15 Minute Fitness Revolution: Get More From Less & Have Fun Doing It with Jon Gabriel and Coach Brian Killian

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What you’ll learn:

  • All about the Get Thin or Get Eaten response
  • Why short, intense exercise beats cardio, for weight loss
  • 5 Principles of GM Fitness
  • How to incorporate visualization for better results
  • Practical seated stretches you can try today

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24 comments on “Fitness Revolution
  1. Carla A says:

    Hi Brian,
    I was just curious :
    What happens with the FAT programs and the stress caused by a lot of exercise on for example
    Athletes or fitness instructions that tend to train a lot but are on their healthy weight?
    Thanks ! Carla

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Good question Carla,
      to maintain an ideal weight athletes spend much time working on their nutrition and recovery. Often as much as they do actually training, it is a vital component so as not to suffer from over training symptoms, like illness, fatigue and weight gain.
      Rest is one of our GM Fitness principles but it actually is a principle we share with most fitness regimes.
      All the best,

  2. Carla A says:

    hi Brian!
    thanks a lot for the very interesting class!
    I have a question about stretching :
    Is it recommended to stretch before or after your sport session?
    What’s the best warming up before start a lifting weight session or a 15 min work out with sprints ?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Carla, I like to stretch after a session. I prefer an active warm up like this before sprints http://www.bnatural.com.au/active-warm-up-try-this/ and with weights any activity gently which leaves you warm and ready for increased intensity.
      Hope that helps you Carla,

      • Carla A says:

        Hi Brian,
        Thank you so much for your answers!
        All the information you gave us during the lecture was fantastic and for sure I will use it!
        I just was wondering if this warm ups for me ( I need to loose 60 kg ) is not bad for my joints and knees because of my weight?
        Thank you!

        • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

          Hi Carla, I would like you to try the active warm up on a soft surface (grass be good) and see how you pull up. Try to be ‘light’ on your feet when doing them.
          I’m real interested in how you go so please let me know.

  3. Anne Murphy says:

    That was supposed to read: thank you to you and your team!

  4. Anne Murphy says:

    Hi Jon,

    Lucy mentioned that Brian had some sessions on DVD. Where are those available? Through the members area or shop. I saw some but want to be sure I am getting the right ones…cos the take so long to get here to Victoria!

    I am really sad that we are coming to the end of this course. It has been amazing. Thank you to your team.
    Cheers. Anne

  5. Catherine Armstrong says:

    Hi, Brian,

    I always enjoy and get so much from your interviews and audios. My question has to do with stamina. Does the GM method of exercise create stamina? My energy just doesn’t seem to increase to the good stamina level. What is the best way to increase it, please?


    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      HI Catherine
      GM fitness I would think be excellent for increasing stamina levels as high intensity interval training has been shown to do that. Personally I do enjoy some longer sessions as well and you may too. What I’d suggest is to do a longer aerobic session like a wallk, bike,etc and add GM fitness in the session. This way you get the benefit of a longer session together with turning on your Get Thin/Get Eaten stress response.
      Thanks for the question. All the best, Brian

  6. Dargenstar says:

    Hi, I have two questions. I wasn’t able to attend the class live. So anyway, firstly, I have a Nordic Track Incline trainer Treadmill. I bought it right before I discovered the GM, thinking it would be the answer to everything. I’d like to be able to use it in GM fitness fashion, would I do this by increasing incline/speed for 20 to 30 seconds, and then lowering them again etc.? I have sort of tried this, and it seems to work. The other question regards water. If you jog in water, as Jon was saying he did in the ocean, do you need any equipment or is it just your body you are using? What do you think about those aquatic exercise things? Anyway, thanks. Megan

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Megan,
      water is an excellent medium for doing GM fitness and you don’t need anything but work own body to do it. I love any exercise done in water and encourage it.
      Also I like the Nordic machine and the way you are using it sounds great to me.
      Well done,

  7. Mary says:

    How does stretching reduce inflammation?

    As you get stiffer with age does that cause inflammation?

    • Brian Killian -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Stretching most definitely will reduce inflammation.
      The more flexible you are the stronger you are, and as a consequence less stress on your joints. I would encourage you to ‘be bendy’ as a priority as it gives you energy.
      Simple stretches everyday is and will be great for you.
      All the best,

  8. Sharon H says:

    where is the class
    ? there is no link

  9. Erica Liebenberg says:

    Great, just downloaded the Tabata app for my smartphone!