the plant at a different stage of developement than the gluten-containing wheat ears. Hope that helps, and I’m watching with interest to the replies to your other question. I’m interested in whether there’s a difference in the effect of vinegar over lemon because of the fermentation involved in making vinegar.

    • Tami Alvareda says:

      I use pure grade essential oils from doTERRA. There is lemon essential oil and it’s taken from the rind and not the juice. This may be the answer…

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Ellen,

      If any food causes negative effects for you, your body is telling you that this particular food is not for you. Everyone is different so while lemon water or Apple Cider Vinegar are great for most, it is not great for you. You can just skip it. There are so many other wonderful things you can do for your body that works for you. “Just Like Sugar” is new to the market so we are not really sure. The ingredients seem to be okay. Natural Flavors is always something to not be fooled by, but it does state that they come specifically from the Orange peel. Check out more on what Natural Flavors actually mean here: http://edition.cnn.com/2015/01/14/health/feat-natural-flavors-explained/

      Wheat grass should not contain gluten but if you are celiac we highly recommend you call the company to ensure your safety on this matter.

      Hope this helps!


      April GM Team

  74. Nicola Rose says:

    Hi everybody. I’m really excited to be joining the programme with you all. I am lucky enough to have been working with the Gabriel Method for a while, and have lost eighty pounds. I still have twenty or so to lose, and my weight has plateaued as I seem to have hit a ‘layer’ of deep triggers. I’m not quite sure what the barrier or blockage is, but I’m certain that the focus and support of this programme will be the boost that I need, and I trust that it will be just what each of you need too. Looking forward to the journey with you. Lots of love, Nicola

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Nicola,

      Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Wow! You are doing a great job indeed! Keep up the good work!
      Hope you enjoy the next weeks with us!


      Kelly, GM Team

  75. Ann says:

    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Ann. I’m 60 years old and have always been fit. I play tennis and use to work out more. The last couple of years have been stressful and I feel like I’m finally coming out of that time period. I’m ready to reclaim my fit body back. I’m heavier than I’ve ever been and would like to release 35 to 40 lbs. I’m a Motherhood Clarity Mentor, Marriage & Family therapist and author. I love my work. The healthiest time period in my life was between 2000 to 2004 when I followed a macrobiotic lifestyle. I fell away from that and now it’s too difficult for me to maintain that lifestyle. I’m excited about this approach. I’ve always struggled with weight except for that 4 year period. Glad to be on board.

  76. Tracey Barber-Holland says:

    Hello my name is Tracey. Being in the medical field, as a registered nurse. I am amazed that there is no connection talked about to patient’s concerning their mental state and its relationship to their weight. Hearing, Jon Gabriel’s assertion that there is definitely a connection between one’s need to feel safe and weight issues, completely makes sense to me. I only wish I had of found this 10 years ago.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Tracey! Welcome aboard. It’s never been too late and we’re so glad you found us, too. Indeed promoting a deeper connection between your mind and body is a great way to reprogram your body to crave healthy, as healthy choices connect to a healthy lifestyle and the weight follows. We’re with you in this journey. Enjoy! – Thanks, Jenn GM Team

  77. Anahí says:

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Anahi, I wanted to introduce myself and say that I’m really excited about this opportunity and I’m so looking forward to the new me 🙂

    I am 30 years old and I am a freelance Spanish biomedical translator. I was born in Argentina but I lived in Spain most of my life—until 2014, when I moved to Toronto, Canada. I got married here after one year and right now I am waiting for a decision to be made on my permanent residence application.

    I have been struggling with weight loss since I was a teenager. I have been to different endocrinologists, nutritionists, tried so many diets and plans and programs… and I am just so tired of it all! I have been told by doctors that my ideal weight is 65-68 kg, and I managed to keep it around 70 for some years, but since I came to Canada, it went up to almost 90 kg.

    Now, after months of learning about nutrition and healthy habits like juicing, I quit smoking (I smoked since the age of 13). I had lost some weight in 2015, and then it came back again after some months, and this has been going on for almost a year. Today I finished a 14 day juice plan and I lost 8 kg but I need more than a plan, I want to change my mind forever and never come back again to this place where all I do is think about food, food, and more food. I have read the GM book and I have been listening to the visualization CD every night before bed for almost a week. Some of the cravings disappeared with the juicing and I’m feeling better every morning thanks to the CD.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow!

    Have a wonderful night,


    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Anahi,

      Welcome, you are on the right track. Hope you enjoy the next few weeks with us!


      Kelly, GM Team

    • Tami Alvareda says:

      Thanks so much for sharing your story! My husband is from Argentina. We met and got married all within a year. Now we live in GA, USA and have two beautiful daughters. I am super excited to be on this journey with everyone! Like you, it’s been a long time coming for me…(I turn 40 this spring), but I now with this new (for me) mind/body connection, I believe it’s finally my time and finally possible.

  78. Gayle Cotham says:

    Flax seed: should it be ground or whole? Needed for omega3 or the fiber?

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Gayle,

      Ground Flax seed would be great. If you refrigerate them or keep them in a cool location until you eat them it is
      even better! Flax seed is a great source for Omega 3.

      Hope this helps.


      Kelly, GM Team

  79. Debbie SCROGGY says:

    This is my second NYNY program – I joined in 2015 and really didn’t do the program consistently, especially the meditations and visualizations. This time around I am determined to devote myself to the program wholeheartedly and am acknowledging the importance of the mind work. I’ve started the evening and daytime meditations and have already felt them helping with my attitude and choices during the day.

    Yesterday afternoon my husband came home early to tell me he lost his job of 30+ years. How can I work through this significant and potentially enormously stressful situation and convince my body to release excess weight at the same time? I have noticed moments of shallow/constricted breathing and know that the stress is there.

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Debbie,

      We are sorry to hear that. This program may actually help you overcome stress you are having right now with the
      visualizations. We suggest joining the live sessions so we can help you the most.

      Hope this helps!


      Kelly, GM Team

  80. Ann says:

    I am excited to try to make homemade raw chocolate. However, I think I bought the wrong ingredient.
    I bought fair trade organic baking cocoa. There are no other ingredients in it other than organic cocoa.
    Should I be looking for something that says “raw” on the label? Will this still work?

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Hi Ann,

      The recipes usually says cocoa butter and raw organic cacao. I am not sure if we are on the same page as there are no organic cocoa being mentioned on any of the recipes. Having said that, it will still be best if you use raw organic cacao.

      Jong-GM Team

      • Ann says:

        Thank you. As I looked further into my cabinet I did find raw organic cacao. I was confusing it with cocoa. Just need to get my cocoa butter and I’ll be ready to make chocolate.

  81. Stephanie Joyce says:

    There are so many probiotics on the market. Can you recommend several brand names?
    Thank you, stephanie

  82. Ann says:

    I’m looking forward to the NYNY2017 program. I’ve been doing the 21 day meditation and am on day 11. I’m drinking 2 glasses of water in the morning then I listen to the meditation. I just started with the evening meditation for this course. Should I stop the 21 day meditation program and start the NYNY program Or do both?

    My other question has to do with short grain brown rice. For many years I followed a macrobiotic lifestyle which included grains and vegetables. I was under the care of a counselor. Eventually I stopped it for many reasons. I felt great on it and my weight was controlled. It seems that you are anti grain. I feel as though I need whole grains. My body is happier with them. Can I keep them in my food plan while working this program?

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Hi Ann,

      Jon in general stays away from most grains as they can cause an insulin spike which can cause inflammation and can cause digestive distress as well for many people. Like beans and potatoes, they would need to be cooked for consumption so they are not considered “live foods”. A good substitute is quinoa and sprouted legumes. Try listening to your body. If your body is happier with whole grain, then you can keep them in your list.

      Jong – GM Team

  83. Gabriel Method Team says:

    Welcome Everyone! Glad we can be here to support you all!

    • Chaitali Iyer says:

      Hi Jon,
      I am very excited to join the nyny program. I have struggled with my weight since childhood with varying degrees of failure. I recently read your book and now looking forward to the program to help me with my weight loss journey.

      • Kelly - GM Team says:

        Hi Chaitali, we look forward to be helping you in the next weeks on your journey to Weight Loss.
        Hope you enjoy the upcoming program with us! 🙂


        Kelly, GM Team

        • Chaitali Iyer says:

          Thanks Kelly. One of the mail problems I face day to day is overeating in the evening. Through out the day at work, I don’t have any sugar or junk cravings and I have healthy food for breakfast/snack/lunch; however once I reach home from work; there’s a slump and I tend to overeat and then again have dinner at about 8pm. Any pointers on how I can curb overeating in evenings after work?

        • Chaitali Iyer says:

          The other question I had was:- In 2012-2013 my weight was in the region of 70-73 Kgs (my height is 5 ft. 4 inches). In Dec 2013, I was pregnant with my 1st child however, had a miscarriage. After this, I put on a lot of weight steadily over the months. When I became pregnant again, my starting weight was 84 Kgs and I developed gestational diabetes. Throughout pregnancy, I took great care with my diet eating healthy foods and avoiding carbs and I controlled gestational diabetes purely through my diet (there was no need for metformin or any other pills). My peak pregnancy weight was 91Kgs. Then I had my daughter in nov 2014 and I lost weight naturally over the months without any dieting. My weight has now reduced to 79 kgs. over 2 years and plateaued. I need help losing the extra weight and becoming healthy again. Note that for the past 2 months I have been listening to Jon’s evening visualization and started Adding healthy salads, proteins and omega fats. I have started feeling positive but the weight has not budged. Really need your help to lose weight!

          • Jong - GM Team says:

            Hi Chaitali. You are not alone in having after work food cravings. If you are hungry then you should definitely eat. It sounds like your body is asking you for energy. Most people’s bodies function best with at least five meals so while you are getting 4 in it is good to acknowledge this afterwork period as a meal time so that you can prepare for it just as you would any other meal. Small Tupperware of leftovers are great or an apple with nut butter. Your body may also be craving water. Many times food cravings are signs of dehydration. Use these wonderful moments to check in with your body and ask it what it is really asking for.

            Remember that plateaus are a very normal part of the process. There are so many cellular changes from the inside out that it is not always reflected by weight loss immediately. However, the body needs time to heal every part of itself so that it can know that it is safe and ready to release the rest of the weight. Transformation needs to happen on all levels for sustainable weight loss so remember to be patient and kind towards your body knowing that you are treating it well and it will respond not just for a quick fix but permanently. Glad to have you with us on this journey! -Jong- GM Team