Pre-Cleanse Homework

Lesson 1: Preparing for Change


  • Listen to the evening visualization before bed
  • Recruit the support of your friends and relatives to make your cleanse more fun!
  • Take a look at your schedule, and make sure you have a plan in place for any social gatherings or events

Food & Beverage

  • Eat well, eat freely! Focus on vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and fresh animal proteins
  • Avoid wheat, milk, sugar, and processed foods
  • Hydrate well! Avoid all beverages other than water and decaf tea

Breathing & Movement

  • Make use of your bonus program including Yoga for Weight Loss and GM Fitness


  • Shop on the peripheries of the supermarket, load up on green vegetables, whole fruits, and fresh animal protein!
  • Get some great decaf teas and experiment with new flavors
  • Get a huge water bottle you can carry around with you during the cleanse

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82 comments on “Prepare for Change
  1. Geralee Holder says:

    so is this what I need to be doing during week one?

  2. Annas An'am says:

    I’m in my Day 5 Detox. I feel awesome!!!!
    I did try 3 days pre trial consuming juice only. It’s challenging but I’ve made it. These comment box helps alot in answering the questions that I might have.

    Kudos to Gabriel, Nadia and GM team!!!

    You rock!!!

  3. Lucia Camara says:

    Hello everyone. Day 2 detox. feeling great!!
    Quesrion: Where can I find Katrina yoga videos?
    Are they included in the detox program?
    Hope you all are doing fantastic!!
    Lucia Camara

  4. Sharon Clark says:

    HI I am starting the pre-cleanse today, as last week had the wonderful birth of our first grand child and my husband had surgery. ready to go, I did however try and keep my intake to a better choice. Am I still able to post questions and concerns even though I am a week later. I have found the first two pre-cleanse both informative and supportive, many thanks, will let you know how I am going. Kind regards Sharon

  5. Ann Curtis says:

    I am having trouble logging into the “evening visualization” page. Unfortunately it says “member access only.” Please help, I’m sad to miss a visualization tonight. Thank you for everything!! I am loving the program and am amazed at how wonderfully speedy you have been at addressing questions!
    With love, Ann

  6. ISABEL L A FRANGO says:

    Can too much juice/liquids be actually detrimental? I’ve been having trouble for the last 2 cleanses that I participated in: one resulted in a bladder infection and made me have to cut it short, and after the last fast I had a kidney infection (although that might have been caused by a too intense deep-tissue massage). Do you have any experience with adverse reactions to cleanses?

    • Nadia says:

      Hi Isabel,

      Mainly what is happening during a cleanse is that your body is releasing many toxins. Sometimes as this is happening a person can feel quite ill – especially if they didn’t prepare properly (pre-cleanse) or are detoxing too quickly.

      In my experience if a nice long preparation period is done and the detox is done very gently (not too fast) there aren’t any major problems.

      I hope you are doing well during this cleanse.


    Finding the Yoga, and Work Ins. Most useful. Easy to fit in to my day. Have also changed the way I work out in the swimming pool after listening to your suggestions. Many thanks.

  8. Heather Pearce says:

    Hi Guys,

    Sorry I can only be at one live session on Friday – it is a holiday here in Christchurch. I have sooo many questions – I see I can eat organic meat, how much?
    Is there a limit on vege intake, e.g., organic salad using the grocery items on the page supplied
    What nuts and seeds are best recommended? I need help to survive this programme as I have never done anything like this before and I have tried every diet in the world (just kidding but I have tried a lot!!!)

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Heather,
      All the webinars are available on replay within 24-48 hours after the live session, so you can watch at your convenience!

      There is no limit on veggies and salads during pre-cleanse week. Have as much live food as you can. There are no set quanities for meat, we just recommend that you try for organic, grass-fed meats and that they not be processed in any way.

      Click on the Grocery Shopping List from the right hand navigation for more ideas on specific foods you’ll want to have on hand for the cleanse. Hope this helps! -GM Team

  9. Heather Pearce says:

    Are we able to eat meat this first week or is it vegetables????

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Heather, yes, you can eat meat during the pre-cleanse week. We encourage you to eat organic, grass-fed meat if possible, and to avoid processed meats. Hope that helps! Kind regards, Sherri, GM Team

  10. Johanne Harrigan says:

    I have tried the yoga and I am finding it quite enjoyable. Thanks.

  11. Phyllis Goble says:

    Regarding hydration, if we drink the broth, does that count toward water consumption, or is it separate?

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Phyllis,
      The broth will definitely count toward water consumption, but it is still a good idea to drink water as often as you can.
      Best Regards
      The GM Team

  12. Carol Dolven says:

    Can we eat beans and lentils to add protein in our salads? Is canned salmon OK to eat?
    Thanks 🙂

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Carol,
      During the Pre-Cleanse it will be best to avoid beans and lentils. Canned Salmon is okay to eat if you are unable to get fresh, however, make sure that the salmon is not canned in oil. The oils that are used in canned fish are not healthy fats.
      Best Regards
      The GM Team

  13. Andrea Wallace says:

    Can you eat oatmeal?

  14. Louis Schneidman says:

    How about Quinoa? Can I eat that during pre-cleanse?

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Louis,
      It is best to avoid grains during the pre-cleanse if you can. Start eating more vegetables, whole fruits, nuts, seeds, unprocessed meats (organic, free-range if possible) seaweeds, and other super foods. Focus on the periphery of the grocery store, avoid the middle aisles.
      Best Regards
      The GM Team

      seaweeds, and other super foods

  15. Carol Dolven says:

    What about ice in our beverages during the pre-cleanse and cleanse weeks? Ice makes water and juice a bit more refreshing, but maybe you don’t recommend that now.

  16. Judy Westcott says:

    Are there any suggestions for good pre-cleanse breakfasts? This is where I struggle because I love my toast, cereal and coffee.

  17. Carole Moritz says:

    I arrived late to the session, so will listen again today. I do have a question though, and that is about the juicing. Will you be giving recipes during the webinars, or are the recipes in the “how to” videos?

    Also I didn’t buy the Jon Gabriel recipe book. Is it too late to buy it?

  18. gabrielmethod says:

    Hi Angela and Marjan,

    The replay of each event throughout the Detox program will definitely be archived/replayed within 24-48 hours and will be available throughout the entire duration of the program. You will find the replay on the same page as the event page, so for Day 1: Prepare for Change I would check back here:

    Hope this helps!

    The GM Team

  19. Angela Vogt says:

    yes is there a link to listen – timezone difference meant I was unable to make the webinar


    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Angela,
      You will be notified when the replay of the webinar is available, it will be within 48 hours. If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact us.
      Best regards
      The GM Team

  20. Marjan Saba says:

    Is there a way to listen to the replay? I’m not able to listen to today’s class.


      I think that we need to wait until they send us an email with the link. In the info. stated that it would be ready 24 -48 hours after the event.
      Meanwhile we just continue with the instructions given in the course notes and homework.
      Plenty to be getting on with. All the best.

      • gabrielmethod says:

        Hi Marjan,

        There will be replays after all the webinars with no time limit to listen to them. They will be available 24 hours after the live event.

        Best Regards
        The GM Team

  21. Lucia Camara says:

    Hello everyone. Anybody in Orlando fl??

  22. Tandy Solomon says:

    I’m tooling around looking for where the video is going to be shown at 7:30 East Coast time tonight. Can’t find it. Anyone have the link?

  23. says:

    In other detox/fast regimes, I worked into the fast and out of the fast — usually for every 3 days of fast, 1 day of preparation and one day, on the back end, of easing out of the fast (so you don’t reabsorb toxins). Will you be addressing this in your Q & A sessions?

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi pamddd,
      Great question! Your body is always cleansing itself naturally. The aim of this detox is to give your body a break from having to work too hard to digest its nutrients. The juices and broth provide nutrients to your body without it having to work too hard to break the food down. This is a “nourish your body” approach, not a starvation or deprivation approach.
      Best regards
      The GM Team

  24. Paul Gallagher says:

    Hi everyone.

    I went to the store today to start buying my supplies, and the only coconut oil available was solid, not liquid. According to the label, nothing else had been added. Is this type ok?

  25. Mireille Leclerc says:

    Hi, is anyone here from Montreal?

    If so, how about giving each other support during the cleanse? Let me know…


  26. Jacqueline Cuthbert says:

    Where do I go for the live calls and the visualizations?

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Jacqueline,
      All the visualisations and access to the webinars can be found on the right hand side of this page. The recipes and visualisations can be found under Audio and Video Resources. The webinars can be found under Pre-Cleanse Week 1 and Core Cleansing Questions Week 2.
      Best Regards
      The GM Team

  27. Farideh says:

    I have not received The Complimentary Greens yet
    what should I do

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Farideh,
      We apologise that you have not received your greens as yet. However, your detox will still be effective without them.
      Best Regards
      The GM Team

  28. Deborah Mainville-Knight says:

    I’ve signed up for the DETOX Program and have downloaded all the written materials. What I can’t figure out is where do I go for the daily LIVE calls?

    • Ludmilla wolf Wolf says:

      in the right column under the start here section is the pre-clense one. If you select the first day it goes to a page from where you can click on the webinar or see the phone numbers to call. HTH

      • gabrielmethod says:

        Hi Deborah,

        I hope you were able to find the webinar. If not, there is now the replay available.

        Thanks Ludmilla for your great tip!

        Best Regards
        The GM Team

  29. Heather Pearce says:

    Oh yes, another point I need to check is can i use fruit teas at all or do they have a certain amount of sugar in them???

  30. Heather Pearce says:

    Hi all –

    I am in NZ but have a fulltime job so cannot join in on the ‘live’ discusions. Can we share with each other via a blog??? Anywho I have always failed at this sort of stuff so I am really keen to make contact with others to bring about change for myself and my heallth.

    I am wondering if there is other Omega shakes other than the one listed/

    Cheers Heather

    • Dargenstar says:

      Heather, check out the detox/cleanse Forum that a few of started, in the Forum link, in the Support Group Area.

      • gabrielmethod says:

        Hi Heather,

        If you have any questions you may post them on any of our pages in your Detox membership, like you have with this question. You can add flavor to your Omega Shake by adding lemon or lime or minced mint. Dargenstar, not everyone has the Support Group but we appreciate your help!

        Best Regards
        The GM Team

  31. Susanne says:

    I am looking very much forward to the cleansing period -but now i also am reminded, why it could become a bit of a struggle…usually, i get very cold, when i fast- and now its coming close to winter here in Denmark. Do you have any good tips, besides chili and broth? 🙂

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Susanne,
      Jon and Nadia recommend keeping yourself as warm as possible, resting whenever you can, and possibly having more broth than juices. Hope this helps.
      Kind regards
      The GM Team

  32. Alison Hollingbery says:

    Hi – the timings for the love webinars are awful for the UK! Would like to join this programme but feel I may be loosing out by not being able to, “join in”. Any thoughts GM? I can’t be the only one from the UK here with this (potential) problem!

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Alison,
      We apologise that the timing will not be suitable for you. There will be replays of each webinar available within 48 hours. Also, if you have a specific question you can ask it within this forum and Jon, Nadia or one of our team will answer.
      Best Regards
      The GM Team

  33. Teri Siddall says:

    where can I Listen to the evening visualization before bed

  34. Shayndel Kahn says:

    During pre cleanse what is it I am eating? When does the webinar start

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Shayndel,

      We hope you made the first webinar. If not, there is a replay available. Your resources can be found on the right side of your membership.

      Best Regards
      The GM Team

  35. Samira Beck says:

    Dear Jon

    During pre-cleanse shall I take the food only liquid or whole?

    Thank you for your answer.

    With best wishes


    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Samira,
      You can eat whole food during the pre-cleanse. The aim is to avoid all processed & packaged foods and to avoid inflammatory and allergenic foods like wheat and milk products. Hope this helps.
      Best regards
      The GM Team

      • Samira Beck says:

        Hi Jon
        I wrote one ask on 10.11.13 regarding pre-cleanse, my question was: During pre-cleanse shall I take the food only liquid or whole?
        now I have tree opinion and I am confused.
        (see below)

        Opinion: 1


        Thanks for writing.
        It is all liquid however, you will not feel hungry.
        You will only be taking shakes, juices and vegetable soup.

        If you cannot do it 100% try to eat light, fresh foods such as 
        celery or carrots. 

        Hope this helps. Thanks!

        In Wellness,

        The Gabriel Method

        Opinion: 2
        Hi Samira,
        You can eat whole food during the pre-cleanse. The aim is to avoid all processed & packaged foods and to avoid inflammatory and allergenic foods like wheat and milk products. Hope this helps.
        Best regards
        The GM Team

        Opinion: 3


        Thanks for writing. 
        The Detox is a liquid Detox, however in week one it is
        a Pre-Detox cleanse to help prepare you body.

        Please let me know if you need anything else. We are always happy to help

        Best Regards,

        Janine Marie
        The Gabriel Method
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