Detox May 2017: Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered

Jon and Nadia

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132 comments on “Detox May 2017: Your Questions Answered
  1. Mary says:

    It sounds like you both do juice cleanses periodically--how long is ideal or recommended between cleanses?
    Second question, I have found with the tea and coconut oil, even after blending well, as I sip it cools and the oil separates to the top. I don't like sipping the top oil layer--is it ok to take the coconut oil by swallowing a couple of teaspoonfuls of coconut oil (solid) straight a few times during the day? Thanks!

    This is the first time I have ever done an extended juice cleanse, and I feel great. I haven't been able to drink as much of the juice unless very diluted, but the veggie broth, tea, chia drinks (and water) have really kept me satisfied, with no hunger.

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Mary,

      Once a year is great, could be twice a year but no more often than that. The time between cleanses is a very important time to focus on making healthy diet and lifestyle choices.

      You can add the coconut oil to the juice instead of the tea. It can help to add it to the tea as it can help make you feel more full and it’s also easier to mix coconut oil in a warm liquid versus a juice where it may chunk due to the temperature. But however you can get the coconut oil in is great!

      Hope this helps.


      Kelly, GM Team

  2. Fiona Waller says:

    I won't be able to listen to the wrap party live on Facebook because of time difference- will a recording be made available as with the other sessions? X

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Fiona, the wrap up party will be recorded and will be available for replay within 24-48 hours.

      Hope this helps!
      - Nadine,GM Team

  3. Chi says:

    Q is the 'big 3' omega 3, protein and live foods? I just want to double check 🙂

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Hi Chi,

      Yes that is correct! “The Big 3” relates to:
      1) Protein - Healthy proteins like grass-fed or wild caught animal proteins
      2) Omega 3 -Healthy fats like omega-3s in cold water fish and chia seed oil as well as organic cold-pressed coconut oil and grass-fed butter
      3) Live Foods - like salad greens, sprouts and fermented veggies.

      -Jong- GM Team

  4. Chi says:

    Question coming off detox: if there was an ídeal ' menu' for day 1 off the detox, what would it be? I would like to do the coming off detox to the best of my ability .. so, if there's an ideal set of foods to reintroduce into our digestive system, I'd like to know. also what is the 16 hr. that was referred to yesterday? Thanks.

  5. Chi says:

    HI - Need clarification for tonight: is the final live session on the facebook 'detox'group page or the 'support'page? Are they one and the same? Thank you.

  6. Nadine - GM Team says:

    Hi Everyone! Here are the answers to your questions from today’s class.

    Karen Cunningham: Do greek olives and feta count?
    Answer: Olives are a wonderful cultured food if prepared in the traditional manner. All cheeses are best when made with raw milk. Goat and sheep better than cow. And also great are cheeses made from nuts and seeds. None of these are great for the first bite on Saturday - from Day 2 they are good but go slowly and listen to your body.

    Joyce: I've been adding an ounce of humid acid (minerals) to my juices. Is that ok during the cleanse days?
    Answer: Extra vitamin and mineral supplements are not really necessary during the cleanse.

    Karen Cunningham: would chia pudding with blueberries be good?
    Answer: If made with nut or seed milk wait until later on day 1, moving forward this sounds amazing.

    Sk: Who else is excited to eat? I feel like my space ship is returning to earth...kind of fun to anticipate all the tasty choices.
    Answer: Beautiful!

    Jennifer Deuble: Nadia - without a dehydrator, can I "bake" raw crackers in the oven? Any advice? would love to know thnaks!
    Answer: You can turn your oven into a makeshift dehydrator by putting it on it’s lowest setting and keeping the door slightly ajar. If you live in a hot sunny place you can also dry things outside. The inside of your car will also work as it gets pretty toasty in there on a sunny day with the windows up.

    Jennifer Deuble: Jon and Nadia, do you ever drink alcohol drinks? if so, what are best or least worst?
    Answer: Look for organic wines, drink in moderation and stay hydrated. Keep focusing on adding in real food nourishment. Like I did, you may find that, in time, you are getting so fulfilled in other ways that the alcohol isn’t that attractive any longer.

    Joyce: Big 3. Add these instead of restrictions... got it! I'm afraid my mind will want the spoonfuls of peanut/almond butter... and overeating on air-popped organic corn... I'm afraid of the part of me that goes so quickly into overeating... even on the healthy foods... like the protein at a meal... ??!!
    Answer: Keep doing the visualizations, remember deep breaths and hydration. As you keep nourishing by adding in different real foods your body will regulate. Stay focused on each of The Big 3 and the non-food ways to nourish like visualizations.

    Mignoonne Smith: During that 16 hours... can we have the broth for example... or just water then? Answer: Are you talking about intermittent fasting? Having broth during this time is fine. Doing it organically means that if you have an appetite you will eat but if you are naturally not hungry then you can focus on nourishing liquids and water.

    R C: How does intermittent fasting fit in with people that say you must eat breakfast at the start of the day to lose weight.
    Answer: It comes down to listening to the rhythm of your body. Once your body is balanced you will notice times when you are just not that hungry, during those times it is nice to listen to your body and hold off on food until it is ready.

    Carole Chase: Is it ok to reintroduce some caffeine the first day
    Answer: If you can, wait until day 2.

    Margaret: I'm doing the detox and a bit ahead. So I'm reintroducing food. Some gas has started again. I was hoping to get rid of it. Id like to connect with Jon. I was a UCE.
    Answer: Focus on eating small portions and very easy to digest foods. Chew well. Try eating some cultured and fermented foods. And be sure you are still hydrating well.

    Janet Slade: I have a high quality nascent iodine - 400 mcg per drop which is supposed to be 26% of the recommended daily value, so four drops a day should meet my iodine needs. But my question is how do I know if I need to supplement with the iodine or whether I'm getting enough from the food that I eat?
    Answer: I like to focus on eating seaweeds and a variety of real foods. You may want to check with your holistic health care practitioner for more advice

    Paola Muller: Is it ok to have sea salt with added iodine?
    Answer: I don’t think it is necessary to have extra iodine added into a good sea salt as, if it is a good salt it will have a range of nutrients naturally in it.

    Hope this helps!

  7. Janette Hamilton-Pearce says:

    Hi, can you let me know when the audio for Day 3 and Day 4 are available for download? Thanks.

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Hi Janette, Kindly check back your members area in a few hours. Our technical team is currently uploading the audios for Days 3 and 4. Thanks for your patience.

      -Jong- GM Team

  8. Nina Tawanda says:

    My stomach doesn't seem to be able to take neither the broths nor the juices anymore. They make me feel sick for a few hours. This morning, I drank slowly a green juice and I felt very sick for the next 3-4 hours. So I have been drinking only water until this evening when I had broth. The same happened again. Not sure if I should just drink water tomorrow in order to be able to complete the detox.

    • Hi Nina,

      Try sipping on ginger and/or peppermint tea. Don't force yourself to drink anything that your body does not want. See if you can handle a chia drink or a detox tea. Go gently and try and rest.

      See how you are tomorrow, you may find that things will have shifted and you feel very differently.

  9. Nadine - GM Team says:

    Hi Everyone! Here are the answers to your questions from today’s class.

    Chi: if the nut oils hold toxins, do we not eat nuts anymore on the GM method??
    Answer: We suggest raw organic nuts that are activated. More information of activating nuts here -

    Joyce: What about the McDougal No-Oil diet?? Is it healthy long-term?
    Answer: You can get healthy oils from whole foods like nuts and seeds, wild caught fish, organic eggs, etc. So if you eat plenty of foods like that it is not necessary to have oils that are pressed from foods.

    Miranda Thornhill: What do you think about organic Einkorn wheat?
    Answer: I am not familiar with this.

    Patricia Zalce: Is gluten free recommended?
    Answer: Gluten is contained within wheat and some other grains and as Jon explained in the class today all grains can be problematic.

    Karen Cunningham: what about coconut sugar?
    Answer: Raw coconut palm sugar is a nice sweetener.

    Jennifer Deuble: what about organic brown rice noodles ?
    Answer: Better than highly processed wheat noodles but there still remains the problems that all grains can present. Think about using spiralized zucchini in place of pasta or pasta made from coconut meat or seaweed.

    Susan Flemming: There have been different comments during the week in the FB group that it's important to come off of the cleanse in the proper way. What is the proper way?
    Answer: We are going to talk about this in detail in the next two classes.

    Rachel Najjar: corn on the cob ok in moderation?
    Answer: In moderation, sure. But as Jon said in the class, think of it as something you are eating because you want it not because of its health value.

    Sk: Being in a cleanse, I don't understand "the gradual process" that Nadia suggests since it is such a challenge to get the cravings out. Once they are out, it seems defeating to negotiate a craving war by a gradual process...
    Answer: The gradual process refers to, over time things that don’t nourish you will naturally effortlessly fall away as you continue to feed your cells high vibrational real food. Sometimes during a cleanse, cravings are broken for some things and then after the cleanse the body no longer wants them - this is great when this happens.

    Rachel Najjar: Jon, we are free with carrots and beets after this week right?
    Answer: You only want to avoid juicing beets and carrots but eating them whole is fine.

    Carole Chase: When taking spirulina should it be in a tablet or powder form. Jon mentioned a shake - and is there a brand that you recommend for high quality level?
    Answer: Either is fine. Check out Garden of Life.

    Rachel Najjar: Any thoughts on the big berkey water filter?
    Answer: I am not familiar with this brand.

    Karen Cunningham: what is your thoughts on BBQ'g veggies? peppers, sweet potato and parsnips on veggies I often slice and bbq. Is BBQ ok?
    Answer: The charring that is done by BBQ is not healthy for our bodies. If you can lightly cook without the charring that would be better. Perhaps you could still get the smoky taste with spices like paprika. Does that mean that Jon doesn't cruciferous vegetables raw?
    Answer: A little raw here and there is fine.

    Rachel Najjar: Is roasted seaweed ok?
    Answer: Raw is better as it will have more nutrients intact

    Ursula Bolliger: Which Veggies need to be cooked. I generally like raw veggies better?
    Answer: Cruciferous vegetables are easier to digest when cooked.

    Chi: Question: I've been using a German line of kitchen products, called FROSCH. but I'm wondering if this is a brand you would 'approve' of ?
    Answer: I am not familiar with that brand but at a quick glance I saw SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE and PARFUM listed in the ingredients which are toxic to the body. I would suggest reading the ingredients and checking the ingredients (or even the brand name) on and to learn more.

    Karen Brauch-Cunningham: I've started drinking more coconut water. I found this one that is 100% natural coconut water, not from concentrate, non GMO, nothing added.....when I read the nutrition facts, it lists 9gm of sugar for 250 ml. Is this sugar a problem? I'm confused. Is it different like the chia seeds this week.
    Answer: Dilute it half with water and it will be fine.

    Hope this helps!
    Nadine, GM Team

  10. Nadine - GM Team says:

    Hi Everyone,

    The archive for today's show is now available:

    -Nadine, GM Team

  11. Carole Chase says:

    You often refer to using Himalayan Sea Salt in your juice and broth. I have read many articles that here in the US we are deficient in iodine in our diets and it is my understanding the Sea Salt is not a source of iodine. Do the Sea Salt benefits out weigh the iodine?

  12. Carole Chase says:

    You often refer to using Himalayan Sea Salt in your juice and broth. I have read many articles that here in the US we are deficient in iodine in our diets and it is my understanding the Sea Salt is not a source of iodine. Do the Sea Salt benefits out weight the iodine?

  13. Nadine - GM Team says:

    Hi Everyone! To those who are asking for a copy of the recipe for home-made toothpaste and other home cleaners. I found this in the Detox Resources for you:

    Hope this helps!
    Nadine, GM Team

  14. Nadine - GM Team says:

    Hi Everyone! Here are the answers to your questions from today’s class.

    Ivette Mena: Anyone here using Melaleuca products? Are they really good for ourselves and the environment as they say they are?

    Answer: Look at the ingredients and ask questions. You can look up specific ingredients on

    Mignonne Smith: Detox question please. What about the back-up foods. When you eat any of those... won't it start your digestive system?... Again... these "cravings' to eat is mostly late afternoon into the eve. Doing really good with the broths and the detox... but had cucumber and a piece of red pepper last night. Whats the impact?

    Answer: You cannot fail at this. You are still getting tremendous benefits if you need to have something off of the backup foods list. Yes, it will activate your digestion but these are very easy to digest foods so your body will still be able to cleanse. If you need to have something, go ahead.

    Sharon H: Any suggestion for rusty water... so often rust stains... look horrid..

    Answer: I found this online, sounds like this may work -

    Jennifer Deuble: so what brands could we use safely? What about Avon's "Skin So Soft"?

    Answer: There are some great conscious companies making great things these days. But always get in the habit of reading the ingredients. Aside from making my own, I like Mountain Rose Herbs and Living Libations. Here is the page on ewg about Skin So Soft -

    Chi: Is a Brita filter enough or do I need a home water filtering system to drink 'live' water

    Answer: Do the best you can. If using Brita, change the filter more often than they recommend. Whole house systems can be great but can also be expensive. is a great resource to see if there are any natural springs in your area.

    Karen Cunningham: what about using nail polish

    Answer: If you are using nail polish, look for one made by a more conscious company.

    Chi: Can we 'digest' castor oil to help with constipation? a doctor in europe told me to mix a small bottle of castor oil w/ juice and drink 1xmonth

    Answer: Castor oil does have laxative effects. Isn’t necessary to use during the cleanse week as you are flushing your system really well with all the liquids.

    Rachel Najjar: My children are biracial, would these ideas be ok for them? People want to put chemicals on them all the time.

    Answer: Are you asking about sun exposure? Building up time in the sun, eating those foods we mentioned in the webinar and also covering up with hats and long sleeves can all help.

    Chi: Q is there a chemical that's linked to Parkinson's Disease? and alternatives ( is deodorant a factor?)

    Answer: We live in a much more toxic world today than in the past… and there are also much more chronic illness now than ever in the past. I am sure there is a correlation here. The answer is to strive more and more to live a ‘detoxifying lifestyle’. Work with what is in your control to make healthy choices. We cannot fix everything but we can begin with the products/foods we are using.

    Jennifer Deuble: wow, my mother had dementia/Alz - never thought about the aluminum.....what did you use?

    Answer: I use stainless steel cookware.

    Joyce: are all baking sodas non-toxic?

    Answer: You can look for aluminum free baking soda.

    Chi:is there something we can do detoxify after long haul flights ( incl all the security check devices) I feel like im 'glowing' when I get home.

    Answer: Yes. Bring chlorophyll and/or spriulina with you, take before, during and after the flight. Stay hydrated. Upon landing get sunshine and ground yourself by walking in the sand/on the grass. Consume greens (green juices are great here) including cilantro and parsley. And opt out of the those scanners every chance you get. I do lots of travelling and haven’t been in those full body scanners once.

    Joyce: Has anyone heard of the parasite that's being called "Morgellons"? I have this parasite in my body. It's in my blood. I don't know a lot about it... I try to stay away from all the scary internet stuff about it. What do you know about treating this parasite?

    Answer: Doing cleanses like this regularly and going on to continue to live more and more of a detoxifying lifestyle is the best way to combat all parasites. Visualizations are a bit part of this too.

    Sharon H: do you think baking soda, activated charcoal and coconut oil is a good toothpaste?

    Answer: Yes, sounds great. I have used all of these before on their own and in combination.

    Hope this helps!
    Nadine, GM Team

  15. Hi Everyone,

    Here is where you can find the insect repellent recipe that I spoke of in today's show -

  16. Shakti Biskamp says:

    I see the reply on the tea was 1 tsp per cup of oil for the detox tea whereas on the video pdf download it is one TBSP. Which is correct??

  17. Laura Schoolcraft says:

    What benefits does doing 5 days of cleanse vs 3 days?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Laura,

      5 days is a nice amount of time to cleanse and reset the body and then once you are done with the juicing part we recommend following The Gabriel Method so that you can continue your journey towards sustainable weight loss.

      Hope this helps!

      April, GM Team

  18. Nadine - GM Team says:

    Hi Everyone! Here are the answers to your questions from today’s class.

    SK: Regarding salt intake to prevent much salt should we add if we are not drinking broth? I'm focused on tea and juice but not broth. I am really ingesting a ton of liquid but not much salt. Can you advise?

    Answer: A pinch of good salt in some of your drinking water is nice.

    Jen Vitale Deuble: I have been drinking the detox tea every day for the past week plus in preparation for the this ok? I am using MCT ol. Just want to make sure this is safe for continued use. Thanks!

    Answer: Sounds great.

    Karen Brauch-Cunningham: In reading on the variations of the Chia drink I see coconut palm sugar listed as an optional ingredient. Is that OK to use?

    Answer: As shown in the video is fine.

    Tihomir Kotsev: What about enema cleanse?

    Answer: Enemas are not necessary but can be nice while cleansing.

    Hope this helps!
    Nadine, GM Team

  19. Nina Tawanda says:

    Hi! As for the live event you had, for us who lives in Europe we could not watch it in the middle of the night so kindly advise what we can do.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Nina, you can watch the recorded classes on the membership page as replays will be uploaded within 24-48 hours from telecast. Thanks! - Jenn, GM Team

  20. Nadine - GM Team says:

    Hi Everyone! Just a quick note to let you know that archive for today's live event is not available for replay:…/day-2-move-sweat-breathe/

    All best!
    Nadine, GM Team

  21. Laurie Panek says:

    Can you advise recommended Tablespoons of coconut oil in tea each day during detox?

  22. Suzie Pewter says:

    Hello everyone,

    Followed the program today and added chorella [5or6 tablets] 3 times today and I just can't get rid of this constant headache. Please confirm that this is detox happening but why so constant in my head? I hope it will pass tomorrow. Thanks

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Suzie,

      Green juices are very alkaline and very powerful cleansing drinks. When you first start drinking them, it can sometimes make you feel nauseous. If this happens, the best thing to do is to dilute your juice with water and drink it more slowly. You can also focus on more gentle green juices such as more celery and more cucumber.

      Hope this helps.


      Kelly, GM Team

  23. Michelle Cruz says:

    I am trying to find a recipe for the Omega-3 drink, any suggestions?

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      There are several ways to incorporate Omega-3 into your diet. You can try Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, or Echium Oil as these are all great sources of Omega 3.You can use Ground Flax to make Omega Shake instead of Chia.

      The Flax oil can be mixed to your green juice, but it is recommended that you just take a spoonful of the oil on its own and then drink the green after.

      -Jong- GM Team

  24. Debra Clement says:

    I love the taste of most kale. Can it be too much of a good thing with juicing? Is it ok to juice with some kale during detox and if so how much is recommended amount? Thank you!

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Your juice combinations sound great! The biggest key is to find combinations that you enjoy. Just try not to have kale for too many juices in a row.

      -Jong- GM Team

  25. Carole Chase says:

    Just a comment not a question - I heat up the entire day's worth of broth on the stove all at once, then put the broth that I am not going to drink at that time in my YETI thermos for hot broth throughout the day. My broth stays hot all day and I pour into a mug as I want then season to my taste. Works better than the microwave and heating multiple times throughout the day.

  26. Hi Alison,

    You bring up a very good point about always being conscious about where our food comes from and how it is handled before it gets to us. Asking questions like you are doing is such a great practice in this day and age.

    The more local and in season we can eat the better and the easier it is to know these types of answers.

    Once you start looking into this, there is often not a very pretty story for many of the food products available.

    I just found this article (written in 2013) about chlorella - I have not read it yet but it may have some information you are looking for -

    And, in my opinion, if you cannot find a source that you are happy with then look towards a different food. We are blessed with many options.

    I am from Canada, and still visit often, but haven't lived there since 1996.

  27. Martin Doyle says:

    i signed up for the detox but been unable to stop eating the foods I shouldn't which seems like such a waste. I have struggled with a long term eating disorder, junk food and carbs are too difficult for me to give up at the moment.

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Martin,

      We understand that following the Detox can be hard at times but we believe in you and always know that you cannot fail at this, even the little changes that you do can already create a big impact in your body, just make sure you continue with you juices and veggie broth and if you feel the need to eat something go check out the list from the back up foods, one of these days, you'll be surprised you'll no longer crave for junk food. Also you might want to listen to this visualization to help keep you stay on track:

      Hope this helps!
      -Nadine, GM Team

    • Shakti Biskamp says:

      I am sending a heartfelt response to you, as I struggled with bulimia for 15 years, and finally, through going to treatment, Bulimics Anonymous, and therapy, I overcame it and am completely free. That was about 25 years ago. I still struggle with weight issues, and definitely still eat emotionally, but am completely free of binging and purging, so for that I am so grateful. I could never have done it without the proper help. No plan would have ever helped me as I had lost my will when it came to food and purging. At treatment, the counselor said I was a skid row bulimic. I made plenty of money at the time to keep up my habit. I am sooo grateful I am free. I hope you will find the proper help and never give up. I firmly believe a person can never do it on his/her own, as it is a killing anti-social disease. This body still has many repercussions of the 15 years of hell I went through. Praying for you complete recovery!!

  28. Nadine - GM Team says:

    Hi Everyone! Here are the answers to your questions from today’s class.

    Alison Durkin: Is there a place for chaga tea this week? Do you recommend chaga generally?

    Answer: Chaga is a medicinal mushroom and is great moving forward after the cleanse.

    Joyce: For a couple years, I've been hearing about a no oil diet promoted by many people ( including medical professionals). I'm not sure, but do they also avoid all fats?? I think they eat chia and flax seeds... But what's your take on this diet for a long-term choice?

    Answer: I don’t know the details of this diet, but the only diet I strive for is one where I am eating real food and shifting away from overly processed man made foods.

    Susan Flemming: I was able to get a flat of wheat grass at the farmers' market. Do you drink the wheat grass straight or mix it with a green juice?

    Answer: It is the juice of the wheatgrass, not the straight grass that you use. You can have it straight or mix it with juice. If you don’t like it or start to feel cleansing symptoms too strongly then back off from it.

    Suzie Pewter: Hello everyone. I'm finding that I'm starving at around 4 or 5 pm in the evenings and I'm not on the juicing yet. Any suggestions to kill the hunger pains? Thanks Suzie

    Answer: Try adding in more healthy fat to the meals you are having (during pre-cleanse week) and be sure that you are hydrating enough. Also use the visualizations as these will communicate to your body on a very deep level.

    Chi: HI - do we take Magnesium Citrate to clear our system before we go to sleep tonight - in prep. for Day 1 of the Detox? I read somewhere that drinking some castor oil before a juice detox helps with hunger pangs?

    Answer: All the liquids you will be doing will help to clear your system, not necessary to take these.

    Karen: For the detox super greens....I see that Garden of Life brand is one mentioned....I looked on Amazon and there is different flavours like vanilla and chocolate that Garden of Life sells....are they ok?

    Answer: Read the ingredients and avoid any added sugars, natural or artificial flavours or colours and too many sweet fruits, beets or carrots. Cacao can also be quite stimulating for many so that wouldn’t be a great ingredient for the latter part of the day as it may interrupt sleep.

    Klean: Has anyone else been experiencing an emotional cleanse? I feel like I have been holding a lot in lately, trying to be strong. But, suddenly I'm just weepy, not really even sad. Just can not stop crying.

    Answer: Crying is very cleansing, wonderful that your emotional body is feeling safe to let go. The cleanse is a time for us to, not only clear physical toxins, but also to create space for emotional clutter to cleared as well. Feeling very emotional during a cleanse is quite common, honour what your body is doing and pamper yourself as much as possible. Also keep listening to the visualizations as these will help to keep you centred.

    Karen Leary: Is it important to put ginger or tumeric in your juice and/or broth if you don’t like either?

    Answer: No, not necessary.

    Sylvia Dimino: I would like to know the pros and cons of juicing versus the pros and cons of veggie broth.

    Answer: Both are great. If you like both get a variety of both in during the cleanse. Juices are a live food whereas broth is a cooked food so they are different in what they offer but both are great.

    Karen Leary: Is it okay to have organic, unsweetened almond milk in tea during week 2 of the cleanse?

    Answer: Hold off on that till after the cleanse.

    Hope this helps!
    Nadine, GM Team

  29. Tina says:

    Are we able to drink the turmeric milk this week? Ie. Almond or coconut milk?

  30. Karen Leary says:

    Is it important to put ginger or tumeric in your juice and/or broth if you don't like either?

  31. Sylvia Dimino says:


    I would like to know the pros and cons of juicing versus the pros and cons of veggie broth.


  32. Karen Leary says:

    Is it okay to have organic, unsweetened almond milk in tea during week 2 of the cleanse?

  33. Fiona Waller says:

    I have regular migraines - part of my reason for doing the cleanse - and not surprisingly I've had a few this week. I've so far not taken my usual medication because it feels counter productive, but I've now had one for over 36 hours and feeling rough. Any advice? My usual medication is Naratryptan. I suspect it may be exacerbated by the fact that I'm constipated, despite drinking much more water, having lots of chia pudding and generally having more roughage from the veg/salad - I am going, but hard, dark and scanty - not as I was hoping or expecting. Would be really grateful for any advice - don't want to go into the cleanse with my colon congested.

    • Hi Fiona,

      Think about doing an enema. You may find that this provides relief.

      An epsom salt bath can also be soothing.

      If you need to take something to give you some relief go ahead while you continue to keep hydrating and eating real foods.

      • Fiona Waller says:

        Thanks Nadia. The migraine is easing off now, I managed to hold out without medication. I've upped my water and also taken some psyllium, hoping that might do the trick - I don't have an enema kit, so not sure how I would manage that. I'll def have a salt bath tonight. On the up side, veggie broth simmering and smelling amazing, and I've definitely got more energy today.

  34. Mary Denton says:

    I don't see a recipe for the Omega-3 drink listed in the schedule--is that the same as the chia drink? Thanks

  35. Casandra Silverek says:

    I really enjoyed learning a little about why we are doing a detox and how it actually works on a physical level in class 3 of pre-cleanse. I want more please. :0)

    I would love to understand and learn more about why and how this detox is going to help me (and others) on a physical level.

    Basically, could you explain "why & how stopping digestion detoxifies the body" in depth, physically (the cells, the organs, the body as a whole-is it a reset of the body's way of digesting?...).

    This is really only slightly touched upon, although it should be a integral part of the program, in my opinion.

    Thank you for all that you are doing! It is wonderful!

    • Casandra Silverek says:

      Just a note on what I wrote above:

      Pretend that you have to explain why you are doing this juice cleanse to a doctor who knows nothing about the GM juice cleanse. What would you say? That's what I'd love to hear.

    • Hi Casandra,

      This is how I see it: Digestion is one of the biggest jobs our bodies do on a daily basis. Digestion uses up enormous amounts of energy (think how tired one becomes after eating a huge Thanksgiving dinner that all they can manage to do is lie down). Digestion takes priority over everything else going on in the body (barring acute crisis). What that means is that each time we put food in our stomachs, the body must stop or slow down everything else it is doing in order to digest that food. So, releasing built up toxins, healing, recovery, repair, etc... all gets put on the back burner each time the body must attend to digesting food. Now this becomes an even greater issue when the food the body is being asked to digest is processed/packaged/junk food as this puts an even greater burden on the digestive system as these things are very taxing on the body.

      When we engage in a period of fasting (doing a detox cleanse), we give the digestive system a complete rest. When the body no longer has to stop/slow several times a day to divert energies towards digesting food, it can direct these energies to doing everything else the body needs to do.

      This period of 'rest' is a time where all of our cells in their infinite wisdom can do all the things they are meant to be doing uninterrupted.

      In terms of speaking to a doctor, I would urge you to seek out a doctor that is more holistically minded and does understand some of these principles.

  36. Chi says:

    Hi, I'm acclimating myself to your program. If I'm traveling long haul, can I take small jars of organic babyfood ( veggies of course) as a substitute meal? Thanks.

  37. Daniel Duffy says:

    All videos run well on my iPad and iPhone except the visualizations...what's up with that?.

  38. Casandra Silverek says:

    Hello Jon and Nadia,
    I wanted to let you know a little more about water.
    Carbon filters don't eliminate chlorine, they remove the taste and odor.
    There is a lot of other water info. that I've found here:
    Thank you for all that you are doing. It is sooooooooo fabulous.

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Casandra, Thanks for sharing this information! -Nadine, GM Team

    • Rachel Najjar says:

      I just bought a big berkey water filter and the water is pristine. I have been told it's better than reverse osmosis because it doesn't take out all of the minerals. Anyone else use a berkey have more insight?

  39. Suzie Pewter says:

    Hello everyone. Are you experiencing headaches as soon as you wake up or just before going to bed? Thanks

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Headaches are quite common while detoxing. An epsom salt bath in the evening could be really helpful – add a drop of good quality lavender essential oil and it will help to calm your system down before sleep too.

      Also be sure that you are drinking enough water to keep that flushing action going.

      If it gets to be too much, consider eating something from the backup foods list.

      -Jong- GM Team

  40. Joni Davis says:

    Hi, I want to ask about using fresh tomatoes in our juices during cleanse week, or do they have too much sugar. Also, like the squeeze of a lemon or lime - what about grapefruit?

    • Fresh tomatoes don't go through many juicers very well. Tomato juice is typically quite thick, which is not what we are looking for on week 2. But if you can juice them (and just get juice) and you like it go for it. Lemon and limes are great. Grapefruit I would hold off on during week 2.

  41. Lucy Solymar says:

    Ooops sorry! I now see the links for the wraos are below.

  42. Lucy Solymar says:

    Hi, in the first live class a cauliflower wrap recipe was mentioned. I was wondering where i can find it posted. Best, lucy

  43. Tom Johnson says:

    I have some confusion about what to eat during the detox, apart from juices and broth. Does all your food intake have to be liquid during the detox program? For example, I followed your broth recipe, but didn't puree the vegetables, so I ate them whole with the water and juices they were boiled in.

    Other than that, I followed the recipe to the letter, is it OK to eat solid foods during the detox?

    Should I only eat vegetables? What about protein? Do I need to cut out meat and fish ALTOGETHER? I sometimes feel like eating some solid food during the detox and would like to know what is acceptable. I have already cut out red meat, alcohol and starchy foods like rice for the detox.

    What about AFTER THE DETOX, would you 'revert to a normal healthy diet', e.g. vegetarian?

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Tom,

      During the actual Detox Week, we basically would like to give our digestive system a break that is why we load ourselves with veggie broth and juices. But always remember that there is no right or wrong way in doing this detox, if you really feel the need to have something solid, you can turn to our list of back up foods and eat something. After the detox you can slowly revert to your normal diet and make sure you choose to add healthy food to your meals. Here's the link for the list of back up foods:

      - Nadine, GM Team

  44. Laurie Panek says:

    Hi..a little confusion for me regarding actual dates of pre-cleanse and actual detox..what day (in US) to we start and conclude the actual detox? thanks...

  45. Carole Chase says:

    Hello - yesterday I made the detox vegetable broth and wanted to know why spices are not added for flavor while cooking. You added salt and cayenne pepper at serving and I find adding spices while cooking integrates the flavor into the broth better - just wondering as the broth was rather bland - is that the intent?

    • Hi Carole,

      When I make broth I do add things like whole peppercorns, whole dried chili peppers, sprigs of rosemary, pieces of turmeric and bay leaves.

      But adding in things like sea salt and cayenne pepper powder at time of serving can help you to add flavour and change up the flavour each time you have it so it isn't always exactly the same.

  46. Ann Broadbent says:

    Hi Jon and Nadia,

    Excited to be a part of the Detox Group! My younger sister told me about you a few years ago. And I particularly love your meditations!

    My question is about maintaining muscle mass. I'm actually quite thin, at age 69 my overall health is really good. I wanted to do this detox program to cleanse my body and make a shift away from unhealthy eating habits. Particularly want to shut off sugar cravings and lower my carb intake. Please let me know what you recommend to help me avoid losing muscle while making this change? Assuming that protein and proper fat are high on the list, along with some resistance training. Will it be more difficult to get appropriate protein during the detox week?

    Thank you so much for this Program!

    Warmest regards, Ann

    • Hi Ann,

      So great you are here with us!

      During week 1 you are still eating.

      During week 2, the idea is to not eat much protein so that we can give the digestion a complete rest to focus on cleansing and making some internal shifts to set you up for success moving forward.

      During week 2 light yoga, stretching, light rebounding, chi gung, tai chi and things like that are wonderful but I would hold off on heavy resistance training or cardio exercise.

      During week 2 have as much of the juices, detox teas, broths, etc that your body wants. And if you do feel like you need something more refer to the backup foods list.

  47. Maureen Wyse-Marzinowski says:

    Hi there,

    how long will I have access to this programm? Lifetime or only within May7th-May20th?

    I am glad that there is a replay of the live-classes because I live in Germany and I would have to attend at 2am .. I tried to download the audio of it but there was an Error. Is it possible to download the Audio at all?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Maureen,

      Sorry about that. Kindly send an email to for further assistance on your download error.

      You'd be glad to know that you have lifetime access to the Detox Program. You can revisit this whenever you want as the replays are uploaded on the membership site.

      Hope this helps!

      Jenn, GM Team

  48. Tina Thomas says:

    Hi team,
    Just wondering if I can do my detox cleanse from Saturday (AEST) to Thursday 18th May as my birthday is on Friday and my workplace and family have organised some celebrations?


    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Hi Tina, Yes you can do that. That's the beauty of owning the program. You can start at your own pace since all the Live Events are being recorded and will be made available on your membership area.

      -Jong- GM Team

  49. Catt Seymour says:

    Forgot to add drinking Kombucha and taking probiotics or Coconut Kefir during the cleanse...

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Kombucha is wonderful to drink. Just be sure that the fermenting process is complete and you will know this because the drink does not have a sweet taste. Also, you can take probiotics throughout the cleanse as it helps your good gut bacteria. - Nadine, GM Team

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Catt,

      Yes, you can take probiotics throughout the cleanse as it helps your good gut bacteria.

      Hope this helps.


      Kelly, GM Team

  50. Catt Seymour says:

    Greetings and happy Monday! Thanks for the intro call last evening.. I look forward to listening again as I dozed a little early, lol!

    I'm traveling tomorrow thru Thurs,and Fri-Sun. Work for the first trip, and graduation for the second. Would love some tips on how I will be able to maintain the cleanse principles and make good choices. I know what I'm supposed to do, but don't always have the discipline to do so.. thanks in advance!

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Catt,

      You may want to bring veggie broth and super greens if you can. As well as lots of veggies and fruits. Also listening
      to some of the detox visualizations should help you stay focused in your goals.

      Hope this helps!

      - Nadine, GM Team

  51. Rita King says:

    Hi I am thrilled to be part of this programme, unfortunately I can't make the live pre-cleanse class times, (I live in NZ so midday doesn't work for me) so I am looking forward to being able to find the recordings, at the moment not feeling too confident, but I am excited. Rita

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Rita, Don't worry if you miss the live class, all live events will be archived between 24-48 hours and will be available throughout the program. - Nadine, GM Team

  52. Nadine - GM Team says:

    Hi Everyone! Here are the answers to your questions from today’s class.

    Joyce: Nut Butters are my "downfall"... organic freshly made almond and peanut butter... Is this a problem food for week one? I rarely go through a day without a banana with nut butters... what about air-popped non-GMO corn with melted coconut oil and nutritional yeast?? When I eat these things I can rarely avoid overeating... I cannot imagine never eating these foods.

    Answer: All of that sounds fine for week 1. Try to use grass fed butter.

    Jillene Reeg: Can I add a little pomegranate juice to sparkling water during week 1?

    Answer: Sounds great!

    Jeannine Hutson: Should i continue to take Armour Thyroid?

    Answer: Medication questions should be directed to your health professional.

    Shakti Biskamp: We are vegetarian. Is it ok to have protein powders while on the precleanse?

    Answer: We do not use whey or soy proteins. We only use pea, hemp, rice, chia, etc. during week 1, this is fine. Question for Jon, I've done the detox before and super excited about going for it again. I do remember feeling hungry (or mental hunger) last time. Would having a smoothie in the morning every day counteract the benefits of the cleanse? - have a different experience.

    Answer: You cannot fail at this, see how you go this time as you may find you .If you need a smoothie, go ahead, but you may find that, with the visualizations, lots of nourishing liquids and good preparation this week, that you might not want it.

    Hope this helps!

    - Nadine, GM Team

  53. Christina Walz says:

    Hello! What are your thoughts on bone broth? Is it OK to include during the detox? Thanks!

  54. Kelly Duncan says:

    Hello! I'm Kelly, in Portland, Oregon. This is my first ever detox and I'm both excited and a bit nervous! I'm looking forward to the first class to learn more. The only question I have so far is about how I might feel during the detox - hungry? upset tummy? tired? And how to adjust things if that happens. Thanks!

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Kelly,

      It's normal to feel hungry and tired during the detox period. You can catch some extra sleep to overcome the tiredness. Then refer to the “back up foods” list and enjoy a fresh coconut, some celery or cucumbers. Fruit is okay too, but if you can, try to focus on fresh raw vegetables as the fiber and low sugar is preferable. Hope this helps!

  55. Gabriel Method Team says:

    Hi Everyone!

    We are all really excited to welcome you to the May 2017 Detox program. We will be kicking off our first class, "Preparing for Change" in about about 7 hours.

    Remember, this first week is a pre-cleanse, which means we'll walk you through how to get your mind and body prepared for the juice cleanse which starts next week.

    All of our live classes will be recorded and will be available very quickly for replay, so if the timing is not convenient, don't worry you'll be able to catch up on the class.

    Today's Class Details:


    7 May 8:00 p.m. EDT (New York, USA)
    8 May 10:00 a.m. AEST (Brisbane, AUS)

    Event Details and How to Join are posted on the event page here:

    Looking forward to you all joining!

  56. Nina Tawanda says:

    Hi! This is Nina. I have a question regarding juices as opposed to smoothies. I would make green smoothies in a blender like 'nutribulllet'. However, I realise that when you refer to juicing you don't refer to this method. As I don't have a juicer, what do you recommend?

  57. Rachel Najjar says:

    Hi there! My name is Rachel. Really looking forward to the detox! I have been browsing videos and such, but I'm a little confused on the instructions. Are those just the videos that we watch everyday? Will that tell us how to go about it? I've been waiting for this for a long time. I've had three babies in four years and recently had surgery on my ankle. All of this and other stressors have caused me to gain weight. I found John Gabriel after my second baby and felt so good until I struggled staying health conscious in my third pregnancy. She will be two soon and I haven't been able to find my way back to feeling good. That changes tomorrow, thanks for your support everyone!

  58. MaryAnne Palmer says:

    Hi everyone, I'm MaryAnne from NSW Australia. Really looking forward to detoxing my body for better health and increased energy levels. Love this program, feel supported and nourished already! Good Luck everyone have a great detox experience.
    I have a question about juices...what fruit / veg is in which juice please? For example are morning juices all fruit and afternoon jucies all veg? or is it a mixture of both?
    Thank you.

  59. Sue Walwick says:

    Hi there! My name is Sue and I was wondering if I can make my veggie broth in the instant pot?

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Sue,

      You want the nutrients from the veggies to all steep into the broth. On the stove top you would simmer the soup for up to 4 hours. Jon didn't use a pressure cooker to make it but perhaps you could try it for a couple of hours (pressure cooking and then simmering). You can’t really fail, nutrients will be in your broth when you are done.

      Hope this helps!


      Kelly, GM Team

  60. Janet Deacon says:

    Hi there.

    Two questions: 1) Can extra detox soup be frozen, or does it lose nutritional value? 2) Will all these resources (recipes, videos, etc.) be available to me after the detox dates are completed?

    Janet in California

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Janet,

      Yes, you may freeze the extra broth, but it should last in the fridge for at least a few days.
      Having purchased the program, you may be able to access the resources for as long as you want.
      Hope this helps.


      Kelly, GM Team

  61. Karen Cunningham says:

    Hello everyone, my name is Karen and I live near Toronto in Canada. I am looking forward to this program which was recommended by a very good friend. In recent years I have struggled with depression & stress and now I am out of shape /overweight/ stiff/body aches. Looking forward to making changes to reclaim a healthier body.

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Hi Karen,
      Glad that you can join us. We are looking forward in working with you towards your journey to health and wellness. If you will be needing any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. You can send us an email at
      Hope you enjoy the program.

      -Jong- GM Team

  62. says:

    I have a problem with candida which is spiking right now. I know that I usually can't have any fruits during this time. Is this cleanse advised for someone with a candida problem?

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Kara,

      During the Detox, it is recommended not to eat anything solid to give your digestive system a break. If you have any health concerns, it is best to consult your physician before changing your diet or joining any health program. - Nadine, GM Team

      • says:

        All right. Let me be more specific. I can't handle fruit juices at this time. Can the cleanse be done without them? Or can I withdraw for a refund?

        Thank you

        • Nadine - GM Team says:

          Hi Kara, You can always modify the detox to your needs if you are unable to handle fruits at this time, you can stick to veggie broth and green juices.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Kara,

      The Detox is a good start in cleansing your system and should be fine on most medical conditions, however we recommend that you seek medical advice before embarking on any new program. The Gabriel Method is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Hope this helps!

      April, GM Team

  63. Jennifer Deuble says:

    Will the detox be uploaded before Sunday? I have never done this one before and not sure how it works! Thanks, Jen

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Jennifer, all materials for the Detox can now be accessed online except for the classes which will only be posted 24-48 hours after the live show. Don't worry if this will be your first time, Jon and the rest of us in the GM Team will all be here to support you if you have any questions. - Nadine, GM Team

  64. Janette Hamilton-Pearce says:

    Hi GM Team,
    The Detox Tea makes 4 cups, do I drink it all in the morning before 10am Juice 2? Thanks Janette

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Janette,

      You don't need to drink all 4 cups in one go. You can have 1-2 cups and save the rest for later.

      Hope this helps!

      - Nadine, GM Team

  65. Gabriel Method Team says:

    Hi everyone! Welcome to the Detox program. We’re here to support and happy to answer any questions to make this all as easy as possible for you. Thanks for being here. We are glad to have you with us on this journey.

    -Gabriel Method Team

  66. Janette Hamilton-Pearce says:

    Kia ora Jon, Im Janette Hamilton-Pearce from Papamoa Beach, Tauranga New Zealand. I'm 48 yrs old and finally doing something for myself and my health. Best to start with a detox and move into thinking better about live foods (food in general) and exercise. Looking forward to 7-20 May. Thank you for the detox programme, bonus material and webinars to come, really appreciate it. Have a wonderful day. Janette

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Janette. Hope you are doing well. Good choice in starting with detox. We are also looking forward to have you in the program. Have a great day! -Monica, GM Team

      • Vicky Howes says:

        Hi there,
        I am also starting the detox on Monday and feeling a bit apprehensive so I thought i'd introduce myself. I know that the support from others will play a huge role in keeping me on track. Just wanted to ask- with the live classes- can they be listened to at any time? I am a teacher and so restricted to timings....Thanks- Vicky

        • Gabriel Method Team says:

          Hi Vicky, welcome to the Detox Program! When you join the Detox program, missing the live classes won't be a problem as all live classes are recorded and will be archived within 24-48 hours after the initial telecast so you can still access them anytime at your convenience. Plus, all contents and resources will be yours indefinitely so you can refer to it in case you need to detox at your own pace. Hope this helps! - Jenn, GM Team