Detox May 2017: Getting Started w/ Your Detox

Cleanse Checklist Day 1

Getting Started w/ Your Detox


Juices, Drinks & Broth

  • The warm coconut tea is an acquired taste, but it’s great for curbing hunger and puts your body in a great place hormonally for the day—soon you’ll love it!
  • Try to stick to the juice schedule
  • Don’t starve yourself!
  • Drink loads of water, add lemon and sea salt to make it more interesting
  • Remember your Omega-3 drinks, they are important for energy and blood sugar balance

Breathing & Movement

  • Take it easy today, but if you’re feeling up for it, do some yoga!
  • Take a walk, get some fresh air
  • Practice deep belly breathing as you lie in bed

Planning & Prepping

  • How are you doing with your juices?
  • Take some time today to make your juice for tomorrow
  • What is your day like tomorrow—do you need to plan a juice break?
  • Do you have enough veggies, or need to pick up some more?

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