Detox May 2018: Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered

Jon and Nadia

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95 comments on “Detox May 2018: Your Questions Answered
  1. Sabina, Switzerland says:


    I really enjoyed the last two weeks and had a great experience. Actually I sometimes couldn’t believe that I really could do it. Thank you very much for all the support you gave us.

    My partner joined me in this experience and this morning we both felt like we would go a few days longer with the detox.
    I am feeling good – with some detox symptoms of course – but other than that I am more than happy how my body and mind is handling it so far.

    What are your thoughts on prolonging it?
    What should we be aware of?

    Many thanks and best regards


    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Sabina,

      We are glad to know that you have enjoyed the program. We suggest you following a very clean
      diet for several weeks – this is no coffee, alcohol or grains or legumes and
      just lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, Omega 3’s, probiotics, healthy
      sources of protein, and plenty of water. ( and it is also recommended not to do
      more than 1 or 2 detoxes a year – and if 2 at least 6 months apart) . Hope this helps.

      Thank you,

      Kelly, GM Team

  2. Yolande Miquel-davidson says:


    What do you advise if one has difficuties in digesting raw food ?


  3. Carla Tittley says:

    hi there, i`m unable to access the FB Detox wrap up party as i cannot find the `follow`link i was late getting to the class at 7:15pm so perhaps thats why, im so sad i can`t access you guys, its really odd, if you get this message before the end please let me know as i`d love to end my cleanse with all of you!

  4. Yolande Miquel-davidson says:


    If one doesn’t eat meat then mixing rice and lentils can help the absorption. If one removes the cereal,i.e, rice, then the protein is not absorbed. So how to get the proteins if you are vegetarian ?
    In the big 3, I didn’t get the first one ?
    Thank you


  5. Carla Tittley says:

    Hi everyone, i have the same question as Yolande, is today June 1st our 1st day of breaking the detox ? or is it tomorrow Saturday ? also, im unable to access our detox group on Facebook so i’m concerned about tonights webinar in Nadia’s kitchen, i’m so excited to her creativity and food! I’m able to access the GM-SG Forum but unable to make any comments to our group, I listened to Melinda the other night but I don’t see yesterdays posts,
    please assist me thanks!

  6. Yolande Miquel-davidson says:


    It is not clear for me. Is the day 5 the day when we start to eat ? or is it day 6 ?


  7. Yolande Miquel-davidson says:


    Is it possible to have a document with all the various recipe for food, cleaning and beauty products ?



  8. Jeme Sutton says:

    Struggling with getting to the bathroom in time! Embarrassing, but I can’t be the only one. Also I’ve been very cold and my legs and gluteus are very tight, cramps, constant discomfort pain in my glutes in particular.
    I’ve had an extremely stressful week, but have stayed with juicing!

  9. Jennika Smith says:


    A couple of things. First, what is a good contact for getting help with the Gabriel Method Programs and what is the response turn around time? I signed up for the 12-Week Total Transformation and some of the content isn’t working. I emailed and last week and still have not received a response.

    I signed up for this detox program last week on May 23rd not realizing that the detox was included in the 12-Week Total Transformation program as a free bonus. On the 23rd, I emailed the two addresses above to get help and request a refund. I haven’t heard back from either address. I thought it might be best to post something here instead for better results.

    I would like to get a refund for this Detox Program since it is included in the other program. This is the email I signed up with:

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Jennika,

      Our apologies for the confusion and delayed response.

      I went ahead and submitted your refund request. The amount should be credited back to the original payment source within 5-7 business days.
      Should you wish to access the Detox program, kindly log-in to your members area using your details then scroll down the page and look for the “Detox Program” (without year) banner.

      Hope this helps.

      In Health,

  10. Susanne Wolf says:

    Here is Susanne Wolf from Germany. I`m so so sad, I have to stop the cleanse. Iwant You to tell you my experience: Last week I did the precleanse exactly as required. And yesterday I also started – exactly as required- the Day one. But in the afternoon my micturate slowed down and my bloodpressure was 180/110 and I felt extremely constricted. (normally I don`t have any issues wirh my bloodpressure) I had to go to the emergency station and had extremily headache and felt very wretched… My kidneys didn`t and I had a hyponatriämie.. and I`m so sad because I did it all completely as required…

  11. Susanne Wolf says:

    Here is Susanne Wolf from Germany. I`m so so sad, I have to stop the cleanse. Iwant You to tell you my experience: Last week I did the precleanse exactly as required. And yesterday I also started – exactly as required- the Day one. But in the afternoon my micturate slowed down and my bloodpressure was 180/110 and I felt extremely constricted. (normally I don`t have any issues wirh my bloodpressure) I had to go to the emergency station and had extremily headache and felt very wretched… My kidneys didn`t and I had a hyponatriämie.. and I`m so sad because I did it all completely as required…

  12. Jessica Ebrecht says:

    What does cucumber 30 pieces mean? 30 whole cucumbers or you only need enough to cut them into 30 pieces?
    Also I see a ton of the greens are needed but your juicing recipes don’t include many of them. Why do you suggest to buy so much? But some things like garlic and onions, butter, sugars, coconut waters are left off.

  13. Julienne Verhagen says:

    Hi there. I cannot find any recipe of video for the Omega 3 shakes. Can you please tell me what’s in it and how to prepare it? Thanks

  14. Stephanie Phillips says:

    Hi I joined the cleanse this past week and this week but after listening to some teachings and hearing more about what the Gabriel method offers I’m thinking I jumped in too fast. I hv been dealing with some health issues and I know I cannot do the cleanse the way it is layed out. But I’m wondering about the 12 week program. I keep seeing people talk about it on the facebook page. I was wondering if I could get a refund for the cleanse and buy the 12 week program instead.
    Thank u in advance,
    Stephanie Phillips

  15. Yolande Miquel-davidson says:


    Can you please tell me how to use the rest of the food once making the juice ?

  16. Carrie Bartlett says:

    What are the thoughts on hemp oil versus flax seed oil? I like that they sell it in a glass bottle instead of a plastic one

  17. Teresa says:

    Hi. I made the detox tea using hard coconut oil. And it was very greasy. Did I put to much in. I can’t find some of the food in the UK such as coconut Palm sugar. Johnny supergreens. Have you any suggestions.

  18. Almut Hooker says:

    Hi Jon, I decided not to go forward with the detox program. It seems too difficult for me to adjust the needed insulin to what I consume. But I will stay a member here, if that’s ok, and learn more about food and what it does for and with you.

  19. Gretchen Rock says:

    Is there a visualization or meditation that will help me to simply start moving more – walking – doing my stretches – etc……I know what I SHOULD be doing, but I just can’t seem to “start” a process again. I have no idea why I am at this impasse – but surely it is a mental block. I have no physical reason why I can’t just put my shoes on and walk…’s just getting started? Can you help?

  20. Anne Roche says:

    Hi there,

    I’m delighted to be here and have eliminated all the foods and drinks suggested in the pre-cleanse for 3 days now. First day was fine but I have a terrible headache since yesterday. I’m drinking lots of water and broth, eating mostly salads, nuts seeds, avocado and fruit. Had a few green juices and super greens too. Can you suggest anything I might do to relieve this. My body is suggesting coffee which is what my body is suggesting. I started skin brushing and had a clay bath, unless that pushed me too far into detox? Also just wondering if limes have the same cleansing properties as lemons and AVC in your water?

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Anne,

      Headaches are quite common while detoxing. An epsom salt bath in the evening could be really helpful – add a drop of good quality lavender essential oil and it will help to calm your system down before sleep too.

      Also be sure that you are drinking enough water to keep that flushing action going.

      If it gets to be too much, consider eating something from the backup foods list.

      Hope this helps.

      Thank you,

      Kelly, GM Team

  21. Leah Polinger says:

    Hi , I am looking at the week 2 cleanse schedule . What exactly is the Omega 3 shake ?

  22. Patti says:

    I am trying to figure out which Garden of Life supergreens are the right kind to buy. There are several variations. From the video you can’t really see the label and when I looked up the Garden of Life products, the one I THINK Jon is using has grain and bean sprout juices plus fruit and vegetable juices. It is called Garden of Life Raw Organic Perfect Food Green Super Food. Also, I don’t see that it has spirulina or bluegreen algae. Is that the correct one to use?

  23. Peg Alig says:

    hello, my work schedule has changed & i can’t participate in this program. have sent three emails about opting out & refund —. have not heard back. can you help with this? or direct me to who can help me
    thank u

  24. Carrie Bartlett says:

    Is it possible to cook some of the detox broths this week for use next week and freeze them?

  25. Gretchen Rock says:

    Tomatoes ok?

  26. Gretchen Rock says:

    Are Tomatoes ok during pre-cleanse?

  27. Philomena Mc Mahon says:

    Thank ye Nadia & John for the 1st session, it was informative.

  28. Theresa Martoe says:

    Hi Nadia,

    is the detox tea to be drunk all in one shot. All four cups

  29. Gretchen Rock says:

    Are Pumpkin Seeds (Salted) ok during the cleanse…?

  30. Farideh says:

    Thanks Nadia,
    I make the nut milk my self. so Just Raw cashew nut or almond( soaked over night) and water and a little bit of salt. Hope this would be ok.

  31. Sherry Noah says:

    can you recommend the better brands of almost milk and coconut milks please? thank you

  32. Theresa Martoe says:

    Hi Nadia,

    is it ok to add olive oil to the broth after it’s cooked and cooled down? Or even grounded flax seed or flax seed oil?

  33. Farideh says:

    For making Golden tea, can we use nut milk instead of coconut milk?

  34. Carrie Bartlett says:

    Given that I live on the pacific coast, many of the live classes are likely to happen while I’m still working or in meetings . What is the typical turn around time for the availability of video? I saw 24 to 48 hours somewhere which feels a bit too long to wait.

  35. Julienne Verhagen says:

    Hi Jon,

    I came to one of your workshops many years ago – and I STILL use the evening and morning meditations that I got then.

    I lost a hep of weight but after 18months of stress and injuries etc I’ve put a lot of it back on. Time to take action! Help!

    I really need this detox cleanse to get my hormonal cravings under control.

    Thanks, Jules

  36. Peg Alig says:

    are vegan options provided?

  37. Peg Alig says:

    Hello, please share Vegan options for this program. thanks!

  38. Almut Hooker says:

    Hello, I am very new to this and I do have some challenges and I am not really sure I can participate although I really would like to. Here is the number one challenge. I am a Type I diabetic (I do need to have the insulin). Then a lot of things I can purchase, but not everything I live in Germany. Thanks a lot for your input.

    • Hi Almut,

      If you have concerns, please do check with your doctor as we are not medical doctors.

      That being said, many with diabetes have found benefits from detox programs like this one.

      No worries if you cannot find some things we suggest, you don’t need everything and you can be successful with whatever you are able to get.

      • Almut Hooker says:

        Thanks for your reply I know you are no medical doctors and read with interest that other diabetics have made good experiences with the detox program.

  39. Philomena Mc Mahon says:


    is there just 3 days in the pre cleanse week

  40. Anne Roche says:

    Hi there

    I am requesting my money back, there is no one here to help us.

  41. Patti says:

    I am wondering what we are supposed to buy for week 1. There is only a shopping list for week 2. I sent a message via the little blue box that says “leave us a message” but no answer. Is there a pre-cleanse list somewhere and I am not looking in the right place?

  42. Dora Nareshni says:

    I have not done a detox in 2 decades. I know I am long overdue. I am looking forward to going through this process with the support of the community and guidance for using the Gabriel Method. I have not tried to join Facebook group.


  43. Teresa says:

    Hi. Im looking foward to starting this detox. I tried to join the Facebook group. But it’s not accepting my request.

  44. Stephanie Phillips says:

    Hi! I started watching the “start your transformation “videos but I can’t find them now. Can someone help me locate them? The first one was awesome. Can’t wait to watch the rest!

  45. Juhi Gupta says:

    Hi there.. i am a pure vegetarian and was going through the recipes most of them our non veg will the detox program help me .. like in with only veg stuff for me ??

  46. Anne Roche says:

    Hi there,

    just joined and browsing through the information. I tried to join the detox Facebook and it says its no longer receiving submissions?? Can you help please. Anne

  47. Theresa Martoe says:

    hi, can I add the spirulina to a vegie juice or the vegie broth?