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The Gabriel Method Show Presents

“Hormone Balancing and Women’s Health”

Hosts: Jon Gabriel and Marcelle Pick, M.S.N., OB/GYN N.P




  • February 19th 7pm EST (NYC, USA)
  • February 20th 10 am AEST (Brisbane, AUS)
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In Class, You’ll Learn:

  • Learn how to use Marcelle’s balanced approach to health care for women’s health
  • How emotions impact your physical well-being
  • How to make holistic lifestyle shifts to treat your hormone imbalances


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Who is

Marcelle Pick

Marcelle Pick, M.S.N., OB/GYN N.P., author of The Core BalanceDiet and Is It Me or My Adrenals? co-founded Women to Women with avision to change women’s health care. The clinic pioneered the combination ofalternative and conventional medicine and continues to use functional medicineto treat illness and help women make life choices to prevent disease. Women toWomen treats thousands of women from around the world each year.

Marcelle Pick earned a B.S. in nursing and a B.A. in psychology from theUniversity of New Hampshire and an M.S. in nursing from Boston College–HarvardMedical School. Certified as a nurse practitioner for both OB/GYN andpediatrics, Pick has served as a medical advisor to Healthy Living Magazine,lectures on a variety of topics, and appears regularly on radio andtelevision to discuss women’s health. Her radio show, Core Balance for Women’sHealth, airs weekly on Hay House Radio, and she writes a bimonthlynewsletter that is featured on womentowomen.com. Pick is also a member of theadvisory board for the renowned Hoffman Institute.

To Learn more about Marcelle Pick and her work please visit her website at: www.womentowomen.com

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5 comments on “GM Show Marcelle Pick
  1. SusanLB says:

    How do Chia seeds affect our hormones?

  2. Kathleen Ruhl says:

    Hello Marcelle, Would you please include speaking to hormonal balance and women’s health for women in their mid to late 50’s and older? I’ve listened to other great OB/GYN’s but often they are speaking to younger women with perimenopause, infertility & postmenopause that seems more like info for the 45 and UNDER age group. I would appreciate it. Thanks.