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ABOUT LIVE VISUALIZATIONS – To bring Support Group Members together, Jon hosts monthly, live visualization practices around a specific theme. If you can listen in during the live event, that’s great; if not, that’s perfectly fine too. After leading group visualizations now to thousands of people, Jon has seen intentions magnify with numbers, so all of us listening to this practice together makes it all the more impactful Archives of all sessions will always be available to you, usually within a day or two of the live event. Check the top right of the member’s site for upcoming classes and events.

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8 comments on “Live Visualization 17
  1. Saskia Renet says:

    Missed it… Is there a replay?

  2. Astred Knowles says:

    thanks for the lovely visualization.its a big change in my life.

  3. Fennel says:

    Frustrated…. I live in Pacific Standard Time, and I see that it tries to be helpful for most time zones, but if you live where I do, it’s like almost everything takes place when most of us here would be doing work (or in MY case, an unpaid internship).

    I think if we pay to be part of the website, we should be able to access more of this on time-delay.

  4. Carole Charland says:

    I agree; lovely visualization; could hear voice and music

  5. says:

    I only heard music, tried different players, tried on my iphone and computer but no luck. Fortunately I might be able to catch this visualization when you post it on the support group archives.

    • Jana Genge says:

      Same here 🙁 Only hear the music -was so looking forward to starting to make this part of my routine. Where or how does one link to the support group archives, I`m new at navigating this system. Thanks 😉

  6. Amy Cassotta says:

    Lovely visualization. Hope to carry it into my daily life vthanks!