Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I miss a juice/shake/soup?
A: No problem, just catch up when you have time, you don’t have to follow the schedule exactly.

Q: If I don’t feel like juicing, can I just skip a juice or shake?
A: Do your best not to skip juices. We are working to rebalance you hormones, and it’s important that your body remain properly nourished throughout the day. It is normal to lose interest in juices, but do you best to keep juicing—it’s worth it!

Q: Can I drink more Detox Soup instead of juice
A: Yes, that’s just fine. If you’d prefer a soup instead of a juice please go ahead. That works too!

Q: What if the only type of juice I can get is fruit juice
A: That’s ok, just dilute it 4 parts water to 1 part juice, and drink slowly.

Q: Is it normal to walk up at night to use the bathroom?
A: Yes, while cleansing, you drink so many liquids, most people do wake up in the middle of the night to urinate. That’s perfectly healthy and normal.

Q: How often should I have a bowel movement?
A: The first 1-3 days, you should have a daily bowel movement. Since most everything you’ll be eating is liquid, it’s not uncommon for the bowels to slow down from day 3 onward, but your Omega-3 Shake will help. An Epsom Salt bath is a great way to relax and stimulate you bowels naturally as well.

Q: Do I need to do enemas or colonics?
A: No, colonics and enemas are not a required part of The Gabriel Method Detoxification Program. That said, if you are constipated and are comfortable with at-home enemas, it is perfectly fine to include.

Q: What if I feel nauseous from the green juices?
A: Green juices are very alkaline and very powerful cleansing drinks. When you first start drinking them, it can sometimes make you feel nauseous. If this happens, the best thing to do is to dilute your juice with water and drink it more slowly. You can also focus on more gentle green juices such as more celery and more cucumber.

Q: What if I get up very early or go to bed very early?
A: No problem at all, just shift the detox schedule to meet your schedule.

Q: What if I feel so hungry and I just have to eat something?
A: No problem, just refer to the “back foods” list and enjoy a fresh coconut, some celery or cucumbers. Fruit is OK too, but if you can, try to focus on fresh raw vegetables as the fiber and low sugar is preferable.

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33 comments on “Detox FAQ
  1. Marsha Martin says:

    Question. My daily eating and supplements are under control, my problem is waking up in the middle of the night, 3-4am, and have the need to eat. I grab whatever is there. Sometimes a spoon of peanut butter, but last night it was dinner left overs. I don’t think about what I’m eating, I just grab whatever is close and quick. Any ideas on what I can do? I don’t sleep well, I don’t know if that has any influence on this.

  2. Luisa Agliatta says:

    Hello and I’ve just signed up today, and my intention is to get started in the next few days.
    My question is this please: ‘how long do i have access to the detox programme?’

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Luisa,

      You have purchased the program and now own it, you can use the material whenever you decide you want to start your cleanse. Hope this helps.
      Best Regards
      The GM Team

  3. Sarah Weinkam says:

    I think I have ended up with the flu. I had been feeling tired and blah all last week, and a little worse yesterday. At first I thought it was just the cleanse, but I ended up with a fever today. Should I stop the cleanse at this point and start over when I feel better?
    Will we have access to the videos etc. on the long term to refer back to if we want to repeat in 6month or so?

    • Ann Curtis says:

      Hi Sarah – I don’t think that the GM team is answering questions here anymore. I would leave it in the comments section of Day 3. I hope you feel better! 🙁 They told me yesterday that access is unlimited (yay!) Best of luck, Ann

  4. Erik Smith says:

    My head aches and I feel a bit light headed today … even before starting the official detox this morning. Do you think that this is caused by calorie deprivation because, during the predetox week, I was eating less than normal.

    With that said, should I monitor calories … or at least be cognizant of how much I am consuming?

    Currently, I’m drinking about 6-8oz of vegetable juice every 2hrs.

    I’m 6’3″ and ~215lbs.


    • Tandy Solomon says:

      Hi Erik,

      I don’t get the sense that the GM team is answering questions here anymore. Seems like they just read what’s here on the call later. Just in case you are still hanging, here’s what I recall Jon saying last night: the first 30 hours is the most difficult. We’re likely to have headaches, cravings, and muscle soreness or an exacerbation of our symptoms. So I don’t think you should be concerned about the headache.

      Jon and Nadia said that headaches can be alleviated if you to be sure to keep hydrating, that an almost constant intake of fluids would not be wrong. I think they also said that the gentle movement we’re encouraged to do every day also helps with headaches. (I’ve got one too, btw, so I’m off to drink more broth!)

      As for calories, not sure about that but since Jon has never mentioned calories, I don’t think this detox is concerned with meeting a certain caloric intake so much. They said eat only 2 or at most 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, which is the most calorie-dense of what we’re ingesting. They also said there’s no limit (I think I heard) to the amount of broths we drink.

      Hope this helps!

      • Erik Smith says:

        Thank you, Tandy. This helps. I’m still curious about calories thought. If I’m at say … 1000-1500 calories for the day, I’d think for a guy my size that that would be too little. I’ll just keep drinking as much as I can.

        GM Team. If you have further insight I would appreciate it.

  5. Carol Smith says:

    How is the detox tea made?

    • Erik Smith says:

      Hi, Carol. There is a video explaining how to do make the tea. Look for and click on the “How to Videos” under the “Audio & Video Resources” link. I haven’t made it yet either.

  6. BeckyJo says:

    Can I blend a half teaspoon of coconut oil into my herbal teas each time I drink them during the detox days? thanks

    • Tandy Solomon says:

      Just in case you weren’t on the call tonight, Becky Jo, this is what I got:

      YES, that’s great. Coconut oil is stable even at very high temperatures, so the heat of the tea won’t affect the healing qualities of the oil the way it would, say, flax oil.

      The ONLY thing to keep in mind is that we’re encouraged to keep to 2 or, at most, 3 tablespoons of oil during the detox days.

  7. Erik Smith says:

    Can we take generic multi vitamins, vitamin D, and b vitamins during the detox?

  8. Mitzi Bramble says:

    I need to stop the fast. I just can’t do it right now. I am working in a very stressful job and realized there is no way I will be able to work while doing this. I would like my money back. So sorry. It is not right for me right now. Please refund my money and do not charge my account for the next payment.
    Thank you so much. I own the 21 day visualizations and think they are great. The juice cleanse is just more than I can do.
    Mitzi Bramble
    I couldn’t find any other place to make contact.

  9. Teresa De Simone says:

    Will you make all the webinar audios & slide shows downloadable eventually? It would be nice to listen to them on my mp3 player. …And will those who are participating on this seminar always have access to this part of your website without paying additional monthly membership?

  10. B Jill Runnion says:

    I’ve been following GM for awhile now and feel it is so incredible. Especially the focus on the Visualization of seeing yourself as you want to be, your ideal self. Jon really has this down and is doing an incredible job at passing it on to others. I love his HOW TO VISUALIZE master class. I’ve also been studying with Dr. Joe Dispenza who wrote “Changing the Habit of Being Yourself”. Which is along the same line as what Jon is teaching. Love this whole way of changing the brain which then changes our personal reality. Thanks for all this information you putting out there Jon from your heart. Truly amazing. Warmly, Jill

  11. Anna Pinti says:

    Hi GM Team… Day 2 without coffee and dairy and I’ve got a massive headache. Downing water at a rate of knots. Will persist.

    • Tandy Solomon says:

      OMG. AWESOME! I’m tapering off from coffee myself as I am a weakling compared to you and can’t deal with the migraines that ensue. You ROCK, Anna!

    • David Boston says:

      I am with you Anna. Waking up at day 5 no coffee, half n half or Splenda. Felt like I was coming out of the fog towards the end of day 4. Hoping it starts to turn around today.

  12. Tandy Solomon says:

    I’m also interested in these questions above. Also:

    1. You said no dairy, but my doctor has me on raw dairy kefir and cultured butter. These are processed foods, but raw milk is not — may we have raw, organic milk from grass-fed free ranging cows on this cleanse?

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Tandy,

      Dairy products can be inflammatory and during the cleanse it is recommended to put them aside if you can. I hope this helps!

      Best Regards
      The GM Team

  13. Ann Curtis says:

    Hi! I’m so excited for this detox! Just a quick question regarding the broths. Is a pasture raised chicken broth okay or is it best to stick with veggies? Thank you! Ann

  14. Carla Azling says:

    Is it okay to use stevia on the detox program? I’m used to drinking warm lemon water with a little stevia but am not sure if I need to eliminate the stevia part during the detox. Thanks!

  15. Shayndel Kahn says:

    Preparing the pre cleanse. Can I eat organic eggs and organic apple gate farms turkey breast during this phase

  16. Dargenstar says:

    Is there a limit to how much soup you can have in the evening ? Thanks, Megan

  17. Kelly Loughlin says:

    How long will fresh juices last? I don’t have a juicer but could take one trip/day to a not-so-local juice bar…if I bought enough juices to last the day would they stay fresh and retain their benefits?

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Kelly,
      It will be fine to buy enough juices to last the day. Just ensure that the juices are kept refrigerated. Jon does this himself when he doesn’t have access to his juicer.
      Best regards
      The GM Team