Désirée Manders

Listen to Désirée’s Audio Message:

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Désirée Manders is an NLP(Neuro-linguistic programming) master and coach/counselor. She is certified in Conscious coaching and has been trained by Jon Gabriel as a certified Gabriel Method coach.

Désirée is a very strong believer in visualizations and how they help us create new, positive beliefs that are supportive and loving instead of the negative, demeaning, hurtful beliefs most of us deal with on a daily basis.

A close friend of Désirée’s and a Gabriel method coach, Marjolijn Loderichs, called Désirée up one day and told her she had to get the Gabriel Method book. She read the book immediately and was elated because the content was everything she believed in – as a person as well as an NLP coach.

Désirée loves the fact that the Gabriel Method is not a diet and that it focuses on being loving, positive and uplifting towards your body as well as nourishing your entire self: mind, body and soul without discarding any element of your being.

She is here to help you come full circle and enable you to be who you really are; in perfect shape and all!