Fitness Revolution with Jon Gabriel

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What you’ll learn:

  • why long gym workouts are NOT the best for weight loss
  • creating the brief, intense, positive stress you need for fitness
  • how Jon got started with exerces
  • sample “work-ins” you can try today
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25 comments on “Fitness
  1. David Baldwin says:

    Hi, guys, so enjoying the program so far. Two questions:

    Does it matter if I do the same visualizations everyday as we move to the end of the program or should I be beginning to creating my own using only the music? (for instance, I’ve been doing the same evening viz the whole time and enjoying it.)

    Also will we have access to all of this great content after the 5 week period is over?

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      Hi David,

      You can create your own visualizations any time you like. Or you can continue to listen to the ones we created. It’s up to you. The information will exist on the site for quite some time, so no need to worry.

  2. Mary says:

    What is your take on Tai Chi?

  3. Carrie Jefferies says:

    Can you be more specific about the afternoon stress reduction break? The afternoon is my hardest time where I just want to eat carbs and then I end up feeling gross and heavy and grumpy. I feel like I could really benefit from a stress reduction break, but I’m not sure what that should entail. A visualization, healthy snack, …?

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Carrie,
      You are right, an afternoon stress break can be about 10-15 minutes and include the following; a visualisation, going for a walk or just sitting in the sun and a GM friendly snack or even just a smaller serving of what you had for lunch. All of these things will help stop the mid-afternoon energy slump and help you to feel calm and centred for the rest of the day.
      Kind regards
      Den – GM Team

  4. Carrie Jefferies says:

    I’ve been trying to use your recipe book but I’m not used to measuring ingredients by the ounce. Is there a version that lists the ingredients by the cup?

  5. Sandra Neill says:

    Couple questions about exercise:

    1. I found some HIIT apps that have timed strength and cardio intensity intervals but they are about 30-60 seconds with 15 mins rest periods. Would it be better to adjust the high intensity to 10-20 seconds with longer rest periods and would this be applicable to strength exercises as well or just cardio?

    2. Are there any exercise apps you can recommend (or maybe you are developing your own)?

    3. I am wondering how I can incorporate get thin get eaten into a 20 mins Zumba tape that I enjoy. Perhaps periodically increase my intensity or range of motion and imagine something biting at my ankles to make me move it faster?

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      Hi Sandra,

      I think there might be a tabata app. That’s the generally accepted protocol for short term interval training.

      I personally like shorter intensity with longer rest, but the app you found is good also.

      Not sure how to incorporate into Zumba, but we do have a coach who is a Zumba instructor. Her name is Smita. Maybe you can have a chat with her about it. Please email for her contact details.

  6. Sylvia Galletta says:

    Hi GM Team
    Tried numerous times to join the webinar after it had started but without success. I could have joined in for the last half of it. Really disappointed that I couldn’t seem to join in. 🙁

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Sylvia,
      So sorry that you could not join us! Not sure what has happened, but please contact our team at so that it can be sorted out before the next core class. In the meantime the recording of today’s class will be available in about 24 hours.
      Kind regards

  7. Jayne says:


    With the weight training, (sorry, I may have missed this…thunder storm in the middle of the class!), how do we incorporate it into ‘Get thin or get eaten’ program? I see the Jon says to start with 5 minute upper body training. Only upper body? Legs? What about sets/reps?

    Thanks 🙂


  8. Jamie Davis says:

    Any other zombie fans out there? I posted this to Facebook as well, but thought some people might benefit from this. While Jon was talking about visualizing a tiger or dog chasing you, I couldn’t stop thinking about this app I’ve been using for a year now called Zombies, Run! It is an interactive running app that has a zombie story going in your headphones during your run. Periodically you can hear a “zombie horde” chasing you and you have to run faster in order to escape them lol. Sounds silly, but I originally bought it as entertainment during my runs but now I’m realizing, what is more motivating to your body to get thin or get eaten than listening to a zombie horde chasing you? Haha
    Just as a disclaimer, it can be scary, so if it sounds too intense, it may not be for you. I have no affiliation with the company or get any financial benefits from promoting them I just think it’s so fun!

  9. Janelle Paisley says:

    I have polymyalgia rheumatica – the medication is known to create and maintain body fat (& it has) do you have any advice on my best course of action re weight loss

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      Hi Janelle,

      My experience with autoimmune diseases is that by working on digestion and emotional issues, you can make great progress toward healing your symptoms. Of course I’m not a doctor and I don’t have experience with your specific condition. But I would encourage you to follow the suggestions for healing digestion in week 2 and the suggestions for healing emotional trauma in week 3 and then work closely with your doctor to see if there’s any improvement and consequently less need for medication.

  10. Pippa Wallace Dunlop says:

    Hi Jon,
    A couple of questions here: ive found some great changes already but still not managing to go to bed early enough to get enough sleep, and hence am still feeling thé need to eat at night, albeit now just fruit or veg. I think its stressing my system. Do you hâve any suggestions maybe to begin to turn this around too?

    & when i eat thé afternoon smoothie im not hungry till after 10pm so Forget supper & am again out of sync. Is it too much protein or seeds in thé smoothie that does this?

    Im v happy at Many new habits but just this week with thé adding mouvement, i hâve hit an apathy & just cant seem to move into just thé 10mins suggested. Do u hâve any thougts on why this might be, or what i could possibly do to break this.. Im doing thé meditations & affirmations & some tapping so far but v low on motivation all of a sudden, sadly. At least for physical mouvement..

    And lastly, despite probiotics & enzymes, i still hâve sometimes v painful digestive gas..
    Will this sort out as my flora re balances, or do i need to do something differently now?

    Thats all, and thank u for all thé care u r giving us.
    it astonishingly seems to begin working to change habits id long ago given up on. Its early days, but i can really feel it.. 🙂 Pippa

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Pippa,

      You are already noticing some changes and that is great! All of this will happen at a different rate for everyone and it is important to go at the pace that is right for your body.

      The fact that you are noticing some changes and shifts happening shows that your system is responding. Keep going with all the action steps that you can manage. Don’t push yourself to do things that you are not ready for.

      A suggestion to try and sleep earlier would be to lie yourself down and begin to listen to the night time visualization earlier. About 30 minutes before going to bed be conscious of avoiding any stimulating activities so that your system can begin to wind down for the night.

      Be sure you are drinking a glass of water every hour in the evening and this will help those evening hungry feelings. The other things that will help those evening cravings are making sure that you drink enough water throughout the day, starting the day with a GM friendly breakfast and making sure to have a GM friendly mid morning and mid afternoon snack.

      For your afternoon smoothie, drink only until you are satisfied but not stuffed. You can certainly try playing with the ingredients but as long as it is full of nourishing ingredients, your body wants it and you are not drinking until you are stuffed then keep having it. If you are not hungry in the evening that is okay – listen to your body. This may change over time.

      If you are not ready for exercise leave that out for now. Continue with the other action steps.

      Digestive gas can happen while the digestive system is healing and becoming stronger. Keep taking probiotics in the morning and digestive enzymes at the start of meals. Chew your food really well, avoid drinking large amounts while eating, try to stop eating when the stomach is about 3/4 full ie. leave some room in your stomach, don’t eat until you get that stuffed feeling.

      It sounds like you are doing great – keep going!

      • Pippa Wallace Dunlop says:

        Hi Nadia,
        ThankU so much for your great ideas and feedback. This may not be the right place for this exchange but want to respond as it was so kind & helpful. Tho I did drink more water at night that kept the hunger at bay but also my energy so couldn’t sleep. I’m sure with practice my body will adjust fine, tho for now I’m all over the place with the routine side of it.
        I’ve noticed I’m much more affected the next day by what I hear or read the night before which is v encouraging, as my emotional times are at night.

        Some of the fermenting attempts will be ready soon for probiotics & just managed to introduce juices in the morning if mostly fruit & a bit of the other green stuffs. Slowly I do see the changes, so it is working.

        I’ve tried stopping eating when stomach 3/4 full, but go back 1/2h later for more, think it’s emotional still as it’s not every meal which is good. Just good to get a bit more conscious.
        The size of the smoothie is still fear of lack & putting too much in it, I hope this will calm soon. I’ll do juices until, maybe.

        The structure problem seems to be the time between thinking of having a meal, snack, water, walk, & the moment of actually doing it is sometimes v large. I can’t seem to just do things spontaneously & eat at normal times yet. Maybe this will change in time. Thanks again Nadia for your input. It has helped. P

        • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

          Hi Pippa,

          Be gentle with yourself. Keep doing the visualizations and adding in the good stuff. The shifts you are already experiencing will continue.

          Do put the green leafy vegetables in your smoothies and when making juices … it is the dark green leafy vegetables that keep you balanced and that provide amazing nourishment.

          If you have those moments in the day like you mentioned (in your last paragraph), I would suggest taking a moment at that time to do a very short visualiation –> close your eyes and imagine Love being infused into every single one of your cells. Repeat the phrase, ‘I Love You’ over and over and imagine those words bathing all of your cells in a beautiful energy (I can’t find it right now but there is a one minute visualization something like this that Jon talked everyone through during one of these webinars).

          Be gentle with yourself during these moments .. you are doing great!


  11. Emma Pazi says:

    Hi all, it will be midnight in London