Lifestyle Stress is defined as chronic stress.

Most clients will display and recognize it as a significant trigger.

We recognize the most effective method for alleviating Lifestyle Stress is to first, identify the source – physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual. From here it is possible to determine appropriate action.

Connection to FAT Program

Digestion is the mechanical and chemical process from food to absorbable and useable nutrient. When compromised a series of events connect it to the FAT Program. All are connected and all responses are designed to keep the body safe.

For Client

Stress is a normal biological response to any kind of threat, real and/or perceived.

It is controlled by the unconscious brain. Cortisol is often referred to as the stress hormone.

Acute, short term stress creates an energy producing biological response by the body.

In GM terms this is the Get Thin/Get Eaten stress response.

Chronic, long term stress, where cortisol levels remain elevated over time, creates an energy conserving biological stress response by the body. In GM terms this is the FAT Program.

Both responses are designed to keep the body safe and protected.

Both are appropriate based on the environment.

For Coach

Types of Stresses

  1. Physical
    – lack of vitality (sunlight – vit D, sleep,nutrition,water) results in a scarcity or starvation response = FAT Program on.
    – exposure to toxins (medications, radiation, chemicals – food, environment) results in a protective response to insulate body from threat = FAT Program on
  2. Mental
    – the modern day famine. Lack of, and protection from, are consistent low level chronic stresses where : FAT Program on is appropriate response
    – lack of, or starving for, love, fun, intimacy, life experience is interpreted as a famine = FAT Program on
    – lack of, or fear of scarcity (money, possessions, time) means resources are limited, and a famine response is appropriate = FAT Program on.
  3. Emotional
    -past and current physical, sexual, mental, emotional abuse can result in a response to insulate body from threat, where fat is protective = FAT Program on
  4. Spiritual
    Lack of connection, meaning in life, purpose is a type of starvation = FAT Program on

Diagnosis of

Application Form

Application Form

1. note medical diagnosis for conditions associated with chronic stress
(common heart disease, high bp, diabetes, depression, anxiety, IBS, recurrent illness)
2. note clients hx of weight gain
(trauma, life change – marriage, child, death, relocation)
3. note clients lifestyle
(work, home, social)
3. note use of medicines known to elevate cortisol levels (steroids)

Other Signs & Symptoms

Compulsive behaviours (eg.chronic dieting) , poor memory, apathy, chronically tired, anger, isolation, moody swings


If indicated as a significant Trigger

Questions to ask

Out of 10 where would you rate your stress levels
Do you take time for yourself
What do you like to do to relax
Would you feel safe being slim

Coaching Actions

Core Action Steps

Do Morning Visualisation
Do Evening Visualisation
Add GM Daily Break
Get Sleep ( get checked for Sleep Apnea if required)

Specific Lifestyle Stress Action Steps

Target client’s key theme of stress (starvation and/or protection) with specific visualisation. Use Morning and/or Evening visualisation space to achieve this.

Create a GM Daily Break with a stress reduction focus. Use GM programs of QiGong, Yoga, Tapping or visualisation or other effective stress reduction technique

Resources to share with client

Encourage client to attend Ask Jon, Ask Melinda and/or Ask Desiree shows in SG, with specific question(s)

Support Group

Main Library
Safe Strong and Protected, Living in Abundance, Living Goddess

Jon’s Blog

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Sunlight promotes weight loss

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Feeling safe, strong and protected

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