A False Belief creates Mental Obesity. False Beliefs generate negative emotions, which communicate to the brain that in some way you are not safe. As the FAT Program is designed to protect from threat, turning it on in response to negative emotions from False Beliefs is practical and natural.

Connection to FAT Program

Coach focus is to prescribe proactive techniques (visualisation, tapping, other) for changing dysfunctional beliefs, and use tools to create positive emotional states.

For Client

If we believe something is possible we open up to possibilities to allow it to occur. On the other hand, if we believe something is impossible or hard to accomplish, we shut down to opportunities and possibilities to it happening. Beliefs are powerful as they create our reality and our actions and emotions happen as a result of them.

If you believe ‘I can’t lose weight’ or “Weight loss is hard” it is. And if you believe “Weight loss is easy” you’re right too.

I understand with a history of failed attempts at dieting why you’d feel weight loss is hard, but there some good news. It is not your endeavor or effort which has stopped you succeeding in the past it is the approach. Dieting doesn't work. In fact, it causes a starvation response which turns on your FAT Program so you get fatter.

GM is different. Our beliefs don’t come out of nowhere and can be changed. Quickly. Visualisation is one powerful tool we use to change your dysfunctional beliefs and replace them with positive beliefs, generating emotions of hope, optimism, joy and love.

These feelings, emotions communicate to your brain, you are safe. Your FAT Program is turned off and weight loss becomes easy and natural.

For Coach

  1. Dysfunctional Belief - Due to countless attempts at dieting, often beginning at a young age, the belief losing weight is hard or even impossible, is a very real and heavy dysfunctional belief for many clients. Their actions, emotions, lifestyle align with this conditioning and Mental Obesity ensues. However, the belief is incorrect. Weight loss is possible. This belief is dysfunctional and incorrect. It is not the client’s fault but their previous approach to weight loss that is flawed. GM is different and therefore hope can be provided for the client.
  2. Negative Emotions - Emotions are the result of beliefs, and False Beliefs are powerful contributors to a client experiencing negative emotions. It is the intensity, consistency and duration of these emotions which determine their influence on the FAT Program.
    Negative emotions are ultimately interpreted by the brain as fear and thus trigger a stress response appropriate to keeping the body safe = FAT Program ON

    Negative emotions (listed in order of intensity, from low to high)

    • Boredom
    • Pessimism
    • Frustration/irritation/Impatience
    • Overwhelm
    • Disappointment
    • Doubt
    • Worry
    • Blame
    • Discouragement
    • Anger
    • Revenge
    • Hatred/Rage
    • Jealousy
    • Guilt/Insecurity/Unworthiness
    • Fear/Grief/Depression/Victim
  3. Stress - GM for many clients is seen as their last hope in successful weight loss. A long history of unsuccessful attempts creates emotions like discouragement, anger, blame, guilt and even jealousy. These emotions create mental stress, increasing cortisol and triggering the FAT Program.


Application Form

1. Note medical diagnosis for mental health conditions (depression, anxiety)
2. Note medical diagnosis for conditions often associated with chronic negative emotional states (eg. IBS, autoimmune dx)
3. Note length of time from initial weight gain
4. Note number of attempts of weight loss
5. Note age of client
6. Note if client has read GM Book and action taken since

Signs and Symptoms

1. Note client use/intensity of negative emotion driven language when describing their past, present and future.
2. Note client use/intensity of negative emotion driven language in reference to weight loss
3. Note client understanding and appreciation of GM approach to weight loss

FAT Trigger Quiz

1. If indicated as a significant Trigger

Questions to ask

How would you describe your normal emotional state
Do you feel you can solve your weight problem
Do you have support in your life
Do understand GM’s approach to weight loss

Coaching Actions

Core Action Steps

Morning Visualisation
Evening Visualisation
Daily GM Break(s)

Specific Emotion Action Steps
Challenge any dysfunctional beliefs, beliefs are the source of emotions.

Use the space of Morning Visualisation, Evening Visualisation and/or Daily GM Break(s) to ADD and/or SWAP

1. Visualisations: use specific visualisations (listed in Resources) to target and change client’s dysfunctional and limiting belief (eg. I can’t lose weight, My family are all fat, etc)

2. Power Words in SMART Mode: have client simply visually imagine any word/phrase being absorbed into and changing behaviour of their cells.
SMART Mode (Super Mental Awareness Re-education Training Mode) occur in alpha and theta states. SMART music achieves this state however any activity allowing client to get highly focussed or very relaxed. (eg. painting, gardening, fishing, etc) gives this opportunity.

For less stress
-Life is easy
-Life is flow
-All is good

For changing feeling of lack/limitation
-Abundance flows to me
-Infinite abundance

For emotional obesity
-I am safe
-I feel safe

For mental obesity
-Weight loss is easy
-Effortless weight loss
-I am naturally thin

Breathing Technique

Deep rhythmic breathing is associated physiologically with relaxation and low stress, safety. At any time when stressed have a client follow this procedure to induce a state of physical calm.
Focus on a good memory, something you really enjoyed, a time you were really happy. Close your eyes, breath in for 5 seconds, breathe out for 5 seconds as you breath in the positive emotions attached to the memory into your heart.
(see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHB6cGHdpE0)

Generate positive emotions to turn off FAT Program

Use the space of Morning Visualisation, Evening Visualisation and/or Daily GM Break(s) to ADD and/or SWAP

Visualisations: use specific visualisations (listed in Resources) to create positive beliefs and emotions

2. Make positive thinking a habit

Positive emotions derived from positive beliefs and thinking habits can turn off a client’s FAT Program.
Positive emotions which do this are:


Radiating Love: GM Book Chapter 6 pg 50
Radiate Forgiveness: GM Book Chapter 6 pg 51
Radiate Forgiveness: GM Book Chapter 6 pg 52
Accept the Negative : GM Book Chapter 6 pg 53
Be Abundant : GM Book Chapter 6 pg 55
Find your Passion: Chapter 6 pg 56, 57

Turn negative emotion into a positive response with movement

Encourage client at any time when feeling negative emotions to move (particularly quickly and with intensity). Stress is open for interpretation by the brain and the client’s response determines the adaption. If stressed and movement results, storing energy via FAT Program is not appropriate. More likely the same stress, with movement as the response triggers the GTGE stress response, where creation not accumulation of energy is more appropriate.
In this way, any stress can be manipulated to a positive effect on weight loss.


Encourage client to attend Ask Jon, Ask Melinda , Ask Desiree shows in SG, with specific question(s)

GM book :

Chapter 3 Mental Causes of Obesity “Beliefs that get in the way’ pg 25
Chapter 5 Eliminating the Non physical Causes of Obesity Using SMART Mode
Chapter 6 Using Positive Emotions to Turn Off the FAT Program

SG Group :

Jon’s Blog - Stress and Obesity - https://members.thegabrielmethod.com/stress-and-obesity/
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