UCE Coaches > Ad-Hoc Cancellation of Specific Availability

We ask that you please amend your availability as soon as possible if you know you will not be available. You can indicate that you are unavailable during your coaching hours in the following ways:

  1. Mark it in your Google calendar that usually receives the session bookings for clients on the coaching program.
    1. Open Google calendar
    2. Click on your calendar entry that indicates your availability, and then click on ‘Edit’, or, create a new entry that indicates you are busy. Indicate the time that is usually available as ‘Busy’
    3. This will automatically transfer to ScheduleOnce and you will no longer show as available during those times.

    TIP: You can mark yourself as ‘Busy’ for entire days by checking the “All day” feature. By default, when you check the All day feature, the event will show you as Available. If you want to block out your schedule for an entire day, go to the Show Me field and mark the event as Busy.

  2. Book it yourself through your ScheduleOnce page
    1. Your ScheduleOnce page will start with meetme.so/. To obtain your ScheduleOnce page, please contact admin at coaching@thegabrielmethod.com.
    2. Select your own time-zone
    3. Book the time(s) that you are no longer available. You need to complete all the fields in order to do so. These times will no longer show as available in ScheduleOnce.
  3. Contact admin at coaching@thegabrielmethod.com and inform them of the changes in your availability as soon as possible.

Note: If you need to reschedule a client, please follow the procedure entitled: Cancelling / Rescheduling a Session